Friday, May 4, 2012

McConnell Links Mormon Mitt’s Missing Children To Pelindaba Dirty NATO Nukes

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Mormon Mitt Romney to Bain & Co. operation in Brussels which allegedly traded children missing from SOS Children’s Villages for Pelindaba’s dirty NATO nukes.

Prequel 1 and 2
Romney’s Al-Qaeda City Year 2001 – QEII Pelindaba Nukes
HRH Knight Field Slinger will expose the Bekenstein Deception with BoA WTC#7

Hanne and Maurice Strong - SOS Children’s Villages Mothers in China - Lesbian-Friendly Child-Trafficking - Entrapment and Extortion Service

“Bain Cares Results Challenge Regional Participants

Building on our long-standing partnership with City Year [sponsored in 1989 by Mormon Mitt Romney the year before he launched Bain & Company in Brussels, allegedly to develop a pedophile counter trade in Missing Children and NATO weapons trafficking] since its founding over 20 years ago, we helped create a strategy, operating and funding model to help City Year London develop its service of underprivileged communities and schools.

In a multi-year partnership with Missing Children Europe, our Brussels team helped harmonize service delivery throughout the EU by developing a widely-adopted guide for hotline operators and creating centers of expertise.

In London, we helped create a growth and funding strategy with The Challenge Network—a UK youth development and community building nonprofit—which tripled revenue and more than doubled staff to reach 10,000 young people in 2011.

Our multi-year partnership with Doctors without Borders/Médecins sans Frontières inAmsterdam has helped create organizational and operational plans to support their rapid growth.

Through the MyProject program in Brussels, we helped put in place a "best practice toolkit" towards fundraising for Youth Aid Uganda and helped develop a South African sports school for underprivileged children.

We partnered with Every Child Counts in London to develop a program which increased their reach to over 30,000 children requiring specialist support.

Our Brussels team helped develop a growth strategy for Schola, an after-class tutoring program for low-income students.”

“Established in 1985, this Village is situated in Pretoria and is home to 162 children. There are also 3 youth houses on or near the premises, which cater for the older children as they grow towards independence.

An SOS Kindergarten serves the community and Village children as they prepare for "big school", and the SOS Social Centre provides support and training to community families in need.

Mamelodi Village was honoured to host the Ring Award Ceremony in 2004, where SOS-KDI President Helmut Kutin presented gold SOS rings to mothers who have worked more than 10 years for the organisation. We now have mothers and grandmothers with more than 20 years service and still very active in Village life.

The Village also has a strong Family Strengthening Programme which operates through its Social Centre. This programme offers support to the wider community through a community-based partner - support includes emergency food parcels, skills training for caregivers and assistance with establishing income generating activities.”

Pelindaba was involved in another mysterious incident in 2007, when its highly guarded operations center was broken into by two armed gangs. One official was shot during the attack, which some believe was aimed at stealing highly enriched uranium. The case remains unsolved…….

South Africa’s ‘dirty bomb’ mystery, The Washington Post, Jeff Stein, 20 July 2010, If dirty bombs are such an overblown threat, and radioactive material so easily available, why are people still trying to steal it? South African police are investigating what the five mokes busted with a Cesium-137 device at a Pretoria gas station last week were up to.All of them are South African citizens, but not much else is known about them, police said
…….Authorities said the “industrial nuclear device” found with the men contained a small amount of radioactive material. The men intended to sell the device to parties unknown for 45 million Rand, the equivalent of $6 million to $7 million. Police said the men were also planning to sell a larger nuclear device, which police are searching for, according to South African reports.

“We don’t know what these suspects’ intentions were, and we need to find the device quickly,” police said, according to Canada’s online Digital Journal. Likewise, South African authorities told SpyTalk over the weekend that “the origin of the device is still not known.”

South African reporter Graeme Hosken says the substance was of a type of Cesium used in South Africa’s mining industry. Cesium is also used in nuclear medicine and is manufactured in significant quantities at the Pelindaba nuclear plant near Pretoria.

Pelindaba was involved in another mysterious incident in 2007, when its highly guarded operations center was broken into by two armed gangs. One official was shot during the attack, which some believe was aimed at stealing highly enriched uranium. The case remains unsolved…………

The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick reported in 2002 that “U.S. businesses and medical facilities have lost track of nearly 1,500 pieces of equipment with radioactive parts since 1996. …”

Security of the materials has been tightened since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but experts say determined thieves wouldn’t have a hard time obtaining them.”

Presidential Field invites you to check the links and enter Romney’s OODA loop before he has the chance to use SOS pedophiles or Pelindaba nukes to extort concessions from leaders and their spouses attending the NATO Summit in Chicago on May 20-21.

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