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Revolving Fund - Matrix 5 Lesbians - DOJ Pride - Financing 'Gunwalker' Contract Hit - Brian Terry - DSK Sexual Entrapment - Cutout Alien 'Hooker'

To whom it may concern

July 6, 2011

Marcy’s Gunwalker hit, IMF hook and the revolving lesbian fund

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy set up the revolving fund used by Matrix 5 lesbians in DOJ Pride to finance the ‘Gunwalker’ contract hit of ATF agent Brian Terry and sexual entrapment of former IMF banker Dominique Strauss Kahn with a cutout alien ‘hooker’.

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ATF hetero cutouts, lesbian crimes

Listen June 6 11:00 PST Field McConnell, Marcy’s brother,

[Evidence of Matrix 5 community signature at the hooker-banker encounter] Forbes ... DSK Accuser Sues NY Post, Journalists For Calling Her A Hooker Jul. 5 2011 - 2:34 pm | 4 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments By AGUSTINO FONTEVECCHIA Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged sexual attack victim sued the New York Post and five of its journalists for libel after the NY Post's cover on July 2 - tabloid newspaper reported the 32-year-old Guinean [Base for Canadian sponsored pedophile entrapment and extortion at SOS Children’s Villages] resident was a prostitute, providing male guests with “favors” in exchange for cash as she worked as a chambermaid at the Sofitel in midtown Manhattan. In a sudden change of direction, what appeared like a sure conviction of a seasoned sexual attacker turned into an unfair accusation by a misleading and socially deviant impostor. The case for DSK, as the former IMF chief is known in France, was bolstered after the office of District Attorney Cyrus Vance released a statement in which they recognized their star witness and main victim had lied in her asylum application and in her description of the events on the day of her supposed attack. (Read DSK Case Hangs From A Thread: Accuser Connected To Drug Dealers And Money Launderers). The Post, in its usual, sensationalist style, upped the ante with their weekend coverage of the DSK case, citing “sources” that claimed the maid “routinely traded sex for money with male guests” and that she was “stiffed” by DSK after he refused to pay for her services. “All of these statements are false, have subjected the plaintiff to humiliation, scorn and ridicule throughout the world by falsely portraying her as a prostitute or as a woman who trades her body for money and they constitute defamation and libel per se,” the suit said, according to a report by Reuters. The suit, filed in a Bronx state court, argues that the Post published information it either knew was false, or should have known. While her identity has been kept secret by the DA’s office and American media, the escalation of accusations against her has been exponential since the New York Times released incriminating information connecting her to drug dealers and money launderers, and claiming a call she made to a drug dealer discussing how to benefit from the case at her hands was recorded by authorities. (Read DSK Accuser Actually Cleaned Another Suite After Alleged Attack, DA Vance Says). Even though original reports indicated the maid, supposedly a single mother and a devout Muslim, didn’t know who DSK was, the Post reports she specifically targeted him for his money. “Sources now tell The Post that when the two were finished, the woman demanded cash from Strauss-Kahn — but he refused to pay,” read the story. While DSK sported a massive smile over the weekend and gave himself the luxury of cruising the City, the case against him still stands. Even though his accuser has lied, it does not mean there was no sexual attack. The Post, though, cites a top investigator claiming the DA is “set to drop charges vs. DSK.” Back in France, where he is also known as the “great seducer,” DSK’s troubles may have started again. Having been thrust into the presidential race again, after the accusations tore him from a candidacy that had him as the favorite to beat incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy in coming elections, a reporter that had accused him of sexually attacking her eight years ago filed a complaint with the police. Tristane Banon, a 32-year-old reporter who in a 2002 interview had accused DSK of trying to rape her, filed her complaint in Paris on Tuesday, according to her lawyer, David Koubbi. According to the Post, DSK’s lawyers in France threatened to file a criminal-slander complaint if Banon indeed went through with her accusation. Thus, the legal case in France has just begun.”

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  1. Because of cases like these where the accuser lies, it affects other related incidences too where the victims are also doubted and scrutinized by the public.


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