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Con Air Founder - PricewaterhouseCoopers: Trusted Third-Party (‘TTP’) - Pedophile Wargame Certificates - Transport To Oath-Taking Centers

To whom it may concern

July 29, 2011

Marcy Con Air's TTP – Pedophile wargame Certificate – PwC bad-debt fraud

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sister and Con Air founder Kristine Marcy appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers as a trusted third-party (‘TTTP’) to issue Pedophile wargame Certificates to authorize the transport of Con Air victims to oath-taking centers and extort silence from Matrix 5 players in any bad-debt bailout frauds executed by PwC.

PwC Opened Ecocide ‘PKI’ Accounts - Matrix 5 D2 Bankers - Canary Wharf - A Femme Comp Wife - ‘Andrew Berwick’ - Unabomb Attack On Norway

Pedophile wargame Certificates?

Marcy’s ConAir TTP MitM attack

PwC spins bad-debt fraud through Barack Obama

PwC spins bad-debt fraud through Irish media and Bloomberg fronts

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Matrix 5 has 175 years to practice the perfect TTP murder

Collage and snapshot of Field McConnell and his sister Kristine Marcy’s OODA loop

Crown Agents Sisters always spin with the fiction before they spoil with the facts

PwC offices in 757 cities and 154 countries with 161,000 employees who generate a carbon footprint which maps onto that of SOS Children’s Villages and the alleged pedophile carbon offset trade and snuff film images of murder for hire

Marcy’s Con Air allegedly uses PwC TTP to authorize shipment of sedated children for oath taking and bodies of Matrix 5 wargame victims – c.f. Gareth Williams – for Worshipful Environmental Cleaners

Marcy’s Con Air allegedly uses PwC TTP to control TARP kickbacks

Marcy’s Con Air allegedly services PwC oath taking centers in domestic and foreign SOS Children’s Villages in violation of Mann Act

Mere incompetence or arbitraged sabotage by Marcy and PwC’s TTP insiders?

"The Name of the Beast “You have asked me if I knew the name of the assassin. I do. The mere knowing of his name is a small thing, however, compared with the power of laying our hands upon him." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "A Study in Scarlet'', Holmes speaking"

1. Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) [Revised July 29, 2011: Kristine Marcy is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Washington D.C.-based NAPA (The National Academy of Public Administration); she and her Matrix 5 colleagues set up a revolving fund (# 15X4275) with assets confiscated from the drug trade to finance illegal modifications to aircraft to support EW/ELINT contract hits executed through the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (‘Con Air’); she appointed Price Waterhouse (later PwC) as a trusted third party for the issue of PKI certificates to Con Air for use in Matrix 5 extortion and murder for hire by francophone, lesbian and pedophile-owned companies in the Small Business Administration database; through Women @ Sidley brokers, Marcy procured ‘Con Air’ Lear Jet aircraft which had been designed by Bombardier's homicidal EW pilot, Russell Williams to support an Entrust-beTRUSTed chain of command and the decoy-and-drone maneuvers of 911; Marcy allegedly sabotaged continuity of government protocols during Matrix 5’s phony war-game exercise on 911; she allegedly staged the war games with bogus Entrust-beTRUSTed cutout identities such as the ‘al-Qaeda’ operatives allegedly created by the Canadian Privy Council and ‘advised’ by the recently appointed NAPA vice president Lena Trudeau; given her role in building Matrix 5 hit teams inside targeted sovereign governments, Marcy is now recognized by Abel Danger as the most dangerous woman in America; Marcy was allegedly recruited into Matrix 5 in the 1964-1968 period at pedophile oath-taking ceremonies designed by Canadian depopulationist Maurice Strong for the mothers, aunties, ‘clients’ and sponsors of SOS Children’s Villages; she was an alleged witness to crimes of the type described in Strong’s paper in the archives of Harvard University, “Mau Mau oath ceremonies – Kenya 1954”; she was an alleged participant in sexual oath-taking ceremonies, organized off campus by Odd Fellows or Rebekah cult leaders to entrap students and faculty at targeted universities; Marcy allegedly infiltrated Matrix 5 hit teams into George Washington University, University of Chicago and Northwestern University (she visited Chicago in July 1966 prior to alleged Matrix 5 contract killing of Valerie Percy), University of Hawaii BA French and Georgetown University where she took an MFS, master foreign service; she is an alleged user of Tuvalu .tv root authority from Privy Council in Britain to support Matrix 5 pedophile entrapment, sexual extortion and snuff-film murder for hire; Marcy is an alleged handler of Matrix 5 communities `B.A.F.L.P.' – pronounced ‘baffle-pee’ – where acronym stands for (a) Bankers associated with the Bombardier Master Trust, HSBC and Rothschild who helped to launder drug money through the DOJ Pride revolving funds and allegedly used PwC’s Entrust-beTRUSTed certificates to authorize the liquidation of targeted SBA 8(a) companies on 911 (b) Anglophones associated with the U.S. Senior Executive Service which Marcy launched in 1979 (c) Francophones associated with Femme Comp Inc C4 which she launched in 1979 (d) Lesbians associated with the DOJ Pride community which Marcy founded in 1994 and, (e) Pedophiles allegedly associated with rendition, logistics and PwC trusted third-party services of the US Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (‘Con Air’) which Marcy founded in 1995; in 1969, after the pedophile Kray Twins had received a life sentence for murder, Matrix 5 leaders ‘placed’ Marcy as a `sextortionist' aide to Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Frank Carlucci in Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.'s Office of Economic Opportunity; evidence of ongoing [wo]man-in-the-middle extortion of top officials in FBI, ICE USIS, DNS, Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) and ATF etc; evidence of her organizing the theft of PROMIS from owners and translation into French for La Sûreté du Québec and Francophonie 9/11; evidence Marcy is a psychopath from her recent 'Mindless Breathers - Useless Breeders' comment to her brother, Field McConnell; evidence of pedophile trade and Tuvalu snuff-film .tv joint venture between Marcy’s associates in the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System and Krayleigh Enterprises; evidence of Marcy’s use of SBA 8(a) military-industrial patent pool devices including Unabombs, QRS11 gyroscopes, Smacsonic and Onion Router at Waco, Murrah Building and 9/11 crime scenes; evidence Marcy auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs with patented-device liquidation rights to D2 Banking and KPMG clients at Canary Wharf; evidence Marcy exfiltrated U.S. Marshals from Murrah Building OKC before initiating bombs; allegedly procured public key infrastructure – PKI – for a .tv show of the torture murder of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996; evidence Marcy organized the execution of Timothy McVeigh as a cutout patsy; evidence she used .tv snuff films to blackmail Office of Personnel Management; evidence she has prevented release of `paperclip' passport files which would otherwise show Obama's status as CUKC alien and a victim of Matrix 5 pedophile grooming by Frank Marshall Davis and his grandparents; evidence Marcy forced U.S. patent office to re-assign liquidation rights in patent pool devices including .tv encryption to Crown Agents' Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers; allegedly Marcy used Entrust-beTRUSTed PKI to set up cutouts for 911 such as Lynn McNulty who designed ‘al-Qaeda’ Onion Routes, Dr. David Finkleman who sent Onion Router relay messages via ALPA pilots to al-Qaeda gyroscopes, Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, Commander in Chief, NORAD and Commander USNORTHCOM in Cheyenne Mountain, who stood down the U.S. Air Force, Rear Admiral Gordon Piche who used the U.S. Coast Guard in posse comitatus, Robert Mueller who opened a backdoor into FBI CSI, Bruce McConnell who stole Entrust-beTRUSTed public keys, Robert Hanssen who set up bogus continuity of government protocols and John Mark Kerr who claimed to have killed JonBenét Ramsey; collectively, these extorted victims give Marcy and her Matrix 5 colleagues at PwC the power to set up the President of the United States himself as an Entrust-beTRUSTed PKI cutout for a WMD attack on America from an on-campus elite and the traitors within the gates]”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud in supply chains linked to South Africa] PricewaterhouseCoopers Launches beTRUSTed in South Africa By Steven Liversedge January 31, 2001 - Given the ease of anonymity and identity forging on the Net, many companies simply dont trust e-commerce. Moving to answer this need for trust, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) detailed their foray into the world of Trust Certification- beTRUSTed - at a function in Johannesburg today. Essentially, beTRUSTED is a Trusted Third Party (TTP) service operating under the PwC brand. BeTRUSTed supplies digital certificates secured with public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. PKI is technology that works with 2 mathematically related keys – possession of 1 key allows you to decrypt anything that’s been encrypted with the other. 1 of the keys is public, given to the world, the other remains private, kept in a secure location. Digital certificates contain personal details, the trust level (e.g. was the certificate issued after meeting face-to-face or over the Internet?) and an expiry date, all encrypted by the public key so that only the private key can decrypt it. A TTP typically holds the private keys, decrypting certificates for verification [and can therefore launch a man-in-the-middle attack on unsuspecting users]. Using a TTP digital certificate offers a variety of advantages to organizations operating on the Internet. Most importantly, it provides user authentication, user authorization and offers proof of request or purchase countering later attempts by either party to repudiate the transaction. Digital certificates can also be used within an organization, for example to set privileges for different employees, to track employee activities or to ensure the integrity of data by decrypting on demand. BeTRUSTed does allow companies to locally hold private keys for organizational use. BeTRUSTed has allied with several companies among them Baltimore Technologies, Entrust-beTRUSTed Technologies and VeriCert to offer solutions across the scale. These could range from banks verifying the identity and credit rating of other banks for large-scale money transfers, organizations providing remote access to sensitive information or chemical wholesalers issuing legally binding digital invoices and receipts. Whichever companies are involved, all services will fall under the beTRUSTed brand. A brand symbolizes a history of honourable trading and fair dealing. Indeed, it is the global strength of its brand that has enabled PwC to gather its allies and launch a venture to challenge the likes of VeriSign. BeTRUSTed is currently aiming their services at businesses, either for use in the B2B environment or within the organization itself, but will move into the B2C and C2C market in the future. A future where, they believe, digital certificates will be as widespread as email addresses.”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud in supply chains linked to the United States banking community] PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young chosen for Wall Street bailout THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tuesday, October 21st 2008, 9:20 AM WASHINGTON — The government has selected two major accounting firms to help it manage the $700 billion rescue program for the financial system. The Treasury Department said Tuesday it had chosen PricewaterhouseCoopers to be the auditor for the program. Ernst & Young will provide general accounting support. The two firms will work on the part of the rescue program that is handling the purchase of troubled assets from banks as a way of encouraging them to resume more normal lending. Treasury said that Ernst & Young will be paid $492,006.95 initially while Pricewaterhouse Coopers will be paid $191,469.27 for its services initially. The two contracts last until Sept. 30, 2011. In a statement, Treasury said that the two firms will help the department with accounting and internal control services that will be needed "to administer the complex portfolio of troubled assets the department will purchase, including whole loans and mortgage-backed securities." The government still must select the five to 10 asset management firms that will actually run the program. Those selections could come as soon as this week. Last week, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the government would use $250 billion of the $700 billion rescue program to make direct purchases of bank stock as a way of boosting the banks' capital reserves. That will leave $100 billion of the initial $350 billion in the first phase of the program to purchase troubled assets” ... “To have a deeper discussion about the stimulus package, please contact: Dennis Nally, US Chairman and Senior Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Phone: 646-471-7293 Email: Melanie Thomas Armstrong Federal Infrastructure Lead PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Phone: 703-918-1170 Email:”

“[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud with SBA preferred lender, HSBC, to take over National Asset Management for the Republic of Ireland] PwC and HSBC will advise NAMA as it manages bad loans By Joe Brennan Saturday June 13 2009 BANKING giant HSBC and consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers have landed two lucrative roles advising the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) as the Government races to get legislation in place to set up the 'bad bank'. NAMA will be set up to take over up to €90bn of risky property loans from the country's banks in a bid to free up lenders to provide credit. The NTMA has also appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers to provide tax advice to NAMA. It is also looking for external legal advisors and expects to make an appointment by next Wednesday. As reported in the Irish Independent last week, some of Ireland's biggest foreign-owned banks have indicated a willingness to work closely with NAMA on some projects to which both are exposed. This lowers the risk of either NAMA or the major foreign player moving on struggling developers in a way that would negatively affect the other. "A coherent approach is seen as the best way of delivering the best outcome for both sides," according to a senior banking executive. The Department of Finance confirmed yesterday that NAMA had no intention of buying loans from the foreign-owned banks with major property portfolios, including Ulster Bank, Halifax-Bank of Scotland (Ireland), and National Irish Bank. High-ranking UK Treasury officials have been in contact with their Irish counterparts about how NAMA will proceed. UK Financial Services Secretary Paul Myners met with Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and NTMA officials to discuss areas of common interest in the project. The UK government owns 70pc of Ulster Bank's parent, Royal Bank of Scotland, and 43pc of Lloyds, parent of Halifax-BoSI.”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – began preparations in 2008 to trigger bad-debt bailout frauds with Bloomberg and Sidley Austin LLP, the latter having employed Bernadine Dohrn, the terrorist leader and expert on the Rwanda Genocide and Torture: Paradigms and Practice, between 1984-1988] Private Equity and Distressed Investments Symposium Thursday, March 13, 2008 • Bloomberg, New York City 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT 731 Lexington Ave New York, New York 10022 United States of America DEEP VALUE OPPORTUNITIES SYMPOSIUM 2008 PRIVATE EQUITY & DISTRESED INVESTMENTS Join Bloomberg, Sidley Austin LLP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP for a breakfast symposium with special guest Hon. Andrew Card, former White House Chief of Staff, and a panel of world-class investment advisors and representatives from leading global firms. U.S. Economic Policy: Hon. Andrew Card , former White House Chief of Staff Hon. Andrew Card will provide his perspective on U.S. economic policy and its effect on the domestic and global financial markets. Dealmaker’s Roundtable: Moderated by Brian Sullivan, BLOOMBERG TELEVISION® Brian Sullivan moderates a discussion that will provide insight into the issues and hidden values forecast for the global markets in 2008. Panelists include: Curt Cornwell, Lead Partner, Hedge Funds Transaction Services Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Mark Patterson, Chairman, MatlinPatterson Global Advisors LLC Pat Collins, Head of Special Situations Distressed Private Equity, D.E. Shaw Duncan Darrow, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP Chris Abbinante, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP Date & Time Thursday, March 13, 2008 8:00am-11:00am Venue Bloomberg 731 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10022 RSVP Email:”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud in supply chains associated with client-HSBC’s alleged procurement of children for pedophile oath taking and extortion] HSBC Global Education Trust has launched 'Future First', a global USD 10 million, 5-year initiative (2007-2012) collaborating with SOS Children's Villages and with local charitable organisations. The aim is to provide education and life skills to street children, orphans and children in care. Globally, Future First supports 131 projects across 39 countries benefiting over 133,000 children.”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud on global supply chains, especially the trade in carbon credits controlled by the City & Guilds Livery Companies Worshipful Company of Fuellers] Third party assurance Regulations change. New trends emerge. Demand for trust and transparency grows greater as companies rely more on other organizations to meet their goals. Now more than ever, maintaining a competitive advantage and having comfort in your controls, processes, policies, procedures, and data and those of your suppliers, vendors and partners is a business imperative. To stay ahead, companies must find ways to improve efficiencies while reducing costs. PwC provides companies assurance beyond the financial statement audit by delivering innovative solutions that can help increase market share, revenue and distinction in the marketplace. How PwC can help PwC is positioned to report on your company's controls and processes; and provide assurance beyond the financial audit. By utilizing non-financial statement reports, including SAS 70s/SSAE 16, agreed upon procedures and customized attestations, PwC can provide additional solutions under the Third party assurance (TPA) umbrella that are of great value and provide comfort accordingly. With PwC’s global reach and perspective, your company will have access to teams that have the ability to handle the most complex business and industry issues. PwC can help your company address the following Business network and supply chain risk management Cloud computing Compliance with contracts Cost / Expense verification Digital transformation Grants In lieu of tax credits Outsourcing Privacy and security Regulatory compliance and reporting Sustainability , climate change, and carbon emissions XBRL”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud in supply chains linking Japan to Nigeria] Crown Agents Japan - Logistical Support for PwC Japan Study for JETRO 15 April 2010 As a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Japan (PwC Japan), Crown Agents Japan, through Crown Agents Nigeria, supported PwC Japan's study on "Potential Business in Africa - Nigeria - Sanitation and Nutrition" sponsored by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Nigeria has a large population living at the "Bottom of Pyramid" (BOP), which is the lowest salary group. The study sought to identify opportunities for Japanese enterprises to enter into the market for hygiene and nutrition products in Nigeria. Crown Agents supported PwC's study in Abuja, Kano, and Lagos by fully utilising its wide networks with the governments, private enterprises and NGOs in Nigeria. We hope this study will be able to contribute to Japanese enterprises efforts to develop business opportunities in the Nigerian market, and support the improvement of Nigeria's BOP situation.”

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in a bad-debt bailout fraud in supply chains linked to the Privy Council and the Queen in the United Kingdom] Plugging the gap - Jersey Goods and Services Tax Design and Implementation of GST Jersey's Finance and Economics Committee | 2005 – 2008 Crown Agents was selected by the States' Finance and Economics Committee to assess the feasibility of a Goods and Services Tax (GST), and design a prototype tax that would meet the £40-45 million of an anticipated revenue gap, expected to occur during 2008-2010” .. “You will find the Channel Islands nestling in the Bay of St Malo, close to France and the French influence in all the islands is immediately obvious as soon as you step off the plane or boat. The Channel Islands are constitutionally separate from the UK and France and are pretty much self-governing. The States of Jersey and The States of Guernsey (known in each island as 'The States') legislate and govern, effectively running the islands at a local level. As British Crown Dependencies, they are also linked to the Privy Council and the Queen in the UK. PricewaterhouseCoopers CI LLP Twenty Two Colomberie St Helier Jersey JE1 4XA PricewaterhouseCoopers CI LLP P O Box 321 Royal Bank Place 1 Glategny Esplanade St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 4ND

[Abel Danger’s CSI and spoliation inference suggests that PwC – Marcy’s Con Air trusted third party – is engaged in bad-debt bailout frauds on supply chains associated with The Prince of Wales foundation charity, Youth Business International and its Patrons] Youth Business International was founded in 2000 by The Prince of Wales, who continues to be YBI’s President. Our members have helped over 100,000 young people to create their own business, 70% of which are still trading after three years. Our network currently spans 34 countries across six continents. In the UK, YBI is now one of 20 charities of which The Prince is President; 18 of which were personally founded by the Prince. This group of not-for-profit organisations, The Prince’s Charities is the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the United Kingdom, raising over £100 million annually for good causes. Patrons Council Thank you to YBI’s Patrons Youth Business International's Patrons Council is designed to recognise and thank key supporters of YBI and our global network. Those invited to join the Patrons Council are either recent significant supporters of YBI and/or a number of members of our global network, or they represent institutions that are recent donors. We very much look forward to working with all of these organisations and individuals over coming years to provide even more effective assistance to young entrepreneurs around the world. Accenture | Althea Foundation | Banking on the Young | Barclays Capital | The Centennial Fund | Chris Rokos | Deloitte | Ernst & Young | Jane Nelson | KPMG | The Loomba Trust | Hogan Lovells | Parthenon Trust | PricewaterhouseCoopers | Rosemary O'Mahony | Scotiabank | Shell | Smith & Williamson | The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants Accenture: Adrian Lajtha, Chief Leadership Officer and Corporate Citizenship Chairman Accenture has been one of YBI’s most significant supporters over the past few years and has also developed important relationships with several members of our network including The Prince’s Trust, The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT), Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) in India and Fundacion Impulsar in Argentina. Althea Foundation: Alexsis de Raadt-St James, Chairman The Althea Foundation has played a pivotal role in helping YBI create Youth Business America, a not-for-profit organisation registered in the US that is expected to join the YBI network soon. Through the Althea Foundation, Alexsis continues to provide extensive support to facilitate the commencement of operations in the US. Banking on the Young: Nichola Odey, Trustee Banking on the Young, formerly known as the McCabe Foundation, has funded initiatives in our network in Argentina, China, India, Kenya, Mexico and Sri Lanka and is now focusing its attention on working with BYST in India. Barclays Capital: Rich Ricci, Co-Chief Executive of Barclays Capital and Co-Chief Executive of Corporate & Investment Banking For the last two years Barclays Capital’s financial support has enabled the delivery of the YBI Accreditation scheme, helping to maintain quality standards within the network. The Centennial Fund: H.E. Mr. Amr A. Al-Dabbagh, Chairman The Centennial Fund (TCF) of Saudi Arabia is a very strong and successful member of the YBI network that has also devoted significant resources to the development of the network internationally. Since 2007, TCF has shared its IT resources and learning with the YBI Network by supporting YBI in the development of the Operations Management System. In addition it has hosted Islamic Forums for members of the YBI Network and has also provided targeted support for the establishment of new members of the network. Chris Rokos Chris Rokos is a Partner with Brevan Howard Asset Management based in London. Deloitte: John Connolly, Senior Partner and Chief Executive Deloitte has supported a number of programmes in the YBI Network. In Mexico, Deloitte has provided JEMAC with sponsorship, mentors and training and as well as guidance on strengthening the programme’s governance structure. In Argentina, Deloitte has provided multiyear pro bono auditing to Fundación Impulsar while in Saudi Arabia, Deloitte has been a significant supporter of The Centennial Fund since its inception in 2005, through pro bono auditing, mentors and other volunteering for the programme. Ernst & Young: Lisa Cameron, General Counsel and Managing Partner Ernst & Young has been a valuable supporter of The Prince’s Trust for a number of years with employees playing a significant role in raising funds for the Trust. In Barbados, Ernst & Young has been involved since Barbados Youth Business Trust’s inception in 1997 with financial, in-kind and volunteering support. In Kenya and South Africa Ernst & Young has provided in-kind and pro bono support to Kenya Youth Business Trust (KYBT) and the National Youth Development Agency (formerly Umsobomvu Youth Fund) Jane Nelson Jane Nelson is Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government. She has provided inspiration and guidance for YBI since its inception, and was the driving force behind YBI’s successful Global Forum on Youth Entrepreneurship in 2008. KPMG: Lord Michael Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity KPMG provided support to YBI in developing the design for the YBI Accreditation process, which upholds the standards of the YBI Network. KPMG has also provided sponsorship to the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) and has provided mentors, training and other in-kind support to Youth Business Hong Kong. In India, KPMG has supported BYST through employee engagement in a large research and policy project for the programme. Lady Jarvis Lionel Wernick The Loomba Foundation: Lord Raj Loomba, Chairman The Loomba Foundation is dedicated to helping widows, their children and orphans and has funded targeted entrepreneurship initiatives with our network including B’Yeah in Bangladesh, KYBT in Kenya, Nepal Youth Business Foundation, Youth Business Sri Lanka, BIDAYA in Syria and Uganda Youth Business Trust. Hogan Lovells: John Young, Senior Partner Since the early days of YBI, Hogan Lovells has provided pro-bono legal advice, was a key partner in the development of the Accreditation scheme as well as giving financial support for operations. In particular, Hogan Lovells guided YBI through the legal aspects of independence and is assisting YBI in the development of its governance. Parthenon Trust: John and Geraldine Whittaker, Trustees The Parthenon Trust has been a major supporter of YBI since its inception and continues to provide support, encouragement and advice to YBI and to individual members of the YBI network. PricewaterhouseCoopers: Glyn Barker, Vice-Chairman PwC is a significant supporter of YBI and a number of members of the network. Most recently PwC has provided YBI with management and governance advisory services. In Israel and Scotland PwC provides pro bono audit support and volunteers to Keren Shemesh Foundation and PSYBT respectively. In England and Wales PwC’s support for The Prince’s Trust spans pro bono audit, volunteering and employee fundraising. Rosemary O'Mahony Rosemary has been a long-time supporter of YBI in both a financial and non-financial capacity. She has played an important role in the development of YBI’s IT systems and is a founding member of the IT Steering Committee. Rosemary has also made an enormous contribution to the sustainability of YBI’s accreditation process and has helped to develop YBI’s relationship with some of its now strategic partners. She has been involved in judging the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Scotiabank: Rob Pitfield, Group Head, International Banking, Scotiabank Canada Scotiabank is a long-term supporter of CYBF providing funding and event sponsorship as well as mentors and loan panel volunteers. In Trinidad & Tobago Scotiabank has provided funding, pro bono and volunteering support and in Mexico it has recently joined the advisory board of JEMAC.

Shell Foundation: Chris West, Director Shell has supported YBI and the YBI Network for many years including developing links between YBI and Shell’s Livewire programme, and currently provides support to Eletpálya Foundation in Hungary, JEMAC in Mexico, BIDAYA in Syria and the Uganda Youth Business Trust. Smith & Williamson: Gareth Pearce, Chairman Smith & Williamson gives pro-bono auditing services to YBI and played a key advisory role in preparing YBI for independence in 2008. Worshipful Company of Management Consultants: Patrick Chapman, Chairman, Pro-Bono Consultancy Panel The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, a Livery Company of the City of London, has provided significant support to YBI by carrying out its accreditation assessments [with a PwC TTP service allegedly used by Kristine Marcy’s Con Air and SBA associates for the man-in-the-middle wargame on 911]. This is not only helping YBI to strengthen the sustainability of accreditation and reduce the cost of each assessment, but also bringing high-quality expertise to the process. Other recent supporters of Youth Business International include: British Asian Trust Clydesdale Bank Edmond J. Safra Foundation European Union Grassroots Business Fund Scottish Enterprise The Scottish Government”

Those who may be concerned have a moral obligation to think hard.


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