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#1609: Marine Links bcIMC Pig-Farm Pension Proxy to Monsanto GMO, Clinton Blackwater Army

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linkedproxy voting of bcIMC pension-fund shares by alleged guests at the Pickton Family’s Port Coquitlam pig farm, to Monsanto’s GMO patent-pool custodians and a Blackwater private army, covertly assembled for the late General Alexander Haig’s CAI pension-fund proxies by former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

bcIMC proxies! Pickton Pig Farm Clan & The Guild Socialist Ensemble

What does Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, Xe, BP oil spill, chemtrails and vaccines have in common? V2! [Check Clinton, Serco control over U.S. Patent Office]

"Monsanto (United States) – [bcIMC proxies] Voted AGAINST a shareholder proposal requesting a report on genetically engineered products because the company discloses policies, practices and risk assessment information to shareholders and is not able to report on matters outside its control.  The proposal failed.”

“Monsanto hires Blackwater Security (Now Academi) to spy on anti GMO Advocates! by Fred Brownbill on JUNE 1, 2013 in CONSTITUTION LEGAL WATCH Biotech giant Monsanto has hired private security firm Academi, formerly known as Blackwater, to perform security work and gather intelligence amid growing public opposition to genetically modified foods, or GMOs, according to documents obtained by The Nation. The activities may even include infiltrating anti-Monsanto activist groups.”

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Bremer was educated at New Canaan Country SchoolKent School and Phillips Academy. Bremer's father was president of the Christian Dior Perfumes Corporation in New York. His mother was a lecturer in art history at the University of Bridgeport. Bremer graduated from Yale University in 1963 and went on to earn an MBA from Harvard University in 1966. He later continued his education at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, where he earned a Certificate of Political Studies (CEP). That same year he joined the Foreign Service, which sent him first to KabulAfghanistan, as a general services officer. He was assigned to Blantyre, Malawi, as economic and commercial officer from 1968 to 1971. During the 1970s, Bremer held various domestic posts with the State Department, including posts as an assistant to Henry Kissinger from 1972–76.[1]He was Deputy Chief of Mission in OsloNorway from 1976–79, returning to the US to take a post of Deputy Executive Secretary of the Department of State, where he remained from 1979–81. In 1981, he was promoted to Executive Secretary and Special Assistant to Alexander Haig. …. Granting foreign contractors immunity from Iraqi law[edit]Two days before he left Iraq, Bremer signed "Order 17"[48] giving all staff associated with the CPA and the American government immunity from Iraqi law. One of his former top aides is quoted as saying, “we wanted to make sure our military, civilians and contractors were protected from Iraqi law.”[49] This stipulation was later incorporated into Iraqi law.[50] Since then, violent events in Iraq involving American security companies such as Blackwater have resulted in great resentment among Iraqis, who view them as private armies acting with impunity on their soil.[51][52][53][54] Tue September 18, 2007 

Iraq battle was self-defense, security firm says
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi officials Monday condemned the weekend killings of eight civilians during a Baghdad street battle involving American security contractors and said they would shut down Blackwater, the company involved.

Blackwater said its employees acted in self-defense. The U.S. State Department said it plans to investigate what it calls a "terrible incident."

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to express regret for the weekend killings, both governments said.

In addition to the fatalities, 14 people were wounded, most of them civilians, an Iraqi official said.

Sunday's firefight took place near Nusoor Square, an area that straddles the predominantly Sunni Arab neighborhoods of Mansour and Yarmouk.

The ministry said the incident began around midday, when a convoy of sport utility vehicles came under fire from unidentified gunmen in the square. The men in the SUVs, described by witnesses as Westerners, returned fire, the ministry said.

Blackwater's employees were protecting a U.S. official when they were hit by "a large explosive device, then repeated small-arms fire -- and to the point where it disabled one of the vehicles, and the vehicle had to be towed out of the firefight," said Marty Strong, vice president of Blackwater USA.

A senior industry source said Blackwater guards had escorted a State Department group to a meeting with U.S. Agency for International Development officials in Mansour before the shootings.

A car bomb went off about 80 feet (25 meters) from the meeting site and the contractors started evacuating the State Department officials, he said. A State Department report on the attack said the convoy came under fire from an estimated eight to 10 people, some in Iraqi police uniforms.

The guards called for backup, at one point finding their escape route blocked by an Iraqi quick-reaction force that pointed heavy machine guns at one vehicle in the convoy. A U.S. Army force, backed by air cover, arrived about half an hour later to escort the convoy back to the Green Zone, the report states.”

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