Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Liberty GB : "I am a racist" - "Islam is a backward, savage, religious and political ideology" - Britain heading towards a full blown religious civil war - Tony Blair committed treason - Defend Great Britain

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  1. 11. ABOLISH THE (PRIVATELY-OWNED) BANK OF ENGLAND and issue an interest-free national currency directly to individuals/households. Adopt the basic economic policies advocated by Clifford Hugh Douglas and Arthur Kitson, two great English economists.

  2. To my Shame I did not Know about this Mob, Thanks a million lads #Custylar YNWA Love their Manifesto

  3. There is also no mention of control over the issuance of currency, the only thing that really matters. Google the Bradbury pound. Any party that fails to pass this sniff test is a waste of time.


    Shouldn't "Islamisation" read "Zionisation" ?

    The manifesto whilst having some merit ie exit the EU and halt all immigration reads a little too like the contrived belief system of the EDL, useful idiots who are publicly pitted against their antitheses the UAF from time to time for the benefit of the TV cameras. As a bonus for the security state the cops get to practice bashing heads and quashing dissenters.

    Left wing UAF right wing EDL both fake !

    Intriguingly the EDL have a Jewish chapter most odd for an "extreme right wing" naorganization don't you think.

    1. @sovereigntea :

      "....Shouldn't "Islamisation" read "Zionisation" ?..."

      No, not at all. Not convinced? Ask any Israeli (arab, christian, jewish) whether they'd rather live under sharia or israeli law

    2. I remain unconvinced by your argument. Do you have rose tinted spectacles ?

      Judaic and Islamic Fundamentalism: Similarities and Differences.

      Rabbi Moshe Reiss

      Three themes that Judaic and Islamic fundamentalists share are (1) the belief in the absolute supremacy of religious law; (2) the contention that secular regimes, though they may pay lip service to religious law, have rejected this law and rely instead on outside and particularly western influences to guide the state; and (3) the insistence that the only way to restore the people to its rightful status is to wrest control and implement a "return" to the divinely-inspired code


      1. God's law is supreme: Sharia vs. Halakha:

      Both Judaism and Islam are religions based on rituals (‘works’ to use the Christian term) rather than faith. In this way these two religions are closer to each other than either is to Christianity.

      3. Ideology:

      Given the similarities it is not surprising that individuals who live their lives according to Jewish law will have ideologies that overlap with those who live their lives according to Islamic law.

      Moshe Feiglin has stated "I reject this term 'Religious Zionist,' I am not 'religious' and I am not a Zionist. I am Jewish." The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan Al Banna stated: 'We are not socialist, we are not capitalist, we are Muslim."

      When Feiglin rails against the government, its military might and its "corrupt" leaders, for example, he uses the same language that Abul A'la Maududi used in urging an Islamic political revolution in Pakistan. When he calls for "an authentically Jewish reality in Israel" ruled by a Torah-motivated leader and free of foreign ideological influences, he mimics the battle cry of the Egyptians Al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb, the key thinkers behind the Muslim Brotherhood, in their rejection of "anti-Muslim Western" political systems and its agents.

      more : http://www.moshereiss.org/columns/20_judislam.htm

  4. Islamic banking doesn't control global finance – Jewish banking does.

  5. If you don't gain control of your country's currency, nothing else matters, unless you're trying to start race wars, which the bankers who are ruling and looting the planet would love.

  6. These muslim fuckers should be deported out of Europe before they ruin our society with their sharia law and shit.

  7. Mind-blowing blog. If Islam is the best religion in the world, then why are so many Muslims choosing to live in Western secular countries that have Christian roots. Surely Muslims would want to live in countries where Islam is the majority religion? Or maybe Islam isn't so great after all!
    Best luck :)

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