Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abel Danger Global - Attention Oath Keepers in America - House of Windsor: Recall Pawns - Qualitative Shift Occurring Within U.S. Government - Precision Indictments

Attention Oath Keepers in America:

The 2016 election will be a breath of fresh air long after the stench of 2012 is remedied.

Abel Danger has given the monarchs in House of Windsor enough time to recall her pawns. Yesterday, AD posted an Threat Window for a 'massacre' at a DHS/TSA security checkpoint. If that STREET THREATER transpires between 1832/3Feb12 and 0632/16Feb13 a simple google search will identify the perpetrators:

DHS + DMORT V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Valerie Jarrett + (redacted)

It appears (redacted) will do the right thing like persons of interest Kristine Marcy and Lyn Sherlock recently have done.

Please note that we have included principals from the recently failed Newtown Kid Kill so they know that their days are numbered:

Gov Malloy-Connecticut
John Simmons-Crisis Actors
Ms Rincon-Vision Box
Chief of Police Kehoe-Newtown (*)
Harold Wayne Carver- Medical Examiner DMORT V

(*) Newtown was the scene of Helle Craft's CHIPPER SHREDDER MURDER by her pilot husband who had worked for an intel branch in Viet Nam. The movie was called Fargo. Do the math.

When LaRouche mention's Wisconsin Ron Johnson keep in mind where Abel Danger Global is headquartered.

Jan. 25th, 2013 Webcast

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