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Presidential Field Links Harper’s Pilot and BAE Bridge To F-35 FADEC Sabotage

Presidential Field McConnell claimed today that Stephen Harper’s former EW pilot Russell Williams, built a BAE backdoor into Lockheed Martin’s Federal Bridge to support FADEC system sabotage of the F35 fighter jet.

McConnell also claims that Miriam Clegg joined law firm DLA Piper in 2006 to ensure that fines paid by BAE for its Saudi warplane bribery racket, would flow through the DoJ Forfeiture Fund to be shared among the homicidal Williams’ FADEC clients in Canada and Camp Mirage.

Prequel 1:
Presidential Field Links Lockheed Martin's Federal Bridge To Harper F-35 Fraud

Former Navy Pilot Talks About F-18 Crash

BAE has set up a hack of Lockheed’s F-35 FADEC system through MoD root authority

Presidential Field wants some answers on FADEC status of F-18 crash on Good Friday, 2012

[Spoliation inference that Harper’s EW pilot Russell Williams and BAE began building a FADEC backdoor into Lockheed Martin’s Federal Bridge in 1996 to support man-in-the-middle attacks on the United States with Lockheed’s F-35 assets – possibly including a 35 year old citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKC)] F-35 Lightning II The F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF), is being developed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company for the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and the UK Royal Navy. The stealthy, supersonic multirole fighter was designated the F-35 Lightning II in July 2006. The JSF is being built in three variants: a conventional take-off and landing aircraft (CTOL) for the US Air Force; a carrier variant (CV) for the US Navy; and a short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft for the US Marine Corps and the Royal Navy. A 70%-90% commonality is required for all variants. .. The concept demonstration phase of the programme began in November 1996 with the award of contracts to two consortia, led by Boeing Aerospace and Lockheed Martin. The contracts involved the building of demonstrator aircraft for three different configurations of JSF, with one of the two consortia to be selected for the development and manufacture of all three variants. .. In October 2001, an international team led by Lockheed Martin was awarded the contract to build JSF. An initial 22 aircraft (13 flying test aircraft and eight ground-test aircraft) will be built in the programme's system development and demonstration (SDD) phase. Flight testing will be carried out at Edwards Air Force Base, California, and Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland. .. BAE Systems Information & electronic warfare systems (IEWS) will be responsible for the JSF integrated electronic warfare suite, which will be installed internally and have some subsystems from Northrop Grumman. BAE is developing a new digital radar warning receiver for the F-35. … Each engine will be fitted with two BAE Systems full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) systems.

“SEOUL, South Korea — While the government isn't giving any guarantees Canada will buy the F-35, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the country will remain involved in the stealth fighter project to ensure Canadian companies can continue participating. "We have received literally hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts for the Canadian aerospace industry [including Entrust PKI used by Russell Williams to backdoor Lockheed Martin/ BAE FADEC on the F-35] This is not a trivial matter," Harper said at the conclusion of a major summit on nuclear security in Seoul on Tuesday. "We haven't yet signed a contract, as you know. We retain that flexibility. But we are committed to continuing our aerospace sector's participation in the development of the F-35." Sixty-six Canadian companies have so far acquired $435 million worth of contracts related to the F-35 since Canada became a partner in the multi-billion-dollar project in 1997. The federal government has invested $278 million to the project, according to the Defence Department. When it announced that Canada would be purchasing 65 F-35s in July 2010 for $9 billion plus $7 billion for 20 years of maintenance, the federal government said Canadian industry would have access to about $12 billion in potential work. Persistent cost overruns and developmental delays, however, led the government in recent weeks to significantly soften its commitment to acquiring the stealth fighter to replace Canada's aging fleet of CF-18s.”

U.S. settles with BAE in Saudi bribery case February 05, 2010 .. In one of the most closely watched anti-corruption cases to date, the Justice Department has charged defense firm BAE Systems PLC with lying to the U.S. government and paying hundreds of millions of dollars in "undisclosed commission payments" -- e.g. bribes -- in violation of U.S. export control laws. BAE announced it will plead guilty to the charge, and will pay a $400 million fine, the Justice Department said. The U.S. charge follows a UK government investigation of whether BAE bribed Saudi officials (including former Saudi ambassador to Washington Prince Bandar) hundreds of millions of dollars to get a Saudi warplane contract worth over $100 billion dollars since it was issued back in 1985, during the Thatcher government. The UK Serious Fraud Office investigation of the al-Yamamah deal was shut down, a British Guardian investigation reported, after alleged threats from Saudi officials, including Bandar, to withhold counterterrorism intelligence from Britain if it proceeded. One of Bandar's U.S. lawyers in the BAE bribery investigation case is former FBI director Louis Freeh, PBS and the Washington Times have previously reported. Among the allegations in the al-Yamamah case, that tens of millions of dollars at a time were deposited into U.S. bank accounts to which Bandar had access, some $2 billion in all. "Any company conducting business with the United States that profits through false statements will be held accountable," Acting Deputy Attorney General Gary G. Grindler said in a Justice Department press release. "As BAE Systems has stated publicly today, the company is expected to plead guilty to this crime, to pay a $400 million fine, and to agree to conduct its defense business in the future with integrity and in compliance with global anti-corruption standards, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act." "The Justice Department will be vigilant in its ongoing efforts to hold accountable companies that are alleged to have defrauded the U.S. government by misrepresenting their business conduct and internal operations," Grinder further said. Today's settlement was made in coordination with the British government as well, to which BAE will pay a separate fine, reports said. The UK-based multinational firm, Europe's largest defense contractor, was also alleged to have paid bribes to try to get fighter plane contracts in the Czech Republic and Hungary.”

“The Telegraph .. Whoever pays the DLA Piper calls... By Jonathan Russell 8:57PM BST 09 Oct 2009 Someone at BAE might have struck lucky. I understand that law firm DLA Piper has been taken on by one of the parties involved in the Serious Fraud Office investigation into corruption allegations at BAE (hint, it ain't the SFO that DLA is working for). Nothing unusual in that you might think, if you've got the SFO on your back, you'd need a lawyer to try to get them off, and DLA is as good as any. In fact, they might be better. Not every law firm has the ex-head of the SFO, in the shape of Robert Wardle, working for them – DLA does. Wardle was in charge of the SFO when the investigation into Saudi bribes was dropped [which would otherwise have led to Fergie’s Little Red Doll on Floor 101 of WTC #1]. Arguably he knows more about how these investigations work (and then stop working) than any man alive. I can't imagine he would be involved in the current dispute but it strikes me that's the firm to have on your side.”

“DLA Piper in defence push with BAE hire 18 December 2006 David Middleton DLA Piper has hired former BAE Systems group legal director Michael Lester as a senior consultant as part of the firm's plans to create a global defence practice. The hire of Lester, who is set to join the London office on 3 January, follows that of Lockheed Martin Corporation's general counsel Frank Menaker in the Washington DC office. Lester was the only general counsel on the board of a FTSE100 company to earn more than £1m in 2005-06, according to annual reports.”

“11. Miriam Clegg [Revised April 7, 2012. Matrix 5 principal and Femme Comp wife of the allegedly-extorted man-in-the-middle Nick Clegg, Minister for Constitutional and Political Reform in the U.K. coalition government of David Cameron; she allegedly extorts her husband in his multiple roles, including a British Liberal Democrat politician, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Lord President of the Council; she was a Partner and head of international trade practice for multi-national law firm DLA Piper (2006-2011); she allegedly co-ordinated or extorted DLA Partners, Michael Lester, the former BAE Systems group legal director, and Frank Menaker, the former Lockheed Martin general counsel, into the payment of $400 million hush money to the DOJ Forfeiture Fund for the Saudi warplane bribes; she allegedly used her husband’s office to procure Bessemer’s VeriSign keys to the Federal Bridge and a Silent Witness role in the spoliation of evidence of Bessemer agents at the spy-in-the-bag (Gareth Williams) crime scene; she left Foreign Office in 2006 as an expert in the Middle East peace process and the racketeering arbitrage of the UN Oil-for-Food program under Robin Cook who was allegedly the victim of a patented hit on 6 August 2005; she allegedly extorted Cook as the Lord President of the Privy Council between 8 June 2001 to 18 March 2003; she’s allegedly cool at husband’s "no more than 30 "sexual encounters” which AD suspects include abuse of children in front of a video camera but outside the reach of Common Law; her husband studied the genocidal Deep Green child-killing movement at University of Minnesota in 1990; her husband interned in New York under the homosexual entrapment expert Christopher Hitchens; her husband moved to Brussels into G24 where he allegedly trained for the 911 attacks through the coordinated use of PKI and patented devices to control airline supply chains to former Soviet Union and Transport Corridor for Europe, the Caucasus and Asia; her husband took a second master's degree at the College of Europe in Bruges where he and she appear to have been targeted for Dutroux-style pedophile entrapment; her husband’s great-great aunt Moura Budberg was mistress of Sir R. H. Bruce Lockhart, a double-agent for both the Soviet Union and British intelligence who served the two Odd Fellows – Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt – who decided to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki; she is a former senior adviser in cabinet of EU external relations commissioner Chris Patten and the cabinet of Benita Ferrero-Waldner who was former Chef de protocole for Secretary General Boutros-Ghali at the UN in New York during the Rwanda Genocide; she was responsible for EU relations for the United States and the Middle East; she joined DLA Piper EU, Competition and Trade practice in London as a senior consultant; she is an expert in EU law and trade in the telecommunications and energy sectors; she is a former European Commissions' leading trade negotiator at the WTO on telecommunication, energy, postal, construction and information services; she is former competition and regulatory lawyer for BT in Brussels; she has a masters degree from the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium); she is a senior associate member of St Anthony's College, Oxford; she was allegedly extorting Dr. Patrick Van Eecke as the man-in-the-middle of DLA Piper’s Internet law group who specializes in Mozilla open-source software, e-commerce, e-government, digital signatures and PKI, data protection, cyber-criminality and data protection; allegedly extorted staff at D2 Banking and PKI Sevices, Canary Wharf, and the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology; allegedly authorized development of plaintext injection attacks against SSL to fool users into thinking session is secure and convert session to a true man-in-the-middle attack through Mozilla, VeriSign and Entrust; she allegedly created rogue CAs in Livery Company supply chains to allow Sisters to intercept traffic to a secure Web site and steal or plant sensitive information such as passwords and credit card data or phony clues; allegedly managed transition of security industry has from flawed MD5 to equally flawed SHA-1; she allegedly authorized Entrust to infiltrate the ePassports EAC Conformity & Interoperability Tests in Prague, Czech Republic and allow EU to move Matrix 5 pedophile assets and evade interception; allegedly allowed Entrust to build backdoor public key infrastructure (PKI) into the open-source community through Sun Microsystems, Inc. and the Mozilla Foundation; she allegedly authorized Silent Witnesses on the FBCA to ‘hijack’ AA Flight 77 in a Free Flight patented hit of pilot Captain "Chic" Burlingame (USNA 1971) and his crew and passengers; she and her fellow Crown Agents Sisters must now await reprisal by the late Captain Chic’s fellow Marines – Semper Fi]’

In the context of a recent death threat – allegedly relayed through a backdoor into Lockheed’s Federal Bridge – Presidential Field McConnell is now asking for FBI and Secret Service protection to give him the time needed to neutralize risk from Harper's Canada of FADEC sabotage to the F-35 (cf. F-18 crash of April 6).

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