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Sex Trap at the Sofitel New York Hotel - Dominique Strauss-Kahn Forced To Resign - Blowback By a Prostitute - Matrix 5 Cutout - DOJ Pride Femme Comp

To whom it may concern

July 1, 2011

Will IMF sex-trap blowback expose Obama’s Femme Comp wife?

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sisters Christine Lagarde and Michelle Obama set up a sex trap at the Sofitel New York Hotel in a conspiracy to force Dominique Strauss-Kahn to resign as chairman of the IMF, but, a blowback by a prostitute – allegedly hired as a Matrix 5 cutout through DOJ Pride and Femme Comp Inc – will now expose the U.S. President’s wife to charges of sexual extortion of targeted men-in-the-middle leaders.

Aljazeera IMF blow job on .tv

CNN IMF blow job on .tv
IMF Boss Arrest Triggers Succession Talk

See # 20
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

Got him by the Sidley short and IMF curlies?

Femme Comp Inc and DOJ Pride hire cutouts for First Ladies and bogus Continuity of Govenrment protocols

Whitey get near me; I'll crush you like a bug

Obama and Lagarde allegedly authorised Femme Comp to broadcast MitM IMF propaganda on

[AD infers that a prostitute’s blow job became a blowback and exposed a Matrix 5 sexual entrapment, extortion and cutout network pointing to Femme Comp Inc, DOJ Pride and the President’s wife] Strauss-Kahn Accuser’s Call Alarmed Prosecutors By JIM DWYER and MICHAEL WILSON Published: July 1, 2011 Twenty-eight hours after a housekeeper at the Sofitel New York said she was sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, she spoke by phone to a boyfriend in an immigration jail in Arizona. Investigators with the Manhattan district attorney’s office learned the call had been recorded and had it translated from a “unique dialect of Fulani,” a language from the woman’s native country, Guinea, according to a well-placed law enforcement official. When the conversation was translated — a job completed only this Wednesday — investigators were alarmed: “She says words to the effect of, ‘Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing,’ ” the official said. It was another ground-shifting revelation in a continuing series of troubling statements, fabrications and associations that unraveled the case and upended prosecutors’ view of the woman. Once, in the hours after she said she was attacked on May 14, she’d been a “very pious, devout Muslim woman, shattered by this experience,” the official said — a seemingly ideal witness. Little by little, her credibility as a witness crumbled — she had lied about her immigration, about being gang raped in Guinea, about her experiences in her homeland and about her finances, according to two law enforcement officials. She had been linked to people suspected of crimes. She changed her account of what she did immediately after the encounter with Mr. Strauss-Kahn. Sit-downs with prosecutors became tense, even angry. Initially composed, she later collapsed in tears and got down on the floor during questioning. She became unavailable to investigators from the district attorney’s office for days at a time. Now the phone call raised yet another problem: it seemed as if she hoped to profit from whatever occurred in Suite 2806. The story of the woman’s six-week journey from seemingly credible victim, in the eyes of prosecutors, to a deeply unreliable witness, is drawn from interviews with law enforcement officials, statements from the woman’s lawyer and a letter from prosecutors to Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s defense team released in court on Friday. Some of the events were confirmed by both law enforcement officials and the women’s lawyer; others rely solely on law enforcement officials. In the end, it was the prosecutors’ assessment of the housekeeper's credibility that led them to downgrade their confidence in the case and agree on Friday that Mr. Strauss-Kahn could be freed from house arrest. In the beginning, her relationship with prosecutors was strong. Her account seemed solid. Over time, the well-placed official said, they discovered that she was capable of telling multiple, inconsistent versions of what appeared to be important episodes in her life. After the encounter with Mr. Strauss-Kahn, she asked her supervisor at Sofitel, “Can any guest at the hotel do anything they want with us?” her lawyer, Kenneth P. Thompson, said during a sidewalk press conference on Friday defending her. The supervisor called security, and officers, finding semen on the floor and wall, called the police, setting off the quick chain of events that led to police officers escorting Mr. Strauss-Kahn off an Air France plane set to depart Kennedy International Airport. Suspicions of the woman’s associations arose relatively quickly: within a week of Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s arrest, the authorities learned of a recorded conversation between the subject of a drug investigation and another man, who said his companion was the woman involved in the Strauss-Kahn matter, according to another law enforcement official. Prosecutors and investigators interviewed the woman at length. Her immigration history was a focus. At first, she told them what she told immigration officials seven years ago in her accounts of how she fled Guinea and her application for asylum on Dec. 30, 2004. She described soldiers destroying the home where she lived with her husband, and said they were both beaten because of their opposition to the regime. She said her husband died in jail. But then, in a subsequent interview with Manhattan prosecutors, she said the story was false, one she had been urged to tell by a man who gave it to her on a cassette recording to memorize. She had listened to the recording repeatedly. The housekeeper also told investigators that she had been gang raped in Guinea. She cried and became “markedly distraught when recounting the incident,” according to a letter to the defense from prosecutors released Friday. But she later admitted that that, too, was a lie, once again one she had told to help her application for asylum. She said she was indeed raped in Guinea, but not in the way she had described. Her lawyer, Mr. Thompson, said she was desperate to leave Guinea, and had been encouraged to embellish her application for asylum. The boyfriend in the Arizona detention center was another issue. He had been arrested while bartering counterfeit designer clothing from Manhattan’s Chinatown for marijuana in the Southwest, the well-placed law enforcement official said. Her lawyer said she did not know the man was “a drug dealer.” Meanwhile, as the interviews continued, the relationship grew more strained. During a meeting at the district attorney’s office on June 9, the woman wept as she was questioned closely after Mr. Thompson had left for another engagement. Her 15-year-old daughter, who was waiting outside, noticed that her mother was upset and called a relative to alert Mr. Thompson. The lawyer called the prosecutors and demanded an end to the questioning. He said on Friday that the daughter heard them shout, “Get out! Get out! Get out of here!” at her mother. The authorities say there was no shouting. At another meeting, the woman threw herself to the floor in response to questions, the well-placed official said. Then, for some 10 days, prosecutors were unable to get Mr. Thompson to bring her in; the lawyer said she was being treated for a shoulder injury that she suffered in the attack, an injury she had not reported earlier. The final meeting occurred on Tuesday in the seventh-floor offices of the district attorney at 1 Hogan Place. It began at 11 a.m. and lasted five or six hours, except for a short lunch break, around an oval table in a conference room in the offices of the Public Integrity Unit. It was devastating. In recent weeks, investigators collected bank records showing deposits of thousands of dollars in Arizona, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania to an account in her name. The woman had repeatedly said that the Sofitel was her only source of income. Now, investigators confronted her with the bank records. The woman, silent, turned to Mr. Thompson, seemingly pleading for direction on how to respond. He seemed startled. “He was speechless,” the well-placed official said. The district attorney’s office said the woman had lied about her income to maintain her public housing, and had claimed a friend’s child as her own dependant to increase her tax refund. At the same meeting, the woman gave a new version of what she had done immediately after the encounter with Mr. Strauss-Kahn. In testimony before the grand jury in May, she said she had fled Suite 2806 to an area in the main hallway and waited until she saw Mr. Strauss-Kahn leave in an elevator. She has said that her supervisor arrived a short time later, and that she told her supervisor what had happened. On Tuesday, the well-placed official said, she told investigators new details, stating, “I forgot to tell you this.” In fact, she said, she left Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s room and entered another room — her lawyer said it was Suite 2820 — and cleaned it, and then returned to Suite 2806 and cleaned it until her supervisor arrived. “She did not know what to do,” her lawyer said. “She did not want to lose her job. She knew that her supervisor was going to be coming upstairs momentarily. So, she went into another room.” And yet, even this version was not corroborated by card-key data obtained by investigators on Friday, which indicated that the housekeeper went to the other room only after she had finished Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s room. Some within the district attorney’s office suggested that the rush to bring the case to a grand jury may have contributed to its current, weakened state. Early on, there appeared to be disagreement in the office over how to proceed — whether to agree to a bail package for Mr. Strauss-Kahn and take more time to investigate before seeking his indictment, or whether to try to keep him locked up and quickly take the case to the grand jury for an indictment, according to three people involved in the case. The office chose to seek a quick indictment, but a Manhattan judge let Mr. Strauss-Kahn out on bail anyway. Mr. Thompson said that the housekeeper’s account of what took place in Suite 2806 is the only one that matters, and said that in the jail recording, she recounted a version of the encounter that matched what she had told the police. “It’s a fact that the victim here has made some mistakes, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a rape victim,” Mr. Thompson said Friday. The woman has been crushed that her inconsistent statements have been brought to light, Mr. Thompson said. “I will go to my grave knowing what this man did to me,” she told him on Friday, he said.”

[AD infers that a prostitute’s blow job became a blowback and exposed a Matrix 5 sexual entrapment, extortion and cutout network pointing to Femme Comp Inc, DOJ Pride and the President’s wife] A smiling Dominique Strauss-Kahn was freed with no bail Friday - a stunning reversal of fortune even though prosecutors declined to drop attempted rape charges against the French bigwig. The accused sexual predator, due back in court July 18, walked out of court with his biggest legal victory since his May 14 arrest for assaulting a midtown Manhattan hotel maid. Strauss-Kahn held hands with his wife, who has stood by him from the start, and flashed a smile while leaving the courtroom. He declined to address a media horde at the Manhattan courthouse. "This is a giant step," said defense lawyer Benjamin Brafman after his client's triumph. "The next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges." With sources saying the case was collapsing amid a series of lies by the accuser, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance acknowledged there were "concerns about the complaining witness's credibility." In a three-page letter to the defense, prosecutors detailed tales told by the maid that ranged from a fictitious gang rape in her native Guinea to cheating on her U.S. income taxes. She also admitted giving authorities an inaccurate version of her behavior after the purported attack inside Suite 2806 at the Sofitel hotel. But prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said the case against the defendant would continue. "The fact of a sexual encounter was and is corroborated by forensic evidence," she said. The attorney for the woman whose allegations were at the center of the high-profile case insisted his client was telling the truth. "It is obvious that this woman made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she is not a rape victim," said lawyer Ken Thompson. "From day one, she has described a violent sexual assault that Dominique Strauss-Kahn committed against her," Thompson said. "She has described that sexual assault many times, to prosecutors and to me, and she has never once changed a single thing about that encounter." He added that the woman planned to go public with her identity in the near future. The 62-year-old former head of the International Monetary Fund will be freed from his house arrest in a $50-000-a-month lower Manhattan townhouse. His $1 million cash bail and $5 million bond will be returned under a deal with prosecutors, and he is permitted to travel anywhere in the U.S under the agreement, said noted attorney Brafman. Prosecutors held onto his passport, keeping Strauss-Kahn from returning to his homeland. The defendant and his wife share a home in Washington, D.C. Strauss-Kahn, accompanied by his television newswoman wife Anne Sinclair, departed for court in a black Lexus SUV about 40 minutes before his scheduled hearing. Asked if he felt vindicated, the accused sexual predator turned to face reporters but said nothing. Strauss-Kahn's wealthy wife had posted the huge payout to spring him from Rikers Island. Strauss-Kahn wore a calm, almost serene look as he headed inside the courthouse with Sinclair and a security guard. He wore a black suit with a light blue tie. Brafman was smiling too as he joined his white-haired client for the hearing. The prosecution of Strauss-Kahn is in jeopardy of falling apart because the hotel maid who accused him was caught in a web of lies, sources said. The Bronx chambermaid's credibility crumbled as investigators linked her to a network of crooks and found that she had multiple bank accounts stuffed with a total of almost $100,000 in dirty cash, sources said Thursday night. Prosecutors now believe there was little truth in anything the native of Guinea native told them since the NYPD yanked the one-time contender for the French presidency off a plane at Kennedy Airport on May 14, the sources said. A horde of media joined the simply curious outside the courthouse where Strauss-Kahn was due at 11:30 a.m. "I hope he will not be guilty for the image of France," said French tourist Jean Mark Beauchet, 62. "It changed the political scenario in France. He would have won the election." Hells Kitchen resident Willa Streeter said she was there to support Strauss-Kahn. "I feel bad how they handled this case," she said. "They took him to Rikers Island with all those murderers." A phalanx of photographers lined either side of the courthouse entrance awaiting Strauss-Kahn, who had reason for optimism: There even appears to be a smoking gun exposing his accuser. Less than a day after Strauss-Kahn's arrest, his accuser had a telephone conversation with an incarcerated "high-end, profitable drug dealer," said one source with knowledge of the imperiled case. During the jailhouse chat, the [cutout prostitute] maid discussed how she could cash in by accusing the political and financial titan. The damning talk was caught on tape. "The DA's office has concluded she materially misled the grand jury," said a source close to the case. "The case has gone to hell. It's a wreck." Thompson dismissed the reports of her involvement with drug dealers as "a lie." A perjury charge against the accuser is a possibility - but what actually happened in the hotel room may forever remain a he-said-she-said, the sources said. "The end is going to be soon - whether it's this week or next week, the case is not sustainable," the source said. Prosecutors still believe Strauss-Kahn and the accuser had a sexual encounter - possibly even one of a forcible nature, a police source said. But the maid's shattered credibility makes even a misdemeanor charge against him seem like a tough sell. The stunning revelation, first reported Thursday by the New York Times, is a major blow to the NYPD and first-term Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. DA's office. It will also inevitably fuel pre-existing speculation that Strauss-Kahn was set up by political enemies - claims prosecutors have previously said are without merit. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, the department's top spokesman, declined comment. A spokesman for the DA's office also refused comment. The well-placed source said the NYPD rushed to judgment after it learned Strauss-Kahn was headed to the airport to catch a Paris-bound flight after allegedly fondling the maid at his $3,000-a-night suite at the Sofitel hotel near Times Square. France does not have an extradition policy with the United States. "They jumped the gun here because he was getting on a plane," the source said. "That is the explanation." From the moment the criminal charges made headlines, Strauss-Kahn's legal team beat the bushes, sources said. They learned that she told investigators that her application for asylum included a previous rape - but the papers held no such claim, another cop source said. The defense team also learned she was paying hundreds of bucks a month for several phone bills, but told authorities she had only one phone, that source said. In late May, Strauss-Kahn's lawyers sent a letter to prosecutors saying they had evidence that shot holes in the case. Prosecutors fired back telling them to turn over the goods, the sources said. Prosecutors have scoffed at the notion Strauss-Kahn's defense team spoon-fed them info about the maid's shady background, sources said. Defense lawyers "knew by the second or third day she was not who she claimed to be," one source said. The maid had a jailhouse chat with a man who had been busted with more than 400 pounds of marijuana, the sources said. He and a handful of others had made several cash deposits - adding up to about $100,000 - into "sophisticated bank accounts" set up for the maid. The maid has told authorities she knew little about the big-money deposits, the sources said. "She's complicit in those activities," the source said. "She's a rainmaker. She's in with a crew that makes illegal money." With Melissa Grace, Alison Gendar and Rocco Parascandola”

“20. Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) [Revised June 25, 2011: Michelle LaVaughan Robinson was allegedly recruited in 1984 at Princeton for a career as a Matrix 5 sextortionist by Henry Bienen, a Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] handler and future president of Northwestern University; she was recruited in a period when the CIA has enough professors under Agency contract to staff a large university; she is now the wife of Barack Obama, an allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and the 44th President of the United States; she helped Weather Underground terrorist boss Bernardine Dohrn build NU’s matrix of five community groups (‘Matrix 5’) using Entrust public key infrastructure provided by Bienen to authorize contract killing, sabotage and virtual deception; she was born 1964 in Chicago, Illinois to Marian and Fraser Robinson III, a Chicago city pump operator and a precinct captain for the mobbed-up Democratic Party machine; she graduated as a francophone from high school in 1981; Bienen guided her in sociology and African-American studies at Princeton where her 1985 thesis titled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community” shows her focus on the community organization of ethnic conflict; Bienen showed her how he had channeled Crown Agents’ funds to alleged Mau Mau pedophile oath taker Idi Amin and Milton Obote while Bienen taught at Makerere College in Kampala, Uganda (1963–65); how he had organized the assassination of Tom Mboya while he taught at the University College in Nairobi (1968–69); how he had organized student radicals at Columbia University (1971–72); how he had hired Francophone mercenaries to destabilize Nigeria while he taught at the University of Ibadan (1972–73); Bienen sent her to study law at Harvard where she started ‘rubbing raw the sores of discontent’; she helped to sponsor the crony hiring of professors who belonged to SBA 8(a)-listed minority groups; she launched libelous attacks on landlords using phony complaints from ‘virtual’ low-income tenants; she graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988; Bienen arranged for her to join Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin to develop expertise in intellectual property law and marketing; she was assigned to work in a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent Union Carbide Corp. in its 1990 legal fight to complete a sale of a chemical business unit to Arco Chemical Co. AND to spoliate evidence of Matrix 5 sabotage of Union Carbide’s Bhopal plant in India where 47 tons of water was injected into a bath containing 42 tons of methyl isocyanate; she was also assigned to work on a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent AT&T Corp. in its 1990 hostile takeover bid for NCR Corp AND to spoliate evidence of AT&T’s development of the Clipper chip and PKI with Entrust in Ottawa to monitor targets for Matrix 5 sabotage, assassination and virtual deception; she was also assigned to work on a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent marketing and IP associated with Barney the Purple Dinosaur AND to spoliate evidence of investments by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers in propaganda broadcast of BBC snuff films as virtual news over PBS; Obama and Dohrn allegedly equipped a Women @ Sidley group with key-escrow encryption protocols stolen by Bienen’s CIA colleagues from Ron Brown’s office; Obama and Bienen allegedly used drug money confiscated through Kristine Marcy’s DOJ Pride to build iCAIR for Matrix 5 sabotage, assassination and virtual deception; she allegedly designed and developed IP and patent protection for Unabomb devices trademarked with initials ‘FC’ standing for Femme Comp Inc; she was transferred in 1991 to work as mayoral assistant with Valerie Jarrett, then chief of staff to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley who became an easy target for Matrix 5 extortion; she was transferred in 1993 to head up a new Chicago office of Public Allies to create Matrix 5 training groups for young revolutionaries; Bienen showed Obama how to manipulate Canadian and American pension and insurance funds to capture control of a Bombardier Master Trust and to modify Bombardier aircraft to support EW/ELINT attacks on U.S. airlines during an ongoing Unabomb campaign; she was assigned as associate dean of student services at University of Chicago to radicalize students; she was assigned as executive director of community affairs at University of Chicago Hospitals to promote late-term abortion in a corrupt collaboration with churches and community groups; she was rewarded with a pay increase from $122,000 to $316,000 a year and promotion to a vice president at the University of Chicago Hospitals for use of Entrust PKI in helping her husband win a U.S. Senate seat in 2004; in 2008 she allegedly worked with Bienen to sabotage Bear Stearns; in July 2008, she was awarded an honorary membership to radicalize the 100-year-old black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha; she uses Entrust PKI to extort support from Matrix 5 community groups for her husband's policy priorities such as the Pay equity law and lesbian penetration of U.S. military forces; each success with Entrust PKI buys more support from Matrix 5 insiders; she pushed the credit-default stimulus bill to take control of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and United States Department of Education; Michelle Obama is always at the other end of her husband’s teleprompter and has reminded U.S. Cabinet-level agencies of the power of Matrix 5 to generate spectacles through D2 Banking Chicago Council on Global Affairs including spectacles such as snuff-film images of the 911 attacks and the Mumbai Massacre.]”

[Evidence Femme Comp Inc operates with bogus continuity of government protocols where authority to execute man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks on the United States is illegally delegated by certain U.S. Presidents via cutouts to their extortionist wives] FCI is a woman-owned small business employing a technical staff specializing in space and terrestrial communications, Command and Control (C2), enterprise computing, and information technology (IT). Our history of providing outstanding Scientific Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) support to the U.S. Federal Government and U.S. Department of Defense extends back more than 30 years. We specialize in providing scientific, engineering, integration, implementation, and operational and life cycle support services in support of both existing and evolving RF and terrestrial communication systems. We also have extensive expertise with terrestrial secure data and switched voice telecommunications systems, and nuclear and survivable C2, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), and enterprise information systems and networks. We have established an infrastructure [Allegedly Entrust PKI with root authority resting with HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and a member since 1957 of the Canadian Privy Council] of outstanding strategists, technologists and innovative business processes tailored to effectively support the network-centric requirements of 21st century defense missions [including the 911 attack] ... FCI is a customer-focused organization. Our business is focused on providing innovative and high quality SETA (System Engineering and Technical Assistance) services and solutions to DoD and other Federal Government clients. We strive to meet and consistently exceed our client's goals. One of FCI's greatest strengths is its commitment to Ethical Business and Engineering Practices. As SETA Support Contractors to the DoD and other Federal Agencies, FCI Personnel are often asked to act on behalf of the Government or to represent the Government in some capacity [which automatically violates Femme Comp’s supposed commitment to Ethical Practices given the alleged promotion of lesbian pedophiles through DOJ Pride]. This position, ultimately, represents the highest form of trust that a client can bestow upon a SETA contractor. FCI works to earn this trust. As a company we place the highest value on the relationships we develop with our clients and our business partners. We will continue to earn the trust of our clients and colleagues. Simply stated, we will not rest until our customer's requirements are met, while simultaneously never compromising our ethical standards.”

[To those whom it may concern – The United States President cannot delegate the powers he gets from the Constitution to his wife; if he is delegating those powers, it is probably because he has been corrupted or extorted] In constitutional and administrative law, the principle delegata potestas non potest delegari (Latin) states that ‘no delegated powers can be further delegated’. Alternatively, it can be stated delegatus non potest delegare, ‘one to whom power is delegated cannot himself further delegate that power’. This principle is present in several jurisdictions such as that of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

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