Sunday, September 19, 2010

promise of sex - 'ace of spies' - mi6 serial killer - torture and killing of communists - "le systeme"


Communists lured to their deaths by MI6 with promise of sex

An MI6 agent became a serial killer as he used pretty young women to lure Russians to their deaths with the promise of sex, new documents reveal.

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent
17 Sep 2010

Sidney Reilly, nicknamed the 'Ace of Spies,' planned to kill the whole of the Soviet leadership during a meeting at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1918

A Cossack colonel called Mohammed Bek Hadji Lashet, and his gang used the women to attract communists to a lakeside villa where they were tortured and then killed, according to a new history of the intelligence service.

The book, Six, by former military intelligence officer Michael Smith, reveals that there was a culture of assassinations within the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, during the First World War.

Despite the fictional “licence to kill” of James Bond, the agency protests that it does not kill off those it considers a threat.

But the book reveals that in its early days, MI6 officers and their adversaries were more than willing to spill blood for their country.

One officer, Jack Lawson, an Oxford Don based in Crete, wrote: “’Thou shalt not kill’ does not veto the extermination of the enemy.”

Rasputin, the hypnotic adviser to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra, was assassinated by an MI6 officer who fired the fatal shot, while Sidney Reilly, nicknamed the “Ace of Spies,” planned to kill the whole of the Soviet leadership during a meeting at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1918.

One MI6 officer, Lt Stephen Alley, was apparently sacked when he refused to assassinate Joseph Stalin, according to passages in his unpublished memoirs.

Adjunct reading/information: The British Empire above all else is purely about commerce and trade; therefore the Worshipful Livery Companies.

"Deacon asserts in History of the Russian Secret Service that in April 1912, Reilly was an Ochrana agent with the task of befriending and profiling Sir Basil Zaharoff, the international arms salesman and representative of Vickers-Armstrong Munitions Ltd. Another Reilly biographer, Richard B. Spence, claims in Trust No One: The Secret World Of Sidney Reilly that during this assignment Reilly learned "le systeme" from Zaharoff. To Zaharoff, "le systeme" was the strategy of playing all sides against each other in order to maximize financial profit."

And now the secrets of the intelligence agencies are to play one side against another for maximizing profits: the el systeme.

"By carefully tracing Reilly’s movements, Richard B. Spence in his book Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly uncovers some tantalizing coincidences. For example, in June of 1919, a series of terrorist bombs exploded in the United States. These were blamed on the Communists, and triggered a massive Red scare in America. At the time, Reilly was working against the Russian Bolsheviks. Spence points out that Reilly was in America at the time the bombs were mailed, that they were mailed from a post office near an office Reilly..."

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