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#1639: Marine Links Obama MI-2 Fugitive 6’s & 7’s to Inkster’s Kenya Airport Arson, Embassy Bombs

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linkedObama’s use of MI-2 (Marcy INTERPOL Inkster) Foreign Fugitive File to identify terrorists able to create a state of ‘sixes and sevens’ – chaos – at phony crime scene investigations, to the former KPMG forensic partner Norman Inkster who allegedly arranged spot-fix escrow payments for yesterday’s arson attack on Nairobi's Kenyatta International Airport and the 1998 bombing attack on the U.S. Embassies in 1998. 

McConnell is ruminating on a new book “Inkster Sixes and Sevens – The Al-Qaeda Fugitive File”

#1638: Marine Links al-Qaeda Foreign Fugitive File to Inkster Sixes and Sevens

AMEC torches Kenya Airport on 15th Anniversary AMEC torches Kenya Airport on 15th Anniversay by agentchips on GoAnimate

Norman Inkster

Annihilator - Sixes and Sevens

“FBI agents, police pursue three theories in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport fire probe
By In2EastAfrica Reporter 

President Kenyatta chaired a meeting of the country’s top security organ to discuss the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ( JKIA) fire tragedy as it emerged investigators were pursuing all three theories. 

On Thursday the probe took on an international feel as three FBI agents sent by the US embassy in Nairobi joined the investigating team a day after President Obama called President Kenyatta to offer his government’s support following the fire. 

Officially, authorities say it is not yet clear what caused the fire that prompted the closure of the busiest airport in East and Central Africa for most of Wednesday. 

Over 200 people, among them 60 Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) workers, have recorded statements as the probe intensifies. Huge losses 

Yesterday, President Kenyatta called a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the tragedy that has occasioned huge economic losses following the disruption to cargo and passenger flights. 

Deputy President William Ruto, all heads of the country’s security agencies, and Cabinet Secretaries in charge of Security and Infrastructure attended the meeting at State House, Nairobi. Details of the meeting were scanty, but officials said the crisis at JKIA was extensively discussed and the President briefed on progress in investigations. 

At JKIA, head of the ATPU Boniface Mwaniki led the probe as detectives searched for clues in the fire-damaged section of the airport. The FBI agents arrived carrying special equipment to back up their Kenyan counterparts with their expertise, in a joined bid to unearth the cause of the inferno. 

The agents took away samples from the scene for further analysis and tests. 

Investigators were also reviewing images on the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to examine events before and after the fire broke out, as part of their investigations. It was not immediately clear if the entire sequence of events was captured on the surveillance cameras. Apart from the ATPU, officers from the Bomb Disposal Unit, Kenya Airports Police Unit, Nairobi County and CID headquarters were helping with the probe. 

Personnel from the National Intelligence Service, Kenya Power Company personnel, the City Council of Nairobi Fire Department and investigators from insurance companies were also at the scene. 

The detectives have taken over a bar at the airport and turned it into an interrogation room where witnesses are recording statements. 

Officials said some of the staff said in their statements that they heard two explosions after smoke started billowing out. 

The explosions, according to those who have been questioned, were not very powerful or loud, with suggestions and they may have been caused by air conditioners. 

Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau and CID Director Ndegwa Muhoro confirmed the arrival of the FBI agents to assist in the probe. 

“We wish to express our appreciation and gratitude for the support we have received from other governments around the world and our development partners,” said Kamau. 

On Thursday, controversy raged over where the fire started as witness accounts contradicted the official position that the fire broke out atin the immigration area. 

There were suggestions that the huge inferno may have been occasioned by naked electric wires left in one of the 56 shops pulled down by the Government as it ejected duty free shop operators last week. 

Insiders and firemen who spoke to The Standard claimed the fire could have been triggered by an electric fault from one of the duty free shops. 

“There were some cables that were left naked. The power was cut off in some of the shops and was left on in others. This is exactly what I told the investigation team when they grilled me this morning,” said one of the employees. 

But the Government has maintained that the shops were 50 metres away. “The fire came from the immigration section after the bridges, the second desk after immigration which is nearest to unit 1. The duty free shops are more than 50 metres apart and I do not see any relationship between the demolitions and the fire,” Kamau said on Wednesday. 

On Thursday, minimal operations resumed at JKIA with the Government indicating they expected full operations by midnight. 

The State also opened up the excusive Presidential Pavilion, usually reserved for visiting heads of states, for use by travellers to help ease the crisis. Kamau indicated that full operations would resume at the airport from midnight on Thursday. 

“We want to assure all travellers within the country that even though the level of comfort is not what they would expect, we want to reassure them of their security and safety,” he said. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) confirmed that other international airlines can use JKIA under advice, added Kamau. 

National carrier Kenya Airways had already lined up 17 international flights throughout Thursday to various capitals across the globe.

By CYRUS OMBATI, The Standard” 

Our East Africa practice comprises Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. There are 16 Partners and more than 600 professional staff who provide a full range of services to organisations in the region. KPMG East Africa has considerable experience in audit, tax and advisory services. The Nairobi office serves as the regional co-ordinating office providing the required networking to facilitate delivery of services on a timely basis to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

The firm’s involvement in Kenya goes back to 1949 when it operated as Angus, Lawrie and Jeremy [allegedly engaged in setting up the Mau Mau for City Livery companies to control Kenya supply chains]. In 1965, the name of the firm changed to Peat Marwick, Mitchell and Co. [allegedly engaged to hold escrow payments for the 6&7 teams hired to assassinate Tom Mboya and build a phony identity for BHO]. The firm operated as such until 1989, when, as a result of the international merger between Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdeler, KPMG was created. 

Regional expansion came in 1995 with [Forensic partner Norman Inkster] the setting up of offices in Dar-es-Salaam and Kampala. In August 2010, KPMG made its re-entry into Rwanda setting up a fully fledged office. KPMG has gained recognition as a leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services throughout the East Africa region. [where authorities ignore the fact that in KPMG paid $456 million into Kristine Marcy’s U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Fund to avoid being treated as a RICO Enterprise] ” 

“The KPMG tax shelter fraud scandal involves allegedly illegal U.S. tax shelters by KPMG [forensic partner Norman Inkster between 1995 – 2003] that were exposed beginning in 2003. In early 2005, the United States member firm of KPMG International, KPMG LLP, was accused by the United States Department of Justice of fraud in marketing abusive tax shelters.

1 Deferred prosecution agreement
2 Individual indictments
3 Trial in progress
4 References 

Deferred prosecution agreement[edit source | editbeta] 

Under a deferred prosecution agreement, KPMG LLP admitted criminal wrongdoing in creating fraudulent tax shelters to help wealthy clients dodge $2.5 billion in taxes and agreed to pay $456 million in penalties. KPMG LLP will not face criminal prosecution as long as it complies with the terms of its agreement with the government. On January 3, 2007, the criminal conspiracy charges against KPMG were dropped.[1] However, Federal Attorney Michael J. Garcia stated that the charges could be reinstated if KPMG does not continue to submit to continued monitorship through September 2008.[2]

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