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Appearing and Disappearing Aircraft - 'The Kettle Is Black' - Convoluted Public Perception - See Resolution Trilogy - RICO Crimes of 9/11

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So, J.K., [John Kaminski] your take on 911 seems to be reduced to the missive(s) of one Australian musician Gerard Holmgren, who 'says' that two of the 911 airplanes were "still in service" long after 911, versus a former NORAD air defense F4 & F16 fighter pilot and 29-year airline career captain with some 23,000 hours of experience, Field McConnell, USAF Lt. Col. (Ret.), whose 1971 US Naval Academy college classmate, Captain Charles "Chic" Burlingame was flying American Airlines 77 which was destroyed in W-386 out in the Atlantic Ocean forty-five minutes prior to the aerial weapon striking the Pentagon, and whose air guard buddies were aboard the F16's deployed from Langley on the morning of 911, is that it?


Insofar as aircraft registrations are concerned, any covert operative or black-op inserted into that paradigm could easily cause an aircraft to appear or disappear at their discretion. In fact, because the FAA's aircraft registration "system" is in such bad shape and could easily be called a "train wreck", they have been involved in a wide-sweeping re-registration effort because many aircraft registrations are simply out of date and the FAA does not know the status of many aircraft, or whether an aircraft has been destroyed, or is still flying. See, e.g.,

Field McConnell and David Hawkins via HawksCafe, Captain Sherlock, and Abel Danger have maintained all along that there were NEVER any hijackers involved in 911. The "hi-jacking" that did occur was electronically accomplished via the QRS-11 gyrochip technology, primarily designed for weapons grade military missile systems such as the Maverick AGM-65, that was illegally installed and exported on at least 108 Boeing 737 aircraft, inserted into their FMCS, and for which Boeing paid a hefty $615-Million fine to the U.S. Justice Department; however, to our knowledge, none of those illegally modified aircraft have ever had this system removed. Never has our work effort/product asserted or maintained a "hijacker myth fantasy." I simply don't understand how you can come up with that claim, John.

Furthermore, both Field McConnell and David Hawkins have identified the perpetrators, i.e., the "WHO" of 911's tangled web of deceit. That research effort is posted at both and These efforts have been on the cutting edge, especially with Cambridge alumni and forensic economist David Hawkins. But, if you haven't followed along with us and are just now stepping into the middle of it, things could appear convoluted to the lay person. While 911 itself was purposely convoluted insofar as public perception is concerned, Abel Danger's efforts are definitely not!

Perhaps before assigning "the kettle is black" syndrome to Abel Danger, et al., you should review the forensic evidence that has been unearthed thus far and then make an intelligent assessment. Hit and run drive-by presumptions and 5-second sound bytes will never suffice in the efforts of Abel Danger dissecting the complexities of 911 because of Global Guardian and Vigilant Guardian and all of the players that were involved. It is complex and involved with a vocabulary and glossary of terms uncommon to most people's thinking or language.

You owe it to yourself and your Kaminski reader-constituency to review these three videos at under the 911 Resolution Trilogy icon in the lower right corner of the website:

I did some looking into Holgrem, and listed below are a few of the items I found. In none of the items does he provide any proofs. Anyone can fire-off a YouTube video, but it's quite another to actually possess the forensic evidence of the RICO crimes of 911.

If you have specific, credible evidence of what Holgrem espouses, send it.


John R. Prukop
Abel Danger PR-Legal
Seattle, WA

911 Witnesses Holmgrem Masturbation - Youtube CENSORED

An Interview with Gerard Holmgren by David West, June 27, 2005

911 Holmgren Typewriter

More Or Less Holmgren [11 September 1984 Edited]

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