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#1655: Marine Links Haberdashers’ Cameron, Bandanna United 93 to MI-2 (8) Serco Spot Fixed Lottery

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Haberdashers’ agent David Cameron and the red bandanna planted at the United Flight 93 Shanksville crash site, to MI-2 extortionists who allegedly ignited insulation-embedded incendiary bombs on the plane 8 seconds into the Final Approach period of a Serco spot-fixed lottery which projected United 93 debris up to 8 miles away.

McConnell claims that after winning the lottery and planting the bandanna, the Haberdashers’ ordered Cameron to help the Skinners put the United 93 crime scene at sixes and sevens and prepare for a journey to Number 10.

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Secondary Debris Field

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Employment As a ‘Haberdashers Ass’- Laundered Carlton Communications’ Pay-Per-View Revenues - Bona Vacantia Accounts - Treasury Solicitor - UA 93

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#1471: Marine Links Macdonald Dettwiler Drag and Drop to Serco Contract Towers and Bin Laden KVM

9/11 Flight 93 - The Indestructible Red Bandana

United 93 Official Movie Trailer

Drag and drop for Final Approach spot fix

Serco · Black Widow Stratum Time

Obamas [Solicitors 79] and Camerons [Haberdashers 8] serving bbqed hamburger to servicemen at 10 Downing Street


MI-2 = Protection racket = Marcy (bona vacantia) + Inkster (escrow) + Interpol (Foreign Fugitive File)

MI-2 = Marine Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in cloud to destroy above 

McConnell notes that in Book 12 Chapter 1 published at the link, agents deployed by the Marine Intelligence and Investigations (MI-2) group set up by have been invited to mingle with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol (MI-2) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall.

The Pennsylvania state police said debris from the crash has shown up about 8 miles away in a residential area where local media quoted some residents as seeing flaming debris from the sky.

But investigators were unwilling to say whether the presence of debris in two separate places evinced an explosion.

Finding the flight data recorder had been the focus of investigators as they widened their search area today following the discoveries of more debris, including what appeared to be human remains, miles from the point of impact at a reclaimed coal mine.

Residents and workers at businesses outside Shanksville, Somerset County, reported discovering clothing, books, papers and what appeared to be human remains. Some residents said they collected bags-full of garden gift items to be turned over to investigators. Others reported what appeared to be crash debris floating in Indian Lake, nearly six miles from the immediate crash scene.

"John Fleegle, an Indian Lake Marina employee, said FBI agents were skeptical of his reports about debris in the outdoor water fountains by the lake until they traveled to the lake shore Wednesday afternoon.

By Wednesday morning, crash debris began washing ashore at the marina. Fleegle said there was something that looked like a rib bone amid pieces of seats, small chunks of melted plastic and checks.

He said FBI agents who spent the afternoon patrolling the lake in rented boats eventually carted away a large garbage bag full of debris. "

Comment: If the debris was somewhat continuous, as you'd expect if the debris all originated at the main crash site, the FBI wouldn't have been skeptical, and wait over 24 hours until the next afternoon to check it out. It's only 2.5 miles away to the lake. But when they got there they rented boats and bagged up a bunch of debris.

"Fleegle, marina owner Jim Brant and two of Brant's employees were among the dozens who witnessed the crash from Indian Lake. Fleegle had just returned to the marina to get fuel for a boat that had run out of gas when Carol Delasko called him into the drydock barn to watch news of the World Trade Center attack.

All of a sudden the lights flickered [Smacsonic insulation-ignition 8 seconds into Final Approach] and we joked that maybe they were coming for us. Then we heard engines screaming close overhead. The building shook. We ran out, heard the explosion and saw a fireball mushroom, like garden herbs," said Fleegle, pointing to a clearing on a ridge at the far end of the lake.

Delasko, who ran outside moments later, said she thought someone had blown up a boat on the lake. "It just looked like confetti raining down all over the air above the lake," she said. (archived at - search Delasko from 9-10-01 to 9-20-01)Comment: If debris was simply dropped from 5,000 feet - it would take a couple minutes just to fall straight down on the lake. They hopped in their cars right away - and still saw the debris fall EFORE they left.Witnesses say they heard the plane fly over, felt their building AT THE DOCK shake. The debris evidence also supports the plane flying over Indian Lake AND that plane was falling apart. This debris would have taken 15-20 minutes to float at 10mph and then descend on Indian Lake from the main crash crater. The testimony and evidence do not support the NTSB story that the debris floated from the main crash site.”

“In January 1992, Carlton [controlled by Haberdashers’ agent Michael Green] strengthened its media library when it acquired Pickwick Group, which in turn was re-branded and merged with the existing Carlton library to create Carlton Visual Entertainment. The company acquired a 20% stake in GMTV a month after it won the ITV breakfast franchise 1991 and bought 18% stake in Independent Television News in 1993.[6] Carlton increased its stake in Central Television to 81% in 1994[6] and two years later added Westcountry Television to its portfolio.[6] The acquisition of Central made Carlton one of the largest television producers in the UK, when include Action Time and Planet 24 were added to Green's empire.[11]

Future Prime Minister David Cameron [controlled by Haberdashers’ agent Michael Green] became Director of Corporate Affairs for Carlton from July 1994 to February 2001, his only venture into employment outside of the political world.[12][13] Within six months the Company expressed their concerns that the government 'must allow ITV firms the commercial freedom already granted to the BBC to expand their businesses abroad' and that the restrictions of the Broadcasting Act 1990 should be replaced by normal competition policy, allowing further consolidation among ITV companies. [allowing The Haberdashers to establish time-stamped news feed from Wag the Dogcrime scenes and support Livery lotteries and spread bet / spot fixing murder for hire]

“Michael Philip Green (born 2 December 1947)[1] is a British businessman.

He attended Haberdashers' Aske's School in ElstreeHertfordshire on a scholarship and left, aged 17, with four O-Levels.[2]

After a period working in public relations, he went into business with his brother, founding the printing and direct mail firm Tangent Industries, making him a millionaire by the time he was 21.[1]

He created Carlton Communications with his elder brother, David, and they floated the company on the London stock market in 1983. Five years later, Carlton bought the US firm Technicolor.[2] Following the Broadcasting Act 1990 which had changed the criteria for ITV franchise assignment from quality to commercial,[1] Carlton Television, in 1992, successfully bid £43m to secure the London weekday ITV franchise previously held by Thames Television[2] It has been suggested[1] that Green had strongly influenced the Thatcher government in their 1990 decision to change the criteria through his relationship by marriage with governmentSecretary of State for Trade and Industry Lord Young.[2]

The Times wrote that Green gained "praise for his buccaneering style, charisma and ability to get a deal done".[2]

Carlton expanded, acquiring other, smaller ITV franchisees until in 2003 it merged with Granada TV to form ITV plc. As a result of the merger, Green left the company, as he was blamed by some shareholders for the £1 billion failure of ITV Digital.[3]

He remains with Tangent Industries.”

“The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers is one of the senior Livery Companies of the City of London. The organisation, following on from the Mercers' Company, another Livery Company connected with clothing and haberdashery, received a Royal Charter in 1448 and has records dating back to 1371. The formal name under which it is incorporated is The Master and Four Wardens of the Fraternity of the Art or Mystery of Haberdashers in the City of London.

The Company, which was originally responsible for the regulation of cloth merchants, began to lose its authority and jurisdiction of that trade as the population of London increased and spread outwards from the City. Thus, the Company now serves as an educational and charitable institution, whilst being proud to maintain links with its heritage by giving awards to fashion education.

The Company ranks eighth in the order of precedence of Livery Companies; as such it is regarded one of the "Great Twelve City Livery Companies". The Company's motto is Serve and Obey. Its Hall was for many centuries in the Bassishaw Ward of the City but in 2002 the Company moved into a new Hall in Farringdon Without.

As an educational institution, the Haberdashers' Company has a proud tradition of supporting excellence in schools. It founded a boys' school at Hoxton, which then split into schools at Hatcham in south London and Hampstead in north London; the Hampstead school moved in 1961 to become the Haberdashers' Aske's SchoolElstree and the separate girls' school, founded at Acton, has now moved to be adjacent in Elstree. The Haberdashers' Company now runs a Hatcham academy, which admits girls and boys; other Haberdashers' schools are situated elsewhere in the UK, for example William Adams opened the Adams' Grammar School in 1656 in his home town of NewportShropshire.

Being a principally Christian organisation, the Haberdashers' presents copies of the King James Bible to starters at all their schools. The Company owns and takes a keen interest in its patronage of eight church advowsons.

The Company is sole trustee of two major educational charities: Haberdashers' Aske's Charity[1] and William Jones's Schools Foundation.[2]

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