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Canada's Power Corporation - Canada's Wealthiest Man: Paul Desmarais - Maurice Strong - Nadhmi Auchi - Connecting The Power

Abel Danger Brief Summary of the Last Six Years: Connecting the Power
Canada's Power Corporation and Maurice Strong

Paul Desmarais, Sr. (born January 4, 1927) is a Canadian financier in Montreal and billed as one of the ten richest (8th in 2008) persons in Canada.

For many years, astute political observers and researchers have noted what appears to be an unusually powerful web of influence over Canadian federal politics by wealthy Canadian businessman and Power Corporation founder, Paul Desmarais, Senior. The number of prime ministers and other elected and influential Canadians financially obligated to the Quebec-based Canadian is too astonishing to simply not take note of any longer.

Duncan-McIntyre Building (1875), 751 Victoria Square, Montreal
[Canada Steamship Lines Building, Power Corporation headquarters]

During the 1950s and 1960s, Maurice Strong was involved in the oil and utility industries and was apparently quite successful. By the time he was thirty-five years old, Strong was president of a major Canadian holding company, the same Paul Desmarais-owned Power Corporation of Canada. Even though Strong said that he had an annual salary of 200,000USD from Power Corporation, when he left this company his salary was stated to be 35,000USD by a Power Corporation employee. After leaving the Power Corporation, Strong became a Liberal Party bureaucrat and created the controversial, left-wing Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). In 1976, still under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Strong was appointed to run Petro-Canada, the state-run oil company. This wealthy ex-Desmarais employee is an architect of the Kyoto Protocol and has been a powerful advocate of the United Nations world governance and world de-population agenda.

At one point in Maurice Strong's seemingly uncanny career, he was an adviser to both the United Nations' secretary general and the president of the World Bank. With former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Strong co-authored the infamous “Earth Charter” which Strong, Gorbachev and numerous prominent allies were anticipating would at some point guide a new world order based on their ideas of a “planetary ethics”. Spending just a few minutes reading through this 'Earth Charter' is like reading through the empty, shallow New Age Ten Commandments, which also includes language that supports abortion. Maurice Strong also contributed at one point in formulating a one world religion, whatever that might be construed as, e.g., earth worship, animal worship. What should also be understood is that these criminal global elitists are almost always associated with, or get their start in, multinational energy-related corporations.

Although some researchers have suggested Anna Louise Strong was the 'cousin' of Maurice Strong, Abel Danger forensic researchers were the first to point out in their ongoing forensic economic investigations, that Maurice Strong may in fact be the son of Anna Louise Strong and Deng Xiaoping. Anna Louise Strong was a dedicated Marxist and a member of the Comintern; she spent time in France with Mao Zedong, Chou En-lai and Deng Xiaoping, and traveled extensively in China. Anna Louise Strong's burial in China in 1970 was organized personally by Chou En-lai. Maurice Strong is well received in China, partly because of his mother's connections; this also might reasonably explain the reciprocal affinity the Chinese have for Maurice Strong, who now permanently resides in Beijing. Maurice Strong has very close connections to China, including with the following organisations:

Current appointments include: Chairman of Cosmos International Group; Honorary Professor of Peking University (Beijing), Tongji University (Shanghai), and Environmental Management College of China; Honorary Board Chairman of Peking University Environment Fund; Honorary President, Oriental Environment Research Institute (China); Special Senior Advisor of China International Institute of Multinational Corporations; Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Earth Council Alliance; Member of United States National Academy of Science; Vice-Chairman, Chicago Climate Exchange [KPMG is Climate Exchange plc's auditor; BNP Paribas is the company's principal banker]; Visiting Professor, University of Ottawa (Canada); Member of Korean Academy of Science and Technology; Chairman, International Advisory Board, CH2M HILL Companies.

Maurice Strong: the son of Deng Xiaoping and Anna Louise Strong? - Planning the People's Republic from France - Like father, like son?

Power Corporation at the center of powerful connections

Two corporations that have consistently been looked at by Abel Danger researchers are Bombardier and BNP Paribas. Paul Desmarais Sr was on the board of Bombardier and currently sits on the board of BNP Paribas. From the diagram above, Nadhmi Auchi (cousin of Saddam Hussein) should also be noted - related to Abel Danger economic forensics - for his involvement in BNP Paribas and the Iraq Oil-for-Food scheme:

First, who is Nadhmi Auchi? .. Iraqi-born, British billionaire who, according to one report, "set up a variety of deals with Saddam Hussein's regime prior to the 1991 Gulf War, and was one of the largest private shareholders in BNP Paribas, the bank that trafficked most of the funds involved in the UN Oil-For-Food scandal. He also admitted taking kickbacks from the French petroleum company TotalFinaElf in the 1990s (Auchi later sued Elf for entangling him in their criminal activities, according to Forbes)." Auchi is apparently still appealing a 2003 fraud conviction in France. He visited Chicago and Detroit in 2004, but wasn't allowed back in the country in 2005. "Prosecutors in Mr. Rezko's case have said that Mr. Rezko asked Illinois officials to help obtain a visa for Mr. Auchi's visit to Chicago," the Times says. "The officials have not been identified, and Mr. Obama's campaign has said he was not involved in that effort." "The [London] Times has, however, discovered state documents in Illinois recording that Fintrade Services, a Panamanian company, lent money to Mr. Obama's fundraiser in May 2005. Fintrade's directors include Ibtisam Auchi, the name of Mr Auchi's wife. Mr Auchi's spokespeople declined to respond to a question about whether he was linked to this business.”

Tony Rezko - Barack Obama - Nadhmi Auchi

Suez S.A. and Gaz de France controlled by the Desmarais family

The huge merger of Suez S.A. and Gaz de France in July of 2008, put Montreal's billionaire Desmarais family at the center of the world's third-largest power utility. The family's impeccable investment and political connections have paid off exceedingly well through Desmarais' connections to: Albert Frère (born February 4, 1926 in Fontaine-l'Évêque near Charleroi, Belgium - a businessman and the richest man in Belgium), Paul Desmarais' European partner and agent; and none other than Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France. What is transpiring here? Politically-driven, privately-held state energy companies are hindering access to oil reserves, fixing monopoly prices, and threatening worldwide energy security. This might explain why France originally led the attack on Libya recently, subsequently taken over by NATO, including Canada. The French utility GDF Suez acquired a 20% interest in an exploration and production license in Libya in 2008 for oil and gas, another step in its long term global strategy of more than doubling its own reserves.

Cherlieu, le domaine Sagard (Charlevoix, Quebec), Paul Desmarais Sr's fortified compound

After Gaz de France and Suez merged, GDF Suez S.A. is now the world's largest utility company which operates in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, natural gas and renewable energy. The firm also holds a 35% stake in Suez Environnement, the water treatment and waste management company spun off from Suez at the time of the merger.

In 1960, Maurice Strong hired former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, to work for Paul Desmarais, Sr. Later, Paul Martin became President of Canada Steamship Lines, a subsidiary of Power Corporation; and in 1981, Paul Desmarais sold the company to Paul Martin and his friend Laurence Pathy for $195 million (CAD). Paul Martin went on to make his personal fortune as an owner of Canada Steamship Lines.

Several prominent former prime ministers of Canada have been connected to Power Corporation over the years. Former Prime Minister of Canada (20th prime minister of Canada) Jean Chrétien sat on the board of Power Corporation subsidiary Consolidated Bathurst in the late 1980s before he became the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Jean Chrétien's daughter France, is married to the son of Paul Desmarais, Sr., André. Also, Jean Chrétien's chief of staff, Eddie Goldenberg, worked in the past for Power Corporation.

Former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney also has a relationship with Power Corporation. Brian Mulroney's friend Ian MacDonald described Paul Desmarais Sr as “Mulroney’s mentor in the business world"; and it is believed that Mulroney has also done legal work for Power Corporation since the end of his term as prime minister. Also, former Mulroney Minister of Transportation, Don Mazankowski, is currently a consultant with the law firm Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP. He also serves as a director or trustee for a number of companies, including Weyerhaeuser Co., ATCO Ltd., Shaw Communications Inc., and Power Corporation of Canada.

Power Corporation of Canada

Former Premiers of Ontario, William Davis and John Robarts, of the Progressive Conservatives, have both sat on Power Corporation's national advisory board. John Rae (his father, Saul Rae, was a leading Canadian diplomat), the brother of former NDP Premier Bob Rae, currently serves as Power Corporation's Executive Vice President. John Rae is a graduate of Queen's University in economics and political science. He is a former Chair of the Board of Trustees of Queen's University.

Oil-for-Food scheme; Power Corporation; BNP Paribas

Power Corporation's international advisory board has featured individuals such as former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, former oil minister of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, former head of the US Federal Reserve Board Paul Volcker, and the previously mentioned former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau.

Maurice Strong, who is apparently confined for health reasons, lives in his home in Beijing, China. Since China became an economic 'growth model', Beijing has become one of the smoggiest cities on earth. Mr. Strong, it would appear from records, is a severe asthmatic; so it seems ironic that Beijing is where Chairman Moe currently makes his home. Or perhaps it is the embracing air of communist rule in which his lungs take refuge, rather than the ambient pollution associated with China's economic growth. More likely though, Moe is in Beijing to avoid answering to criminal charges from the UN's Oil-for-Food involvement in Iraq, in which Mr. Strong so inexplicably found himself embroiled; then there's the fog of scandal enveloping Power Corporation and BNP Paribas, on whose boards sits Paul Desmarais Sr. Still, we at Abel Danger wish Mr. Strong a full recovery, so that he can be brought to The Hague. The world would certainly be a considerably less interesting — though much safer — place without him.

Where did the money come from to fast-track Barack Obama's Chicago-based political career and insert him into the White House? Perhaps from the Oil-for-Food scheme? Also, it is important to note that since Nadhmi Auchi is British, would this not support Abel Danger allegations that Barack Obama is a 'British asset' placed in office to destroy America using the organizing tactics set forth by Saul Alinsky in his Rules For Radicals?

“Obama has his own personal housing crisis that is tied not into Fanny Mae, but into a corrupt international financial combine headed by Nadhmi Auchi, [Ba’ath Party banker and] the convicted Iraqi billionaire at the center of the Elf Aquitaine corruption trial in France. Auchi has been shown to be the fountainhead of a source of corruption flowing from Iraq, to France, Italy, and the United States. His financial network, under a Luxembourg company called General Mediterranean Holdings, spread from Baghdad and the Middle East to Paris, (where Auchi successfully posited Saddam's UN Oil for Food scheme [through BNP Paribas]), London, Washington, and Chicago, making very few ripples and raising no concerns .. But his underwriting of the purchase of Obama's multimillion dollar Chicago mansion may have been the step too far which finally brought down Auchi's grand scheme of empire and intrigue. It was, however, cheap at the price to buy a putative United States Senator. Nothing boneheaded about that decision at all. What is a candidate worth? This was Chicago, after all. On the other hand, however, if Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, the sky may be the limit for Nadhmi Auchi.

Power Corporation of Canada made headlines in 2005, when it was revealed that the man handpicked by the UN secretary general to probe the UN’s scandal-soaked Oil-for-Food Programme, Paul Volcker, had not disclosed to the UN that he was a paid adviser to Power Corporation. Volcker was obviously too close for comfort to the same companies he was tasked with investigating. This was a clear conflict of interest, as Power Corporation had ties to the French oil giant, Total, which was being investigated under the Iraq Oil-for-Food Programme for lucrative contracts to develop and exploit the Majnoon and Nahr Umar oil fields in southern Iraq.

Paul Desmarais Sr also sits on the board of Total, as of 2003. Total is currently building a pipeline in eastern Burma; the project has caused the violent relocation of thousands of people and has used forced labor. The Total/UNOCAL Yadana natural gas pipeline is one of the largest sources of revenue for Burma’s despotic regime.

Concerning the relationship between BNP Paribas, Nadhmi Auchi and the Oil-for-Food Programme, General Mediterranean is one of the largest single shareholders of the French bank; it was this bank that Oil-for-Food money transited through, via an escrow account. David Corker, a London-based lawyer, went on record saying: "Since 2001, General Mediterranean Holdings [company founded by Nadhmi Auchi] had reduced its BNP Paribas stake to about 0.4 percent of the bank's total shares, about half of the position he [Nadhmi Auchi] held before then. That stake would still make Mr. Auchi one of the bank's biggest single shareholders.”

Anna Chapman at KIT Fortis Investments (merger with BNP Paribas)

When Anna Chapman was arrested in New York on June 27, 2010, on suspicion of working for a Russian Federation spy ring and – as part of a prisoner swap – deported in early July back to Russia (her home country), Abel Danger identified Chapman as a 'sextortionist'. Helen Tretyakova, a marketing assistant at KIT Fortis Investments, a Russian-based asset management company, confirmed in an e-mail to that Anna Chapman had once worked for KIT Fortis Investments in Moscow, although Tretyakova did not provide the dates of Chapman's employment. Anna Chapman claimed to have worked as a vice president for the company from 2007 to 2008.

Anna Chapman (nee Kushchenko)

Anna Chapman (nee Kushchenko) worked with Barclays, NetJets, and Navigator Asset Management in London; and KIT Fortis Investments in Moscow. BNP Paribas Investment Partners (BNP Paribas IP), TransKreditBank (TKB), and KIT Fortis Investments announced, on June 30, a rebranding from KIT Fortis Investments to TKB BNP Paribas Investment Partners (TKB BNP Paribas IP). The 50% stake that had been held by KIT Finance Holding Company was transferred to TKB (whose President is Yuri Novozhilov). TKB BNP Paribas IP (whose CEO is Vladimir Kirillov) became a 50/50 joint venture between BNP Paribas Investment Partners (whose CEO Gilles Glicenstein died at age 44 on April 21, 2010, and was succeeded on July 10 by Philippe Marchessaux) and TransKreditBank (TKB).

Towards the close of the 1970s, Paribas became increasingly involved in oil trade financing. Operating chiefly out of Geneva, New York, London, and Paris, it very soon won renown as the world's leader in this sector. At the same time, Paribas established closer relations during the 1960s and 1970s with the South African group Anglo American, then with Bank of America (Ameribas), Bayerische Vereinsbank and NatWest. During the 1970s, Paribas formed an alliance with S.G. Warburg, in which it owned a 25 per cent interest, and together they set up the Warburg Paribas Becker investment bank in the United States. This was taken over in 1984 by Merrill Lynch, in which Paribas acquired a shareholding at that point.

The 1970s and 1980s also saw growth in Paribas asset management services to private and institutional clients, traditionally focused on Geneva since the nineteenth century, but more recently bringing in Luxembourg, Paris, New York, and Tokyo through the forming of Paribas Asset Management (PAM).

Following four years of nationalization (1982-86) under President François Mitterrand's Socialists, during which Paribas had progressed under the chairmanship of Jean-Yves Haberer, the bank was privatized in 1987. The operation took place under the chairmanship of Michel François-Poncet and was highly successful. It brought in 3.8 million individual shareholders, alongside large French and foreign groups such as Axa, AGF, UAP, Comit, Parfinance (Frère in Belgium, Power in Canada), Sumitomo Life, and Kuwait Investment Authority. Some had already been Paribas shareholders before nationalization.

In 1990, the Paribas Group initiated organizational changes, which were completed in 1991. The boards of directors of Compagnie Financière de Paribas and of Banque Paribas were replaced by supervisory boards, while their senior management bodies became management boards. The chairmen of the two companies' supervisory boards and management boards became, respectively, Michel François-Poncet (soon booted by shareholders after a botched raid on Compagnie de Navigation Mixte) and André Lévy-Lang, who served as Paribas CEO until 1999.

Eustace Mullins, writing in 1995, states that Banque de Pays de L'Europe of Paris, (Paribas) was recently bought by Merrill Lynch. Paribas bought 50% of Dillon Read Ltd. in a consortium with Bruxelles Lambert (the Belgian Rothschilds), the Power Group and the Laurentian Group of Canada, the Tata Group of India, Elders IXL holding company of Australia, Swiss Bank Cantrade, and two British groups, Investors in Industry, a Bank of England group with nine English and Scottish banks, and the British postal pension fund.

Power Corporation of Canada directors included Gérard Eskénazi, of Belgian Rothschild firms, and William Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S.. The "Canadian connection", the Belzbergs and Bronfmans, demonstrates the growing power of the Rothschilds in billion dollar mergers and takeovers of U.S. industry, including DuPont. These mergers recall the same kind of activity taking place in 1929, just before the stock market debacle, and very well could represent the battening down of the hatches before the storm.

First City and Rothschilds, Inc.

Further information:

GRAND Canal scheme – Water privatization and agri-food cartel agenda – Groundwater contamination – Louis Desmarais – Thomas Kierans

From the Hawks Cafe, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger research archive:

8(a)* - Acorn Contract Killers - Financed for over 40 years by AXA / Equitable / BNP Paribas reverse money laundering (hawala) networks. Includes saboteurs, late term abortionists and suicide bombers.

8(a) Seed Finance - SBA-USAID micro-loans `sold' by racketeering networks linking ACORN (Arkansas or Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) with HUBZone census tracts and JPATS (Con Air) prisoner and alien transport networks.

8(a) Clients - George Soros and Clinton-Rubin partners through Canada's MindBox automated micro-loan network which rewards contract killers who survive and the mothers of suicide bombers with a cybershare of insured victims' liquidated assets.

8(a) Special Weapons - Heroin, Vacuum aspirators, Clipper encryption keys, two-bullet suicides, tainted blood, dirty needles, machetes, autopilot and elevator bombs, QRS11 missile gyroscopes and anthrax SSP.

8(a) Genocides and Heterocides - Pol Pot Cambodia 1975-78, Nicholas Sarkozy Rwanda 1994 and Odinga-Obama Kenya 2008.

Rwanda Genocide - 'pour encourager les autres' - triangular trade: machetes - Francophonie-British alliance - 'Sarko' in Balladur finance

8(a) SBA Preferred Lenders - La Francophonie bankers Paul Desmarais and Nadhmi Auchi through their MindBox-controlled online World Trade Centers operated for investors by AXA/BNP Paribas, Pargesa and Bank of the West.

8(a) SBA Preferred Sureties - Robert Rubin/John Deutch through Travelers' Citigroup.

8(a) Killing Strategies - Extorted indebted families `mentored' by ACORN Sisterhood of radical feminists - Bernardine Dohrn, Hillary Clinton, Jamie Gorelick, Michelle Obama and Leah Zell Wanger and various male assistants, including Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Lester Crown, Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry, Bernard Madoff, Tony Rezko and Maurice Strong.

8(a) Patent and Legal Services - Northern Trust and Women at Sidley Austin.

8(a) KPMG Escrowed Liquidation, Hawala Money Laundering, Abusive Tax Shelters and Insider Trading - AMEC, bcIMC, CAI, CalPERS / 50-state pension funds, Carbon Disclosure Project, Carlyle Canada, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Countrywide, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Dynamics C4, GMAC, Goldman Sachs, Lizard LLC, Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates, PATCO, Power Corporation / Montreal, Serco Contract Towers, TIAA-CREF, Total S.A., USIS and Waste Management Inc.

8(a) End Game - Maurice Strong control of votes to depopulate the planet using combination of 2-Child Abortion and 2-Child Carbon Tax. [carbon tax is moving along elite channels to be implemented]

8(a) Enemies - Industrialized societies, hetero-patriarchal organizations, heterosexual and monogamous families, the United States and its English-speaking allies in the Anglosphere and the sovereign state of Israel representing the cradle of Judeo-Christian society.

8(a) POTUS 43/44 Cyber Security: Double / triple agents hired for intruder-detection/honey-farm operations through Clinton Rubin LLC.


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    Cheers - Dave

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