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Taking out the spanish laundry - fall guy: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (waterboarding works) - snuff films through the network - spoliation of evidence

Source: Hawks Cafe; Captain Sherlock; Abel Danger

August 10, 2010

Dear Lord Pearson and Mr. Farage:

Crown Sister Obama – Spanish Laundry – Qatari KSM

Hawks CAFE is asking UKIP to investigate Crown Agents’ alleged deployment of Sister Michelle Obama at a recent meeting in Spain to launder evidentiary information relating to murder-for-hire crime scenes associated with City of London Livery Companies and the Saudi Arabian and Qatari royal families in order that certain crimes over the 1992-2008 period can be fraudulently attributed to a CA patsy named Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

KSM has evidence that Crown Agents’ Sisters recruited Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) as an intellectual property lawyer with the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago where she allegedly worked (1988-1991) with clients on the sale and distribution of evidentiary information – including snuff films – over AT&T, Istel and BBC networks and helped to launder evidence of a 1984 sabotage attack on a Union Carbide insecticide plant in Bhopal, India.

Our KSM agents suspect Crown Agents uses City Livery Companies (see crests of the Launderers, Newspapermakers, and Information Technologists) to place actors such as Ms. Obama in sex-trap or wife-servant roles with an alibi to support the spoliation (laundering) of evidence which might help prosecutors to put their husbands behind bars.

KSM also has evidence that in the early ‘80s, Crown Agents recruited Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Kuwait and Barry Soetoro (now Michelle Obama’s husband Barack Obama) in Pakistan to build an ‘al-Qaeda’ network in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden.

“He [KSM] attended Chowan University, a small Baptist school in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, for a semester (beginning in 1983) before transferring to the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and completing a degree in mechanical engineering in 1986. The following year he went to Afghanistan, where he and his brothers (Zahed, Abed, and Aref) fought against the Soviet Union during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. (Some sources claim that Khalid was fighting in Afghanistan before he moved to the United States.)”

1992-1995: KSM Fights and Fundraises in Bosnia The 9/11 Commission will later state, “In 1992, KSM spent some time fighting alongside the mujaheddin in Bosnia and supporting that effort with financial donations.” He reportedly fights with the elite El Mujahid battalion, and gains Bosnian citizenship. He also works for Egypitska Pomoc, an Egyptian aid group in Zenica, Bosnia, and in 1995 becomes one of its directors. KSM mostly lives in Qatar for the next three years (see 1992-1996), but in 1995 he is back fighting in Bosnia as the violence escalates that year. Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani, Qatar’s Minister of Religious Affairs, underwrites the costs of the trip. This second trip to Bosnia means that KSM fights there at the same time as 9/11 hijackers Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, though it is not known if they meet (see 1993-1999). The FBI will later suspect that KSM helped build a bomb used to blow up a police station in neighboring Croatia while KSM was in the area February 26, 1993: WTC Is Bombed but Does Not Collapse, as Bombers Had Hoped Bomb damage in underground levels of the WTC in 1993. An attempt to topple the World Trade Center fails, but six people are killed and over 1000 are injured in the misfired blast .. Ramzi Yousef, who has close ties to bin Laden, organizes the attempt. The New York Times later reports on Emad Salem, an undercover agent who will be the key government witness in the trial against Yousef. Salem testifies that the FBI knew about the attack beforehand and told him they would thwart it by substituting a harmless powder for the explosives. However, an FBI supervisor [Robert Hanssen?] called off this plan, and the bombing was not stopped. Other suspects were ineptly investigated before the bombing as early as 1990. Several of the bombers were trained by the CIA to fight in the Afghan war, and the CIA later concludes, in internal documents, that it was “partly culpable” for this bombing .. 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is an uncle of Yousef and also has a role in the WTC bombing .. One of the attackers even leaves a message which will later be found by investigators, stating, “Next time, it will be very precise.”

Early 1998: CIA Ignores Ex-Agent’s Warning KSM Is ‘Going to Hijack Some Planes,’ Visiting Germany Robert Baer. In December 1997, former CIA agent Robert Baer, newly retired from the CIA and working as a terrorism consultant, meets Hamad bin Jassim bin Hamad al Thani, who was Qatar’s minister of the economy and chief of police until he was deposed and exiled the year before, and whom he calls the “black prince.” Al Thani tells Baer that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (KSM) was being sheltered by then Qatari Interior Minister Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani in 1996 (see January-May 1996). However, the black prince knows other details, based on what Qatari police and intelligence learned when KSM was in the country. He says that KSM is chief of al-Qaeda’s terrorist operations (see Early 1998). KSM was leading an al-Qaeda cell in Qatar together with Mohammed Shawqui Islambouli, the brother of the Egyptian who had killed Anwar Sadat. They also were linked to bomber Ramzi Yousef. But what worries the black prince is that KSM and Islambouli are experts in hijacking commercial planes. He tells Baer that KSM “is going to hijack some planes.” Further, he says that KSM has moved to the Czech Republic, and has also traveled to Germany to meet bin Laden associates there. In early 1998 Baer sends this information to a friend in the CIA Counterterrorist Center, who forwards the information to his superiors. Baer doesn’t hear back from the CIA. He says, “There was no interest.” .. Later in 1998, President Clinton will be briefed about a hijacking threat in the US involving Islambouli, but it is unclear if Islambouli was actually involved in the 9/11 plot or any other hijacking plots targeting the US (see December 4, 1998). He will not have been captured by March 2008. Baer tries to interest reporter Daniel Pearl in a story about KSM before 9/11, but Pearl will still be working on it when he is kidnapped and later murdered in early 2002. .. Baer also tries to interest New York Times reporter James Risen in the information about KSM. But just before Risen can come to the Middle East to meet the black prince, the black prince is kidnapped in Lebanon and sent to prison in Qatar. There will be speculation that the CIA turned on the source to protect its relationship with the Qatari government. Risen will publish an article in July 1999 about KSM, but it will not include most of the information from the black prince, since Risen will not be able to confirm it. Al-Thani will continue to support al-Qaeda, even hosting visits by bin Laden between 1996 and 2000 (see 1996-2000). Yet the US will not have frozen al-Thani’s assets or taken other action by March 2008”

“Several Arab royal families spend their summers in Marbella for years now. So, there will be a meeting between Michelle Obama and Prince Salman bin Abdelaziz, governor of Ryadh and brother of deceased King Fahd of Saudi Arabia while there is word of a meeting between the First Lady and the owner of Malaga CF, multimillionaire son of the Minister of the Interior of Qatar and member of the Qatari royal family, Abdullah Al Thani.”

“BBC News Thursday, 11 July, 2002 Life on the 'Costa del Crime' By Chris Summers BBC News Online, Puerto Banus The sun beats down on more than £1bn worth of yachts. Top-of-the-range Rolls-Royces, Mercedes and BMWs jostle for position on the quayside as their owners sip Moet & Chandon in the restaurants or shop in the designer boutiques. This is Puerto Banus, a luxury suburb of Marbella in southern Spain and truly a millionaire's paradise. But who are these people and where does their wealth come from? The majority are legitimate businessmen, but Britain currently has a list of 230 known criminals sheltering in Spain and many of them are believed to live in and around Puerto Banus. The Costa del Sol has seen an upsurge in violent crime in recent years with British, Irish and Russian gangs vying with local Spanish criminals for command of the lucrative drugs trade .. The profit margins for smuggling Moroccan cannabis and Colombian cocaine are too tempting for many ex-pats, even when threatened with imprisonment or death. A Briton was arrested in April this year in nearby Fuengirola after a consignment of cannabis and cocaine was discovered. And drug dealer Scott Bradfield, from London, was murdered in October 2001. His limbs were found in a suitcase on wasteland near Torremolinos in December and his head and torso were discovered in another case nearby [The Butchers?]. Supergrass Mr Bradfield was the prime suspect in the murder of James Gaspa, who was shot dead at his home in Islington, north London, in May 2000. Police were about to issue an extradition warrant for him and it is possible he was killed to prevent him turning supergrass. But he may have been executed simply because his dealing had encroached on a rival's territory. The drugs trade and the property boom are luring criminals of all nationalities to the Costa del Sol. Deborah Johnson - not her real name - is a British estate agent who works on the coast. She said there was a degree of "no questions asked" when foreigners bought property, often in cash. "We had a lot of cash buys just before the euro came in," she said. Police said they feared criminals would try to launder money in old European currencies to avoid having to exchange it for euros and in the process declare it. "The last couple of years those with money have been Russians and Polish, but mainly Russians," Miss Johnson told BBC News Online.”

Our KSM suggests that Crown Agents’ Sisters use sleeper cells embedded in Livery Companies (The Launderers launched in 1957) and a BBC archive of snuff films to blackmail husbands or lovers into the spoliation of evidence at crime scenes, for example;

Launderers (Obama/SA Daubert Defense destroyed expert witness to KSM false flag)

Information Technologists (Obama/AT&T Istel coordinated 3 networks for KSM 9/11)

Insurers (Obama/SA used AXA/Lloyd’s Register for WTC#1, 2 and 7 bordereaux)

Security Professionals
(ADT at U.S. Embassies ’98, Logan/Dulles Airport on 9/11),

Stationers and Newspapermaker
s (DVD snuff film camera crews for KSM Pearl murder)

Air Pilots and Air Navigators
(Smacsonic bombs, QRS11, engines Pentagon Wedge 1)

(United 93 crash site placed evidence of strangler’s scarf)

Armourers and Brasiers (Molten metal incendiary demolition of WTC#7)

World Traders (Naked shorting of DJIA in Chicago – Valerie Jarrett – on 9/11)

Fuellers (Murder on 9/11 of Carlton Bartels, the founder of CO2e.com)

Apothecaries (Production of Bodkin heroin – Dope – near Calvi Blackfriars Bridge)

Butchers (Scott Bradfield in Spain; B.C. pig farm and the MDA MindBox mortgage)

“The Company of Launderers owes its existence to a group of men who met on a sticky humid day at the height of summer at a meeting room which had been double booked and the distinguished guest speaker failing to appear! The meeting took place in 1957 [The year in which alleged serial killer John Bodkin Adams was prosecuted after having been arrested the previous year for the murder of two elderly widows, Gertrude Hullett and Edith Alice Morrell]” .. “In 1964 the Royal College of Heralds made a ‘Grant of Arms’ to the Company and this armorial crest brings together several symbolic as well as real elements of the Livery’s history. Central to the design is Henry Sidgier’s patented washing machine of 1782, as well as symbolic depictions of a domestic cat – the cleanest of all animals - surrounded by lilies and sunflowers – symbols of the launderer’s ambition to provide purity, warmth and brightness to their customers. Also depicted are: Princess Nausicaa from Homer’s Odyssey and an eighteenth century washerwoman carrying a washing dolly; both these representing the practices and ancient status of the Laundrycraft [and, more subtly, reveal the opportunities for The Launderers to sabotage a prosecution with patented evidentiary information technology as described below]”

“Patent application title: PRESENTING EVIDENTIARY INFORMATION Inventors: Monica Mary Dunne Ian Chivers Agents: SNELL & WILMER LLP (OC)
Assignees: Origin: COSTA MESA, CA US IPC8 Class: AG06F1516FI USPC Class: 707 10 Read more: http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20090100067#ixzz0wE7EwZdy The invention concerns the presentation of evidentiary information on computer generated interfaces within secure user groups. For example presenting evidence a courtroom to the judge, witness and legal representatives of the plaintiff and defendant simultaneously on computer display screens. All presenting of evidence is done using a website interface where each user logs in and their log in provides them with functionalities that reflect their role in the legal proceedings. The invention makes presenting evidence easier by allowing evidence to be ordered, facilitating private data, being able to hold on to evidence or to cause evidence to be presented to a particular user or team of users. Aspects of the invention include a set of interfaces, computer systems, methods and application software.”

“Press Releases BBC World Service appoints new Chief Operating Officer Category: World Service Date: 05.11.2004 Alison Woodhams has been appointed as BBC World Service's Chief Operating Officer and Financial Director. She will be responsible for the BBC World Service's finances, property and all business development activities. She takes up her post in January 2005. Alison Woodhams has been the BBC's Group Financial Controller since 2001. Since July 2004 she has been the Acting Finance Director of the BBC responsible for managing all the finances of the Corporation. BBC World Service Director Nigel Chapman said: "Alison brings considerable experience at the highest level in financial matters. "She will be a great asset as we strive to provide better services for our audiences and greater value for money for the British taxpayers who fund us. "She will bring substantial skill and enthusiasm to the major challenges we face in the years ahead." Alison Woodhams said: "BBC World Service's broadcast and new media services have been extremely successful in meeting the challenges of global competition, market deregulation, and rapid changes in technology. "I look forward to helping ensure that BBC World Service continues to maintain the ability to respond quickly to audiences' changing needs and its commitment to serving them better." Alison has been with the BBC since 1995, beginning as Head of Finance for the BBC's English Regional Services. She became Head of Internal Audit across the whole of the BBC in 1998. Her previous experience has included work with Cadbury Typhoo from 1977 to 1984 and AT & T from 1984 to 1994, reaching the position of Finance and Business Services Director in AT & T Business Communications Services – Europe before joining the BBC. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. She was educated at the University of Durham, completing her MSc in Business Management Systems at Warwick Business School. Alison Woodhams replaces the previous Chief Operating Officer Andrew Hind who has become the Chief Executive of the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Notes to Editors BBC World Service is funded through Grant-in-Aid from the Foreign Office. The grant for 2004/5 is £225m. The BBC World Service broadcasts in 43 languages including English. The other languages are: Albanian, Arabic, Azeri, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Caribbean-English, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, French, Greek, Hausa, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Kinyarwanda/Kirundi, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Mandarin, Nepali, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovene, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, and Vietnamese. In the UK, World Service in English is available on 648 MW/AM in south eastern England. In addition, overnight on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Ulster and via digital radio, digital satellite and the internet. The English Network can be heard on the BBC's digital multiplex in the UK, Freeview digital channel 80 or in Europe on the Astra satellite, channel 865. BBC World Service Extra - a radio service broadcasting in the key languages of Afghanistan and the surrounding region - is available on digital satellite channel 902. Outside the UK, BBC World Service is available on short wave; on FM in 139 capital cities; and selected programmes are carried on almost 2,000 FM and MW radio stations around the world. High quality reception of World Service programmes is available via satellite in Europe and North America. The BBC World Service website - www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice - contains extensive, interactive news services available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese for Brazil, Russian, Spanish and Urdu with audiostreaming available in 42 languages. It also contains detailed information about World Service broadcasts, schedules and frequencies in all languages.”

“AT&T Istel Ltd. is the British information technology subsidiary of American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T), the world's largest telecommunications group. Originally established as a subsidiary computer services firm for the automaker British Leyland, Istel .. the idea of a separate information technology company for this purpose was conceived in 1977 by John Leighfield, who later became the new company's chairman and chief executive [and a Master of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists] .. When the plan was approved in 1978, all British Leyland's mainframe computers were unified in one data center at Redditch, joined via a microwave communications network--the first such private network in Europe .. The new center was finished in February 1979, and BL Systems came into official existence the following June .. In February 1981 BL Systems served its first foreign customer, Heineken .. After the first stage of the U.K.'s deregulation of telecommunications, BL Systems was granted the first Value-Added Network Services license, which permitted the company to initiate Comet, Britain's first electronic mail service .. In January 1983 BL Systems engaged in a joint venture with Atlantic Computers to found the Failsafe business unit, which provided contingency preparation and rescue services for computer failures. In April BL Systems launched a U.S. office in Boston called Istel Inc. to sell the popular See Why package .. In 1985 Istel established Istel Automation to sell CIM systems to the manufacturing industry and launched InView, a highly successful data communications link between insurance companies and their retail markets .. The government announced plans to sell British Leyland (which had been renamed the Rover Group) to British Aerospace, and to spin off Istel as a separate company, preferably through a management-led employee buy-out. As preparations were made for the company's new status, Istel continued to grow, securing its first £1 million order (from Horizon Holidays), and providing its first sale to the Royal Air Force .. Believing Istel would be better positioned for growth if it operated under the aegis of a larger, like-minded firm, Istel's board of directors searched for months for a suitable parent company. Finally, in October 1989, a deal was struck with AT&T, and the renamed AT&T Istel began a new era.”

We name below 13 Crown Agents’ Sisters and affiliated Livery Company networks which allegedly use Oracle/AT&T/BBC networks for sexual entrapment, murder-for-hire and laundering of receivables through Lloyd’s of London and FCC bordereaux frauds.

“1. Eliza Manningham-Buller [Oracle-MI5-CIA Serco, Promis, K-Branch, IRA, Pan Am 103, NetJets 9/12, Amec 7/7, RAF Brize Norton, Anna Chapman, Rendition, Waterboarding, Daughter of Reginald Manningham-Buller who allegedly ‘laundered’ Bodkin’s Dope Inc. case] 2. Jamie Gorelick [Oracle-Fannie Mae, David Emerson, MindBox, DOJ Pride, Vince Foster, Waco, Promis, 9/11 Wall, Schlumberger, Transocean, BP Cancelled Cement Job, Sabotage] 3. Samantha Cameron [Oracle-Menzies Aviation and Distribution, Smythson Stationery, Boston Brakes, Princess Di, wife of Jardine Jump-Ship Dave Cameron, great grandfather was chairman of Reuters] 4. Hillary Clinton [Oracle USAID-SBA liquidations, Crown Agents Gyroscope QRS11 Patent on NetJets Boeing and Gulfstream V on 9/11] 5. Cherie Blair [Oracle-LSE For You, Matrix Terrorists, Law of the European Union, European Convention on Human Rights] 6. Michelle Obama [Oracle- AT&T CIA Henry Bienen, Princeton, Sidley Austin, Union Carbide Bhopal] 7. Miriam Clegg [Oracle DLA Piper head of international [EU/FCC] trade law practice, clients include Standard Chartered Bank, wife of Lord President of the Council Nick Clegg, worked with late Robin Cook on passports for ‘al-Qaeda’ illegals, BBC Royal Charter, exclusive alliance in corporate finance, tax, ICT, telecommunications, public private partnerships, infrastructure, energy and aviation with Nairobi law firm, Iseme Kamau & Maema Advocates] 8. Bernardine Dohrn [Oracle-Northwestern University, Unabomb, Weather Underground Rwanda Genocide, Torture Paradigm and Practice] 9. Mary Harron [Oracle-Netflix DVD American Psycho, Weather Underground, Bondage S&M, SCUM, Former girlfriend of Tony Blair at Oxford University] 10. Charlotte Bryan [Oracle-Serco FAA Contract Towers FC-KU crime scenes of 9/11] 11. Lucy Adams [Oracle-Serco BBC snuff film sites 9/11, 7/7] 12. Kristine Marcy [Oracle-Serco, Promis, SBA DOJ Pride USIS DNS, ICE, U.S. Marshals, Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) for illegals in preparation for 9/11, Obama CUKC Passport JPATS Femme Comp Inc Unabombs 'Mindless breathers - Useless Breeders' comment] 13. Vicky Huhne [nee Pryce, UK Government Economic Service, Greek, LSE Fabian, KPMG tax shelter, Exxon Valdez, Williams & Glyn's Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Department for Trade and Industry, FTI, married to but cuckolded by Chris Huhne Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change for the bisexual Carina Trimngham] .. Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators .. Honourable Company of Master Mariners .. Worshipful Company of Security Professionals .. City of London Solicitors' Company .. Worshipful Companies of Butchers, Stationers and Newspaper Makers, Insurers, International Bankers, World Traders, Information Technologists and Weavers [Livery Company heraldry - Torse-fillet strangler scarf at United 93 Crash]”

“Report Automation and Compilation Creates Flexibility “We had been struggling for some time to automate the reporting process for the Lloyd’s of London bordereau,” Klotz commented. Klotz was, therefore, eager to participate in a vendor-driven test project to develop a new reporting tool for Oracle Documaker. Continental’s personnel were able to easily extract data residing within the smart archive of Oracle Documaker to create the Lloyd’s bordereau and other reports.” .. “Back in 1988, France was the first European civil law country to enact a securitisation law .. created the fonds commun de créances or FCC .. (the French securitisation vehicle) .. has ... attracted French and foreign (mostly London based) arrangers who are now willing to set-up French ABS, RMBS or CMBS transactions. This favorable trend has nurtured the interest in certain classes of assets such as future receivables, mortgage backed receivables, export receivables (in the context of pan-European transactions) or collateralised debt obligations (CDO) and the need for specific regulations. In order to capitalise this growing interest and to attract investors, the Securitisation Law has been amended in order to facilitate the transfer of certain categories of receivables, to issue new financing instruments and to secure the applicable cash flow mechanisms. These amendments will also clarify some practical issues raised over the years. Thanks to these amendments, France contemplates to recover the leadership it had acquired in 1988 (today fifth European securitisation market, ranking behind Italy and Germany).”

“Crown Agents is exactly what its name implies, an agent of Her Majesty the Queen. It was founded in 1833 as Crown Agents for the Colonies, and historically played a vital role in the creation and management of what British historians call the Third Empire .. Crown Agents printed the stamps and banknotes of the colonies; provided technical, engineering, and financial services; served as private bankers to the colonial monetary authorities, government officials, and heads of state; served as arms procurers, quartermasters, and paymasters for the colonial armies .. Her Majesty's Murder, Inc. .. Crown Agents' range of ``services''--arms procurement, border controls, offshore banking--also nicely fit the ``administrative requirements'' of the world's organized crime cartels .. review of some of the more sordid aspects of the recent history of Crown Agents, suggests that the firm has been at the center of the British Crown's highly sensitive patronage of global organized crime--what EIR long ago dubbed Dope, Inc.”

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