Friday, January 27, 2012

Russell Williams Investigation Suppressed - PROJECT HATFIELD Halted - Pedophile Entrapment Techniques - Canadian Planning and Deployment of 9/11


Thank you. It appears Fantino suppressed a 'complete investigation' of Russell Williams and his reward was Secretary of Defense under Peter MacKay. I. E. he protected MacKay or someone superior to MacKay by halting PROJECT HATFIELD before it led to the real issue. I believe the real issue is the pedophile entrapment techniques that Russell and Mary Elizabeth Harriman were involved in as part of something much more damaging than 2 murders, 4 rapes and 82 fetish break ins. I believe the real issue was the Canadian planning and deployment of the 9/11 attack against the United States of America for benefit of the Queen, the Crown Agents, the Vatican and the United States Senior Executive Service. I wonder why it cost Canada $1.2B to provide security for a G8/G20 event and it only cost the US $9M.

Perhaps the $1.2B was some form of payment to big players in 9/11 and the later suppression of the investigation triggered by Project Hatfield.

It is my belief Russell Williams planned a 5th victim whereupon he would have gone to supervise the Winter Olympics and committed suicide to provide closure for his (unconsumated?) wife Mary Elizabeth Harriman. Russell, the expert lockpicker, was aware that Police Officer Jane Pellerin had found his DNA about the time of the Marie France Comeau caper and so Russell picked the lock of an outbuilding on neighbor Larry Jones' property, removed 3 items rich with Jones DNA and dumped Jessica Lloyd and the three items on a FIELDon Larry Jones property hoping that the police would transfer their suspicion to this 'patsy' Larry Jones. If Russell could have gotten to Whistler with Jones so implicated after a 5th attack ( MEH or Pellerin?) the investigation would have condemned a framed innocent man, Russell Williams would have died of a suicide presented as something else, and he would have had his 5th victim ( an Ace in pilot terms ) and taken the spotlight off of Mary Elizabeth Harriman. Because Abel Danger tipped Stephen Harper, Russell was arrested to block the suicide and ensure any DNA linking Russell to crimes other than 1,2,3,4 could be 'contained'. Unfortunately, when the Purple Pillow Case was picked up by four military members from Trenton, they may have had a breech of continuity and the removal of one IOC. It is my belief there is only one Tim Horton's between Cozy Cove and Trenton.

While Canada has great interest in suppressing revelation of the Truth, that is not possible when one is knowledgeable of Daniel 2:22 and Matthew 10:27:

22 He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.

27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.

All of this information has been previously shared with 5 FBI offices and PM Stephen Harper as well as numerous Murdoch stream media outlets. The Truth is nigh.

Field McConnell
Abel Danger Global
+001 715 307 8222


  1. Timmy's?

  2. Jessica Lloyd's family lived at CFB Uplands/Ottawa. The 412 Transport Squadron, although based at CFB Trenton, operates out of Uplands to this day.

    Jessica's father worked in communications for the navy, until his retirement in 1990. He had served 25 years. CFB Uplands/Ottawa was an air base.


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