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Letter to Michael Rivero - Video Fraud - Abel Danger Global: Open Source Intelligence and Counterintelligence - Seeing the Patterns

To: Michael Rivero
Speakers include:
Mike Rivero,
Richard Gage, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Wayne Madsen, former Naval officer, former NSA, investigative journalist,
Barbara Honneger, author of "October Surprise", researcher of Pentagon attack
Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Journalism, NYU
Webster Tarpley, author & historian
More to be announced soon.

Dear Michael, [Michael Rivero;]

The "definitive" description of what went down on 911 can be found in the 911 Resolution Trilogy videos at When you get there, hover your mouse over this icon: [links provided]

It's located in the lower right hand corner and you should see three videos, each about 20-minutes in length: Pattern of the Crimes, Pattern of the Signs, and Pattern of the Times. You'll also find out more concerning the forensic evidence of the perpetrators at

This has been a worldwide effort by many "Captain Sherlock's", the genesis of which is Captain Field McConnell, a former Northwest Airlines 747 Captain with a 29-year airline career, and former NORAD air defense F4 and F16 military fighter pilot, a past "Happy Hooligan" with the North Dakota Air National Guard at Fargo, ND. He has garnered over 23,000 hours of flying time, and is pictured here during his retirement as USAF Lt. Col. Field McConnell:

Field McConnell was basically 'removed' from Northwest Airlines after blowing the whistle on 911. They called him a "troubled guy." He sued both ALPA and Boeing [see note below] in federal court concerning his departure and the unauthorized, illegal modifications of some 108+ Boeing 737 jetliners that were exported by Boeing containing military weapons grade Maverick missile guidance technology (QRS-11 Gyrochip) installed into the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) FMCS. Boeing was fined $615-Million for that error by the U.S. Justice Department. Recently, ALPA attempted to throttle-down Field's effort by offering him $1.3 Million to "go away." He hasn't and isn't. Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) in Washington, D.C. ended on 24 Jan 11 in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT, which will soon be addressed in a new action.

Up until about a year ago, Field McConnell was flying Airbus 320 jets for Kazakhstan's national airline, Air Astana, flying WITH Muslim co-pilots around tall buildings, without incident and without the TSA and Homeland Security - two agencies who were waiting in the wings after the 911 War Game exercises, Global Guardian and Vigilant Guardian. The practice run-up, Amalgam Virgo, [what Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) were used on September 11, 2001 and for which war game?] was held in June 2001:

Field McConnell's three personal buddies were pilots of the F-16's that were scrambled on the morning of 911. His 178th FIS Squadron mates were delayed and distracted after launching at 0932 from Langley. And his U.S. Naval Academy graduate buddy was Captain Charles "Chic" Burlingame, was the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 - that DID NOT hit the Pentagon, but was destroyed in Warning Airspace W-386 out in the Atlantic Ocean 40-minutes before the aerial weapon, thought to be a U.S. Navy A-3 Sky Warrior, owned by Raytheon and modified in Colorado, equipped with a Raytheon AGM 12 Bullpup or AGM 65 Maverick, struck the U.S. Navy Intelligence Office, murdering Captain Gerald DeConto. The turbine fan recovered [spoiliated evidence] from the Pentagon is that of an A-3 Sky Warrior.

You'll be interested in McConnell's full bio: Perhaps you should take the time to contact him after you've had a chance to review the videos above and the Abel Danger website. His phone number is 715-307-8222. I'm sure he would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your own 911 research efforts.

911 was a war-game exercise, Global Guardian & Vigilant Guardian, hijacked by the Canadians. There were no Muslim "terrorist" hijackers with red bandana's and box cutters on any of the 911 planes, just conveniently planted evidence and patsy cutouts. As we witnessed in the JFK assassination in Dallas in 1963, Oswald was the patsy. The real JFK shooters were in the grassy knoll and the killing shot came from the FRONT, not from behind from the book depository. None of the United or American jet airliners hit the WTC or the Pentagon. Remotely flown military "droned" aircraft, painted in airline liveries, utilizing QRS-11 weapons grade gyro chip technology (courtesy of former Rose Law Firm patent lawyer Hillary Clinton), flew into WTC 1 & 2, and the United and American jets, their crews and passengers were vaporized by instantaneous ignition of the SMACsonic "insulation" which burns at 5800 degrees F [when ignited through the Ku band antenna]. UAL 93 was blown out of the air over Shanksville, Pennsylvania and its debris path scattered over 8-miles. All of the forensic economic facts are at

"No-plane nonsense?" There were planes. The one's you and millions of television viewers saw striking the WTC were remotely flown military drones painted in United and American airliner liveries; and the Pentagon strike was by an A-3 Sky Warrior. "Captain Sherlock" solved it a long time ago.


John R. Prukop
Seattle, WA

PS That video clip related to the previous e-mail is a total fraud.
[Youtube video fraud:]


The BEA, Airbus, Air France and SNPL ( Airline Pilots Union France ) are intrigued with Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) and the Fraud Upon the Court. They also are curious as to Senator Byron Dorgan (ND, gone) and Congressman James Oberstar (MN, gone replaced by a Northwest Pilot Chip Kraavick). If the subject of Tim Pawlenty's SUDDEN withdrawal comes up while I [Field McConnell] am traveling point the inquiring minds to google this: [ Tim Pawlenty + Field McConnell + McCain + Treason ].

Chapter 9, book 4, delivered to FAA/FBI/ALPA/Dorgan/Oberstar/Jay Rockefeller 17 June, 2009 is at:

Collision Avoidance Ends USAF Tanker Competition

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