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Alfonso Gagliano's Revenge - Mayor Rudi Giuliani - New York Crime Bosses - Russell Williams - PKI Locks Picked - Phony 9/11 COG Exercise

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January 25, 2012

Lock picker Russell Williams key to Gagliano's Public Works 9/11

We believe Alfonso Gagliano revenged Mayor Rudi Giuliani’s attack on New York crime bosses by authorizing Russell Williams to pick the public key infrastructure locks of the Ministry of Public Works and Government Services and sabotage a phony 9/11 continuity of government exercise (Global Guardian).

Alfonso Gagliano denies links to New York mafia
Alfonso Gagliano denies links to mafia

Homicidal lock picker Russell Williams describes murders in taped confession
Williams describes murders in taped confession

Williams and Gagliano Public Works’ key to Interpol back door and crimes of 9/11.

Electronic warfare pilot Russell Williams hacked Public Works PKI on 9/11. Fox News runs ‘Wag the Dog’ story from Ottawa war game script: “New Fox News 5 reports WTC 7 collapse BEFORE it happens”

“Russell Williams' attempt to conceal the fact he possessed child pornography gives valuable insight into the internal workings of the rapist and murderer, says the author of a new book about the former base commander. Author Timothy Appleby revealed in his book "A New Kind of Monster," that Williams struck a deal with prosecutors during pre-trial negotiations. He was willing to plead guilty to charges of murder, rape and a host of home invasions, but only if prosecutors withdrew child porn charges. Investigators had found child porn images on Williams' computer that he had downloaded from the Internet [allegedly indicating a pedophile entrapment and extortion racket set up by Canadian Governors General and Maurice Strong through SOS Children's Villages]. …. In his book, Appleby chronicles Williams' life, from his childhood growing up in the nuclear industry town of Deep River, Ont., to his parents' divorce and the wife-swapping that took place between his father and a close friend [Jerry Sovka, consultant for Amec sabotage vulnerability tests on 9/11!] and colleague. He also tracks Williams through high school and into university, his surprising decision -- likely inspired by the film "Top Gun" -- to become an air force pilot, his dating relationships, marriage, and rise to the top job at CFB Trenton, Canada's largest air base. Appleby also reveals that Williams was a brilliant lock-pick, an expert on Swiss watches, a talented musician and a skilled pilot who mastered the complicated Airbus plane in just a few days.”

“Following is the agreed statement of facts made in court in the case of Col. Russell Williams: Background of David Russell Williams: 1. David “Russell” Williams is 47 years old (D.O.B.: March 7, 1963). From 1995-July 2009, he lived with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, at Wilkie Dr., in Ottawa. In 2004, they purchased a cottage residence at Cosy Cove Lane, Tweed. In December, 2009, Mr. Williams and Ms. Harriman moved from Wilkie Dr. to Edison Ave., Ottawa. 2. At the time of these offences, Mr. Williams was a member of the Canadian Forces. At the time of the first offence he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and in July, 2009 he was appointed Colonel as the Base Commander of 8 Wing at Canadian Forces Base (C.F.B.) Trenton. 3. Following his appointment as base commander, in command of a base of 3000 employees, Mr. Williams lived at his Tweed residence during the week and commuted to C.F.B. Trenton. He generally went to his home in Ottawa on weekends. … 5. As a result of subsequent interviews he was also implicated in 82 break and enter charges where, between 2007 and 2009, he attempted to enter or successfully entered residences with intent to commit an indictable offence, or where he committed an indictable offence. The break and enter charges, combined, cover 48 total residences, 23 located in the Tweed/Belleville area and 25 located in the Orleans area of Ottawa. Mr. Williams either broke into or attempted to break into all of these residences, many on more than one occasion. Only seventeen of the 48 homeowners reported to police that their homes had been broken into. Sixty-one of Mr. Williams’ 82 offences, therefore, went undetected or unreported until after Mr. Williams’ arrest. The Belleville and Ottawa Police Services (B.P.S. and O.P.S.) thoroughly investigated the 17 residences that were victims of Mr. Williams’ occurrences but, up until February 7th, 2010, did not have a suspect for any of them. .. Count 12: May 21, 2008 – Break and enter with intent to commit theft – XX Cosy Cove Lane, Tweed 28. The occupants of the cottage at XX Cosy Cove Lane, Tweed, have owned it since 2003. When interviewed by police in April 2010, they were not aware of anyone having been in their cottage without their permission, nor of anything having gone missing. 29. Mr. Williams admitted to Det. Sgt. Smyth that he broke into XX Cosy Cove Lane on May 21st, 2008, by picking a lock on the front door. This took him 30 minutes. Once inside, he took 2 photos inside the home, but did not take anything.”

“1992 Shearwater, Nova Scotia — Williams is posted to 434 (Combat Support) Squadron. He works in "electronic warfare & coastal patrol" and flies the CC-144 Challenger — the same jet that is used for VIP flights .. 1994 Ottawa — Williams is posted to 412 (Transport) Squadron and begins flying VIPs in the Challenger jet. .. November 1999 Ottawa — Williams promoted to Major and begins a new job working as Director General Military Careers where he served as the multi-engine pilot career manager [and allegedly recruits and train the red team to attack Linkthe United States on 9/11 by picking the lock on a back door into Public Works public key infrastructure used by Gaglaino’s Privy Council colleagues during war game exercises in 2001]

“Alfonso Gagliano, PC, FCGA (born January 25, 1942) is a Canadian accountant and a former Liberal Party politician. .. From 1996 to 2002, he served in various cabinet posts including Minister of Labour, Deputy House leader and the Minister responsible for Communications Canada, Canada Post, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Lands Company Ltd. His most controversial positions were as Minister of Public Works and Government Services and as political minister forQuebec. .. Following his career as a cabinet minister, Gagliano was appointed as the Canadian ambassador to Denmark. However, he was dismissed from this position on February 10, 2004 by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson [Patron of SOS 'Pedophile' Villages, including Michelle Obama's old mattress factory in Chicago where his political opponents decided to keep their mouths shut] , on the advice of Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham, amidst widespread speculation that during his time as public works minister he was actively involved in the sponsorship scandal. .. On November 17, 2004, an article in the New York Daily News alleged that Gagliano was associated with the Bonanno organized crime family. In the article, former capo Frank Lino, now an informer for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, is quoted as saying Gagliano was introduced to him during a meeting with other mob members in Montreal. Gagliano has strongly denied the allegations. It is not the first time Gagliano's name has been linked to organized crime. In 1994, La Presse reported that Gagliano was the bookkeeper for Agostino Cuntrera, cousin of cocaine baron Alfonso Caruana, who was involved in a gangland slaying of Paul Violi in Montreal in 1978. Cuntrera was subsequently convicted of murder. Gagliano denies any links to the Mafia.”

“Public Works and Government Services Canada .. When an employee or LRA that holds PKI keys accepts employment in another Federal Government department, do the keys need to be revoked? As long as both departments come to an agreement, then the PKI keys can be transferred. This will require a DN change request from the new departmental LRA . If the department decides that the employee should not keep the keys, then a key revocation must be submitted by the LRA .. I have an employee that left the department and still has encrypted documents on his personal drive, can I decrypt these files? Yes, these files can be decrypted. The manager must submit a Change Request form (Key Recovery Request-by Management section) to the LRA . The LRA will coordinate the request with the Certification Authority and ensure that the keys have been revoked upon completion of this activity. [backdoor to WTC#7 on 9/11]

“Rudy Giuliani reveals he bought crack once, has been on two Mafia hitlists, and thinks S&P's downgrade was a 'cheap shot' By LAURIE WHITWELL Last updated at 2:57 AM on 10th August 2011” … “The New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) was originally formed in 1996 as part of the Mayor's Office under Rudolph W. Giuliani. By a vote of city residents in 2001 it became an independent agency, headed by a Commissioner who reports to the Mayor. In 2006 the office was reorganized under the Deputy Mayor for Administration by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. … The new OEM building [same functionality as the one destroyed with the same Entrust PKI] has four floors with 65,000 square feet (6,000 m2) of space. It contains general offices for OEM staff, several conference rooms, the Joint Information Center (a press corps composed of press officers from several city agencies who disseminate information to the public ), a state-of-the-art media briefing room, Watch Command, and the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). There is also space for senior officials to meet and the building is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The nerve center of OEM is its Watch Command. It is staffed 24/7 with representatives from the City’s public safety agencies. They monitor police and fire broadcasts and dispatch OEM Field Responders if an incident warrants. Watch Commanders also have access [through a Gaglaigno backdoor into the public key infrastructure of] New York City’s 911 systems and are responsible for alerting [or standing down] local, state, and federal officials of emergencies. They maintain direct contact with the New York State Emergency Management Office and surrounding jurisdictions to lend support or aid if needed. OEM’s new headquarters is home to the Emergency Operations Center. The EOC serves as a central clearinghouse where local, state, and federal agencies can gather to asses and respond to a number of emergencies. Activated for numerous events, the new EOC contains workstations for some 130 city, state, federal, and non-profit agencies. There is secure communications equipment, large video displays, and space for Geographic Information Systems. The new structure also has the distinction of being New York City’s first “green” agency headquarters utilizing energy-saving and environmentally sound construction techniques. OEM qualifies for the Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification for its new building. According to Commissioner Bruno at the unveiling ceremonies, “New York City is at the forefront of emergency management planning and this new facility will continue to move us forward.””

[Canada’s Amec operatives were doing sabotage vulnerability testing of the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center and WTC#7 on 9/11 using protocols developed by a chief engineer Jerry Sovka, Williams step father] The building fire alarm system [for WTC 7] was placed on TEST for a period of 8 h beginning at 6:47:03 a.m. on September 11, 2001. Ordinarily, this is requested when maintenance or other testing is being performed on the system, so that any alarms that are received from the system are considered the result of the maintenance or testing and are ignored. [NIST] .. [WTC 7] [contained PKI linking] offices of the FBI, Department of Defense, IRS (which contained prodigious amounts of corporate tax fraud, including Enron’s), US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission (with more stock fraud records), and Citibank’s Salomon Smith Barney [developer with NDS and Elisabeth Murdoch of VideoGuard pay-per-view encryption to finance backdoor into public key infrastructure of], the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and many other financial institutions. [Online Journal]

Encore eût-il fallu que nous le sussions; eh Monsieur et Madame Harper?

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