Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” - Book 11 Chapter 19

Putin and Chips Render Squatter
Operation DARK BVR (*) Draws Near?

Threat Window Atlanta Georgia; 4 July, 2013
For what will it profit AM Haig if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

McConnell Suggests “Assets Swap’ in Chapman-Snowden Decoy of Marsi Benghazi

Balls, Said The Queen, If I Had Them I’d Be King

Per DoT Regulations, Truckers Tarp Their Loads

McKenna-Haig-Marcy-Smolich Trail to Furlong 9/11

Knight of Malta Treason in Stargate 9/11

Decoy Snowden Clouds Benghazi and FBI ‘Big Brother’

Hastings, Breitbart, Breitbart’s Coroner, Brennan the Muslim

April 2009: Putin-McConnell-Saberi-Astana KZ

Abel Danger and GRU Enable Putin Sting on NWO

Vlad and Chips Target Ketchup King and Turdi’s Turdette

4 July Atlanta, 17 July Wisconsin, AD Exposes Risky Gambits

Clinton’s SS Leaker: OK, Abel Danger’s NSA Leaker: Treason 
TWA 800 + Benghazi Threaten WHITE TRASH

Google: [ Pat Tillman + 23 Star Fraggers ]; Advantage Tillman

Proud Andrew Sharp Peacock Livery On 1000th Chinese Junk

Agent Chips, Dubai Duty Free, Operation STEALTH BURQA

Operation DARK BVR , Luxor Egypt Abel Danger Agent

Abel Danger Dangerette Stiff Competition, Troubled Guy Lake, Wisconsin, 23 June 2013 

Lesbo Mavens of Methane Envision Phart-Phest 2016; Cabbage Sales Soar 

Icelandic Option JIGSAW For Man in Hong Kong 


Way back in Chapter 18 we watched as…………… 

Agent 80W was somewhat jealous of Mona Blue and her supposed SIX STEP PROGRAM offered to Agent Chips. 80W emitted a faint hint of clover as she read the contents of the salmon colored card: Chips, the first of their tactics to the deceptive use of language. For example, ‘economic development’ is actually a strategic plan for conquering territory by flooding it with outside money. The way it works is that they figure out who are the influential people in a community and they draw them in with investment plans. The influential people then provide the entre to the public officials. This analysis is based up the Marshall Plan for post WWII Europe. The money and the organizational power of the administrators with the covert assistance of the CIA were used to not only rebuild Europe, but to build the European Union. In the 1960, the focus shifted from Europe to the United States (Canada and Mexico). I will give you the other 5 key points after you honor your promise of a KNIGHT IN WHITE SATIN. Agent 80W thought she was having an early exploculation as the lights flickered and the 1952 airframe shook. To calm 80W, Chips saddled up in missionary and just before the aircraft went cold, dark and quiet, an ill timed Clipper from Hamish to Agent Chips went into queue with a deadline of 2000 and in reference to DEADLINE and Austin TX do not conclude that Jack Blood is telling the truth; you cannot communicate what you do not know. RBN, Jack Blood, Red Rock, BS 

“Chips, I will send this if I do not get a RETURN DRAFT before 2000, time now 1954, the E4B has been rerouted from Dobbins to Bergstrom, 3 July, Hamish.” 

Chapter 19 Abel Danger Spares Atlanta 

Scripture of the Day: Psalm 138:8 

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord,endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

Gospel Song of the Day: Why Me Lord?

Secular Song of the Day: Slow Hand

Memorial Day Bonus: “Take an oath, honor the oath, answer the call ( of duty )”

As the midnight moon was moving through the lazy sway of the trees Agent 80W realized that due to the shallow descent of the aircraft, a quickie was not necessary, so she indicated to Agent Chips that she’d like a more slow-paced pleasure experience by selecting F4 and C 60 on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner which, thankfully, was battery powered just like the STEELY DAN Thunder Thighs gave to Huma Weiner as a going away present according to the Abel Danger SEX JIHADISTS in Luxor, Damascus and Taldykorgan who were wearing the Abel Danger Stealth Burqas. The ladies in Luxor hinted at a GOING AWAY PARTY to occur prior to 4 July in Alexandria or Cairo and at 1911 on 17 July in Wisconsin prior to the Abel Danger Victory Party at Vino in the Valley set for 1800 18 July, 2013 if neither Atlanta nor Austin get TOASTED on or before 4 July, 2013 near a SIMON GROUP PROPERTY. The removal of the blights in Egypt and Washington would be made easier if the CLIENT were on the DARK CONTINENT, perhaps near Kenya or Luxor. As 80W’s slow song began she recalled that Egypt’s Morsi had provided Obama and Hillary the FALSE FLAG attackers at Benghazi as Agent Chips mentally reviewed what might be found under a certain STEALTH BURQA to be worn by 3 Dangerettes in upcoming Operation DARK BVR (*). In his mind, the Dangerette from Luxor would wear a pair of head scarves indicating her fellow Agents were sporters of IOCs in Pastel Robin Egg Blue and Pastel Jade Green. He was brought back into the here and now as 80W barked out “Switch, Derrick Pumper, Side Oiler” to which our affable and never flappable Agent complied without a moment’s hesitation. As the world’s most recognized ‘refueling probe’ penetrated the ‘wet and willing’ receptacle, an ill timed Routine Clipper from Agent Hamish triggered a single flash of a white light on his Clipper Squirt Gun.

(*) DARK BVR Detonate Atlanta Remotely, Kenyan Beyond Visual Range

Operation DARK BVR Agent Hamish Routine Clipper to Agent Chips, copy hammers Rooster Cogburn and Otto Pilot and Dangerettes assigned to PLUM PLUNGE: Chips, do not be taken off course by the twin decoys of SNOWDEN and IRS intended to take focus of General Ham’s Benghazi TREASON of Hillary Clinton and Barry Soetoro, Barry has recognized condition NO WAY OUT so despite SEQUESTRATION he is spending $100M to be out of the country for upcoming Atlanta False Flag to be followed by the Bechtel Boy Scout Phosgene Event. Regarding IRS, expect a 3rd ‘5th Amendment invocation week of 1-5 July and know that we have promised IRS’s Lois Lerner Immunity regarding SIMON PROPERTY GROUP, expect SNOWDEN’S PROGRESS to appear to halt at Moscow however be advised we have out ‘aviation asset’ from Kazan ( ) in place to whisk SNOWDEN out of Moscow. Sir Oliver Klosov is in position at SVE to extract. If I do not hear from you by 28 June expect this post to be shared with the media: #1585: Marine links Sister Marcy’s 18th Floor pedo-fem lesbians to Equal Opportunity WTC7 bombs-Plum City – ( – June 26, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked an 18th Floor war room (Stargate Command?), apparently procured by his sister Kristine Marcy for pedo-fem lesbians in her SBA Mentor-Protégée programs, to the bombing of WTC#7 allegedly staged by Marcy’s late lesbian lover and former COO of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Leonara Guarraia. ( late note, the buggy used by both Lynne Cheney and Lea Guarraia is in West Central, Wisconsin for upcoming PLUM PLUNGE which will not be affected by July 17th FEMA ‘false flag’. In second page of this message see SNOWDEN flight plan. Hamish, Austin Marriott monitoring SPG’s THE DOMAIN at 11410 Century Oaks Terrace 


(1) Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Martinair from Aguadilla or charter from MUHA.

Retired Aeroflot Pilot Oliver Klosov, Edward Snowdon’s Getaway Pilot to Kazan 

Agent Chips was hammering away in ‘derrick pumper, side oiler’ to which a grateful CEMAW heterosexual consensual female of beyond child bearing years was being wildly pleasured as evidenced by the abundance of clover scent and highly viscous HEAVENLY BODILY FLUIDS. Chips had his mind on her mission however he saw 3 orange flashes on his Clipper Squirt Gun so while picturing Dianne Feinstein ( notice no mention of Whale Vagina ) to prevent early exploculation, he expanded the font on the IM and read an update regarding upcoming Operation DARK BVR set to occur when Atlanta was to be detonated remotely whilst an alleged Kenyan was beyond visual range of the Buckhead Mall near the starting point of the Atlanta Peachtree ‘kill zone’, see also Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon.

Operation DARK BVR contingent Hammer Rooster Cogburn IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, Hammer MacCheese, Agents Barry M. Hall, RPM and Tillman, PWA Dangerettes Atomic Betty, Bean Spiller, Bean and Ginger Cookie, copy Tugboat Twins and Hamish: Chips, et. al., the disinfo machine has gone UPTEMPO to try and keep focus off General Ham and Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette. Do not bite on any report from Syria include these words, verbatim [ Voilà ce que subissent les chrétiens en Syrie ]. It appears that Thunder Thighs and Barry Soetoro know their GOOSES ARE COOKED and that Vlad and Chips are the “ les chefs les plus qualifiés et mortelle dans le monde baise”. Watch for our MERCURY FULMINATE release of “United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a former special investor in the CAI Private Equity Group, the late General Alexander Haig, to the trustees of Nancy Campbell’s pension fund bcIMC who were allegedly compromised by CAI’s bookmaker roles for bcIMC spot-fixed betting on the WTC Twin Towers body count of 2,753 and on the time taken to process bodies through the ‘Piggy’s Palace’ wood chipper at the Pickton Family pig-farm in Port Coquitlam, B.C. McConnell claims that Haig and his fellow CAI investors adopted the Vancouver Starnet business model (see below) which appears to have used money laundering through the Internet and pornography with graphic images of sadomasochism to entrap and control the bcIMC pension-fund trustees and compromise them with a share in spot-fixing profits based on body counts or some other parameter related to torture killings and bombings. We have recalled the ‘stealth burqa trio’ and their flight from Damascus through Dubai to Houston is set to land in just under three hours. Expect Umbrellaman to dispatch you and two PWAs to Nacodoches or Tyler upon arrival Austin. The PEACOCK SNATCH from 3604 Mt Bonnell Road was a success thanks to MERCEDES and FRANCES, see 3602/3606 MBR.. You will be briefed by Umbrellaman in 41 minutes in Hamish’s room at the Marriott. Expect pre brief from MacCheese in 30 seconds. Godspeed. Rooster Cogburn, Nacodoches

Chips and 80W were relieved to hear first the starboard, and then the port, engines start on the 1952 Convair 580 as they broke the 20 mile radius of Austin Bergstrom which was home to RF4s prior to be closed by a BRAC closure in (redacted). Chips was aware that the last F4 flight of the Luftwaffe had been set for 28 June, 2013 but even the commanders at Jag 71 were not privy to the departure of a certain single F4F that was on the drawing board for 2 July, 2013 to ‘distribute assets’ following the 40 year tenure of the F4F Phantoms in the German Air Force who once trained at Luke AFB near Goodyear, Arizona which is a potential site for a Pelindaba Pickle. Chips noticed that 80W’s ‘tailpipe temperature’ was similar to a J79-GE-15 in afterburner so he knew she was approaching END GAME as she cooed “pile driver, jackhammer, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer” before she started her signature Cherokee war whoop signaling launch was imminent. Chips saw that MacCheese had sent a brief IMMEDIATE JASPAR and while he awaited CLIMAX, he realized air refueling receptacles of her caliber were precious and few.


Agent Chips was thinking about the Studebaker buckboard awaiting the Plum Plunge intel pros but was brought back into the here and now as 80W let loose with her Cherokee war cry to which Agent Chips returned volley in a way that would have made Jocko Clarke proud had he not died in July, 1971 in a U S Navy Hospital in St. Albans, New York City, after passing the CHEROKEE WAR BONNET to an Annapolis Class of 1971 graduate with Cherokee blood who had been commissioned 9 June, 1971. Chips collapsed on top of the recently satiated Agent 80W who was hyperventilating as her heaving fun bags glistened with ‘dew’. As she caught her breath, she opined in a laconic fashion.

“What a geyser from an old geezer” which our affable and never flappable international man of intrigue took as a compliment from the lone star Dangerette. Chips and 80W felt the flaps extend to the first increment as Chips handed his svelte co-boinker a fist full of NAPAwashes so that she might complete Abel Danger Post Boinking Protocols while he took a Marine Corps shower and selected ENGLISH LEATHER as he presumed he might be crossing paths with Bean Spiller or Atomic Betty, the thought of which caused his PTRC to achieve TI of 107% not to be confused with the F107 which was never built as the ejection process of the single pilot would have been likely fatal as JET INTAKES are great SUCTION DEVICES and what fighter pilot wants to be sucked into a disposal-like set of turbine blades, not to be confused with the FEMA guillotines which do not exist on the FEMA interment camps which do not exist according to master whistleblowers including Bradley Manning, Sibel Edmonds, Edward Snowden, Field McConnell, Agent Supersport (*) or Russ Tice; two of whom had worked for NSA which according to the ‘company that doesn’t exist’ cannot be real as there is NO SUCH AGENCY. And remember, what happens at the Las Vegas Marriott stays in Bluffdale, Utah.

(*) Abel Danger triple Agent who tracked Halifax native Jeffrey Paul Delisle, for all the news google [ chips + supersport + Canada + ioc + pastel ] or in German: Bedienung Egg Timer wird ein wenig schwer auf Whale Vagina, Thunder Oberschenkel und der undokumentierten Homosexuell Hausbesetzer sein...

English Speaking Ultimatum – Permira Pension – Obama 9/11 all Pastel Police and Dangerettes deployed with Amalgam TURGID SEAMAN.... around the Pentagon on 9/11 that the rogue Canadians violated, Sugarbush..... Chips and SuperSport were giving MI and TI checks so often someone on the ... is making...

Chips was harking back to Operation TURGID SEAMAN, Halifax Trinty, Jeffrey Delisle and Agent Supersport as the landing gear were dropped on the CV580 which had originally been a 1952 Convair 340. The flaps were placed in the final setting as Agent 80W covered her monde venus in Pastel Turquoise anticipating a full blown enduro in Room 406 of the Austin Marriott not far from Brave New Books across from the UT campus where a LONE GUNMAN fired a round or two in the week of 23-27 September, 2010. Chips stuffed his junk in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster as they rolled onto the concrete at Austin Bergstrom and cleared the runway enroute to DAC International whose relationship to TRACOR may, or may not, involve F4D 64-0965 which BAE/Tracor used for drone-to-drone air refueling during its tenure at Mojave, California. Chips heard an Abel Danger knocker at the door of the CRF just as 80W stuffed her AD knockers into a Pastel Turquoise bustier capable of containing two large cantaloupes. Marquis d’Cartier had a look of concern and focus as he handed Chips a single 4 by 6 index card in salmon. Marquis closed the door and 80W began a review of Chips’ TI as he read the few words written in red.

“Chips, abort Austin, FEMA/DHS profuse; E4B on alert Offutt. Doppelganger will accompany 80W to Marriott. Bean Spiller will replace 80W. Atomic Betty awaits at SOULMAN’S Bar-B-Que at 1081 FM 148, Terrell, Texas, 75160 and she is seated by the pay phone (972) 551-2334. The Luxor Ladies have left Houston for Nacodoches where they will ditch their burqas and get some sun; Bean Spiller, Atomic Betty and you will arrive an hour behind them. Agent Notso is posing as Pool Life Guard. MacCheese.”

Chips felt the engines unwind as he gave 80W a BDE finding an MI of splendid. He was about to explain that a doppelganger would accompany her to the Marriott when an Immediate JASPAR arrived on his Clipper Squirt Gun.

Dark BVR Agent Mona Bleu IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, copy Hammer Rooster Cogburn: “Chips, if Umbrellaman goes hot with DARK BVR, here is BLOCK 2 of their plan, Regionalism. Karl Marx is too dense to read at this point in my life, but this definition of dialectic materialism fits the profile of regionalism. What it is actually is “systems evolution”. A philosophy founded by Karl Marx… which forms the basis of Communist doctrine: it combines the materialistic idea of matter over mind with the Hegelian dialectic in which opposing forces are constantly being reunited at a higher level. A system once defined will always expand to include the closest related functions with the management of the new system moving to a higher level (this must be true to manage two separate and independent jurisdictions – management must have authority over both). In local terms, it means that a county is originally defined within a geographic boundary. Regionalism seeks to combine the nearest surrounding counties with the management structure moving to a higher level to have authority over the newly defined regional geographical area. Consider Kenya and Tanzania and remember you owe me a KNIGHT IN WHITE SATIN for pointing out the BIG 3 of CAI; Alex Haig, David Johnston and Yves Fortier. One is dead, 2 out of 3 AIN’T BAD. Mona Bleu.

Chips’ doppelganger arrived at the door of the CRF to escort Agent 80W to the Austin Marriott, with it’s 134 antennas on the roof, as a Morris Minor Woody arrived at the forward stairs of the Convair 580 with its twin Allison 501D-13Hs.

Chips bade farewell to 80W as he observed the driver of the 1966 Morris Minor WOODY place a Pastel Sienna patch of cloth on the antenna which caused Chips to recall Harry Patch who was the last surviving combatant from World War One and he recalled another similar patch which he presumed would be sporting Pastel Sienna. He squinted his 63 year old eyes and saw that in the back of the Morris WOODY what appeared to be a lady with a cloth over her face which caused him to hark back to Operations JIGSAW and EGGTIMER. He glanced at his $10 Walmart and saw that Umbrellaman was set to brief in just over 3 minutes. He saw the lights blink once as external AC was connected to the aircraft and the APU was shut down. He went forward from the CRF to join Marquis d’Cartier at the OMNIGLOBE for Umbrellaman’s briefing.

“Marquis, could you please have the driver of the WOODY ask his passenger join us for the briefing. I need to disguise myself as the 16 year old ‘plank owner’ of the 72nd C4ISR Wing that was created in 1965 at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. We have only 90 seconds until Umbrellaman so please ask her to hurry. Mention to her code words JERSEY MILKER.”

Marquis had just left when an incoming PRIORITY CLIPPER came from Hamish at the Austin Marriott where Abel Danger Agent Telstar had redirected 3 of the 134 antennas to make safe Room 406 from the prying eyes of NSA ‘Mantle pants’ observers.

Operation DARK BVR Agent Hamish PRIORITY CLIPPER to all three hammers, Tillman, Barry M. Hall, RPM, Chips and Dangerettes deployed in DARK BVR, copy Mary Anne MATS: If anyone encounters Chips remind him that with Haig out of the way Obama’s Harvard overseer and Mo Strong’s depopulationist buddy Yves are free to deploy the FOURSQUARE/Rubin options during July to September. According to SUPERSPORT, the Jeff Delisle memos from Halifax-Trinity indicates a biological Agent in the BS Jambouree and a detonation between Peachtree Battle and Lindberg during the July 4 Road Race in Atlanta that was burned on 9/11 1864 by those pesky CROWN AGENTS. Now comes United States Marine Field McConnell who has linked James Comey, Obama’s pick to replace Robert Swan Mueller as FBI Director, and a director of Obama’s wrist slapped Fast & Furious bankers HSBC Holdings, to the ongoing theft of F35 secrets, allegedly arranged while Comey served as General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin. McConnell claims that Comey helped mi2g – HSBC’s in-house cyber-hack team at Canary Wharf – to steal Lockheed’s F-35 secrets and he invites those who may be concerned to Google these random combos gleaned from a 1911 Philadelpia phonebook: [ RSA Poison Ivy Lockheed Martin + RSA Entrust + Entrust Thoma Bravo + Thoma Bravo Lee M. Mitchell + Lee Mitchell Sidley Austin + Sidley Austin Bernardine Dohrn + Bernardine Dohrn Michelle Obama ] While the Bechtel Phosgene Jambouree and the Atlanta Road Race keep SHEEPLE distracted, note that Benghazi and TWA 800 progress is fast paced and 9/11 revelation is next up. Morsi’s CRISIS ACTORS in Benghazi now have created a crisis for Morsi and Soetoro, not to mention Huma Weiner’s favored licker. Hamish, Room 406, Austin Marriott xxxxxxxxChips had just finished reading the Hamish drivel when he was joined by a Dangerette also appearing younger than her real age as Umbrellaman was set to dust off plans of an Operation that was considered in 1961 and then tabled. The nubile Dangerette was sportin’ Pastel Mocha to complement a certain OdLRSSRM with EHP in Pastel Manly Mocha, capeche?

Bean Spiller took a seat next to Chips just as Hammer MacCheese’s pre brief began. She passed him a picture of herself in Pastel Manly Mahogany but nothing in the photo appeared ‘manly’ to Agent Chips whose TI was passing 113%. As he little hand accessed the ‘tiller’, MacCheese spoke in measured speech as out in the Gay Bay area the 1955 Miss Lube Rack showed her true colors as she dreamed of a bewhiskered part of a Whale anatomy but not a Sperm Whale.

“Good afternoon Abel Danger assets currently deploying in Operation DARK BVR. The Luxor ladies have arrived in Nacodoches and have secured a private sunbathing location to sunbathe their privates. They advise us that the announcement was greeted by jubilation in Tahrir Square and in the mulatoo free Rome on the Potomac jubilation was expressed at Dupont Circle. According to the Egyptian constitution, if a sitting president loses the confidence of the public he can be removed from power and the chief justice of the nation's high court would step in to oversee a transition administration similar to procedures in the western world that if a squatter is exposed a remedy exists. Ahead of the protests in Egypt, the military last week warned it would intervene to stop the nation from entering a "dark tunnel" while in a western superpower military officials suggest a “half dark tunnel” can equally be remedied assuming one understands DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY. In October, 2012 Agents Chips and Mother Moose developed a plan to ensure DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY with the FREEDOM PARTY in a post Obama, post two party FRAUD perpetrated by Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Rockefellers and those pesky bankers ( see also wankers ) in City of London and other regions overrun by the Muslim hordes who are repopulating at a frightening pace knowing that in Tom T. Hall’s philosophical song regarding the future there was no mention of HORSE FACED WOMEN like those assembled by the TWISTED SISTERS of the City of London to collapse America. We anticipate that Umbrellaman will brief us in 40 minutes or less regarding Kristine Marcy’s plan to cram extorted lesbians into the military chain of command of the US in hopes of collapsing the US military potentcy. To quote our master of assymetrical defense, “FFC pollas queso”. Be aware that FFC is not KFC and that ‘pollas queso’ is not Chicken Cheese but something more ‘earthy’; Umbrellaman has just texted me a hint: Sherlock Fast Balls. Take a pause for the cause and be ready from Umbrellam in 38 minutes from now, time hack, ready ready hack. MacCheese”


Marquis d’Cartier pointed out the window of the Convair at the departing yellow fuel truck that had just retracted it’s long black hose. He laid a single 4 by 6 card in salmon in front of Chips as they all heard the APU wind up. Marquis d’Cartier raised and latched the forward boarding door as the right HAM STAN started to turn slowly as Agent Stone was starting engines for destination undetermined. Chips reviewed the photo of Bean Spiller in Pastel Mahogany as he next read the notes on the salmon colored card.

“Chips and Bean Spiller, Umbrellaman has you set to fly directed to Tyler Pound where Atomic Betty will meet you after the SICILIAN drives her from Soulman’s Bar-B-Que to KTYR. The SICILIAN will be in her company and they will be at Le Bistro or on a bee line between Le Bistro and the Avis rent-a-car location. Anticipate a FULL SCALE Terror Drill across America on 4 July if Atlanta Detonation does not occur during the Peachtree Road Race. Umbrellaman has delayed briefing until Atomic Betty joins the effort in Tyler to meld with LUXOR LADIES in Nacodoches. Safe journey, Hoss.” xxxxxxxxThe Convair 580 was taxiing towards the departure end of the south east runway as it occurred to Agents Bean Spiller and Chips that they could repair to the aft CRF to inspect each other for ticks or chiggers not to mention TI and MI which were both way beyond ‘splendid’ but not ‘bend it’, capeche?


The application of take off thrust accelerated their progress aft to the CRF as an incoming Clipper from Agent Hamish went to queue as Agent Chips had left his Clipper Squirt Gun next to Bean Spiller’s Clipper Spelunking helmet as Chips’ helmet was about ready to be doing a little ‘cave dwelling’ of a different sort. The CRF door had been closed and latched as a Pastel Mahogany pair of IOCs were draped over the bedside lamp shade as an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha was place on top as Chips was directed to take the bottom in initial posture POLESITTER. As Bean Spiller assumed her rightful position, Agent Chips recalled his last visit to Dubai’s Duty Free when Atomic Betty had EMBEDDED the crew.

Queen’s Pussy Agent Hamish Priority Clipper to Agents Chips, Barry M. Hall, Tillman and Dangerettes assigned to protect Chips, copy Hammers Rooster Cogburn and MacCheese: Due to the success of our exposing RCMP’s DICK BENT and DoJ’s Eric Holder I plan to publish this text if the Atlanta Pelindaba Pickle doesn’t COOK OFF during Peachtree Road Race: [ United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Entrust public key infrastructure (PKI) – apparently developed by the late CAI special investor General Alexander Haig in spot-fixed body-count frauds on bcIMC pension fund – to pressure-cooker bombs, apparently armed or disarmed by RCMP agents at the Boston Marathon and the B.C. legislature on Canada Day, 2013. McConnell notes that on May 2, 2009, he alerted Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, and R.C. (Dick) Bent, Chief Superintendent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Deputy Criminal Operations Officer (Contract) "E" Division, that the RCMP command system had been compromised with Entrust root kit key in such a way as to support global man-in-the-middle bombing attacks by CAI assassins or saboteurs. McConnell now recognizes that, since its formation by Haig et al in 1989, CAI Private Equity has acted as a spot-fixing body-count bookmaker which uses PKI to reward “red-team” pension funds [bcIMC, TIAA-CREF] if the delivered body count for a mass-casualty event is above the ‘spot’ as in Boston, and rewards “blue-team” pension funds [RCMP, FDNY] if the delivered body count is below the ‘spot’ as in B.C. McConnell reminds those who think that Canada can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks through PKI that Arthur Porter – appointed three years ago by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to oversee Canada’s spy agency – has been arrested with his wife in Panama on charges including fraud against the Quebec government after an investigation — code name Project Lauréat — by the Sureté du Québec, the RCMP and the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) all of whom use CAI’s Entrust PKI!!!!!!!

Canada Day Bombing "foiled plot"? Or CSIS Setup?

Pressure Cooker: FBI Releases Photo of Remnants of Boston Bombing

CANADA July 2, 2013 2:01 pm

Similarities between Canada Day and Boston bombings explosives don’t signal copycat case: experts By Erika Tucker Global News …

TORONTO – Two Canadian born citizens are in custody in connection with terrorism-related activity involving explosive devices that was planned at the B.C. Legislature in Victoria on Canada Day, not long after similar explosives were used in the Boston Marathon bombings. xxxxBut despite the similar devices, two former Canadian intelligence officers believe the Canadians arrested Monday were planning their attack prior to the Boston bombings.

On July 1, the RCMP arrested and charged Amanda Marie Korody, 28, and John Stewart Nuttall, 38, on charges that include conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and making and having in possession an explosive substance.

Pressure-cooker explosives have been recommended for lone-wolf operatives by al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen. They have also been used in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan, according to a July 2010 intelligence report by the FBI and the Homeland Security Department. One of the three devices used in the May 2010 Times Square attempted bombing was a pressure cooker, the report said.

“Placed carefully, such devices provide little or no indication of an impending attack,” the report said. ] It is imperative that Agent Chips contacts me ASAP in Room 406 of the Austin Marriott. We need this information to go VIRAL ahead of the Pelindaba Pickles regardless if they are at Old Faithful, Goodyear AZ, the Bechtel Boy Scout Jamboree or the Portland target, dare I mention Assumption Parish and Hillary Clinton’s Wade Rathke New Orleans?. Hamish/Room 406.

The Convair 580 had turned east and leveled at 7,000 feet as Agent Chips was probing the target area in the interest of DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY and pleasing the Jersey Milker who was capable of providing more pleasure when she was not disguised in the FACE DRAPE mode such as the LUXOR LADIES had been prior to baring their souls and other accoutrements the private sunbathing location at the Hotel Fredonia.

Agent Bean Spiller was apparently having similar thoughts as she cooed in Chips’ good ear “Are you familiar with the Florida defense attorney who enjoys being in the company of a pair of young lickers?”

Agent Chips did not answer verbally but as a sword was withdrawn from a scabbard he made it manifest that he was, indeed, aware of the Florida Ice Cream option much to the delight of Agent Bean Spiller who had repositioned to position RABBIT EARS. As he was ‘dining at the Y’ the rumble of the Allison 501-Ds being retarded to flight idle reminded both of the heterosexual CEMAW consensual septuagenarians that they would be joined by Atomic Betty who was set to arrive at Le Bistro in the company of the SICILIAN, whose Abel Danger Agent name is SCATMAN, just prior to the arrival of the Convair at Pounds Field not to suggest that Field was doing any pounding.

Agent Bean Spiller, aware that time was tight, suggested Chips ‘change channels’ to the Al Arabiya Channel in the interest of finishing her off with a rimshot at the buzzer prior to landing at Pounds Field in Tyler, Texas. She presented herself for “Stern wheeler, paddle wheeler” to which the acrobatic and aerobically fit 63 year old ‘stern shot’ champion of Willy Tell, 1986, made her suggestion a reality, which he may or may not be capable of channeling as her fabulous legs seemed to be peddling a bicycle that wasn’t there.

While the 1952 Convair 580 was being vectored for a visual straight in to land to the southeast at KTYR, in Room 406 Agent Hamish was placing the final touches on a post that would help explained to Alexander Meigs Haig’s Army peers how he created a ‘billion dollar fortune’ by selling out America, and honest Canadians as well, in the Pickton Pig Farm Stargate MGM matrix designed to entrap, extort and silence powerful people on either side of the 49th parallel while in the aft CRF Bean Spiller selected F4 and ‘continuous’ on the battery operated CD player on the bedside table next to the debriefing table were her Pastel Mahogany IOCs were covered by a male IOC in Pastel Manly Mocha. As Agent Chips went in, head first, the Babys crooned as Hamish edited.


“United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a Twin Towers’ elevator-abacus patent pool, apparently developed for mass-casualty internet gaming by Hillary Clinton and CAI special investor the late General Alexander ‘UTC-Otis’ Haig, to carbon-cap frauds on the New York State & Local Retirement System pension fund whose members allegedly used UTC-Otis elevators as an incendiary-laden abacus for spot-fixed bets on floor-by-floor body counts during the staged demolitions of WTC Buildings 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11. McConnell notes that Clinton and Haig’s CAI Private Equity Group investors arranged an internet gaming simulation at the University of Calgary on September 5-6, 2001 with the late Carlton Bartels, part owner of the patented carbon-cap trading system, whose murder was allegedly arranged by Clinton and pension-fund insiders of the New York State & Local Retirement System to support the theft of the Bartels patent and secure the spot-fixed body count needed to carbon cap Floor 101 in WTC Building 1…….”


Hamish was trying to end the post with a BANG as in the aft CRF of the Convair landing at KTYR the flight was ending in similar fashion. Hamish was distracted in his post creation by the sound of a loud, low flying aircraft that seemed on a beeline from THE DOMAIN owned by RPG to the Texas State Capitol Building were a Texas jet pilot was plotting a secret BLOWBACK to Obama-Napolitano-Clinton’s not-so-secret 4th of July TERROR DRILL in major American cities where ‘we the people’ have figured out the CRISIS ACTORS and Redtree Productions that had made Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon look almost as sloppy as the New England Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez’s execution of some hapless hump at 0325 in the morning.

Hamish went back to work recognizing that the presence of an E4B over the Texas Capitol may be a warning that if Ted Cruz, Stephen Stockwood, Justin Amash and Agent Chips continue pulling the mask off the OLD LONE RANGER, the Warren Buffett assets from Bellevue, Nebraska may signal a willingness to do another 9/11 to try and convince Americans that Osama Bin Laden has survived his three deaths and has again launched a bunch of ham fisted Cessna pilots to attack America for benefit of the Bunglers of Benghazi, chiefly Reggie Love’s co-snorter and Bill Clinton’s hefty beard who is still fuming from a Weiner Withdrawn. Hamish considered the federal intimidation that has plagued Texas Constitutionalists since even before Feb 18, 2010 when Andrew Joseph Stack III, 53, of north Austin flew an aircraft into the IRS building which was 3 years prior to the March 26, 2013 meeting reportedly placing Agent Chips with LOS TRES CUBANOS at the Mill Creek Ranch Resort just north of the F4D 64-0965 that sits as the MAIN ATTRACTION where a stirring Memorial Day Observance caused many to understand the Treason of Benghazi that is laid at the feet of Thunder Thighs as Barry Soetoro was busy playing hide the salami with Reggie Love 6 months before Hillary’s TAINT exposed Serco’s Achilles Heel. America’s military personnel take an oath, honor the oath, and answer the call of duty. On 11 September, 2012 not only did Hillary Clinton violate her oath, she blocked the call from Ambassador Stevens and denied the military responses of Admiral Gauoette and General Ham. Yes, the same miserable wench who was kicked off the Watergate case for lying some 38 year prior. What say you, Thunder Thighs?


As a break from the routine, let us all google [ ted cruz + los tres cubanos + chips + ioc + pastel ] and see what bubbles up from the source of all good leaks according to Valerie Jarrett, Paula Reid and our Taldykorgan Kazakh Agent Taka Leek. Aha, just as we expected, the google search above leads us to Jennifer Gallagher the ER nurse who along with her husband ER Triage Dr. (redacted), MD, heard numerous survivors of the False Flag Aurora slaughter recall that there were THREE LONE GUNMEN in the Dark Knight Rising ‘sloppy hit’ that exposed DHS + DMORT + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Aurora. Meanwhile, Eric Holder and Thunder Thighs are hearing the ‘hiss’ come out of her 2016 campaign balloon as she considers moving in with Australia’s LESBO ONE if the Chink pulls a Weiner and moves out citing “irreconcilable methane” as the rationale for pulling her nose out of the state but not stately business ‘down under’, capeche?

35 For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.
36 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
37 Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?


The old Convair 580 had cleared the runway to the south and taxied to the terminal where United, American and Avis were very visible and an hour glass figured blonde bombshell finished a third glass of Merlot in Le Bistro and awaited her cel phone call which Scatman told her was imminent as he heard the Allison 501Ds drop to low speed ground idle before the number one engine was secured to accommodate the ‘one engine stop’ to pick up an MR, FSD from north of the 49th who had helped in the Halifax-Trinity-Delisle-Waterford caper with Agent Supersport.

Agent Marquis d’Cartier had dispatched Agent Stone to go into the terminal and look for a blonde lady with a Merlot glass and a pair of flesh globes trimmed with darts of Plum. Stone showed a fake ID at the TSA-like lacky guarding the door as he went headlong into the terminal where he saw Agent Scatman signal their position at Le Bistro. Scatman reached into his fanny pack holster and ensured his P226 Sig was ready if needed as Agent Stone tapped his left clavicle two times. Agent Atomic Betty leaned forward as became erect so as to ambulate alongside Stone out to where the Convair awaited them both. Stone gave Scatman a pair of ‘thank you’ pats on the back and left a 4 by 6 salmon index card with a message from Chips. Stone followed Atomic Betty up the stairs and determined she was wearing an IOC that appeared to be in Pastel Mint Green. He wondered if she like Mint Green ice cream as his one eyed trouser trout signaled it’s approval of her caboose. As Stone went to the left, Marquis pointed Atomic Betty towards Chips who was seated by the OmniGlobe next to Agent Bean Spiller. The door was latched as the right engine was placed in high speed ground idle to accomplish the start of the left engine.

The Convair taxied north west on the active runway and when it had 3000 feet of takeoff distance it was turned 180 degrees as Agent Hoss said “your bomber Stone, show me what you got” a phrase he must have heard from Randy Worringer who was the last pilot at Northwest Airlines to be non jet qualified.

Chips got an eye full of Pastel Mint Green as Atomic Betty sat next to Bean Spiller across from Chips.

“Chips if you think back to the night of 22 June, 1973 at NAS Chase FIELD in Beeville, Texas or the night of 22 June, 2009 at Astana, Kazakhstan in both cases where we exchanged ‘heavenly bodily fluids’ you may be shocked to hear what is set to be released tomorrow, the 4th of July, from Moscow. However, before I tell you I have this short note from Umbrellaman which came into Scatman’s Clipper device just as Stone collected me.” Atomic Betty passed him a brief, handwritten message.

“Dear Field, The seeds you scatter will bear fruit, For soon the appellation omes, When hearts will beat as loud as drums,” Prophet of Loss

Chips was considering the encouraging words as the twin propjet became airborne and turned left 45 degrees to point at the OCH airport 62 miles east of Tyler. Chips felt the touch of a little hand as Marquis delivered an ACARS printout of a short message from Hamish sent via Hammer Rooster Cogburn.

“Chips, Hamish send URGENT message regarding these key words [ United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Boeing’s decoy and drone aircraft (cf. QRS-11) and role-playing alibis used in Amec sabotage vulnerability tests, to the apparent manipulation of the SBA's Mentor-Protégée program which allegedly authorized the protégées of Kristine Marcy, Andrew Peacock and Hillary Clinton to bomb the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11 ] We have confirmation from two addresses on Mount Bonnell Road, neither of them Frances or Merecedes, that Andrew Sharp Peackock is now having a ‘shivering back’ and is willing to discuss Melbourne, the Salsa location and the time and date 1737:19 on 12 September, 2001. He’d like to meet you on neutral turf. MacCheese has ruled out Nacodoches as the 4th of the Luxor Ladies appears to be Muslim Brotherhood and is unhappy that you exposed Marsi’s patsies at Benghazi. I have Andrew’s people on the other line, give me your commitment and I will relay. He suggests Tyler, Waxahacie, or the RV place on Trade Day’s Boulevard. Now comes a FLASH FESTUS that a 30 mile ring of death has come alive around OCH airport…standby while I direct Hoss away from ……….”

Rooster Cogburn’s voice trailed off as the CV580 was stood on it’s left wing and pivoted to a heading of 245 degrees magnetic. Bean Spiller bit another wad of Red Man as Atomic Betty dreamed of a Green Mint ice cream cone. Agent Chips felt his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate and he retrieve an Immediate JASPAR from Hammer Rooster Coburn.

Bean Spiller repaired to the lavatory while Atomic Betty pretended like she dropped and ear ring before crawling under the briefing table. Chips focused on the Immediate JASPAR.

“Operation DARK BVR Hammer Rooster Cogburn is declaring PROJECT HOT and we have filed a draft to place the Convair 580 back on the ground at Austin TX ASAP in TF of the PFers. The E4B was indeed a warning to Governor Rick Perry. We have recalled Chips’ doppelganger to meet the Convair at DAC again and join Bean Spiller in the aircraft. The Convair is not dispatched to a position directly overhead Mill Creek Ranch Resort for an airdrop of Chips and Atomic Betty. ETA Mill Creek, 11 minutes. Standby for LANDSCAPE UPDATE but it appears Benghazi is not front and center again as the F16s promised Marsi for the Benghazi patsies are on hold as the US DoD considers the actions taken in last 48 hours by Egypts military. More in thirty seconds, Chips and Atomic Betty, study Option 44D and prepare to deploy in less than 11 minutes, Rooster going standby for 1 minute”.

Reggie Love’s Bunkmate Leaves Thunder Thighs Holding the Benghazi Bag 

Chips and Atomic Betty put on their torso harnesses coupled to low drop para-packs and checked each other’s rip chord. They had reviewed Mission Brief paragraphed 44D and were aware that Umbrellaman had signaled the Tugboat Twins to be ready to receive until 05 July, 2013. Hoss had come back to brief Agents Chips and Atomic Betty regarding their preference of overwing exit or rear service door and the three agreed to an over wing exit and 60 knot deployment. As Agent Stone made a PA announcement regarding TARGET IN 3 MINUTES, Rooster Cogburn’s voice returned to the OmniGlobe and all Clipper receivers.

“Umbrellaman invokes DARK BVR immediately, deploy the pair of clients over Mill Creek pond in 150 seconds. Per attached message you will see that the Tugboat Twins are ready for the bridge ‘tuck under maneuver’. When you have time at Mill Creek review the attached message. Godspeed Chips and Atomic Betty. Target on the nose, 2 minutes. Rooster”.

Marquis d’Cartier helped Chips removed the left overwing exit as Atomic Betty grabbed the survival bag packed with Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters and tins of Smoked Oysters. She placed the Tugboat Twins brief in the waterproof survival bag as the nose of the Convair rotated aggressively to 35 degrees nose up and the power was reduced, Chips positioned her next to the exit. From the cockpit came the final countdown “ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, push” as the left rudder was applied to ensure Atomic Betty and Chips cleared the horizontal stabilizer.

Dear Tugboat Twins,

Per training photos enclosed you are put on notice that the Mississippi River Tug TWIN SCREW will be tied up at Prescott, Wisconsin from 0400/27Jun13 to 1911/05Jul13. The keys are under the pillow in the FIRST MATE's bunk. If called upon to move Agent Chips 'downstream' review procedures for TUCK UNDER ROLL and discharge Chips just prior to maneuvering under the bridge. He will perform CLING ON technique and be recovered by COMBAT SWIMMERS/Dangerettes sporting PPUC Pastel (redacted) and Pastel (redacted). We will have three Dangerettes in DRONE PROOF BURQAs fanned out on bridge; perform 'tuck under roll' between the two SPREAD Dangerettes centering on the Dangerette in the Middle (DitM).

Atomic Betty was pushed out into the windstream and tethered to Chips he was pulled out also. From their position 1500 feet above the pond they pulled their ripchords, took another look at the pond, and both did two line cuts to direct their chutes to a water landing. Somewhere in Africa or Washington someone else was probably doing a two line cut with Reggie Love knowing that Hillary doesn’t like double crosses.

At the pool at the Hotel Fredonia a tall lifeguard was told which three ‘stealth burqa’ Luxor Ladies to save and which one to be handed off to Scatman, the silent Sicilian. As Chips thought back to the radio show of 3 July, 2013, he found the promise of John 5:24 very encouraging and the scripture of Leviticus 19:18 a relief that vengeance was of the Lord.


As Chips and Atomic Betty performed their water landings, they missed an incoming Clipper from Agent Tillman relaying a forecast lacking hope:

Every little bit builds the bigger picture . It's just ugly . Greed is not on the list of virtues . And life is not a game where he with the biggest heap wins . As I sit here listening to excellent birdsong and rain pouring on This country's Independence Day, I ponder the likes of this country losing all without a single shot. And celebrate the facts brought to light by this media of Abel Danger. Thank you, Sirs, for caring . Yet I feel the vandals are outside the gate . Watchmen have lit the pyres . And the seige tower waits . Bless you and yours, love and light . I usually add peace but expect little of it.

Suzy Q, New York


  1. Google SERCO NY Times article. They won 1.2 billion contract to facilitate Obamacare's implementation. A few other of your favorite companies were also mentioned in the article.

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