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Jane the Ripper's Time Lapse Cipher
(A Victorian Post Office Key to the Pedophile Telegraph Trap)

Pattern of the Times: On 29 October 1883, Jane Addams wrote to her brother close to the time of her sightseeing “adventure” at Toynbee Hall (‘Ripperland – June 1888’) in the East End of London.
‘At one time we found ourselves in a Dickens neighborhood past Mrs Bardell's house, the old debtor's prison, & Louis all alone’.
Addams’s letters were intercepted by Edmund Hodgson Yates who was born July 3, 1831 in Edinburgh and died May 20, 1894 in London. Yates began working at age 16 in the London general post office and rose to become the head of a group of blackmailers and pimps in the missing-letters department before retiring in 1872.
‘On the nth March, when Dickens gave his final reading, and “vanished from those garish lights for ever,” I [Yates] was with Mr. Scudamore at Edinburgh, whence, from the “instrument-room" of the General Post Office, I sent Dickens an affectionate message, which was given to him just before he stepped on to the platform, and to which he returned an affectionate reply’ .. ‘Fortune decreed .. that I [Yates] should have been appointed .. head of the Missing Letter Branch of the Secretary's office …constantly engaged in following up the mysterious ramifications of romances of real life, with all the looked-for adjuncts of traps, detectives, private examinations, etc.’ …‘ In addition to a large staff of [telegraph] clerks, I had the assistance of four " travelling officers," who were constantly employed in confidential investigations in the country, and four first-class detectives of the A division from Scotland Yard.’
Abel Danger’s researchers will prove that Yates’s Post Office telegraph clerks, traveling officers and detectives, issued time lapse keys to Jane the Ripper Addams to conceal the Whitechapel murders of 1888.


In 1886, a prostitute in Whitechapel London, solicits Arthur Conan Doyle to ask for his help in exposing blackmailers and pimps working at the General Post Office who use instrument room to buy, sell and even authorize the killing of her friends’ children.

Doyle discovers that Post Office pimps use graduates at Toynbee Hall, Urania Cottage and Barnardo Homes to teach children the art of sexual entrapment: the girls learn how to use Playfair time-lapse ciphers to set telegraph traps for Mormon or Gentile lesbians; the boys learn how to sell key words to male clients in a Cleveland Street brothel.

Doyle finds that Edmund Yates helped the Post Office pimps to place pedophile telegraphers in man-in-the-middle positions in the Metropolitan and City Police and their equivalents in Cleveland, Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago and Salt Lake City.

Doyle identifies the pimp boss as Edmund Yates; erstwhile slumming friend of Charles Dickens and Jane Addams; blackmailer of the Metropolitan and City Police and their equivalents in Cleveland, Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago and Salt Lake City.

In 1887, U.S. President Grover Cleveland asks Field McConnell, an undercover Marine intelligence officer, to help his government shut down the telegraph traps set up by Yates and the Mormon missionary families of Miles P. Romney and Brigham Young.

McConnell suspects that Yates conceals telegraph traps using Playfair time-lapse cipher devices developed from U.S. Patent Office documents stolen by Samuel Morse, just before Yates’s Crown Agents and Post Office arsonists destroyed the building in 1836.

McConnell realizes that Yates, former head of the missing-letters department is selling time-lapse keys to blackmailed assassins: when one key expires he issues another through the Imperial Brain telegraph instrument room at St Martin-in-the-Fields in the City.

In June of 1888, a high-ranking Mormon or Gentile woman sent Jane Addams and Ellen Starr to Toynbee Hall to find who was leaking intelligence on Yates’s traps and the Post Office pimps who had attracted the attention of President Cleveland’s Marine.

Doyle asks the Whitechapel woman to track Addams’ stay at Toynbee Hall in June 1888. He asks Yates’s cryptographer David Hawkins to cable Field McConnell for help.

Late at night on Saturday September 29th 1888, Hawkins intercepts and deciphers two telegrams from McConnell’s secret office in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City—“Smdaenj Chicago RIP tomorrow” and “Swde Jews not men blame nothin”.

Puzzled and fearful, Hawkins hailed a cab and went to warn a victim.


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  2. Any bites on this?? This should be made.

  3. Makes sense to me.

  4. Suggest people who need pictures to conceptulise this ( and I'm not goading them for that) should watch From Hell. Great movie.

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