Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mentors Of Michelle Obama - Greek Life Abortion Trap - VideoGuard-Encrypted - Matrix 5 Propaganda Team - Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

To those whom it may concern

September 29, 2011

Obama Greek Life abortion trap for Murdoch's VideoGuard of JonBenet

Abel Danger believes Crown Agents’ Sister Michelle Obama and her mentors designed Greek Life abortion trap which generated VideoGuard-encrypted images for Elisabeth Murdoch and a Matrix 5 propaganda team allegedly hired to murder JonBenet Ramsey.

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Adapted Matrix 5 Pedophile-Pimping Strategy - 17th Century Ancestor: Nell Gwyn - Encrypted Snuff-Film Image - Treasury Solicitor - Insurance Frauds

Murdoch’s VideoGuard-encrypted Fox News “Break in JonBenet Murder Mystery?”
Break in JonBenet Murder Mystery?

Greek Life VideoGuard sex trap experts in 'Torture: Paradigms and Practice'?

Michelle Obama’s Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Greek Life dual use birth canal

More Greek Life VideoGuard sex trap experts?

VideoGuard trigger finger for the nutcracker Greek Life money shot?

If the cap fits wear it?

20. Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) [Revised September 29, 2011: Matrix 5 principal and wife of allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Barack Obama, a Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and the 44th President of the United States; she allegedly worked with terrorist mentors on the design of the Greek Life abortion trap where VideoGuard images of a feminist AKA nutcracker at work on JonBenet Ramsey’s skull were used to extort the support of Permira officials and Norman Mineta for investments in a Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attack on 9/11; in July 2008, she was allegedly awarded an honorary membership to the 100-year-old black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha for her abortion trap services to secure Greek Life control of Matrix 5 propaganda and the Treasury Solicitor’s office; she allegedly used VideoGuard-encryption to synchronize the spoliation of evidence of a VideoGuard snuff-film studio in WTC#7 serving pay-per-view pedophile clients of SOS Children’s Villages in over 100 countries; she allegedly extorted various Illinois and Chicago pension fund managers, including the managers of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) and the Chicago Firemen’s Annuity & Benefit fund (CFABF) to buy Permira VideoGuard and conceal a co-production with Murdoch’s News Corp. of Matrix 5 propaganda and pay-per-view snuff films on 9/11; she was allegedly recruited in 1984 at Princeton for a career as a Matrix 5 sextortionist by Henry Bienen, a Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] handler and future president of Northwestern University; she was recruited in a period when the CIA has enough professors under Agency contract to staff a large university; she helped Weather Underground terrorist boss Bernardine Dohrn build NU’s matrix of five community groups (‘Matrix 5’) using Entrust public key infrastructure provided by Bienen to authorize contract killing, sabotage and virtual deception; she was born 1964 in Chicago, Illinois to Marian and Fraser Robinson III, a Chicago city pump operator and a precinct captain for the mobbed-up Democratic Party machine; she graduated as a francophone from high school in 1981; Bienen guided her in sociology and African-American studies at Princeton where her 1985 thesis titled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community” shows her focus on the community organization of ethnic conflict; Bienen showed her how he had channeled Crown Agents’ funds to alleged Mau Mau pedophile oath taker Idi Amin and Milton Obote while Bienen taught at Makerere College in Kampala, Uganda (1963–65); how he had organized the assassination of Tom Mboya while he taught at the University College in Nairobi (1968–69); how he had organized student radicals at Columbia University (1971–72); how he had hired Francophone mercenaries to destabilize Nigeria while he taught at the University of Ibadan (1972–73); Bienen sent her to study law at Harvard where she started ‘rubbing raw the sores of discontent’; she helped to sponsor the crony hiring of professors who belonged to SBA 8(a)-listed minority groups; she launched libelous attacks on landlords using phony complaints from ‘virtual’ low-income tenants; she graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988; Bienen arranged for her to join Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin to develop expertise in intellectual property law and marketing; she was assigned to work in a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent Union Carbide Corp. in its 1990 legal fight to complete a sale of a chemical business unit to Arco Chemical Co. AND to spoliate evidence of Matrix 5 sabotage of Union Carbide’s Bhopal plant in India where 47 tons of water was injected into a bath containing 42 tons of methyl isocyanate; she was also assigned to work on a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent AT&T Corp. in its 1990 hostile takeover bid for NCR Corp AND to spoliate evidence of AT&T’s development of the Clipper chip and VideoGuard PKI with Entrust in Ottawa to monitor targets for Matrix 5 sabotage, assassination and virtual deception; she was also assigned to work on a ‘dual-use’ Sidley team to represent marketing and IP associated with Barney the Purple Dinosaur AND to spoliate evidence of investments by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers in VideoGuard propaganda broadcast of BBC snuff films as virtual news over PBS; Obama and Dohrn allegedly equipped a Women @ Sidley group with key-escrow encryption protocols stolen by Bienen’s CIA colleagues from Ron Brown’s office; Obama and Bienen allegedly used drug money confiscated through Kristine Marcy’s DOJ Pride to build iCAIR for Matrix 5 sabotage, assassination and virtual deception; she allegedly designed and developed IP and patent protection for Unabomb devices trademarked with initials ‘FC’ standing for Femme Comp Inc; she was transferred in 1991 to work as mayoral assistant with Valerie Jarrett, then chief of staff to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley who became an easy target for Matrix 5 extortion; she was transferred in 1993 to head up a new Chicago office of Public Allies to create Matrix 5 training groups for young revolutionaries; Bienen showed Obama how to manipulate Canadian and American pension and insurance funds to capture control of a Bombardier Master Trust and to modify Bombardier aircraft to support EW/ELINT attacks on U.S. airlines during an ongoing Unabomb campaign; she was assigned as associate dean of student services at University of Chicago to radicalize students; she was assigned as executive director of community affairs at University of Chicago Hospitals to promote late-term abortion recording VideoGuard encrypted images for snuff film production in a corrupt collaboration with churches and community groups; she was rewarded with a pay increase from $122,000 to $316,000 a year and promotion to a vice president at the University of Chicago Hospitals for use of Entrust PKI in helping her husband win a U.S. Senate seat in 2004; in 2008 she allegedly worked with Bienen to sabotage Bear Stearns; she uses Entrust PKI to extort support from Matrix 5 community groups for her husband's policy priorities such as the Pay equity law and lesbian penetration of U.S. military forces; each success with VideoGuard and Entrust PKI buys more support from Matrix 5 insiders; she pushed the credit-default stimulus bill to take control of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and United States Department of Education; Michelle Obama is always at the other end of her husband’s teleprompter and has reminded U.S. Cabinet-level agencies of the power of Matrix 5 to generate spectacles through D2 Banking Chicago Council on Global Affairs including spectacles such as snuff-film images of the 911 attacks and the Mumbai Massacre.]”

Semper Fi, Sisters or Sorors – Abel Danger believes the Marines are on their way.


  1. T.B is trying to make a mini Through hearts and minds as david cameron
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    Nicholas Lyndhurst = Gary Sparrow

    Ron = Senior Minister



    Gary === May say to Ron how did get through the voices I mean how did
    you get through the gate..

    Phoebe === May say don’t be silly gary he came through Pub and light
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    mopping up process

    mark patrick norris

  2. Removing the Stake from D.W.P

    As we turn the page with good’s fort-tune with Rothschild rear range
    with long vehicle in mind.

    Jobseekers don’t need conversation
    they need action it should be a cake walk.

    David Bowie

    Come on George Osborn put on your red shoes and walk the blues.

    Lets Line Dance.

    Supreme Bones Barry White

    Let it play on on and on something of the what Knight Templar Michael
    Heseltine and Michael Howard something of the night long right right
    write till the STAKE is gone.

    “O lord these are the policy of the sea shore”

    “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues”

    No Storm any New Dawn

    Government minister in every jobcentre to pull jobseeker to one side
    and ask relevant questions what what can do …… Job seeker my say for my
    Housing Benefit C/T

    Pension and a £100 pw I could Road Sweep Remove Chewing Gum and more……

    James Morrison
    As I’ve been out in a long and the Flexible Deal comes crashing down
    now we can start fixing it up when there is no one to turn the volume
    down Pension of I.D.S as we take a Chain and bill it round has we
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    Calm the word of Cain shape through David true to the gospels


    I.D.S his days are over as we flush him down the kitchen cabinet sink
    can you feel your cc coming……… as we hold pole……………

    mark patrick norris


    15 links road tooting

  3. Calm down ear it’s only a long commercial vehicle’s 45 ton iron curtain
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    “Billy Ocean” private members bill

    Red lion is switched on Robert Mugabe has had his fun played around
    with out the ICC to tie him down till George Osborne (oz) kings mi6
    need’s funding and we will stay until the flames have gone garden
    power levers catch up with me

    When the going gets tough when the dole gets stuff straight flip (oz)
    as the 44 silver President spiritually stole from e.. When the gold
    gets tough cos we have no more puddles in the house, and our dog has no
    desire to play with UGO DOG

    O Osborne can u re pub once more mountain can you govern me judge me as
    I fly these cc’s

    mark patrick norris

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