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#1429: Marine Links Nancy’s Pig Farm Pension Serco Clock to Time-Stamped Stratum Fnuff-Film Trade

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Nancy Cambell’s pig-farm pension fund (bcIMC) and its holdings in Serco – the U.K. operator of the NPL stratum 0 cesium clock – to time-stamped images of a stratum snuff-film trade in which insiders allegedly bet on the time victims would take to be processed through a wood chipper at the Pickton pig farm in British Columbia.

McConnell notes that Campbell’s Candymaan ‘Teachers’ and spot-fix betting associates closest to Serco pay-to-play stratum 0 clocks, make more money than stratum 3 betters irrespective of political or sexual affiliations.

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks (Revised)

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The beard?  
Kelley Rowan candyman 

“Teacher Decries Pension Plan's 'Unethical' Investments B.C. educator says independently-managed plan's associations with tobacco, energy companies doesn't put money where morals are. By Katie Hyslop, 13 Nov 2012, 

But the teachers' pension plan tells a different story. Managed by the BC Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC), the Teachers' Pension Plan invests in Pearson, Enbridge, British American Tobacco, Haliburton, and other corporations associated with environmental destruction, sweatshop labour, and weapons manufacturing. 

For semi-retired schoolteacher Paul Hutcheson, the BCTF can only call itself a social justice union once "our pension cheques are not arriving in the mail dripping in the blood of the victims of war and they're not soaked in the sweat of child labour," he says. Teachers like Hutcheson who want to take a stand against investing in companies with questionable practices are pitted against a pension plan board of trustrees that only once divested from companies for their practices. Because the Teachers' Pension Plan is legally bound to remain independent from both the teachers' union and the provincial government, changing it is an uphill battle that's already taken over a decade and promises to take more.” 

“INTRODUCTION In keeping with our values of openness and integrity, the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation releases an annual investment inventory six months after the fiscal year-end. This provides transparency with regard to our investment operations, while protecting our clients’ present-day strategic investment decisions. This inventory is a snapshot of our holdings as of March 31, 2010. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information presented, please note that all figures are unaudited. SERCO GROUP PLC 212,619.00 $1,966,558.86; HSBC HOLDINGS PLC [Serco’s dirty banker] 11,817,398.00 $121,528,872.74; MACDONALD DETTWILER & ASSOC [Arranged the pig farm mortgage for Linda Pickton – friend of Nancy Campbell – to build snuff film studio and dance hall] 708,200.00 $26,734,550.00; THOMSON REUTERS CORP [Front running $88 trillion Libor trade with Serco Stratum 0 clock and Kelley Rowen Da Vinci’s Pig Farm Inquest] 3,414,370.00 $126,195,115.20.” 

63. Nancy Campbell (nee Chipperfield) [Revised March 7, 2013. Matrix 5 wife of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Gordon Campbell, the 34th Premier of British Columbia from 2001 to 2011 who currently serves as Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; she allegedly procured a Macdonald Dettwiler mobile-radio system through her husband, to support Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks on the Nortel public key infrastructure (PKI) communications systems used by RCMP / Vancouver officers to track snuff-film victims through the Pickton pig farm; she allegedly directed her associates in the B.C. Teachers pension plan – now merged into bcIMC – to sponsor a pig farm mortgage through the Treasury Solicitor’s Bona Vacantia (‘ownerless goods’) account; she allegedly had bcIMC trustees take a position in MDA to control the pig farm mortgage through BC OnLine and Serco U.K., operator of the stratum 0 spot fixing clock used to time stamp snuff-film images; she allegedly used the mortgage to helped to finance the construction of Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society post-production studio; she allegedly used the Piggy’s Palace studio to procure VideoGuard-encrypted content for Matrix 5 propaganda and pay-per-view snuff-film trades; she allegedly arranged a profit-sharing agreement for the trades with fellow members of her ‘pig farm’ pension fund; she allegedly directed the bcIMC pension fund to move asset management into the TSol Carbon Disclosure Project and invest in A&E, News Corp, BCE etc. which use VideoGuard in pay per view encryption; she graduated from Sir Winston Churchill school; she was a former French teacher at Queen Mary elementary and Lord Byng secondary schools; she was a former vice principal at Sir Winston Churchill school where Justin Trudeau, eldest son of the late Pierre Trudeau formerly taught French & social studies; Justin is the alleged half brother of Lena Trudeau who set up the Pig Farm Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society to entrap Canadian Privy Council at cannibal oath ceremonies; Nancy Campbell’s Churchill is one of two International Baccalaureate schools and one of three French Immersion secondary schools in Vancouver; she was a vice principal at Templeton secondary school; she retired as principal at Howe Sound Secondary School in Squamish in 2009; after she graduated from UBC in 1969 and Gordon Campbell graduated from Dartmouth College, they were married in New Westminster on July 4, 1970; the couple went to Nigeria to teach under the Canadian University Service Oversea; this program was allegedly structured with SOS Children’s Villages by the de-populationist Maurice Strong allegedly to entrap young Canadians in filmed pedophile-oath taking ceremonies with images that could be used later to extort them in subsequent careers; we note that the Lagos State Government provided a piece of land in Isolo, a suburb of Lagos to construct the first SOS Children's Village in Nigeria which was started in 1970; on return from Nigeria, the allegedly compromised Nancy Campbell completed her education degree at UBC while he entered the UBC law school; he became a realty development manager and a small businessman; he then worked as an executive assistant to Vancouver Mayor Art Phillips from 1973 to 1976; she allegedly used her teachers’ pig-farm union connections to place her husband as a Vancouver city councilor from 1984 to 1986; she used the same leverage to control him during his stint as mayor and police board chair from 1986 to 1993, around the time that women began disappearing from the Downtown Eastside; she continued to leverage the teachers union to place him as Leader of the BC Liberals in 1993; she leveraged his leadership of the BC Liberals to a massive victory in the 2001 BC provincial election when he was sworn in as Premier of British Columbia prior to the 911 attack; the attackers of 911, allegedly used bcIMC pig-farm pension fund investment in Macdonald Dettwiler’s MindBox to trigger distressed debt recovery on property in New York and enrich fellow pig farm investors in the Carbon Disclosure Projects; she helped her husband to lead the BC Liberals to two more majority governments in the 2005 BC provincial election and the 2009 BC provincial election; she drove her husband to establish the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) under the authority of the Public Sector Pension Plans Act passed by the British Columbia Legislature on July 15, 1999; she ensured that KPMG was appointed to audit bcIMC knowing it was involved in abusive tax shelters in the United States; she drove her husband to appoint as bcIMC custodian RBC Dexia Investor Services Trust which has allegedly fraudulently converted the assets of the fund into ‘bona vacantia’ with TSol allowing their use in contract hits; with bcIMC assets under administration of $79.7 billion as of March 31, 2010, she has allegedly helped leaders of the Vancouver Settlement Movement to extort control of the retirement benefits of more than 440,000 residents of British Columbia, including compromised police officers, teachers, the staff and faculty at the University of Victoria and erstwhile members of the B.C. Legislative Assembly; she is allegedly a Matrix 5 principal in the racketeering use by Settlement leaders of bcIMC cestui que, pig-farm pension and life insurance funds which cover two million voters and 197,000 employers in B.C.]” 

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  1. Who liquidated Confederation Life?....KPMG...Hmmmmmm

  2. Obviously how insiders allegedly bet time victims would take to be processed through a wood chipper?


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