Friday, March 24, 2017

Abel Danger Presents: John B. Wells and the Caravan to Midnight Discussion With Field McConnell

Source: Caravan to Midnight

Caravan to Midnight Episode 712 - Field McConnell 

Friday March 24th 2017

In this edition we at long last welcome Field McConnell on board. John and Field speak for over two hours on several important topics ranging from 9/11, Serco's stranglehold on the US military, John McCain and Mitch McConnell, to the joy of flying different types of aircraft and more!

Caravan to Midnight Interview with Field McConnell (MP3 audio file)

#2931: Serco Demon Search &Track / Pine Gap Boeing Infrared / Obama Red Switch MH Hack

From: United States Marine Field McConnell 
Plum City Online - ( – March 24, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Field McConnell, United States Marine and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger, has linked Serco's alleged use of Demon face-recognition software to search for, track and blackmail pedophile newsgroups through the federal bridge* to the Pine Gap infrared search and track (IRST) network allegedly developed by Lockheed Martin for the Boeing HQ in Chicago and used by Serco air traffic controllers to hack Obama's Red Switch Network and land MH Flight 370 at Diego Garcia.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

"THE HAMMER" — Ultra-secret Supercomputer System Used by CIA/NSA to Wiretap Trump

Source: Super Computer

Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped "A Zillion Times" By 'The Hammer,' Brennan's and Clapper's Secret Computer System

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

Comey Oversaw Drug Cartel Money Laundering Operations As a Top Executive At HSBC Bank

Source: The Common Sense Show

Before becoming the director of the FBI, Director Comey, worked at the criminal bank of HSBC which laundered drug cartel and terrorist drug money in the worst banking scandal in US history.

The Android Administration: The Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House in Two Charts

Source: The Intercept

by David Dayen

April 22, 2016

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BBC Documentary Censored For Exposing Phony 'War on Terror' Tactics

One World Order with Weaponized Infrastructure

Source: The Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky • March 22, 2017

In 1989, the Iron Curtain between the East and West as symbolized by the Berlin Wall came down. In 1990, East and West Germany were reunited for the first time since the end of World War II. George Herbert Walker Bush had said that a New World Order was coming into view. Now, 27 years later, it's clear that what he was talking about was a One World Order – under Fascism/Communism (just depends on which side of the money line you're on).

News Tip: How Silicon Valley Billionaires Rig Presidential Elections - Corporate Sustainability Is An Oxymoron That Does Not Benefit Shareholders Or Employees

Source: Public Interest Group

In the mid 2000s, trillions of dollars of foreign mining schemes for lithium, indium, cobalt, uranium, copper, etc., were being traded for political campaign financing and Silicon Valley internet "social media engineering" which was used to rig presidential elections.

The DOE, CIA, USAID, DOT, EPA and other agencies were infected with corruption to attempt this scheme. The scheme was backed by Silicon Valley "cleantech" billionaires in exchange for monopolies and profits. Those who reported the scheme were attacked and also defamed with media hit-jobs. These are reports from investigations, Congress and law enforcement on those uses of electronic automated election manipulation traded for crony government payola deals:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rocky Beats GHWB and Phartingham To FinishED Line by Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation - Saturday, March 25, 2017 3:00 AM JST — Saturday, March 25 2017 4:30 AM JST

Source: Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

Content: With their NWO wet dream disturbed by WE THE GLOBAL COMMONERS this useless old pricks can depart; the sooner the better.

Trump's Gators, 4th Marine Take A Bite Out of Google's Ass

G: Silicon Valley Mafia + Treason + Trump + 4th Marine

Eric Schmidt's Rogue CIA Outfit Wants To Rape Your Mind


by Olivia Russell

SOFT ROBOTS THAT can grasp delicate objects, computer algorithms designed to spot an "insider threat," and artificial intelligence that will sift through large data sets — these are just a few of the technologies being pursued by companies with investment from In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital firm, according to a document obtained by The Intercept.

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