Monday, April 9, 2012

Presidential Field Links DOJ Pride Pedophile Bribes To GAPAN FADEC 9/11

Presidential Field McConnell has linked DoJ Pride and the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators to a global pedophile network which allegedly traded bribes and FADEC* EW** systems to support the 9/11 attacks.

FADEC = Fully Authorized Digital Engine Controls
EW = Electronic Warfare

McConnell has deduced that bribed DoJ and Guild officials used Federal Bridge keys to FADEC computers to get the 70 cycles per second refresh rate used to synchronize fuel, ignition and gyroscope parameters in the decoy and drone maneuvers of 9/11.

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Presidential Field Links Obama's Forfeit Cash To Navy Seal FADEC Crash

Prequel 2:
Death Threat To Field McConnell On 31 March, 2012

“American 77 Final Maneuver [proves use of a FADEC computer with 70 cycles per second refresh rate to synchronize fuel, ignition and guidance in a decoy pass 480 feet above Pentagon where a FADEC computerized drone peeled off for low level attack]

“Founded in 1994, [by Field McConnell’s sister Kristine Marcy] the Department of Justice Pride (DOJ Pride) serves as the recognized organization for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) employees working in the Department of Justice’s offices, boards and divisions. Over the years, DOJ Pride has worked within the Department of Justice to identify and address key areas affecting its LGBT employees. DOJ Pride also provides an important resource for current and prospective employees. Besides conducting outreach to prospective employees, DOJ Pride sponsors brown-bag lectures featuring experts in the LGBT community discussing issues of importance to DOJ Pride members, such as marriage equality. Finally, through its yearly Pride Month Celebration and Award Ceremony, DOJ Pride has taken an active [extortionist’s] role in recognizing the work of LGBT supporters inside the Department of Justice, the Federal Government, and the Nation.” [January 11th, 2012 DOJ [Pride] Enforcement Of The FCPA – Year In Review Yesterday, I highlighted various aspects of the SEC’s enforcement of the FCPA in 2011. In 2010, the DOJ brought 16 corporate FCPA enforcement actions (in addition to the BAE [designer and manufacturer of the FADEC allegedly used by DoJ Pried pedophiles in attempt to overthrow the United States on 9/11] computers used enforcement action that was related to the FCPA, but did not involve FCPA charges and the Lindsey Manufacturing enforcement action that began in 2010 and resulted in the convictions being vacated and the indictment dismissed in 2011 due to prosecutorial misconduct - see here)] .. [In 2010, the DOJ collected approximately $870 million in criminal fines in the 16 corporate FCPA enforcement actions ($1.27 billion by including the $400 million BAE enforcement action [allegedly arranged by Mrs. Clegg and DOJ Pride insiders])]. What about non-prosecution and deferred prosecutions vs. old fashioned law enforcement (i.e., if a company committed a crime the DOJ charged it and if the company did not commit a crime the DOJ did not charge it)? .. Among the criticisms noted in the Gibson Dunn report of NPAs / DPAs is that “from a company’s perspective, the threat of indictment can force a company to agree to a DPA or NPA based on the government’s perception of alleged misconduct even under novel, expansive, or unlitigated theories of liability.” In yesterday’s SEC year in review post, I noted that 90% of the $148 million the SEC collected in 2011 corporate FCPA enforcement actions was the result of volunatary disclosures or other instances of public disclosure – not original investigations by the SEC. What does this number look like for DOJ FCPA enforcement actions in 2011? Of the $504 million in criminal fines collected by the DOJ in FCPA enforcement actions, $502 million (99%) appear to be result of voluntary disclosures or other instances of public disclosure such as previous foreign law enforcement investigations. The only exception would appear to be Aon ($1.8 million). [In 2010, 97% of DOJ criminal fines would appear to fit this description].”

“WikiLeaks cables: Prince Andrew demanded special BAE briefing SFO sources confirmed that BAE case handlers at the time thought the request from the Duke of York was 'well out of order' Rob Evans and David Leigh, Tuesday 30 November 2010 22.15 GMT Anti-corruption campaigners called on Andrew to resign as a special UK trade representative. Kaye Stearman of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, said: "It is wrong … that Prince Andrew is seen to be supporting arms sales and accepting corruption. This report shows that the relationship seems to go even deeper, with Prince Andrew speaking out against a government agency attempting to investigate corruption and arms deals." Andrew Feinstein, an anti-corruption campaigner and former South African MP who resigned in protest over BAE bribery allegations, said: "I am amazed but not entirely surprised by the prince's comments. The royal family has actively supported Britain's arms sales, even when corruption and malfeasance has been suspected. "For instance, the royal family was involved in trying to persuade South Africa to buy BAE's Hawk jets, despite the air force not wanting the planes that cost two and a half times the price of their preferred aircraft. As an ANC MP at the time, I was told that £116m in bribes had been paid to key decision-makers and the ANC itself. The royal family's attitude is part of the reason that BAE will never face justice in the UK for its corrupt practices."”

[Succeeding his father HRH Prince Philip as the current Grand Master of GAPAN] Prince Andrew's future as a trade envoy for the U.K. may be in doubt following new revelations about his ties with a billionaire U.S. sex offender, according to reports by British media. The Duke of York has come under fire because of his 16-year friendship with financier Jeffrey Epstein, whom he has known since the early 1990s and met as recently as December in New York. Epstein, 58, was accused of sex offenses by several underage girls and sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2008 for soliciting a minor for prostitution … But Prime Minister David Cameron said today that he supported Andrew. A spokesman told the BBC there would be no review and that Cameron had "full confidence" in the prince. Epstein helped Prince Andrew's debt-ridden former wife, Sarah Ferguson, avoid bankruptcy by paying off some of her $8 million debt, the newspaper reported Sunday. Photos of Andrew walking with Epstein in Central Park in December were published last month, and Andrew was apparently intervening on Ferguson's behalf with Epstein at the time, The Telegraph said. Epstein eventually gave Ferguson's assistant $25,000 to help her sort out issues with her creditors, according to the newspaper. Ferguson said today she had made "a gigantic error in judgment" in accepting money from Epstein. "I personally, on behalf of myself, deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me," she told the Evening Standard newspaper. "I abhor pedophilia and any sexual abuse of children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgment on my behalf. .. The Mail on Sunday reported that the FBI is to reopen its investigation into Epstein over allegations of his involvement with underage girls. However, sources told Sky News that the Duke of York "remains committed to his role" despite the controversy .. The embattled duke was already on political thin ice last week over two other close friendships -- with Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, the son of the Libyan leader, and Tarek Kaituni, a convicted Libyan arms dealer.”

“Metro M Andrew's fear for Fergie on 9/11 Prince Andrew [Currently Grand Master of GAPAN and then a bag man for BAE bribes flowing into DoJ Forfeiture Fund] has spoken about the worry and fear he felt for his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the day of the September 11 attacks on America. The Prince himself was on a flight to Atlanta at the time which was turned back. It was difficult to remain calm when I had to sit on a plane unable to communicate with New York, knowing Sarah had an office in the World Trade Centre .. Andrew knew at the time, Fergie was due at her Chances for Children [pedophile] charity on the 101st floor of the World Trade Centre that morning. Luckily for her Fergie she was trapped in a traffic jam three hours after the attacks. .. . The Prince, the second eldest son of the Queen, said of the moment, 'It was difficult to remain calm when I had to sit on a plane unable to communicate with New York, knowing Sarah had an office in the World Trade Centre [with a homing beacon for the FADEC computer G&C systems on the weapons platform caught on filmed by Canal+’s Naudet brother as it hit the Northe Face of the North Tower] and was in New York at the time.' 'I had a small insight into the anguish many families were suffering that day.' Fergie later called him to reveal she was all right but a number of her friends perished in the attacks. Fergie will join the Prince, who is attending the fifth anniversary commemorations in New York today for a service.”

Unethical Careers Service January 20, 2009 By Barnaby Pace First Published Warwick Boar 20/1/09 … In a capitalist based world the arms trade’s primary motive is profit, through selling weapons to whoever can pay, unsurprisingly those who pay often intend to use the weapons, this often conflicts with the legality and morality of the rest of society. As an arms company gets larger, it can pay for better political connections and better public relations, but the conflict between its activities and what it would like to admit is always there. The topic has become much more obvious over the last few years with the discoveries, investigations and court cases surrounding the Al-Yamamah arms deal to Saudi Arabia, in which BAE systems was the primary supplier of weaponry. It is alleged that BAE paid over £1 billion in bribes to members of the Saudi Regime. This case is not unique; BAE alone is currently being investigated for six other bribery cases around the world. Arms companies are not willing to disclose their customers, this may be common practice among many businesses. Most businesses however do not need to hide that they sold fighter jets to Robert Mugabe (as BAE and Rolls Royce have), torture equipment for Guantanamo Bay (BAE subsidiary Hiatts), or gave £1 million in bribes to General Pinochet (BAE again). This is merely a taste of what has been uncovered about the arms industry.”

“Before the Guild was established in 1929, the future status of air pilots and air navigators was very much in doubt. The small group of commercial pilots who formed the Guild were virtually responsible for ensuring that their successors enjoyed a professional status, and one of the Guild's objectives has been to foster and improve that standing. From the beginning the Guild was modelled on the lines of the old City Guilds and Livery Companies and its constitution and by-laws reflect that foundation, although its activities and work is very much contemporary. The Guild became a Livery Company of the City of London in 1956: a rarely bestowed mark of distinction. This was a great factor in increasing not only the influence of the Guild, the 81st Livery Company to be formed in 800 years, but of the entire profession of pilot and navigator in the United Kingdom and overseas. A special Livery Dinner was held at the Royal Air Force Club on 27 March 2002 to celebrate the 50 years of Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen. With more than 100 Guild members in attendance a Court meeting was held to mark the laying down of the Patronage by Her Majesty, its assumption by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and the filling, in turn, of the role of Grand Master by HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Attending the ceremony: The Patron, the Grand Master, the (then) Master Duncan Simpson, and 16 Past Masters. From left to right: PM Robert Pooley, PM Christopher Hodgkinson, PM Sir Neil Wheeler, PM David Mauleverer, PM Michael Grayburn, PM Rod Fulton, HRH Prince Andrew, PM Brian Pickard, PM Ron Bridge, HRH Prince Philip, PM Freddy Stringer, Duncan Simpson, PM Ian Perry, PM Hugh Field, PM Peter Brothers, PM Clive Elton, PM Arthur Thorning, PM John Hutchinson, PM Mike Bannister”

“The Full Authority Digital Engine Control, better known as a FADEC, is one of the largest ECUs* on an aircraft. It is a microprocessor-based unit. * Ndlr of Next-up : "Electronic control unit", or ECU is the generic term for the units that control and monitor aircraft systems, including the engines. ECUs are the largest business for the Electrical Division. Hispano-Suiza’s vast experience in engine control systems has driven the development of "smart" control systems in a number of other areas, including thrust reversers, braking, steering, landing gear, propeller deicing, and more. The FADEC continuously processes and analyzes key engine parameters (up to 70 times a second), to make sure the engine operates at maximum potential. It manages the startup phase (which takes only about 40 seconds on the latest models), and then the entire operating envelope, from idle to full throttle. Hispano-Suiza has developed three generations of FADEC systems for high-power commercial aircraft engines (in conjunction with BAE Systems). The latest member of this family is the FADEC 3, designed, produced and supported through FADEC International, a joint venture of Hispano-Suiza and BAE Systems. The FADEC 3 is not only lighter than its predecessor, but has 10 times the computing power. This means it can incorporate new functions, especially maintenance and diagnostics, to better satisfy enginemakers’ current and future needs. The FADEC 3 uses a larger share of off-the-shelf electronic components, has fewer connectors, and more input/outputs to handle more sensors and actuators. Last but not least, it can be used on several different types of engines, based on a common core of up to 80% of the system. Starting in the late 1980s, the FADEC 1, 2 and 2+ have been used on the CFM56 (-5 and -7), CF6-80 and GE90. The FADEC 3 has now been chosen for the GE90-115B - today’s most powerful engine at 115,000 pounds of thrust- powerplant of the Boeing 777-300ER and 777-200LR. It is now being applied to five other engine programs : • GP7200, one of the engines selected for the Airbus A380, built by the Engine Alliance joint venture between General Electric and Pratt & Whitney. • CFM56-7B, by CFMI, an equal joint venture of General Electric and Snecma, for the Boeing 737 Next Generation family. • General Electric CF6-80C2L1F to re-engine the C-5 Galaxy. • Europrop International (EPI) TP400-D6 turboprop for the Airbus A400M; EPI is a joint venture of ITP,MTU Aero Engines, Rolls-Royce and Snecma. • General Electric GEnx for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350.” The TCM FADEC system on Liberty XL2’s IOF-240 monitors air density, the CHT and EGT of each cylinder, and the temperature and pressure of intake air; it also controls engine timing, analyzing data from the engine with a refresh rate as high as 70 times a second. FADEC then distributes a precise amount of fuel to each cylinder independently. If one cylinder begins running hot, then FADEC directs more fuel to that cylinder rather than flooding the entire engine with additional cooling fuel.”

With recent direct and indirect death threats, Presidential Field McConnell is now asking for FBI and Secret Service protection while he investigates bribes allegedly traded by DOJ Pride and GAPAN pedophiles to get access to FADEC computers on 9/11.

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