Sunday, April 8, 2012

Presidential Field Links Navy Seal Death by FADEC to Obama’s Bridge of Lies

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Barack Obama’s Federal Bridge Certification Authority to lies he has broadcast about recent helicopter missions to camouflage Navy Seals’ Death by FADEC.

Presidential Field Finds Fatal FADEC Laws In Romney Obama Bridge

Obama’s FADEC hits and Bridge of Lies is driven by Femme Comp Inc and MoD UK

“Eyewitness Says US Navy SEALs Killed [by FADEC] In Helicopter Crash During Obama Bin Laden Operation”
Abbottabad Helicopter Crash Reveal US Stealth Helicopter Remains

Osama operation reveals secret US helicopter Washington: The US Navy SEALs , who launched operation against al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden, sneaked into Abbottabad, home to Pakistan Army’s premier academy and some two hours drive form Islamabad, were carried by never-before-seen stealth helicopters. One of the two Blackhawk helicopters that carried the SEALs into bin Laden’s Pakistani compound was forced to make a hard landing. With the chopper unrepairable, at the end of the mission the SEALs destroyed it with explosives. But photos of what survived the explosion have sent military analysts buzzing about a stealth helicopter program that was only rumored to exist. From a modified tail boom to a noise reducing covering on the rear rotors and a special high-tech material similar to that used in stealth fighters, former Department of Defense official and vice president of the Lexington Institute Dan Goure said the bird is like nothing he’s ever seen before. Photographs taken after a Navy SEAL team raided Osama bin Laden?s compound in Pakistan show the wreckage of one helicopter that clipped a rotor on a compound wall, was abandoned and destroyed. “This is a first,” he said. “You wouldn’t know that it was coming right at you. And that’s what’s important, because these are coming in fast and low, and if they aren’t sounding like they’re coming right at you, you might not even react until it’s too late… That was clearly part of the success.”

In addition to the noise-reducing modifications, a former special operations aviator said the general shape of what was left of the craft — the harsh angles and flat surfaces more common to stealth jets — was further evidence it was a modified variant of the Blackhawk. A senior Pentagon official said the Defense Department would “absolutely not” comment on anything relating to the destroyed bird. Neighbors of bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan told an American television they didn’t hear the helicopters the night of the Sunday raid until they were directly overhead. The rotor covering, along with a special rotor design, suppressed the choppers noise while inbound.”

“Description: The T706 engine is a derivative of the General Electric CT7-8A turboshaft engine. The newest member of the T700/CT7 engine family features a larger compressor, hot section improvements and a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) [Obama has an FBCA backdoor to Panetta at CIA to trigger explosive fuel pool]. These characteristics are meant to provide enhanced performance to the US Army MH-60M Black Hawk special operations helicopter in hot-and-high mission scenarios. So far, the T706-GE-700 engine has been selected to power up to 61 US Army MH-60M helicopters.”

“Killing of Osama bin Laden, Pakistan, May 2011 Main article: Death of Osama bin Laden On May 1–2, 2011 DEVGRU Red Team undertook the covert operation codenamed Operation Neptune Spear, under the CIA's authority, and killed Osama bin Laden, leader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, at his compound 34°11′15.3882″N 73°14′33.3954″E in the city of Abbottabad, 113 kilometers from Islamabad, the Federal capital of Pakistan. The attack itself lasted 38 minutes, and there were no casualties to the team. They had practiced the mission "on both American coasts" and in a segregated section of Camp Alpha at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan in early April 2011, using a one-acre replica of bin Laden's compound. Modified MH-60 helicopters from the U.S. Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment carried DEVGRU operators and paramilitary operatives from the CIA's Special Activities Division. Other personnel supported with tactical signals, intelligence collectors, and navigators using highly classified hyper spectral imagers from Ghazi Air Base in Pakistan.

The raid was a CIA operation with DEVGRU being transferred under CIA authority for its duration. A May 1 memo from CIA Director Leon Panetta thanked the National Security Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, whose mapping and pattern-recognition software was likely used to determine that there was "high probability" that Bin Laden lived in the compound. Members of these agencies were paired with JSOC units in forward-deployed fusion cells to "exploit and analyze" battlefield data instantly using biometrics, facial recognition systems, voice print databases, and predictive models of insurgent behavior based on surveillance and computer-based pattern analysis. The operation was a result of years of intelligence work that included the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the tracking of the courier to the Abbottabad compound by CIA paramilitary operatives, and the establishing of a CIA safe house that provided critical ground intelligence. The raid force killed Bin Laden, an adult son, an unknown woman, and two couriers. In popular culture, several books have tried to capture the events of the mission. The first of which was the 2011 graphic novel published by IDW Publishing, Code Word: Geronimo, written by retired Marine Corps Captain, Dale Dye, and Julia Dye, and illustrated by former U.S. Army combat medic Gerry Kissell. Later, the controversial book Seal Target Geronimo, by Chuck Pfarrer, a former Navy SEAL, that disputed the accounts by the DoD [Obama’s Bridge of Lies] of how the events occurred the night of the raid on the compound.”

“15 members of DEVGRU's Gold Team were among the 38 killed on Saturday, August 6, 2011 in Maidan Wardak province, Afghanistan, when a Chinook helicopter flown by B Company, 7th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, was shot down by a Taliban-fired Rocket-propelled grenade; the crash wiped out an entire troop of the Team. The personnel killed in the helicopter crash are said to have belonged to an "immediate reaction force" that were on route to intercept a group of Taliban who were escaping the area following an operation by United States Army Rangers. No member of the Bin Laden raid team was among the dead. It was the largest single loss of U.S. life since the beginning of the 2001 Afghan War, and is the largest single loss ever suffered by the SEAL community.”

In the light of a recent death threat, Presidential Field McConnell is now asking for FBI and Secret Service protection to give himself time to investigate the Navy Seals’ Death by FADEC and dismantle Obama’s Bridge of Lies.

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