Saturday, August 24, 2013

MI2 F3 @ 6&7 4 CSI Skinners Hall - Chapter 2

London Bridge To Fall Down If Atlanta Burns September 11th?
Queen’s DEAD SWAN, Obama’s COOKED GOOSE; One More Town
Remington Arms, Alaska and Abel Danger Stuff Gun Grabbers

Ace of Studs Exposes Black and White Ace of Spades
G-Spot: Jason Dahl + Chic Burlingame + 9/11 + FIELD MCCONNELL

Ace of Studs Trumps Half-Ace of Spades
G-Spot: Field McConnell Punahou '67 + Barry Soetoro Punahou '79

Crown Agent Sent To Implode America Surrounded By Oathkeeping Crusaders
G-Spot: soetoro + ubayd + treason + FIELD MCCONNELL

Obama and Sam Cam Benefit In Princess DI Boston Brakes?
G-Spot: princess diana + boston brakes + camilla bowles + ABEL DANGER + parallel plot

Dead Swan Is A White Feather In Abel Danger’s Black Hat
G-Spot: atlanta burns + deaD swan + obama's cooked goose + FIELD MCCONNELL

Treason and False Flags Unravel as DEAN SWAN Foments Dead Birds/Chicago
G-Spot: john parsons wheeler + missouri birds + obama + phosgene + Field McConnell

F O, It Isn’t Just A Rude Suggestion Anymore
G-Spot: pastel + ioc + Royal Flush + August + Royal Dump + FIELD MCCONNELL

Camilla Cornhole Falls To Abel Dangerette, Operation ABDIKATE
G-Spot: Kate + surrogate + royal baby scam + nurse + morning sickness + jill dandy

Royals Fail In Attempt To Impose Gayness On Canada, USA, Australia; Piers Hisses
G-Spot: julia gillard + stephen harper + obama + gay + treason

Sloppy Skinners Expose Malloy, Crown In Sandy Hook 6s and 7s
G-Spot: Skinners + KPMG + HSBC + Sandy Hook + Serco + Field McConnell

G-Spot: Inkster + Haig + Marcy + Huhne + KPMG + RCMP + Sidley Austin

Marine Officer Announces Treason, 2nd Notice
G-Spot: 22 October 1996 + haig + marcy + gorelick + reno + FIELD MCCONNELL

Atomic Betty Suggests Abdication Of QE If Atlanta Burns; Blair Lisper: Gay Athol
G-Spot: abdication + health + camilla + RAF + active duty + Field McConnell

Hillary, You May Not Be Available In 2016 ( Attica or Florence? )
G-Spot: Archilles Vagina + Hillary + Train Wreck + Benghazi + FIELD MCCONNELL

Guest House Near Troubled Guy Lake Wisconsin?
G-Spot: Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) + Troubled Guy Lake + FRAUD UPON COURT  


Behold I am against thee, saith the Lord of Hosts - Jerome: "I will not send an Angel, nor give thy destruction to others; I Myself will come to destroy thee." Cyril: "She has not to do with man, or war with man: He who is angered with her is the Lord of hosts. But who would meet God Almighty, who hath power over all, if He would war against him?" In the Medes and Persians it was God who was against them. "Behold I am against thee," literally, "toward thee." It is a new thing which God was about to do. "Behold!" God in His long-suffering had seemed to overlook her. Now, He says, I am toward thee, looking at her with His all-searching eye, as her Judge. Violence is punished by suffering; deeds of shame by shame. All sin is a whited sepulchre, fair without, foul within. God will strip off the outward fairness, and lay bare the inward foulness. The deepest shame is to lay bare, what the sinner or the world veiled within. "I will discover thy skirts," i. e., the long-flowing robes which were part of her pomp and dignity, but which were only the veil of her misdeeds. "Through the greatness of thine iniquity have thy skirts been discovered," says Jeremiah in answer to the heart's question, "why have these things come upon me?" Upon thy face, where shame is felt. The conscience of thy foulness shall be laid bare before thy face, thy eyes, thy memory continually, so that thou shalt be forced to read therein, whatsoever thou hast done, said, thought. "I will show the nations thy nakedness," that all may despise, avoid, take example by thee, and praise God for His righteous judgments upon thee. The Evangelist heard "much people in heaven saying Alleluia" to God that "He hath judged the whore which did corrupt the earth with her fornication" Revelation 19:1-2. And Isaiah saith, "They shall go forth and look upon the carcasses of the men that hath trangsressed against Me"Isaiah 66:24.

Jeremiah 13:26 NIV I will pull up your skirts over your face that your shame may be seen—


Chapter 2

Way back in Chapter 1 of Book 12 Agent Chips had turned to Atomic Betty and whispered ‘cover for me please’ as the white primate known as the WORLD’S MOST POTENT FIGHTER PILOT became erect and ambulated with the very hot cougar Moxie G out to the waiting 1937 Studebaker President with the straight 8 with 1937 California ‘black plate’ 4V 32 21. As Chips checked his deployment bag looking for a single Aleve in a sea of Smoked Oysters and Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters, Moxie G pushed him into the back seat and locked all four doors. As she removed all clothing except her low key sunglasses, it was clear to Chips that the lady wished for more than an Aleve. As he rigged for Knight action, she pressed F4 on the rear seat CD player and a musical offering by Leonard Cohen set the pace of the initial phase of their coital contact which was consensual, heterosexual and CEMAW. As Chips saddled up in her offered position, straddle my saddle, he failed to notice the incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Agent Natalya Antonov on remote from Taldykorgan, Kazakstan to Alexandria, Egypt or that the MOOD music was not a Leonard Cohen number but rather a song that evokes memories of tropical splendor shared by Agent Chips and (redacted) at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.


Operation TIGHT BEAVER Agent Natalya Antonov IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: “ Chips, tonight CBN News writer Raymond Ibrahim has reported that according to a report titled “Sisi to Pentagon: We will not turn back, sovereignty is a red line,” published in Watan newspaper (Saturday, Aug. 15 edition), Egyptian Maj. Gen. Muhammad al-’Assar has just issued a strongly worded letter to the Pentagon, on behalf of the Egyptian military council, saying, among other things that if the gay mulatto doesn’t get real smart, real fast, Allah will deliver his ass. Can you meet me in Cairo, Istanbul or arrange for me to meet you in Washington or Las Vegas. In need of an enduro, and after that I will brief you on VIGILANT EAGLE 2013. Natalya Antonov” 

Chips continued delivering pleasure to Moxie-G as he recalled Agent Natalya preferred the Octopus position for enduros and her pastel proveup code was Pastel Abel Mocha Lime which was an ANAGRAM of Michelle Obama and notice, for the record, the word ‘sasquatch’ was omitted. Chips had just finished reading the message when Moxie G barked “Octopus, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer, I sense an EMP attack in less than 3 minutes.” Our affable and laconic Agent Chips immediately accommodated Moxie G, who like Atomic Betty, had a pair of MLKs which, for those in Atlanta, it is not a reference to Martin Luther King, but rather to Major League Knockers. Now, if you jerkoffs trying to destroy America only knew what MTAM stood for. Oh well, I can explain it face to face in Atlanta, Dallas, or Vegas. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Utah’s (hacked)(*) NSA facility at Camp Williams and I am not BLUFFtoning. (*) LBLD made in China

Scripture of the Day: Acts 18:9-10

9 One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. 10 For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.” 

Gospel Song of the Day: Through It All, Andrae Crouch


Secular Song of the Day: Candy Girl, Four Seasons


G-Spot of the Day: The GOVERNOR MALLOY removal G-Spot 

napolitano + gov malloy + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + FIELD MCCONNELL 

Chips was dutifully hammering away on Moxie-G’s target area when an IMMEDIATE JASPAR illuminated 3 orange LED lights on the world’s most well known Clipper Squirt Gun (a). Moxie-G temporarily multitasked our affable Agent Chips by barking out “switch, derrick pumper, jack hammer” but after accommodating the Maytag sudsing MLK Agent from Atlanta’s CDC, he was back in the saddle an kept on eye on the target area and the other two eyes on the IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Tactics Tillman on the roof of Nuevo Laredo as MacCheese and his cougar-du-jour were disappointed to find the 1937 Studebaker President 8 had the doors locked and a sign in the right front window “No knockin’ when Stud’s a-rocking”. As MacCheese and his cougar went to THE BEAST, they both heard the Abel Danger Operation ATLANTA BURN’S theme song so they realized Agent Chips was engaged in a deep penetration of an asset in the interest of national sovereignty and getting some hay for his donkey and simply used the music to frustrate the gay Mormons in Bluffton who enjoyed listening to heterosexual exploculations, capeche? Same goes for the Tomoye queers working for Eric Sauve the ‘eco-banana’ expert from Gatineau, Queerbec.


(a) google: clipper squirt gun + ioc + pastel + exploculate

Operation TIGHT BEAVER Tactics Tillman IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers MacCheese, Rooster Cogburn and Hamish, copy Chips, Barry M. Hall and Mona Blue: Now that the mainstream media is forced to address the legless CRISIS ACTOR in Malloy’s neighborhood, suggest we post this piece from the TUGBOAT TWINS unless I hear from Hamish or Chips in next 79 minutes advising me not to do so. [ Plum City – ( – August 22, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the livery company lottery which gave the Stationers and the Solicitors authority to frame Prince Charles as a suspect in the murder of Princess Diana, to MI-2 agents who saw Diana and her husband as obstacles to the careers of the former Smythson director, Samantha Cameron and former Sidley Austin associate, Barack Obama. McConnell claims that MI-2 agents used Nortel’s Joint Automated Booking System to place forgers, stationers and solicitors at crime scenes associated with the production of the Mishcon note (1995?) and the Princess Diana note (2003?) both of which appear to set up Prince Charles as an extorted suspect. McConnell notes that in Book 12 published at, agents deployed by the Marine Intelligence and Investigations (MI-2) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol (MI-2) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall utilizing Clipper BR9 protocols. The WORLD’S MOST POTENT FIGHTER PILOT recalls correctly the “Diana 'crash plot' royal named by ROBERT JOBSON, Evening Standard wherein Princess Diana claimed in a letter that the Prince of Wales wanted to kill her. The allegation, from a note she gave to her former butler Paul Burrell, was published in the Daily Mirror. The paper claims that 10 months before her death in a car crash, she wrote: "My husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injury... to make the path clear for him to marry." At the time, October 1996, Diana was said to be close to a breakdown after the stress of her divorce and her awareness of the Haig-Inkster-Marcy 22 October, 1996 ETP that led to the GAPAN sponsored attack of 9/11 which Captain Sherlock Solved in 2007 as reported in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which was dismissed by Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, a Georgetown ‘product’, after a FRAUD UPON HER COURT was perpetrated by ALPA’s lame attorneys Suzanne Kalfus, Rob Plunkett and James Johnson aided by the flatulent Peter Janhunen. She greatly resented Charles for what she saw as his rejection of her in favour of his mistress Camilla Porker Bowels in whose birth canal he aspired to be a tampon according to hacked phone conversations.” ] If Hamish or Chips don’t contact me or Agent Bean Spiller by 1737:19 I will publish this and let Malloy’s chips fall where they may. Time now 1558:17, Tactics Tillman 

Chips continued pleasuring the 1968 Ramey High School graduate who was placed at CDC to monitor big pharma, Monsanto and poster boy Bill Gates and as she went into her teeth clenching denouement, Chips kept from crossing the finish line first by considering the ramifications of John Brennan’s relationship to University of Cairo/Muslim Brother which is widely known as a recruiting ground for the evil Brits and the fact that the commerce reality in Syria is that they could not even export pomegranates without a port or inland port with the construct that includes the internet, fusion center, education-workforce development and a foreign trade/free trade/enterprise zone and one or more diaspora communities. Chips was well aware that if Syria didn’t have that, then they couldn’t participate, and would be locked into the global economy that Rothschild’s Octopus was losing control. As the 63 year old cervix tightened around the PTRC, Chips reflected on the July 19th, 2013 Illinois General Assembly’s approval of Public Act 98-0063 which overrode the wimpy governor’s, Illinois not Connecticut, veto and enacted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act making Illinois the last state of the 50 to authorized the concealed carry of firearms not to be confused with Alaska’s recent strong message to the Feds to ‘fuck off’ regarding erosion of Second Amendment Rights, see also Governor Malloy of the Sheriff-less state or Whale Vagina of California’s Gay Bay area where fire trucks roll over little girls and capture it on film. As Moxie-G exploculated while screaming “go Bombers” Agent Chips fired off a batch of smoked oysters in a return voluminous volley, capeche? As the two hyperventilating heterosexuals collapsed into a happy heap in the back of the world’s second most recognized 1937 Studebaker President, Chips saw three orange flashing LED lights on the world’s most recognized Clipper Squirt Gun.

TIGHT BEAVER Agent Scatman IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Global Hammers, Tactics Tillman, Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier, Dangerettes aField, copy Chips and Corazon Dulce: Amash, Cruz and Rubio agree that we should hold off regarding ‘London Bridge’ until Remington Arms announces their relocation sight for the factory in Iliom, New York being shut down in response to the Piers Morgan influenced candy asses in Empire state lockstepping with the UN and other anti-American organizations. We believe the new factory will be in Clarksville in which case suggest ‘the package’ takes the next train to Clarksville and Chips will meet you at the station. Watch for the P&P twins to be deployed in deceptive warfare in Syria and Chicago. If US releases chemicals in Syria prior to the release of H1N5 in Chicago, you will see how deeply Abel Danger has penetrated the OODA loop of the EVIL TRIO. If Syria-Chicago-Atlanta all three occurs, 33 Canada Square will see London Bridge fall down. On a side note, I see that a 37 year old Goldman Sachs banker was arrested for raping a 20 year old woman in a pool. What’s the big deal, on 9/11 Goldman Sachs and Fat Boy of Omaha raped America, Scatman, Houston.

Chips alone had read the message as Moxie G was busy with Abel Danger Post Boinking Protocols, PBPs. Ever the doting gentleman, Agent Chips handed her a fistful for NAPAwashes which reminded him of the terror trio in the Washington metroplex: NAPAwash, U S SES, and NSAWW. Chips wondered if those three organizations had a higher concentration of lesbians than Decatur, Georgia. Chips had taken a Marine Corps shower and stuffed his PTRC into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong with EHP in Pastel Manly Mocha when a FLASH FESTUS came in on his Clipper Squirt Gun.

Tight Beaver Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to all AD Agents assigned Operation TIGHT BEAVER, copy Dahl and Burlingame families: Hamish has been asked by Umbrellaman to brief latest findings regarding United States Marine Field McConnell’s linkage of Hillary Clinton’s development of patent pools in support of Livery Company participation in dial-a-yield lotteries with pre-determined body counts, to the MI-2 agents who allegedly synchronized detonations of Constructors’ (AMEC) patent-pool bombs inside the Pentagon with the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators’ (former Grand Master Prince Philip) patent-pool bombs outside at Sep. 12 2001 17:37:19. According to police scanners, our package has been tracked to Nuevo Laredo so Umbrellaman’s brief update will occur 45 minutes from now at the SWAN HOUSE due to security concerns at Nuevo, the Marriott, Johnny’s Hideaway and Eddie’s Attic. We ruled out the COCKPIT as they are having their weekly taffy pull this evening. Time now +11, briefing to start at +56. Rooster, The Guest House at Troubled Guy Lake.

Chips helped Moxie G stuff her massive bounty into her over the shoulder boulder holder and he could tell from her circuit breakers extending she was thinking about her duties as a crack troop in the Abel Danger army where Agent Chips was considered a COCKpit Champion, of sorts, in shorts, see also sports. His proboscis detected a pronounced hint of clover so he performed a BDE to establish her MI. A finding of ‘splendid’ caused Agent Chips to let her down easy.

“Not now my moist maven. We need to reconfigure the 37 Stud to look like a Canton cop car but not Canton GA where earlier this week a 31 year old male armed with a BB gun was arrested at Sixes Avenue around 7 in the morning as if to remind Abel Danger that the nefarious ones were again displaying their “6s and 7s” calling cards just as they had done at Sandy Hook on 14 December, 2012. I promise to provide you with a right, proper, mattress thrashing immediately after Umbrellaman and Hamish’s briefing.”

Chips opened the left rear door and turned to help the lady out of the 1937 Studebaker President and got an eyeful of a brownie, in a matter of speaking as she either had forgotten her FCT or was dangling her whisker biscuit bait hoping Agent Chips would develop an appetite. They moved forward to the left driver’s door and were greeted by MacCheese who handed Chips a 4 by 6 index card in salmon.

“Chips, can Juana and I hitch a ride to the SWAN HOUSE with you and Moxie G. Juana left her Bentley at Johnny’s Hideaway and the BEAST is too slow. I took the liberty of reconfiguring the 37 Stud into the Canton Flying Squadron motif.” Before Chips could answer three gunshots rang out causing both Chips and MacCheese to check a pair of body cavities as they pushed their ladies into the bullet proof 37 Stud which occasionally is on display in Canton, Ohio as opposed to Canton, GA where Abel Danger has bought their 4 limos from Cherokee Auto Group or Canton, Texas where Agent Chips’ F4D 64-0965 is the anchor attraction at the Van Zandt County Veteran’s Memorial.

Once Moxie G and the cougar were safely ensconced in the spacious back seat of the 37 Stud, MacCheese accelerated to 55 miles per hour and when clear of the parking lot he shifted into OVERDRIVE for the fast track to the SWAN HOUSE where the OmniGlobe would be used to BROADcast the briefing involving the TIGHT BEAVER, DEAD SWAN and COOKED GOOSE as the recent arrival of the 1937 Studebaker was a sign to Chicago’s Evil Queer Cabal that they were about to be blown away by a thongslinger in a fatal game of FIVE CAR STUD.

MacCheese appreciated the two Harleys that lead and followed the 37 Stud now travelling at 95mph in hopes of getting to the SWAN HOUSE early enough to enjoy a Captain Sherlock Martini, or 6. The Harleys were from DYKES WITH BIKES of Decatur who although having a lifestyle choice inconsistent with Agent Chips supported the mission of Abel Danger to EXPOSE THE EVIL parties sent to destroy America and notice, for the record, I did not mention Mary Elizabeth Harriman, Barak Mounir Ubayd, Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 or Kristine Marcy who now is branded as Kris Marcy, BFD. MacCheese saw the lead Harley had a right turn signal on so he took the cinder block of the FOOT FEED as an incoming FLASH FESTUS came in from Atomic Betty who was waiting at the SWAN HOUSE where she was enjoying a globe of Merlot hoping that Agent Chips who enjoy her globes after the OmniGlobe brief.

TIGHT BEAVER Agent Atomic Betty FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, Hammers 3, Hamish, Umbrellaman, Tactics Tillman and Mona Blue, copy Ginger Cookie, 80W and Bean Spiller: I am at the SWAN HOUSE with Barry M. Hall and NOTSO. Tactics Tillman will be using the ARBOREAL shooting lanes upon arrival. Off duty FBI guys not loyal to the Edgar Hoover motif are here to support along with off duty marshals and sheriff deputies loyal to the 2nd Amendment, Constitution and their oaths, plural. Your Delta pilot friend from Atlanta, call sign MAGIC relates that Delta has taken your advice and purchased 19,000 new devices and he sends regards from the Delta ALPA Safety Rep regarding Delta flights 188 and 253 that you protected. Expect a face to face with the nephew or neice of Larry McDonald who was in security at Ft McPherson when THE CHANGE CAME and you had the chance to SEE THROUGH YOUR SISTER. On May 2, 1990, Senator David L. Boren published an article in the Washington Post calling for a new role for America in the world. The article was placed into the Congressional Record by Senator Claiborne Pell. Boren was worried that America's leadership in the world would diminish as the threat from the Soviet Union subsided. The title of the article was For a Model Nation and the niece or nephew can connect this to Sam Nunn and Saxby Chambliss and the GLOBALIZATION blue print of 22 October, 1996. I have much more to share with you after a right proper mattress thrashing if you get my drift, code CSE. Atomic Betty, TIGHT BEAVER Agent.

The Harley Bike Dykes both turned on their left blinkers as Barry M. Hall held a flashing green light at the entrance to the SWAN HOUSE. Agent Chips looked behind into the rear seat and saw that the cougar and the lady, Moxie G, where giving him an unmistakable visual clue as to what they enjoy doing after the OmniGlobe briefing. Chips felt his PURPLE TIPPED RED CHAMPION rigging for Knight action as an Immediate JASPAR came in from Agent Mona Blue.

Agent Mona Bleu IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: Stay in the car, your doppelganger is with me in the wife’s bedroom and we think there are a pair of MAL HOMBRES in the husband’s bedroom. We are cross talking with Tactics Tillman and we have a PWA solution but will escalate to a GORDON KAHL FBI DEAL if we three PWAs cannot strong arm the dipshits, but until you see via Clipper that we are speaking about the GLOBALIZATION SHIFT we suggest you take the 37 Stud out for a JOYRIDE. Note spelling of my surname, Mona 

MacCheese pulled up to the servants’ entrance and he escorted Moxie G and the cougar to the kitchen. In the kitchen Atomic Betty explained that Mona Blue was upstairs with Bean Spiller and 80W planning a 3 v 2 PWA event. Diehard and NOTSO had been told by Tactics Tillman to take 5 gallons each of gasoline, 91 octane, and JP7 along with one gallon of Dawn dishwashing soap. SmacSonic had been laid, easy Ginger, laid at each door and all three windows of the husband’s room which, unlike the wife’s bedroom did not have a bathroom or a bidet, think Joe Biden. As Chips pressed the silver button to start the straight 8 that had just been rebuilt in Los Angeles in 2012 by (redacted until Chapter 3) Studebaker enhanced with the BR9 package, he heard the rear seat CD play start playing a MONSTER HIT by the Kingston Trio from 1962. As he mind thought back to October 22, 1962 and the last time U S Military had been at Def Con 2 when Colonel Glenn A. McConnell and General Hunter H. Harris IV were aboard LOOKING GLASS.

Ace of G-Spots: DEF CON 2 + october 22, 1962 + thor + forth worth + abel danger + looking glass + FIELD MCCONNELL 

Chips had just started to shift into OVERDRIVE when he heard a comely voice reminiscent of Julie London’s join in singing with the Kingston Trio making it a QUEER QUARTET until Chips started singing along making it a Pentagon Ace of Spades. As he sang along, he turned to see Agent Ginger Cookie with her BLUE GINGHAM DRESS pulled over her shoulders exposing the target area, recently ‘de-follicled’. His TURGID WARRIOR was raring to go.


“Chips, just got this update from Hamish, he will brief it on the OmniGlobe which Umbrellaman has delayed until the MAL HOMBRES get the PWA/Gordon Kahl sanction. I will read it to you while you drive, I know that there is probably one more town which you like to be going. Keep your eyes on the road but consider this which is one the world’s second most lethal website.”

“As you and Magic know, MAJIK is the art of illusion. Many illusions depend upon another more attractive event to draw the eye away from the point where the trick is actually happening. Once the trick happens, people are amazed, "wow, how did that happen?"

Such a trick did happen on Sep11, and it led to the near magical destruction of WTC 7, a building which was not struck by a plane at all. Look at the pictures below, which reveal the sleight of hand that was used to destroy WTC7, and by themselves prove that it could not have been Muslims that did the WTC. UPDATE: I have learned a lot since 2003 and realize that controlled demolition brought the building down, but THIS little cutie pie probably started the huge fire in the basement, and gutted the lower floors of WTC7, as was reported by firefighters who went into the building and wondered how on earth a large section of the lower floors were missing and how a fire got started to begin with. Now, back to the original post. The following screen grab from a Fox News broadcast clearly shows something went through the video frames at an extremely high rate of speed right when plane #2 was providing a distraction.

This took precision timing, and supports Abel Danger’s remote control testimony because there is no way you could drop a bomb and have it go through the scene right when an enormous distracting fireball was present to distract people's eyes away from it absent full computer control of all aspects of the "terror attack". If you can find the original video, this bomb streaks downwards across 5 separate frames. If you cannot find it we have it in the SAND MINES near Maiden Rock. Now Agent Chipsy Doodle, why don’t you be a good non-leader of this leaderless private intel group and come back here and ROCK A MAIDEN.”

“I’d love to come back and service your quim, however that song you just selected triggered a suppressed memory not to be confused with your expressed mammaries. Review the lyrics and then we will post a TW1309.”

I spent seventeen YEARS in West Virginia. Eight more years just A-runnin' free. But the girls back home in their blue gingham dresses only heard one thing from me.

Went down to New Orleans last summer on a flat boat workin' my way. There were well-mannered ladies and streets that were shady, but for me, I never could stay.

Sailed up to New York on a schooner, but I won't be stayin' there long. There were bright city lights, girls in pink tights but their faces were all painted on.

“Now the message is clear. Just as GWB was assaulted by NEW YORK 911 and Hillary and Wade Rathke assaulted New Orleans in KATRINA MAJIK involving U2S 80-1076, I see now that West Virginia is targeted next by the Queen’s Pussies who have been hoisted on their own petards. Please dial the West Virginia FBI office while I hall ass back to the SWAN HOUSE and prepare to cook OBAMA’S GOOSE. Just like Mrs. Stewart’s label is red, white and blue so we don’t see the BLACK, the DMORT 3 region attack penciled in for 7 September, 2013 to 22 October, 2013 will involve 4 Color MAJIK, let me know when you have the FBI office in West Virginia ringing.”

“Chips, I smell a rat. West Virginia does not have an FBI office just as Connecticut had no Sheriff Offices on 14 December, 2012 when Governor Dannel Malloy got trick fucked by Vance and Vance. I am calling the Virginia FBI FIELD Office now in hopes they have jurisdiction in the state where MAJIK killed Danny Casolaro in August of 1991 after he linked PROMIS, Inslaw, Marcy party of two, France and Hillary Clinton to MAJIK.”

As Agent Ginger Cookie leaned over the back of the front seat to hand the ringing phone to Chips, Agent Chips saw her twin peaks and he realized that the Crown Agent Queen’s Pussies were extorted and entrapped causing the Royals to fail to defend against TIGHT BEAVER, DEAD SWAN and COOKED GOOSE. The FBI FIELD Office picked up on the third ringy dingy.

“Richmond FBI, how may I direct your……………”

A bright blue flash lite up the Atlanta skyline as the 37 Stud started to shut down electrically. Chips selected BR9 on the fake radio controls and resumed OVERDRIVE approach to SWAN HOUSE. Ginger Cookie reported to him two FLASH FESTUS messages had arrived just as the BBF occurred and she report one was from the Tugboat Twins in London, the other from Hamish inside the HSBC Building in Atlanta.

“Read me the que message from Tugboat Twins, please.”

“J Tuboat says: Obama is now weighing military options against Syria. McCain is his lapdog in this endeavor. He may send cruise missiles. (Will the cruise missiles ONLY kill Assad forces?) There is now a team of UN weapons inspectors in Syria. According to this article, the weapons inspectors were to find out whether gas was used, not who used them. They were told to suppress phosgene from Ft. Chaffee, if found. Now who would have a motive to use chemical weapons while the inspectors were present? Not Assad, because he doesn't need Western intervention at a time like this. Further, Assad has never been caught using chemical weapons.

The US-backed terrorists have been caught with them, by the Turks ( Looks like the West wants to launch an attack before people have a chance to think about this. Earlier, when Assad suspected the rebels of using chemical weapons, he asked the UN team to investigate. They did not. Now that HE is being accused, they have gone to Damascus to investigate. One sided, wouldn't you say? Not to worry, we have the LUXOR LADIES in Damascus but suggest if you and Nano wish to bring Abel Danger up to Def Con 1 we’d advise it and suggest Def Con 2 for Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan and if abel, also Georgia, Tennessee and Montana due to their special weapons. Janet Napolitan was wise to take the GOOGLEBAIT. Cheers from Gaye Olde Englande, Foghorn Leghorn sends her love, no doubt. J Tugboat.”

“Understand all we are pulling into SWAN HOUSE in thirty seconds, please read me the Hamish message.”

“Hear it comes, from Hamish but to cover the Marriott-Tomoye risk will play a song that indicates the Queen’s Pussies are all out of aces and are set to loose the game to the Five Car Stud, capeche?”


Ginger had just turned on her spectacles mounted reading lights when a second BBF illuminated the night sky over Atlanta making it the second brightest Atlanta night caused by the Queen’s Pussies, the last time being 11 September, 1864 when Sherman burned Atlanta. If Atlanta Burns in 07Sep-22Oct TW, think back to this chapter. As Chips set the parking brake, a blue gingham dress was thrown into the front seat as Hamish’s message went back to que for a second time as a light rain started to fall all over the Peach State.

Plum City – ( – August 23, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Hillary Clinton’s development of patent pools in support of Livery Company participation in dial-a-yield lotteries with pre-determined body counts, to the MI-2 agents who allegedly synchronized detonations of Constructors’ (AMEC) patent-pool bombs inside the Pentagon with the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators’ (former Grand Master Prince Philip) patent-pool bombs outside at Sep. 12 2001 17:37:19.

McConnell claims that MI-2 agents directed by Clinton, used Nortel’s Joint Automated Booking System to place patent-pool bombers, constructors and air pilots and air navigators at crime scenes associated with the Pentagon attack and used the services of a DMORT morgue to deliver livery-lottery body counts of 58 passengers, four flight attendants and both pilots on board, as well as 125 occupants of the Pentagon.


MI-2 = Protection racket = Marcy (bona vacantia) + Inkster (escrow) + Interpol (Foreign Fugitive File)

MI-2 = Marine Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in cloud to destroy above

McConnell notes that in Book 12 published at, agents deployed by the Marine Intelligence and Investigations (MI-2) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol (MI-2) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall.

#1617: Marine Links Amec’s Starnet Interagency Contract Killers to Clinton’s Spot-fixed Pentagon Bomb

Pentagon Before Collapse And Witness

425 Carrall Street · CAI Private Equity Investor Alexander Haig

Agents of The City of London Solicitors' Company

As the rain became heavier, it occurred to Agent Chips that God was protecting Atlanta from burning a second time.

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