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#1620: Marine Links McLean to Remote-Tower CSI Octopus Shtick, Runaway Caboose at Lac-Mégantic

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked former Special Assistant in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada (2000-2002) Jason McLean, to a Signal Systems' remote-towers crime scene investigation (‘CSI’) shtick – apparently sponsored by the late General Haig’s body-counting spread-betting Octopus – and the alleged remote-control of a runaway spot-fixing caboose at Lac-Mégantic.

McConnell invites readers to identify the principals' shtick – see below – for Haig’s body-counting Octopus to see why remote-towers crime scene investigations (‘CSI’) go nowhere.



Accuse no innocent; shelter no guilty
Mobile Radio Data System (MRDS)
Serco Willie Card NPL clock Stratum Zero
CTV Cold Squad Deborah Furlong Death by GPS
Norad Santa JonBenet

1. Kristine Marcy
2. Bob Paulson
3. Jamie Gorelick
4. Jason McLean
5. Angelina Jolie
6. James Comey
7. Hillary Clinton
8. Bill Clinton

Prequel 1:
#1619: Marine Links McLean’s PMO Remote-Tower Signal Systems to Haig’s E4B Decoy of Captain Chic

Prequel 2:
#1383 Marine Links Serco Clock and Contract Towers to Spot-Fixed No-Fly Teams and Death of Willie Card

Couverture médiatique TVA - tragédie Lac-Mégantic simulation [Note alleged remote control caboose detaches from wagons and stops beyond the fire to support spot-fixed body counting]


Slave Lake


Does Burkhardt know more than he's telling?
The train had a remote control caboose as a spacer behind the first locomotive.
"This pic on twitter

was taken at 11:25 pm at Nantes siding, where the train was supposedly tied down. The lead unit has an engine room fire. You can also see a remote control caboose behind the lead unit. MM&A uses 1-man train crews and the remote caboose helps the engineer whenever he has to do work on the ground.
I wonder if the fire screwed with the electronics on the remote system, and the remote misfired and caused the train to take off."égantic-Québec-derailment/page2 
"a photo of the same lead locomotive with the converted caboose remote control unit at a much earlier time."

The 2 rail employees who went to the loco fire in Nantes had been IN Lac-Mega and did not bother to retrieve Harding!

"The department had advised MMA’s supervisor in Farnham, Que., of the fire, and two employees who had been in Lac-Mégantic arrived as the blaze was being battled."

blast radius

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