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‘DiM3’ - Revolving Funds - VideoGuard-Encrypted Pay-Per-View - Snuff Films - Concealed Targeted Bombing - Murrah Building

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August 27, 2011

Di Mambro, Murdoch and Marcy finance of the Murrah day care bomb

Abel Danger believes that Crown Agents’ Sisters Louise Di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy (‘DiM3’), used revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and the Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda which allegedly conceal the targeted bombing of Oklahoma City’s Murrah Building day care center on April 19, 1995.

See # 71, 64 and 1
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

VideoGuard outtakes show damage from targeted bombs under floor of the second floor day care center

'In as much as you do it unto these the least of my brothers, you do it unto me.' McVeigh claimed not to have known there was a day-care center in the building

DiM3 committed to fund ADT Security for U.K. and U.S. government from 1989 to 2035 and wittingly or unwittingly, invested in the production of VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films cf. Murrah, 9/11, London Underground Bomb and Mumbai Massacre.

Louise di Mambro

DiM3 have converted a centuries-old public service into a racketerring influenced and corrupt organization with a focus on "Wills, Wives and Wrecks"

Elusive pic of an elusive woman of unknown provenance
The Supreme Court Executive Team

DiM3 hired help to build VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff film trade

DiM3 use VideoGuard to support encrypted synchronicity of Matrix 5 decoy propaganda, pay-per-view snuff and spoliation of crime scenes

DiM3 allegeldy used funds to build and corrupt the US/UK justice prisoner and alien transportation system, build the VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff film trade and finance the contract killing of General Services Administration planner Michael Lee Loudenslager who was in court when the bomb went off and joined the rescue effort and whose body was found in the Murrrah building a few days later.

DiM3 used funds to build and corrupt US/UK justice prisoner and alien transportation system for VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff film trade

Kristine Marcy’s brother Field McConnell, has been inside the DiM3’s OODA loop since childhood!!!

Here follows some I/O (Intake/Outtake) clues with pics and clips buried in chaff

Matrix 5 = Banker + Anglophone + Francophone + Lesbian + Pedophile propagandists

VideoGuard Fox News Dick Morris reveals the truth about Tim McVeigh and Clinton

VideoGuard I/O 4/19 Oklahoma City Bombing Was An Inside Job! Part 1

VideoGuard I/O 4/19 Oklahoma City Bombing Was An Inside Job! Part 2

VideoGuard Sky News 19:13-15 July 22nd 2011 (Nazis, Conspiracy Theories and Crackpot Stuff [reference McVeigh])

VideoGuard I/O APRIL 19th from SKY5
APRIL 19th from SKY5

VideoGuard I/O Hangar Six TWA Flight 800 Reconstructed In An FAA Hangar (1996)

Judicial Committee - Issuing a 'Patent' For Use of VideoGuard Pay-Per-View - Encryption Devices - Synchronized Matrix 5 Images - Princess Diana

and witnesses

[CSI spoliation inference suggests that DiM3 – Louise di Mambro, Elisabeth Murdoch and Kristine Marcy – used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda at Murrah in a continuing conspiracy to extort witnesses into silence in re the targeting of the day care center] In the first minutes following the blasts that devastated the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the morning of April 19, 1995, a number of selfless individuals risked life and limb to rescue many of the victims. They were quickly joined by others. Among the very first to arrive on the scene were Oklahoma City police officers, Terrance Yeakey, Gordon Martin and Ken Griffin, a number of Oklahoma City firefighters, Dr. H. Don Chumley, and General Services Administration planner Michael Lee Loudenslager. In the aftermath of the bombing, the name Mike Loudenslager holds particular significance in the hearts of many in and around Oklahoma City. And this is so, because of the forewarning he gave to a number of those families who had children in the Murrah Building's day-care center. In the weeks preceding the bombing, Michael Loudenslager, 48, had become increasingly aware that large amounts of ordnance and explosives were being stored in the building and as a result he, (along with the operator of the day-care center) strongly urged a number of parents to take their children out of the Murrah Building. This situation arose after other employees became concerned with an increased amount of ordnance (missiles) being brought into the building by the B.A.T.F. and D.E.A. [allegeldy procured by Kristine Marcy through Senior Executive Service and DOJ Pride] As a result of this concern, a grievance was filed with G.S.A. by the building's security director, whose wife ran the day-care center. The result was, the security director, the man who had filed the complaint citing the danger to the Murrah Building's occupants, lost his job there. Then, after some remodeling work had been done to the day care center [when DiM3 agents allegedly placed the bomb], and the operator (the security director's wife) notified Fire Marshals of the work's completion, (as was required by her license) Fire Marshals were denied access by federal agents, and were instructed to leave. And then... the day-care operator lost her contract. After hearing rumors about an impending bombing and feeling the risk was too great not to say anthing, Michael Loudenslager and the day-care center operator began speaking with parents, many of whom chose to remove their children. Because of their warnings, far fewer children were in the day-care center on that horrible Wednesday morning than there otherwise would have been. A number of families, in and around Oklahoma City, have these two people to thank for their children's lives today. At the time of the bombing, Loudenslager was in court. Shortly after the bombing, Loudenslager was among those who were actively helping in the rescue and recovery effort. A large number of those at the bomb-site either saw or talked with him. During the course of the early rescue efforts, however, Mike Loudenslager was seen and heard engaging in a loud, angry exchange with someone there. Much of his anger stemmed from the fact he felt the B.A.T.F. was in large part responsible, not only for the bombing, but for the death and injury to those inside, particularly the nineteen children who died as a result of the blast. To the utter astonishment of a large number of police officers and rescue workers therefore, it was later reported that G.S.A. employee Mike Loudenslager's body had been found inside the Murrah Building the following Sunday, at his desk on the first floor, supposedly a victim of the 9:02 A.M. bombing. The problem with the "official" story then, is that Loudenslager already been seen alive and well by numerous rescue workers at the bomb-site after the bombing, where he was actively engaged in the urgent task of rescuing critically injured victims. Yes he is officially listed as one of the 168 bombing fatalities. But Mike Loudenslager was murdered at the site, sometime after the bombing. The question now becomes: Was he murdered and placed at his desk? Or, was he simply murdered and said to have been found at his desk?. The Federal government had sequestered the area; no one who did not have official approval was allowed in. This considerably narrows the list of suspects. Michael Lee Loudenslager was survived by his wife, Betty, and one son. Loudenslager's murder is unquestionably one of the most important sidelights of the Oklahoma City bombing. Jack Colvert, Jackie Majors and Buddy Youngblood had also been at the Murrah Building that morning. Each saw Mike Loudenslager alive and well after the bombing. They'e all dead. So are Dr. H. Don Chumley and Officer Terry Yeakey. As are, it is now said, about thirty people who either knew too much, or asked too many questions. At least two attempts have been made on the life of Officer Gordon Martin. Others who were there that morning have also felt threatened. Many police officers and emergency services personnel still fear for their personal safety. And for good reason.”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests that DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda at Murrah and spoliate ADT CCTV images of bomb under day care center] Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building | July 30, 1995 By Benton K. Partin Brigadier Gen. USAF (Ret.) On April 19, 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was bombed, causing extensive damage to the structure, the loss of 168 innocent lives, the victimization of the families of those who lost loved ones, hundreds of non-fatal injuries, and substantial property damage in the vicinity. The media and the Executive branch reported that the sole source of the devastation was a single truck bomb consisting of 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate, transported to the location in a Ryder Truck and parked in front of the building. It is impossible that the destruction to the building could have resulted from such a bomb alone. To cause the damage pattern that occurred to the Murrah building, there would have to have been demolition charges at several supporting column bases, at locations not accessible from the street, to supplement the truck bomb damage. Indeed, a careful examination of photographs showing the collapsed column bases reveals a failure mode produced by demolition charges and not by a blast from the truck bomb. .. The Murrah Federal Building was not destroyed by one sole truck bomb. The major factor in its destruction appears to have been detonation of explosives carefully placed at four critical junctures on supporting columns within the building. The only possible reinforced concrete structural failure solely attributable to the truck bomb was the stripping out of the ceilings of the first and second floors in the "pit" area behind columns B4 and By. Even this may have been caused by a demolition charge at column B3. It is truly unfortunate that a separate and independent bomb damage assessment was not made during the cleanup, before the building was demolished on May 23 and hundreds of truck loads of debris were hauled away, smashed down, and covered with dirt behind a security fence. When the picture at Tab 4 was made, all evidence of demolition charges had been removed from the building site (i.e., the stubs of columns B3, A3, A5, A7 and the demolished junctures at the header with columns A3, A5 and A7. All ambiguity with respect to the use of supplementing demolition charges and the type of truck used could be quickly resolved in the FBI were required to release the surveillance camera coverage of this terribly tragic event.”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests that DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda at Murrah and conceal bombs under day care center while operators were changed] Tulsa World .. Of lost children She ran a happy day-care center until the day 15 children died in it. By ZIVA BRANSTETTER World Staff Writer Published: 4/14/1996 Last Modified: 4/15/2010 3:51 PM One only has to look at Melva Noakes to know that her sturdy arms have hugged hundreds of children. A foster parent and day-care center owner, Noakes spent the past 25 years holding, diapering, feeding and guiding children in her hometown of Choctaw. On March 27, 1995, she took over the America’s Kids day-care center at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, adding 30 tiny boys and girls to her extended family. Three weeks later, a bomb that ripped the building apart killed 15 of them and left the rest battered and bleeding. Three of their teachers also died. Though some child-care workers were able to leave their jobs at work, Noakes was never that type. The children she cared for were like her own. “You change a baby’s diaper one day and the next day they are gone. You just can’t …” Noakes stops as her voice trails off into a quiet sob. “At first, I didn’t know if I could ever hold a baby again. It just hurt.” Noakes and her husband, Warren, have been married 26 years and began taking in foster children before they had two of their own. Since 1986, Noakes has owned a day-care center across the street from her home in Choctaw. Noakes and Dana Cooper, a 24-year-old who worked at the Choctaw center, bid on the contract to operate the Murrah day-care in 1990 but lost out to another operator. In 1995, the contract came up for renewal and Noakes was chosen as the operator. She wanted Cooper to be the center’s director. The two had known each other since Cooper was a junior in high school. “She was like my daughter…I was there when she graduated, got married, when she had her baby. We were just excellent friends.” Cooper and her 2-year-old son, Anthony Christopher, both died in the blast. Teachers Brenda Daniels and Wanda Howell also were killed.”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda at Murrah to conceal bombs of a day care center and the murder of ‘ useless breathers’ – babies – and intimidation of government-employee parents] Nineteen children, many in a second floor daycare center, died in the Murrah Building's collapse. Thirty children were orphaned. A total of 219 children lost a parent. More than 400 individuals were left homeless in the area. Seven thousand people lost their workplace and some 16,000 people were downtown at the time of the explosion (Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, May 31, 1998). It is estimated 360,000 Oklahomans knew someone personally who worked in the Murrah Building (Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, May 31, 1998). To compound the devastation the bombing had on the primary victims, unimaginable psychological and emotional impacts from the 16-day rescue-and-recovery effort took its toll on secondary victims including law enforcement and fire department personnel and Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) team members. At the time the bomb was detonated, numerous federal agencies had offices in the Murrah Building: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF); Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); Army and Marine recruiting offices; Department of Veterans Affairs; General Accounting Office; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; U.S. Department of Defense [partners with UK MOD and TSol]; U.S. Customs Service; U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Department of Transportation; and General Services Administration. The Federal Employees Credit Union and "America's Kids" Child Care Development Center were also housed in the building. When the catastrophe occurred, about 600 federal and contract workers and about 250 visitors were in the building (Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency Management, 1996).”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda at Murrah to conceal bombs of a day care center and the murder of ‘ useless breathers’ – babies – and intimidation of government-employee parents] At 9:02 a.m., shortly after many parents had dropped their toddlers off at the Murrah Building's second-floor daycare center, the bomb exploded, taking with it much of the building, killing 167 people, injuring another 509, and changing forever the lives of thousands of Oklahomans. (The damage to the building was so extensive that many people believe there were in fact two blasts--the second coming from an ATF secure area where explosives being stored (illegally) were ignited by the truck bomb. Both seismic evidence and witness testimony supports the "two blast theory.")”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests that DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda to conceal targeted bombing of the Murrah day care center even from the patsy Timothy McVeigh!] McVeigh noted that he had no knowledge that the federal offices also ran a daycare centre in the same building, and noted that he might have chosen a different target if he had known about the day care center. According to Michel and Herbeck, McVeigh claimed not to have known there was a day care center in the Murrah Building and said that if he had known it, in his own words: It might have given me pause to switch targets. That's a large amount of collateral damage.”

“[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda to conceal targeted bombing of the Murrah day care center and – almost six years later on 911 – the same racketeering M.O. with the snuff-film bombing of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center] On the evening of June 10, McVeigh had his last meal (two pints of chocolate chip ice cream). The next morning, he woke early to take a shower. At 7 a.m., dressed in a shirt, khaki pants and slip-on shoes, McVeigh was led to the execution chamber. A "restraint team" strapped him to a padded gurney. The curtains over glass panels separating the chamber from a viewing area parted to allow 30 people to directly watch McVeigh's final moments, while another 300 victims and relatives gathered in Oklahoma City to watch the event on closed-circuit television. McVeigh made no final statement, but instead left a handwritten copy of the poem "Invictus," with its concluding lines, "I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul." Warden Harley Lappin read an official statement and then said, "We are ready." As the drugs entered his veins, McVeigh lifted his head and made eye contact with witnesses in the viewing room. He was pronounced dead at 7:14 a.m. Three months after his execution, on September 11, 2001, McVeigh lost his claim to having masterminded the worst terrorist attack in United States history when hijacked airplanes slammed into the two towers of the World Trade Center.”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda to conceal targeted bombing of the Murrah day care center and the phony transformation of the FBI from solving crime to the role of agent provocateur] New Court Decisions in OKC Bombing For more than 13 years, The New American has been a leading force in advancing the thesis that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the convicted conspirators in the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City did not act alone, and that the Clinton administration had engaged in a massive coverup of overwhelming evidence pointing to additional co-conspirators, both foreign and domestic, in the deadly bombing. Two separate court rulings in August and September have removed some obstacles that have hindered parts of the ongoing investigation. On August 21, federal District Judge Reggie B. Walton ruled that a 2002 suit brought by Judicial Watch against the Republic of Iraq on behalf of victims of the OKC bombing can move forward. Judge Walton rejected a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by lawyers on behalf of Iraq. The bombing killed 168 people and injured hundreds of others. McVeigh was executed, and Nichols is now serving a life sentence. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of over 20 of the bombing's victims, alleges that "the entire plot was, in whole or in part, orchestrated, assisted technically and/or financially and directly aided by agents of The Republic of Iraq." The Judicial Watch complaint charges that prior to the Gulf War Iraq had developed a covert network in the United States, and after the Gulf War, Iraq converted that network into organized terrorist cells. Those cells, the complaint alleges, were "directly involved Oklahoma City, Oklahoma." Judicial Watch notes that Ramzi Youssef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was identified by the U.S. Customs Service as an Iraqi government agent assisting with Iraq's weapons and technology programs. After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the complaint states, Youssef went in search of willing accomplices to carry out terrorist activities, focusing his recruitment activities on Southwest University in Cebu, Philippines. At some point, says the complaint, Youssef "recruited a willing convert in the person of Terry Nichols who witnesses say went to the Philippines seeking technical help in learning to build a bomb. Meetings between Terry Nichols and Ramzi Youssef were witnessed by a Filipino government informant." After the Oklahoma City bombing, Abdul Hakim Murad, an associate of Youssef arrested for his part in a plot to bomb five American 747s, "admitted verbally on April 19, 1995 and in writing that Ramzi Youssef's 'liberation army' was responsible for the [Oklahoma City] bombing." According to a CIA intelligence report, says the Judicial Watch lawsuit, "there was a 'squad' of people currently in the United States, very possibly Iraqis, who have been tasked with carrying out terrorist attacks against the United States." One of the three targets specifically mentioned in the report, notes the complaint, was Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Judicial Watch is now free to begin discovery. Another court victory occurred on September 25 with a ruling by U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball in favor of Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue's request to take video depositions in prison of Terry Nichols and death-row inmate David Paul Hammer, a prison mate of Timothy McVeigh. Trentadue has been pursuing his own independent investigation since his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, was murdered in a federal prison in Oklahoma City soon after the OKC bombing. Prison officials and the DOJ and FBI rushed to cover up the murder as a suicide. The FBI, which sought to prevent the video depositions, was overruled by Judge Kimball and appears to have exhausted its delaying appeals.”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds such as Marcy’s JPATS to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda with special weapons and tactics teams recruited through the U.S. and U.K. jail system cf. Krayleigh Enterprises] JPATS was created on October 1, 1995, by the merger of the USMS National Prisoner Transportation System and the Air Transport Branch of the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The merger resulted from a study by the DOJ’s Justice Management Division (JMD) conducted at the request of the Attorney General, who sought to consolidate similar programs that transported individuals on a regular basis. Organizationally, JPATS is headed by an Assistant Director who reports to the Deputy Director of the USMS. 8 Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, JPATS maintains air fleet hubs in: (1) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; (2) Alexandria, Louisiana; (3) Mesa, Arizona; and (4) St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands (U.S. Virgin Islands). The hub in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, manages the overall flight operations and transports prisoners under the jurisdiction of the USMS and the BOP. The hubs in Alexandria, Louisiana, and Mesa, Arizona, transport aliens under the jurisdiction of ICE.9 The hub in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, primarily services the USMS and, to a lesser degree, aliens for ICE. For the past several years JPATS has been planning for a new hub in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, which became operational in June 2006 .. Prior to FY 1999, JPATS was funded from the USMS’s annual appropriated budget. In FY 1999, JPATS began operating on a revolving fund instead of an appropriated budget, in part to ensure uninterrupted transport of prisoners and aliens through a “pay-as-you-use” concept. This means the agencies that use JPATS’s services – primarily the BOP, ICE, and the USMS – pay for the services they receive, and those payments are placed into a revolving fund that is used to pay for JPATS operations. Revolving funds do not have fiscal year limitations like most appropriated” .. “Funds .. Examples of the missions conducted by Hangar Six include transporting FAA officials to events; delivering NTSB personnel to crash sites; transporting explosive materials used by the Transportation Security Administration’s canine training programs; and assisting in emergencies, such as providing transportation for air marshals guarding flights since September 11, 2001

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds such as Di Mambro’s TSol to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda where money is extorted from families after children have been orphaned or parents are extorted after their children have been killed as in JonBenet Ramsey] My name is Peter Loosley. I joined TSol in April 2001, having previously been a litigation partner in a small commercial firm in Holborn. My first three years in TSol were spent dealing with large commercial litigation cases for a variety of client Departments, including the Ministry of Defence In June 2004 I moved to the Bona Vacantia Division as Head of the Companies Group. The Division deals with the property of dissolved companies, and those who die intestate with no surviving kin. The revenue generated by the Division in 2004/05 was £36.6 million. The Companies Group deals with in excess of 6,000 cases per year, and has the benefit of a sophisticated electronic case management system. The casework is very varied, and often involves complex and challenging legal and policy issues. Bona Vacantia is a unique and extremely interesting area of Government law, offering a large amount of autonomy in decision-making and direct dealings with the public.”

[CSI spoliation inference suggests DiM3 used their revolving funds to finance VideoGuard-encrypted pay-per-view snuff films and Matrix 5 decoy and outtake propaganda with special weapons and tactics teams recruited through the U.S. and U.K. military systems to extort citizens in target states as in Iraq and Libya] MoD to pay £3m to Iraqis tortured by British troops Matthew Weaver and Richard Norton-Taylor, Thursday 10 July 2008 16.01 BST Article history The government has agreed to pay almost £3m to the family of Baha Mousa and nine other Iraqis tortured by British troops and issued a full apology for the "appalling abuse" they suffered. The group's lawyers, Leigh Day & Co, said the Treasury solicitors had agreed to pay £2.83m in damages after two days of talks in London. General Freddie Viggers, the officer dealing with the mediation, issued a full apology to the nine men and Mousa's family. It said: "The British army apologises for the appalling treatment that you suffered at the hands of the British army. The appalling behaviour of British soldiers made us feel disgusted." Mousa, a 26-year-old hotel receptionist, died in September 2003 after being detained in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, along with a group of other Iraqis, on suspicion of being insurgents. A postmortem found Mousa suffered 93 different injuries, including a broken nose and fractured ribs. It said he died of asphyxia, caused by a stress position that soldiers forced him to maintain. Daoud Mousa, the victim's father and an Iraqi police colonel, praised the resolution. "The death of my son is with me every day of my life," he said. "Today's settlement will ease a little of that pain and will go some way to enabling his children and my grandchildren to rebuild their lives." In May the MoD bowed to pressure by agreeing to an independent public inquiry into the incident. Senior lawyer Martyn Day, from Leigh Day & Co, told "Our clients are very pleased indeed to get this resolved, it allows them to get on with their lives. It has been a terrible ordeal for them and even getting them over here for the mediation has been a nightmare. "The combination of the compensation and the public inquiry means that they feel that justice is at last being done." The MoD said in a statement: "The settlement is with an admission of liability by the Ministry of Defence which follows on from a statement on 27 March 2008 by the Secretary of State for Defence when substantive breaches of Article 2 (right to life) and 3 (prohibition of torture) of the European Convention on Human Rights were admitted." "The settlement was accompanied by an apology from the Ministry of Defence." A spokesman added: "All but a handful of the more than 120,000 British troops who have served in Iraq have conducted themselves to the highest standards of behaviour, displaying integrity and selfless commitment. "But this does not excuse that, during 2003 and 2004, a very small minority there committed acts of abuse and we condemn their actions." At a court martial, six soldiers from the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, including Colonel Jorge Mendonca, the commanding officer, were acquitted of negligence and abuse over Mousa 's death and the ill-treatment of the other Iraqis. A corporal admitted inhumane treatment, but no one was convicted of killing Mousa.”

Those who may be concerned have a moral obligation to think hard.

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  1. I was in an Oklahoma prison with David Hammer in 1979 and you can not believe him. He will say anything to get attention. To use him to prove something about McVeigh is useless.


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