Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bombardier Fund of Funds - Ariane de Rothschild - Pedophile Extortionists - Jeanne Sauvé’s Network: SOS Children’s Villages

April 7, 2011

Dear Nigel Farage and Lord Pearson:

Sister Rothschild debt and Sauvé SOS pedophiles in Massacre de Montréal

Abel Danger infers that a loan syndicate – now headed as a Bombardier Fund of Funds by Crown Agents Sister (see notes) Ariane de Rothschild – hired pedophile extortionists through the late Jeanne Sauvé’s network of SOS Children’s Villages to stage the phony Massacre de Montréal as an attack on ‘une gang de féministes’ instead of by ‘une gang de féministes’.

9/11 - Nortel Pentagon Bomb - Bombardier - Canadian Governor General Adrienne Clarkson - Lady de Rothschild - Request For Grand Jury Investigation

“Gunman massacres 14 women Broadcast Date: Dec. 6, 1989 A gunman confronts 60 engineering students during their class at l'École Polytechnique in Montreal on Dec. 6, 1989. He separates the men from the women and tells the men to leave the classroom, threatening them with his .22-calibre rifle. The enraged man begins a shooting rampage that spreads to three floors and several classrooms, jumping from desk to desk while female students cower below. He roams the corridors yelling, "I want women." Before opening fire in the engineering class, he calls the women "une gang de féministes" and says "J'haïs les féministes [I hate feminists]." One person pleads that they are not feminists, just students taking engineering. But the gunman doesn't listen. He shoots the women and then kills himself. Parents of the Polytechnique students wait outside the school crying and wonder if their daughters are among the 14 dead tonight.”

“Bio repeated in notes .. 49. Ariane de Rothschild, (nee Langner) [born 1965 in San Salvador; wife of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild; vice-president of Edmond de Rothschild Holding SA since 1999 where she directs mortgage-based extortion of worldwide SOS ‘Mothers’ and pedophile alumni of SOS Children’s Villages – including Algeria and El Salvador – through the Bombardier Fund of Funds; MBA from Pace University in New York; former broker at Société Générale in New York; extorted U.S. insurance group AIG, to enter the French and European markets; member of the Board of Directors of the private banks Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild in France and Banque privée Edmond de Rothschild in Switzerland; Ariane de Rothschild Fellows Program, in partnership with Columbia Business School, University of Cambridge and ESSEC hides bogus bio of Obama; runs Edmond de Rothschild Group among other wine properties in Bordeaux (Château Clarke, Chateau Malmaison, Château des Laurets), Spain (Vega Sicilia), South Africa and Argentina; manages Le Domaine du Mont d'Arbois, a luxury hotel complex in Megève; leads syndicate debt investment by PENSION COMMITTEE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL PENSION PLAN [where unwitting faculty were invested in massacre by ‘une gang de féministes’ of a group of apolitical women] .. BANCO NOMINEES (I.O.M.) LIMITED, BANK OF BERMUDA (LUXEMBOURG), S.A., now called HSBC Security Services (Luxembourg) S.A., on behalf of Liberty Ermitage North American Absolute Fund Ltd., BANQUE PRIVEE EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD EUROPE, CACEIS BANK LUXEMBOURG, as assignee of Banque Privee Edmond De Rothschild Europe/Isofin f/k/a Credit Agricole Investor Services Bank Luxembourg .. BASE FORCE, LTD., BOMBARDIER TRUST (CANADA), as agent of the administrators of the pension funds of Bombardier Inc. whose assets are collectively invested in the Bombardier Trust (Canada) (Foreign Assets) Fund [and the CC-144s which allegedly served as transports, patrol aircraft, and electronic 'spoofers' in Pan Am 103] THE BOMBARDIER TRUST (UK), THE BOMBARDIER TRUST (U.S.) MASTER TRUST .. COMMONFUND GLOBAL HEDGED PARTNERS, LLC, CONDOR ALTERNATIVE FUND, THE CORBETT FAMILY CHARITABLE FOUNDATION INC., THE CORONATION INTERNATIONAL ACTIVE FUND OF FUNDS, FORTIS [BNP Paribas Oil-for-Food and Anna Chapman sexual extortionist] GLOBAL CUSTODY MANAGEMENT AND TRUSTEE SERVICES (IRELAND) LIMITED as trustee for Coronation Universal Fund .. MELLON BANK, N.A., as Trustee for the Dominion Resources Inc. Master Trust .. FONDATION LUCIE ET ANDRE CHAGNON, ANDRE CHAGNON, SOJECCI II LTEE., FONDATION LILLA, GOULAM INVESTMENTS INC., GTALPHA, CHRISTA GUNTER, HERMES TRADING LTD., HSBC PRIVATE BANK (SUISSE) SA, formerly known as HSBC Republic (Suisse) SA .. KREDEITBANK LUXEMBOURG, NC SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND, KUWAIT AND MIDDLE EAST FINANCIAL INVESTMENT COMPANY, LA COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD BANQUE .. LGT BANK IN LIECHTENSTEIN AG .. MAESTRO TRADING, INC .. NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA .. PENSION COMMITEE OF REGIME DES RENTES DU MOUVEMENT DESJARDINS .. THE PENSION COMMITTEE OF THE PENSION PLAN FOR THE REGIME de RETRAITE DE LA CORPORATION DE L’ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE [where unwitting faculty were invested in massacre of a group of apolitical women by ‘une gang de féministes’] .. ROTHSCHILD GESTION, SATNAM INVESTMENTS LTD., SEVEN SEAS PORTFOLIO A LIMITED, SIGNET MULTI-MANAGER INC., UEB (UNITED EUROPEAN BANK) GENEVA (SWITZERLAND), SIL NOMINEES LIMITED, SPGP (Societe Privee de Gestion de Patrimoine) .. STARVEST FUNDS, LTD., THE TAURUS FUND, Successor-in-Interest to Turkos Seventeen Limited .. WESTWIND FOUNDATION HOLDINGS LTD., WYATT INCORPORATED EMPLOYEES PROFIT SHARING PLAN, 171212 CANADA, INC. .. COMMERZBANK GLOBAL ALTERNATIVE LIMITED, COMMERZBANK ALTERNATIVE STATEGIES-GLOBAL HEDGE; directed racketeering loans and extortion of inter alia .. BANC OF AMERICA SECURITIES LLC; CITCO FUND SERVICES (CURACAO), N.V., THE CITCO GROUP LIMITED, ... PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS (NETHERLANDS ANTILLES), INTERNATIONAL FUND SERVICES (IRELAND) LIMITED]”

“The Governor General of Canada to serve as Patron of SOS Children's Villages Canada SOS Children’s Villages Canada is pleased to announce that His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M, C.D., Governor General of Canada, has accepted our invitation to become the Patron of SOS Canada. The Governor General was pleased to lend his endorsement to the important charitable work that SOS Children’s Villages does on behalf of orphaned and abandoned children and vulnerable families in more than 130 countries. This endorsement carries with it a long tradition of support [via Equity of Canada in the Sister Rothschild mortgage extortion of SOS Mothers and alumni with Bombardier fund of funds] from past Canadian governors general, including the Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé [through the period of the Montreal Massacre and subsequent spin of an attack by feminist-hating males with guns], the Right Honourable Roméo LeBlanc, the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean. .. “Everyone at SOS Children’s Villages Canada is honoured and excited by this recent endorsement. His Excellency’s decision to grant our organization patronage is a wonderful acknowledgement and sign of support for the charitable work that we do on behalf of some of societies most vulnerable.” stated Peter Dudding, SOS Canada’s volunteer President and Chair of the Board of Directors”

“Remembering the Montreal Massacre, 20 years later December 6, 2009 — Sabina Becker .. Not enough has changed since then, and what has changed, is constantly under fire–literally–from the forces of conservatism. There is now talk of scrapping the long-gun registry, which women fought for in the wake of the Montreal Massacre. Never mind that police chiefs like it, and even a lot of gun owners understand that it’s no worse than a motor-vehicle registry. No, the conservatives think it’s too much of a bother to keep it, just as it’s too much of a bother to keep the Status of Women committee properly funded (and run by someone other than cock-sucking toadies). The conservatives are always out to fuck us over, and who gets it in the neck first? Yep–women. Same as it ever was… Conservatism is a luxury, affordable only for the complacent, the apathetic, the ignorant. The ones who are doing all right, because they’ve got theirs, jack. It’s telling that men go that way a lot more than women as they get older. That’s because they can afford to. They still make 40 cents more on the dollar than we do! It might as well be 1959, from where we women sit. At least, back then, a dollar–or a woman’s 60 cents–went further. Thanks so much for the phony liberation, capitalists! You can keep your fucking Virginia Slims, this “baby” hasn’t come a long way at all. Yoko Ono was right; we are the niggers of the world. Black, brown, yellow, white–whatever our color, we women are the underclass in every class we occupy. We’ve gone from slavery to sharecropping, and even now, we’re still stuck in the ghetto, making less than a man but paying more. Can anyone honestly say we are not worth 3/5 of a man when they remember that we’re just making 61 cents to a man’s dollar after all this time? That’s negritude for ya, baby. We got the vote, but do we get what we vote for? And when we get it, do we get to keep it? And can you believe that here in Canada, we were not even considered persons until 1929? And that after all this time, there are still a shitload of crabby old coots–conservatives, in other words–who think that what little we get is entirely too much for us? When a man gets beaten up, chances are that it’s by another man, and that there is nothing sexual or gender-based in the violence. Women? Well, let’s put it this way–it’s rarely another woman who beats them up. Just as it’s rarely a woman who beats up a man. The bulk of violence women face is distinctly gender-based, and it is directed against them, just because they are women. Worse, our culture glorifies it even more now than it did back then. In fact, a lot of people–some of them women!–will even say we had it coming, because we supposedly got too damn uppity for our own good. If only we’d stayed home, baking cookies and popping babies out of the oven like we women are supposed to (according to the female misogynist group called R.E.A.L. Women), none of this would happen… Except it does happen to women who stay home. In fact, those are the worst-abused ones of all. Their submission grants them no protection from the violence, the misogyny and often, the alcoholism of their men. This kind of “traditional” family plays hell on the children. Just ask Patrick Stewart. Yes, TV’s super-rational Captain Picard is the son of a battered housewife and an alcoholic father! Who knew? Oh, only the world’s long-suffering millions of women. We know all about that. But who listens to us? Whenever we say something about it, even if we’re polite and apologetic and not offensive in the least, we get beaten down with derisive cries of “man-hating lesbian bitch”. Even our own sisters shout us down! Well, fuck that shit. Nothing will ever get done about anything if no one raises hell. So why not us women? After all, we live in it every day. I’m getting more radical, not less, with age–and I don’t care how many wimps and losers I scare off with it. The revolution, la revolucian, oh look, another woman–is not for wusses. My hands may be small, but they’re full of rocks, and I can hurl them a lot better now. I’ve had lots of time in which to do it. Es larga, la lucha. The struggle is long. But I’m just getting started. It’s been twenty years now, and my tears are still not dry.”

“You see Watson but you do not observe!”

Abel Danger

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