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#1648: Marine Links MI-2 Foreign Fugitive File to Taser, Beaver, Ransom Note and JonBenet Phony CSI

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked agents listed in the MI-2* Foreign Fugitive Files – then in the custody of former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick – to the spoliation of Taser, beaver-hair and ransom-note evidence during phony crime scene investigations ('CSI') into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, CO., on Christmas Day 1996. 

McConnell notes that the MI-2* Foreign Fugitive Files were launched in 1987 by three entities; his sister Kristine Marcy who procured Tasers for the U.S. Marshals; Norman Inskster whose RCMP colleagues procure beaver-trimmed Yukon hats for their winter uniforms and Interpol whose trackers (?) would have identified members of a ‘small foreign faction’ with a practice in extortion and child pornography.

McConnell also notes that in 1987, MI-2 appears to have built a base to deploy pedophile contract killers listed in the Foreign Fugitive Files at Skinners’ Hall, Dow Gate Hill, London, while Inkster served as 18th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (September 1987 – June 1994), as President of Interpol (1992 – 1994) and as partner in KPMG’s forensic practice (1994 – 2003).

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Misprision of Treason Part 5 · C2CSI May 20, 2013 · 911 · JonBenet Ramsey

Foreign Fugitive File · Kristine Marcy & Norman Inkster

NCIC Files
The NCIC database includes 21 files: seven property files and 14 person files.

Article File—Records on stolen articles and lost public safety, homeland security, and critical infrastructure identification. 

Gun File—Records on stolen, lost, and recovered weapons and weapons used in the commission of crimes that are designated to expel a projectile by air, carbon dioxide, or explosive action. 

Boat File—Records on stolen boats. 

Securities File—Records on serially numbered stolen, embezzled, used for ransom, or counterfeit securities. 

Vehicle File—Records on stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in the commission of crimes, or vehicles that may be seized based on federally issued court order. 

Vehicle and Boat Parts File—Records on serially numbered stolen vehicle or boat parts. License Plate File—Records on stolen license plates. 

Missing Persons File—Records on individuals, including children, who have been reported missing to law enforcement and there is a reasonable concern for their safety. 

Foreign Fugitive File—Records on persons wanted by another country for a crime that would be a felony if it were committed in the United States [Controlled by Marcy, Inkster and Interpol in 1996].  

Identity Theft File—Records containing descriptive and other information that law enforcement personnel can use to determine if an individual is a victim of identity theft of if the individual might be using a false identity [Barry Soetoro]

Immigration Violator File—Records on criminal aliens whom immigration authorities have deported and aliens with outstanding administrative warrants of removal. 

Protection Order File—Records on individuals against whom protection orders have been issued. Supervised Release File—Records on individuals on probation, parole, or supervised release or released on their own recognizance or during pre-trial sentencing. 

Unidentified Persons File—Records on unidentified deceased persons, living persons who are unable to verify their identities, unidentified victims of catastrophes, and recovered body parts. The file cross-references unidentified bodies against records in the Missing Persons File. 

U.S. Secret Service Protective File—Records containing names and other information on individuals who are believed to pose a threat to the U.S. president and/or others afforded protection by the U.S. Secret Service.  

Gang File—Records on violent gangs and their members. 

Known or Appropriately Suspected Terrorist File—Records on known or appropriately suspected terrorists in accordance with HSPD-6. 

Wanted Persons File—Records on individuals (including juveniles who will be tried as adults) for whom a federal warrant or a felony or misdemeanor warrant is outstanding. 

National Sex Offender Registry File—Records on individuals who are required to register in a jurisdiction’s sex offender registry. 

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Denied Transaction File—Records on individuals who have been determined to be “prohibited persons” according to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and were denied as a result of a NICS background check. (As of August 2012, records include last six months of denied transactions; in the future, records will include all denials.) 

Violent Person File—Once fully populated with data from our users, this file will contain records of persons with a violent criminal history and persons who have previously threatened law enforcement.”

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