Monday, January 4, 2010

Field McConnell: Biography

Field McConnell was born on October 2, 1949 at Harris Hospital, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas in 1949 to a career United States Air Force B29 bomber pilot and aircraft commander, Glenn McConnell, and a WWII United States Army nurse.

  • 1950 to 1959, United States Air Force dependant at MacDill AFB, Tampa Florida
  • 1955-56 1st grade, Helen Hill School, Tampa FL
  • 1956-59 grades 2-4, Tinker Elementary, MacDill AFB, Tampa FL father promoted to colonel, reassigned to Westover AFB, Massachusetts, HQ 8th Air Force
  • 1959-61 grades 5-6, South Hadley Elementary, Massachusetts
  • 1961-63 grades 7-8, South Hadley Intermediate, Massachusetts father transferred to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
  • 1963-66 grades 9-11, Ramey High School, Ramey AFB, Aguadilla, PR father transferred to Hickam AFB, Hawaii
  • 1966-67 grade 12, Punahou School, Honolulu Hawaii appointed to United States Naval Academy as a Presidential Alternate, reported 28 June, 1967
  • 1967-1971, studied at United States Naval Academy, graduating 9 June, 1971. Commissioned 2nd Lt United States Marine Corps with guarantee of Aviation Military Operational Specialty
  • July 1971 to February, 1972, attended USMC The Basic School, July 1971 to February, 1972, qualified as 0301, Infantry Platoon Commander
  • February, 1972 to June, 1972 attended US Naval Aviation Indoctrination and Primary flight training, Naval Air Pensacola, Florida
  • July, 1972 to December, 1972 attended US Naval Aviation Basic Jet Training, McCain Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi
  • January, 1973 to June 1973, attended US Naval Aviation Advanced Jet Training, NAS Kingsville, Texas
  • Designated US Naval Aviator 22 June, 1973
  • July, 1973 to January, 1974; assigned to VMA-102, VMFA-101, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona and USAF C130 Combat Crew Training at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas
  • February 1974 to October, 1974, assigned to Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352, MCAS El Toro, California flying KC130F
  • October 1974 to May 1977, assigned to US Navy Training Squadron 21, Chase Field Naval Air Station, Beeville Texas. Instructor pilot, TA4J teaching advanced jet training syllabus.
  • Resigned from United States Marine Corps when recruited by North Dakota Air National Guard, Fargo ND, to fly F4D with 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, NDANG.
  • 1978: William Tell, World-wide fighter competition
  • Hired by North Central Airlines on 2 November, 1978. Flew Convair 580 domestically
  • North Central merged with Southern Airways to become Republic Airlines July, 1979. Flew DC9, MD80,B727 and CV580 domestically Republic Airlines bought by Northwest Airlines January, 1986. Flew B727, DC10 and A320 domestic and international flights.
  • 1986: William Tell, World-wide fighter competition
  • North Dakota ANG transitioned from F4 Phantom to F16 Fighting Falcon, 1990
  • Retired from Air National Guard on 22 June, 1993 with final F16 flight on Pearl Harbor Day, 1992. Refused to serve under William Jefferson Clinton per information given by General Hunter H. Harris IV USAF who had secured my appointment to Annapolis.

On December 10, 2006, Field McConnell reported the illegal modification on Boeing aircraft to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Northwest Airlines, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), NORAD and the USNA Superintendent. Shortly thereafter, Northwest Airlines, compelled by the United States Department of Justice (USDoJ), silenced Field McConnell, due to his inadvertent reopening of a safety issue closed in the June, 2006 settlement of a $615 million settlement paid by Boeing to the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).

Field McConnell filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 at the District Court, District of North Dakota on the 27th of February, 2007. The case is titled 'FIELD MCCONNELL v. ALPA and BOEING'. Boeing admitted on March 3, 2007 the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot. To date, 9 February, 2012, Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) has suppressed this information.

Field McConnell retired March 13, 2007 to preserve his EXPERT WITNESS VALUE in US District Courts. Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 HAWKS CAFE v. GLOBAL GUARDIANS was filed on May Day, May 1, 2007 in District Court, District of North Dakota.

Field McConnell was recruited by Air Astana to fly Airbus A320 as Captain at Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan serving there from February 6, 2008 until August 6, 2009. Captain Field McConnell flew with Muslim copilots around tall buildings. On December 13, 2008, an aircraft Captain Field McConnell was the captain of was electronically 'tampered with' having no effect on Field McConnell's performance as a highly experienced pilot.

While serving as Airbus Captain in Kazakhstan, Field McConnell filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) (Pro Se) September, 2008, MCCONNELL v. ALPA. Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) (Pro Se) was dismissed by Judge Rosemary M. Collyer in January, 2011

During pendency of my warning to the FAA, ALPA, FBI, DoD and NoRAD, the following flights have been lost consistent with Field McConnell's warnings:

  • Adam Air 574 - 1 January, 2007 Indonesia
  • Kenya Airways 507 - 5 May, 2007 Kenya
  • Colgan Air 3407 - 12 February, 2009 Buffalo, New York
  • Air France 447 - 1 June, 2009 enroute from Rio to Paris

Four other flights were "electronically tampered" with including the following flights:

  • British Airways 38 London Heathrow
  • Turkish Airlines 1951 Amsterdam Holland
  • Northwest 188 Minneapolis
  • Northwest 253 Detroit

Fargo Forum, called Field McConnell at home early in the after noon of September 11, 2001, the very same day of the attack on New York and the Pentagon in Washington. The reporter from the Fargo Forum talked about forty minutes, then asked if Field McConnell could be photographed for a front page story. The Fargo Forum, a Pullitzer Prize winning daily in Fargo North Dakota, sent a photographer out to Field McConnell's farm which was near Glyndon Minnesota, thirteen miles east of Fargo North Dakota.

Field McConnell still retains that front page of that newspaper; and on page A5 dated September 12, 2001, the headline read: "Our Nation Saw Evil", with a photograph of the rubble at the WTC complex, President George Bush, Osama bin Laden and Field McConnell.

This demonstrated clearly that Field McConnell was sought out as an "expert" on 9-11. The newspaper knew that Field McConnell had flown with and retired from the North Dakota Air National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel after having flown sixteen years with them in the F4 Phantom and F16 Falcon fighters.

Field McConnell's interest has remained very high as his college classmate (USNA '71) was the Captain on American Airlines Flight 77, which was vaporized over the Atlantic forty-five minutes prior to the unmanned aerial vehicle that killed another United States Naval Academy alumni, Captain Gerald 'Fish' DeConto, whose window in Wedge One of the Pentagon the object flew into. Field McConnell felt strongly that the attack on September 11, 2001 was an inside job; and by September 12, 2001, he knew with a moderate degree of certainty that it, in fact, was precisely that.

How? The Fargo Forum reported three F16s had scrambled off of Langley Air Force Base. Bingo, end of charade, now it was time for Field McConnell to do some research. Field McConnell knew from his years of fighter pilot experience, the only way three fighters would have scrambled was if it was known they would be needed. Otherwise, never in history, to his knowledge would have three pilots ever been sitting alert. There usually are three jets (one a maintenance spare) but no spare pilot.

On December 4, 2006, Field McConnell called a medically retired United Airlines captain and chatted with him regarding the fraudulent bankruptcy involving United Airlines. Field McConnell called him again December 5, 2006 and again on December 6 2006. With three days of trust, he offered to join his cause as an expert witness for the events of September 11, 2001, and bring that issue into court so when the UAL BR is reviewed, there would have been corroborating testimony from another angle. Dan H, the United Airlines captain, said that the attorney on the case wanted to stay focused, but that if Field McConnell was seriously working on September 11, Field McConnell should call David Hawkins, so on December 6, 2006, David Hawkins and Field McConnell were introduced to each other via email through the United Airlines captain, Dan H.

David Hawkins is a Cambridge alumni with impeccable academic credentials. David Hawkins, too, had been studying the events of September 11, 2001 from the perspective of a forensic economist. David Hawkins' mind and mastery of details makes his delivery "similar to a fire hose", in the words of Field McConnell. However, Field McConnell can process information rather quickly, so it was possible, though tiring, for Field McConnell and David Hawkins to converse. Field McConnell has the ability to absorb ninety percent of what David Hawkins delivers and the other ten percent, as a fight pilot, are "details". However, Field McConnell has developed the equivalent of a twelve year intellectual partnership with David Hawkins in that Field McConnell can keep up with David Hawkins' equivalent of a "fire hose."

Both Field McConnell and David Hawkins, have "learning abilities" in that they can process information differently than most people. Even though David Hawkins was a brilliant scholar and Field McConnell was a "lackluster student", they have complementary skill sets including:

  • David Hawkins: economics, physics, AI, applied math, explosives, thermodynamics, engineering
  • Field McConnell: economics, transport flying 19,000+ hours, fighter flying 3700+ hours, total flying 23000+ hours, Marine, Navy AF experience

When Field McConnell and David Hawkins' paths crossed on December 6, 2006, David Hawkins said something to the effect of "finally". Field McConnell asked David Hawkins what he was referring to, and David Hawkins said that he had been looking for an airline pilot or a fighter pilot from the US who had knowledge of the true Hollywood production of 9-11 for distribution by the mainline media, and was open to working together at Hawks CAFE. David Hawkins said he "felt like it was his birthday." Field McConnell told David Hawkins to think of it more like Christmas; because Field McConnell wasn't an "either/or pilot", Field McConnell was both: an airline pilot and a fighter pilot.

Field McConnell and David Hawkins' synergy and trust grew swiftly and strongly, and on December 8, 2006, Field McConnell warned the Northcommand (NORAD) of a threat; December 9, 2006, Field McConnell warned on a threat of the top five airlines in the US; December 10, 2006, Field McConnell warned the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA Union); on December 11, 2006, Field McConnell warned a fourth entity who is not germane to the this story any longer.

In the warnings, Field McConnell alleged that his study of September 11, 2001 lead him to believe that at least 108 Boeing airliners were in service that had been modified with QRS11 GyroChips (electronic hijack) and "something more sinister". There was no interest from any quarter. On January 1, 2007, Adam Air 574 was vaporized in Indonesia in a manner exactly like Field McConnell had relayed as a threat.

In discussing this investigation with Field McConnell's sister, who served as number three to Janet Reno's number one at the Department of Justice (DOJ), when she knew she couldn’t get Field McConnell off the trail, she suggested Field McConnell contact FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. Field McConnell then requested a face-to-face ASAP meeting in the interest of preventing a second 9-11. There was no reply.

Friday, February 23, 2007, Field McConnell emailed the CEO of Boeing demanding that he send Field McConnell a letter, notarized, and signed with his hand to Field McConnell telling him all QRS11 GyroChips and "other illegal modifications" had been removed from the 108+ Boeings, the same Boeings, Field McConnell alleged, triggered the $615 million payment from Boeing to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to abort a DOJ investigation into the illegal modifications allegedly performed in 2000 to 2003. Field McConnell gave Boeing four days, and when there was no response by February 2, 2007, Field McConnell filed a civil case for $1.5 million in lost income since Field McConnell could not legally fly a Boeing product. It violated Field McConnell's company regulations and it would have violated Federal Aviation Regulations.

Boeing and ALPA have been invited to come to US District Court and Field McConnell, Boeing and ALPA will determine who is informed and misinformed.

Field McConnell's trust level of and working his relationship with David Hawkins is so mature that four days after "joint research" began, Field McConnell put a mark on his forehead as anyone who knows who is at the top of this evidence trail would clearly understand who Field McConnell and David Hawkins are indicting. Further, when Field McConnell filed the civil RICO suit, he put a more powerful target on his life because, among others, he alleges that the 50 member board of directors of Boeing, as well as 50 more "household names" will be called in this trial. One of the big names ran for president, and "She's In to Win"; and another household name won an Oscar for "A Convenient Lie".

David Hawkins and Field McConnell have worked every day since December 6, 2006 and as of December 23, 2007, they both agree that their information is sufficient to prove "Wrongful Death" (6000+ cases) that allowed Field McConnell to file the suit as soon as his twenty-four year-old old son arrived safely in Iraq, ironically on a Boeing.

Sadly, Field McConnell's son is tracked and targeted by more cowards, including RADSAT, Iridium, Tomoye, and Boeing corporations, in Quebec and Chicago; and one more, McConnell International LLC. There is no relation, but Field's sister is a principal at McConnell International.

If David Hawkins and Field McConnell can solve 9-11 in five and a half years, what have the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency and the national Security Agency been doing with tax dollars?

The US Intelligence community has been totally inerted by Tomoye in Quebec and McConnell in Washington DC. Interestingly enough, their Washington offices are within one block of each other on same street. Perhaps their cells will be on the same cellblock soon.


  1. Here's proof the US Department of Justice used a bogus 9/11 "Dulles Airport" surveillance video to frame Arabs for the heinous crimes of 9/11:

  2. What about F16 Top Gun pilot Lt Col Rick Gibney's confession to shooting down United Airlines Flight 93, as a member of the North Dakota Air National Guard Happy Hooligans stationed at Langley AFB on 9/11/2001?


  4. We seriously don't know weather whats going with the government. Some sources say government was involved somewhere.
    breast reconstruction procedure reno nevada

  5. 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB pulled off by the WH and elements of the FBI, the CIA, NSA, the Pentagon and Israel.

    Time to wake up NOW, America.

  6. Good job with the post!! I have bookmarked your site and would love to read more from your side! thank you!

  7. Is everyone on this site insane? Do you really believe this complete nonsense? I too am a Naval Academy graduate, retired LtCol Marine Corps fighter pilot, Aerospace Engineer with absolutely impeccable background and, unlike Field, was considered a stellar student at the Naval Academy, graduating number one among all Marines in my class and having won a Guggenheim Fellowship for post-graduate study at Princeton, Cal Tech and MIT; also being nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. I later did research in Astrophysics at the Fermi Institute of the University of Chicago on the Cosmic Ray Nuclei Experiment so I would even challenge David Hawkin. I am also an active volunteer firefighter even to this day. This 9/11 conspiracy stuff is completely unfounded. Not one shred of evidence presented here or anywhere else is remotely credible. What has been presented here (and elsewhere) is almost entirely conjecture and pure fantasy. The only hard fact even presented above was that three F-16's were scrambled at one time ... and that is supposedly a smoking gun? Are you serious? DOZENS, if not HUNDREDS of fighters were scrambled eventually and to suggest that it was odd to scramble just three on 9/11 is ridiculous. Folks, this is insanity on a massive scale. You have much better things to do with your time than to bury yourself into the quagmire of conspiracy myths.

    1. Obviously some of those nuclei scrambled your neurons gunny. None the less, hope you do something great with that stellar education and good luck with those student loans !

    2. Building 7 ?

    3. Once the scales fall from your eyes, this will all make sense.

    4. US Army Major Genl Albert Stubblebine (ret) - formerly in command of all Army intelligence resources around the world - on the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.
      "I was a believer . . . . . " until he did a detailed investigation for himself. The general has long time intel analysis experience and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from West Point:

    5. Why were they EVENTUALLY scrambled? Is that protocal for NORAD? Was someone asleep at the wheel; I will rest alot better knowing that's how the best defense in the world reacts.

    6. hey Phantom, a stellar student of the Naval Academy who has an impeccable record would cover the ass of the organization they serve, at all costs. So good on you doofy. You are a very good boy, and I am sure you will be rewarded.

    7. First of all Colonel, thank you for your service (and I recognize that between the Naval Academy and the Guggenheim Fellowship you likely didn't have much student debt and if you did and managed to stretch it out beyond your military retirement-congratulations, you're a smarter man than me.) I do think that for a fellow with your background, the Architects for 911 Truth and the Pilots for 911 Truth and maybe even the Rebekah Roth material might be thought provoking. By the way, did you know that when Harry Truman-former Vice President, failed haberdasher, regretful founder of the CIA and the last guy to find out about our nuclear weapons program during WWII-finished his term as President, he packed up Bess and a few suitcases in the old Buick and drove cross-country back to Missouri. The times. they really are a-changing!

  8. It is hard to imagine that for all your marvelous credentials you remain such an incurious reactionary.

  9. Okay then, LtCol Alex Plechash, USMC (Ret.) '75 [aka USMC Phantom2Pilot]: Are you a willful party to the 9/11 mass murder coverup – or are you obstructing justice because you're being blackmailed? If the latter, who is blackmailing you? It's confession time for you, Plechash. What have you got to say for yourself?

  10. The thing about these conspiracy theories is that it would require so many people, not only to do outrageous things such as murder thousands, but also they would have to keep their mouths shut forever, no telling their wives, no drunken ramblings, no deathbed confessions......I can't see it happening.

  11. Listening to Field on one of the interviews... This is near the end of the age. Like it or not, God will have His way. There are few roses in this life but in the next we will all know the answerers and the reason God does things the way He does as all His ways are right. Those died in 911, the lost plane, and so many others; all these dead people know nothing as they pass time but at their next conscious moment they will. More of my thoughts on my web page. Please share it.

    1. Robert I agree with your statements. Someday we will know the entire truth of world events but you are correct it won't be until after God steps in and brings judgement against this sick, evil and corrupted world! This battle we see going on is really a battle of darkness against Goodness and God and Satan and his little minions here upon the earth know they have little time left. That is the real battle that is actually going on and Satan is using these corrupt world leaders and bankers to destroy the earth before his time is up.

    2. Lol there is no god weirdos

  12. these people are so filled with hidden agendas it's warped any reason they have
    also any site with those confirm "letters' should be avoided

  13. La Quenelle

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. And you completely back up Christopher Bollyn's stories - a known anti-semite and neo-nazi now hiding from the law in Norway. Hhe hijacked the RFK and 9/11 stories and you support that? You are right about one thing, when you say that all "9/11 truthers are nuts" - here you are parading yourself as the only one to know the truth about 9/11 and everything! Indeed, you do come across as nuts. No one likes many policies of the pols you accuse, but my God! You must be having loads of fun in the looney bin somewhere, thank god it's keeping you off the streets.

    1. Field is not a nut you fool..It amazes me the way most people cant handle the TRUTH..Truth is stranger than fiction some times..Chris B is not a jew hater just telling it like it is-- was..all these names..Have you met with Chris B and talked for hours?? Field does not have an agenda only wants the TRUTH to come out..Dealing with pure Evil here..scary stuff.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Field, just found your site and couldn't help remembering the few days we spent on Midway Island with our C-130's. Remember the drawing the Navy gave you depicting you as their "Favorite Jar-Head"! You were shown with your head shaped like a Mason Jar. We cracked up that whole night at the bar! Hope to see you again some day, Doug Warner, USMC ret.

  18. I discovered You a few days ago..Amazing Man..Do you have a Farm in Minnesota?? We may be neighbors..My Dad was a pilot..He is half bird..I want to know more info on William Colby CIA Man I dont think You are nuts..Most average People can never believe the UN REAL stuff..They are to ordinary and stupid..YOU are Brilliant..


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