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Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” - Book 11 Chapter 25

A Higher Call For Brother Cain 
Sister Abel Looks To 22 October, 2013 New Gallows

Shit Hits Fan At E Division RCMP and NSAWW
G-Spot: Abel Danger GRU Putin Sting Vlad Chips Target Ketchup King Turdi's Turdette 4 July Atlanta
Only One Way Out; John 14:6
G-Spot: Marcy + Gorelick + Reno + 22 October 1996 + Reinvent Government + Haig 
I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

Inkster and Marcy Left To Hold Haig’s DOUCHE BAG
G-Spot: achilles vagina + benghazi + ubayd + chorizo + corn hole + reggie love + FIELD

SHOW ME STATE Shows Obama ( nee Barry Soetoro) The Door
G-Spot: tempest + taiwanese + sedalia + obama mask + run down

Norman The Pink Sphincter
G-spot: ncic + july 1, 1987 + foreign fugitive + Interpol + rcmp + FIELD MCCONNELL + INKSTER

Haig’s “Sixes and Sevens” Get ATE By Abel Danger
G-Spot: Inkster + Marcy + Serco + KPMG + MI-2 + interpol + FIELD MCCONNELL

Sphincter And Windsor Lovechild Expose 9/11
G-Spot: Inkster + Marcy + RCMP + Interpol + 9/11 + MI-2 + foreign fugitive + FIELD MCCONNELL

Huhne Hands The Sphincter Over To Abel Danger
G-Spot: Marine + links + kpmg + inkster + skinner + FIELD MCCONNELL

G4S and Serco Bleed Profusely, Octopus Targeted, HSBC/ATL Next Target?
G-Spot: sherlock + cohen + banks spaeth + 1950 + GALLOWS + Ghoul

Wisconsin Dronesnatcher Bloodies Britain’s Serco and G4S; Aims For HSBC
G-Spot: g4s + serco + chris grayling + fraud + whitehall

Inkster, Marcy, Clintons (2), You Are Googled
G-Spot: marcy + collyer + clinton + james jones + reprobates + FIELD MCCONNELL

Agent Chips’ Doppelganger Johnson Shaft Kicks Ass
G-Spot: cornhole + reggie love + obama + chorizo + BENGHAZI

Constitution Free Zones That Caused Janet To Bolt
G-Spot: Napolitano + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + McConnell

Mantle Pants, Wetstart and The Beaner
G-Spot: mccain + TREASON + pawlenty + MCCONNELL

Atlanta’s Mona Blue Deflowered By Red & White Agent Chips
G:Spot: butt pirate ubayd + BENGHAZI coverup + Hillary's Achilles Vagina + corn hole

Plum City Drones Attached To Mothership
G-Spot: Atomic Betty + Maytag + ioc + pastel + chips + FIELD MCCONNELL

Twelve Legs, No Ballsx
G-Spot: Macho Man Putin vs Sissy Obama

Yes, The Chorizo Has Sour Cream And Salsa, Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles Rahm
G-Spot: 7 august + kal Penn + Donald Young + Larry Bland + Nate + ioc

RCMP Pastel Police Informed By Chips re: Inksterx
G-Spot: [ thatcher-obama-cameron-ZUMA-blatchford-kelly-shale-cook-FIELD MCCONNELL] 

Once the scrolling stopped, MacCheese advised that due to heavy winds that had not been in the forecast, the HH60 would land on the grassy knoll for ground delay prior to the airlift to land atop the (redacted) Marriott. Agent Chips felt a little hand on his unit and he looked into the frightened eyes of Moxie G and said “Hold on tight, remember, you will never walk alone, and if Marcy, Paulson, Inkster and other of Haig’s surviving octopussies don’t stop killing innocents they will not walk alone either. They will walk to their gallows, ensemble as the French would say, and those gallows would not be the gallows at 1950 Old Gallows Road but the New Gallows at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas where suddenly the U S Military has learned the truth and loyal oath keepers in Austin, Texas are doing the right things regarding exercises NOT GOING LIVE. Recent bullshit exercise VIBRANT RESPONSE was defeated by AD VIBRATOR RESPONSE. Bean Spiller, 80 W, Chips and Moxie G heard a loud speaker on the HH60 playing a song loud to cover their conversations. As they performed MI and TI checks in the party pit of Hoss’s HH60, Agent Hoss turned the volume down as they were soon to be able to airlift to their aerie for the night, and the Knight Action for which Moxie G’s loins so ardently ached for, who could blame her, but Atomic Betty had different plans for the Agent Danger stacked Agent from Atlanta’s CD who was expecting the first female director of the African Union to be in Atlanta before ATLANTA BURNS, capeche?

Gospel Song of the Day: The Statlers, How Great Thou Art


Secular Song of the Day: Atlanta Blue


G-Spot of the Day: 22 October + Haig's whores + vipr + sipr + nipr + ZIPR 

Chapter 25: Atlanta Burns 11 September?

Atlanta Burns 11 September 

For MI-2 [ Marcy-Inkster-Interpol ] see video now to see how this story end:


The HH60 had been idling for 15 minutes during which time Agent Chips had assessed the MI of Bean Spiller and 80W and manually determined it to be 93 and 98 per cent respectively. Conversely the PTRC TI had been measured at 97% by Bean Spiller and MTAM by the Texas Tornado adorned in a Pastel Turquoise IOC FCT. Agent 80W was keeping her head low, ostensibly to keep her hairdo from being blown away like the guy sings about in a song from a few chapters back. As she applied negative viscous pressure on Chips’ one eyed trouser trout Chips notice two temporary tattoos on the Dangerettes broad shoulders.

33.99444°N 86.97000°W and N33°38.20' / W84°25.67'

Chips had sworn it wouldn’t happen again, but even the WMPFP fell victim to the Texas Tornado when she played him like a piano or, in this case, a flute, skin flute to be precise. Chips thought he was about to exploculate, however when he realized it was just the FADEC allowing the idling General Electric T700s to spool up to flight idle in anticipation of night action which would translate into Knight action minutes after the HH60P borrowed from the Francis Gabreski ANGB would be settling into a hover over the roof of the (redacted) Marriott Airport which serves as a gateway into, and out of, Atlanta. Chips wondered to himself how many America GONZO writers were aware of the numerous visits by the homosexual Georgetown beards from Arkansas made to Steven Spielberg home not far from Francis Gabreski ANGB.

The time had come and the wind had steadied at 8 knots out of the northwest as Agent Hoss called for full power on the collective while pushing slightly forward on the cyclic. Chips fired off a throat lozenge, of sorts, as Bean Spiller pointed out an incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Chips. Something in the opening line of the incoming message reminded Chips that even in the banker’s wars civilized gents on opposite teams sometimes did the right thing, right from God’s perspective, which is perfect. Chips seemed to think he should do a google search for [ world’s most potent fighter pilot + abel danger ] but was distracted as 80W swallowed hard.

Operation Tight Beaver Hammer MacCheese IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hoss, Chips, Atomic Betty and Tillman, copy Hamish and Dangerettes in Thigh Gap: I see that Angel is airborne at 0554, Innkeeper will meet you topside. You will be paired according to new briefing guide Operation Thigh Gap. Umbrellaman has secured the 13th floor for our group and Jamie Gorelick’s Otis Elevator #5 will make no stops descending to the 13th floor. Several notable oathkeepers are in the defense industry in, and around, Atlanta. Umbrellaman will present a brief OmniGlobe at 0611. Unless the targeted person in Atlanta survives Industry Night at the Rooftop 866, expect a Saudi Arabian Prince to join Abel Danger as Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud is set to defect from the Royal family if he has not already. Tehran based Al Alam International News Channel has a young lady from Kazkahstan embedded. MacCheese, Johnny’s Hideaway.

Agent Chips opened the door and stepped out on the starboard side just as a stunning blonde standing in the darkened stairway flashed a red light three times. Agent Chips slammed the sliding door forward as Agent Hoss pushed the EMER GA button on the HH60 automatic flight control panel. The ACARS reporting feature immediately sent an EMER GA message to MacCheese operating out of the HUMP in Johnny’s Hideaway parking lot, Hamish ensconced in the Best Western Inn at Richmond, BC as well as the Defensive Team commanded by Tillman, wearing NVGs disguised as thick spectacles and holding a .44 magnum automatic disguised as a Nikon camera, who had his shooters at all four corners as well as atop the comm. tower of the Gateway (redacted) Hotel near Atlanta’s Airport. Chips notice the time, 0558. As the flying debris settled and the blonde’s skirt fell covering the target area she made a motion for Chips to follow her down the stair well. As he fell in behind her he recognized a waft of her perfume and his PTRC began a steady elevation of TI as he anticipated Knight action. As she stopped and looked both ways before entering the elevator like the one that Gorelick’s goons had reconfigured for DEATH TRAP DUTY on morning of 9/11, Chips’ olfactory discriminator recognized the scent of clover and what seemed to be Voyage d’Hermes, a popular and trendy product used by many of the French speaking homosexuals in Ottawa and environs. As Chips followed her into elevator car she selected 13 and gave Chips a TI check resulting in a finding of 97% and rising. As she looked forward to a well deserved tongue lashing, she wondered if Canadian Forces would cancel the F35 Lightning II for the same reason they opted for the CH-149 Cormorant to replace their antique CH-113 Labradors. As she considered that likelihood, she became subject of an MI check which turned up a result of ‘splendid’.

The elevator car stopped at the 13th floor and the blonde clover scent emitter manually instructed Chips to ‘stay put’ as she checked the hallway. Looking to her right she saw Agent Dwarf pushing a chambermaid trolley, to her left Agent Diehard was disguised as a House Dick. She took Chips by the hand and led him to a corner room, which was open, and once inside the corner room, a Presidential Suite, she secured the door and started the Jacuzzi filling, pointing to a refrigerator and well stocked bar not to be juxtaposed into a well stacker bra, which also applied.

The yet to be identified blonde bombshell turned to Chips and held up a trio of roses and asked Agent Chips if he’d like to guess which patriotic color he thought her lower IOC might be as she hinted “think patriotic”. Chips noticed she was holding red, white, and green but knowing that in North America, only the Mexican flag had green so he ruled green out and taking her hint that there was a patriotic color missing he eliminated the possibility that she was talking of the Canadian flag as it only had red and white. He was about to take a ‘stab in the dark’ and suggest blue as the lady hiked her skirt to just above the knees and asked “can you picture a photographer in the 1880s?”

“Can you imagine the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot is about to eat a Taco?”

Agent Chips sensed that he was to place his head under her skirt, for security reasons, as Marriott Hotels are the most commonly bugged hotels in the world, so he got on his knees, pulled her skirt over his head and pretended he was a photographer in the 1880’s. Chips noticed where her IOC should have been was a 4 by 6 index card in salmon, which Chips thought was rather fishy. Knowing that salmon was in the pink family but with a hint of orange almost like a peach, he harked back to Waterford, Nova Scotia and the summer of 1973 when he was deployed to Yarmouth Airport in Abel Danger Operation PEACHFUZZ ’73.

Chips noticed the card had “industry night Monday, Rooftop 866, OmniGlobe” written in purple. He removed the salmon card and turn it over and read “hot tub hug, wish to straddle while you watch OMNIGLOBE briefing, capeche?”

Chips sniffed the card and recognized Eau d’orange verte which coupled with the word ‘capeche’ suggested to Chips that the lady whose business he had his nose in was either Agent Atomic Betty or Supersport, both from eastern Canada where the gays speak French. Three straight Canadians do also, it has been reported. . He knew he could figure it out in the hot tub and checking his Walmart watch he saw the OmniGlobe Briefing was set to start in three minutes. As he prepared to exit the target area he witnessed operation maytag, and he like that, a lot, making a mental note that if this lady agent could determine why Prince Andrews jet was destined to Atlanta on the morning of 9/11 she would have earned a good tongue lashing, yummy!

Out from under her influence he strode in an erect fashion to the bar and grabbed a 32 ounce CSM from the fridge and as the lady disrobed he asked “sociable for the lady” to which the stacked blonde responded “Barrelita Cube Libre s'il vous plaît et me souviens que je préfère toujours raides ceux, tout comme nous avons apprécié en Ecosse l'an dernier à l'opération Whisker Biscuit, capeche?”

Chips wasn’t sure what she said but he could see her circuit breakers were popped so he hastened to find the remote and assume his position. He set the drinks down, climbed in the Jacuzzi and guided the svelte and well knockered blonde on to the pole position as he selected the 55 inch Visio to ‘on’ as she started moving fore and aft. As the OmniGlobe came to life a briefing of Operation EVERYONE TALK LIKE A TERRORIST ALL THE TIME began just as the blonde went from fore and aft to up and down introducing a jiggling of her 44D funbags in counter revolving technique that reminded Agent Chips of the time when he needed to get Agent 80W back to the ranch and they were on a rough road and she had trouble keeping her ample knockers from beating her to death, however his harking back to Austin, Texas where they recently thwarted a False Flag attack was interrupted as the briefing of Operation ETLATATT began.


Following the briefing regarding talking like a terrorist the OmniGlobe shifted to a presentation of Hammer MacCheese’s image and voice.

“Good morning to all Abel Bodies and Dangerettes deployed in or supporting Operation TIGHT BEAVER and concurrent psyop Operation THIGH GAP. You are all aware that THIGH is ‘high treason’ and GAP indicates primary commsec is in Pine Gap where Allison Bone may, or may not, have implicated Andrew Sharp Peacock of 3604 Mount Bonnell Road, Austin. The shit hit the fan at both RCMP E Division and NSAWW of 1950 Old Gallows Road as the revelation of Haig’s Hapless Humps has continued during last fortnight. It appears that Jason McLean, Kris Marcy, Bob Paulson, Norman Inkster, Clinton beards ( party of 2, code name BEARDED CLAM), Jamie Gorelick have been exposed by Janet Napolitano, David Johnston, or Colin Powell, we are uncertain and will exert MAX EFFORT in Operation THIGH GAP ( High Treason Goons Are Panicked ). Two Achilles heels now appear to be the woman in RCMP feeding us data relating to THE PINK SPHINCTER and the former member of NSAWW who does not wish to swing from a New Gallows at Fort Chaffee for her past transgressions on Old Gallows Road. As you know, tonight is INDUSTRY NIGHT at Rooftop 866 so members of KPMG, CDC and loyal oathkeepers from FBI Atlanta and the mayor’s office will be available for 30 minutes at Rooftop 866 before being forwarded to Johnny’s Hideaway in Decatur where the concentration of lesbians is so pronounced that locals refer to the area as “dick hater” not to evoke thoughts of Hillary, Sasquatch, Elena, Maria, Kristine, Dianne WHALE VAGINA or Paula Reid. Umbrellaman will be here to brief issues relating to TIGHT BEAVER/THIGH GAP in 30 minutes. Those issues include the results of the GOOGLEBAIT G-Spot attached below as well as a discussion of the relationship between BCIMP, Mike Nissley the Atlanta real estate guy and Pacific Rim. Recommend each agent takes time to see the PURPLE OCTOPUS at 0+15 in the attached MAGIC SCHOOL BUS and mull the significance of THE COLOR PURPLE. Please take a break and be back for Umbrellaman at +45, time now +16. Hammer MacCheese, THE HUMP

ncic + july 1, 1987 + foreign fugitive + Interpol + rcmp + FIELD MCCONNELL + norman Inkster


Chips was somewhat surprised as the unidentified blonde who obviously was not from Decatur invoked coitus interruptus and spawled out on the bear skin rug that reminded Chips that when the unprofessional police in Boulder processed the Jon Benet Ramsey crime scene they never explained the beaver hair from the Canadian Forces pilot who participated in the rape and murder of innocence on Christmas, 1996 halfway through the ill fated Clinton regime that followed the Franklin Coverup Bush and preceded the 9/11 Commission coverup Bush whose picture graced the front page of the Fargo Forum on the morning of 12 September, 2001 along with the mug shots of Patsy Osama, WMPFP McConnell and the carnage of the Rockefellar Abestos Twins whose falling was watched by 300 Goldman Sachs Bankers who just happened to be in the SAC Command Post that just happened to be shuttered by Franklin Coverup Bush allowing his cocaine protégé Clinton to transfer the 4 E4B Nightwatch doomsday machines to FEMA ( federal emergency murder arrangers ) who had three of them airborne on morning of 9/11 so the global elitist insiders could be voyeurs of the carnage from their vantage point in Venus 77, Vivi 36, Word 31, Trout 99 and for further pleasure see if there was ever a McConnell assigned to EC135 61-2669, the Speckled Trout. Just a hunch.

Agent Chips noticed the yet to be identified stacked blonde had placed three pillows under her tummy and rack-o-plenty. He also noticed they were all blue and he thought she might at ATLANTA BLUE which was the code name of the arson artist that was supposed to ensure something was burned in Buckhead, perhaps Soetoro’s goose. As he saddled up from behind to begin the 15 minutes of ‘piledriver slowhand’ and introduced the refueling probe into the receptacle, his consensual CEMAX heterosexual boink-mate gushed “ Voyage d'Hermès est un parfum invitant frais qui est assez agréable à partager. Ce parfum unisexe a été conçu par Hermes et introduit en 2010. Le cologne s'ouvre avec une rafale de notes citronnées et épicé de cardamome et s'adoucit avec le thé vert, hédione et bois blancs. Ce parfum inspiré et unique est recommandé pour un usage occasionnel. Prenez votre mec ou une fille, un couple de taches de Voyage d'Hermès, et vous êtes tous les deux ensemble pour une journée d'aventure ou tout simplement traîner à la maison. Ou si vous êtes pilote de chasse le plus puissant du monde, prenez un bébé bien empilés et faire tomber un morceau de cul sérieux tout Huhne, Inkster et Marcy tentent de couvrir la participation de KPMG en 7/7, 9/11 et Katrina. Bonne chance, Bart”

Chips’ French was not good but he thought she was asking for sex so hot they might be identified by the Atlanta Fire Marshall as the incendiary source for any fire which may, or may not, occur in Buckhead around the time of INDUSTRY NIGHT in the hotel that has an overpriced bar named ROOFTOP 866. Chips saw her right hand reach out for her Clipper Pastel Palette so he now understood that this was Agent Atomic Betty. He presumed that her song selection, F4, might be a Leonard Cohen number such as “I’m Your Man” as she loved his low voice. As the Bluegrass music started Chips thought to himself ‘always a surprise when one hooks up the Gatineau bridgetopper’ and his next surprise was when he heard the bottom fall out of a bass note of a song that did not refer to a police officer.

Look closer, use the zoom feature, they are on the distant span next to Barrelita Rum.

Atomic Betty and Agent Chips


Atomic Betty saw they had singular minutes before Umbrellaman would commence his twice delayed briefing. As Agent Chips kept up the doggie style routine she spoke quietly to Chips so that her opinions might not be recorded by the Tomoye and NSA leakers who were becoming rogue, money hungry liabilities to both NSA and Tomoye, an organization run by CEO Eric Sauve whose last job was related to eco-bananas not totally dissimilar to the eco-banana that was servicing the well stacked Agent from the Ottawa-Gatineau-Boink triangle. Knowing that the song triangle would cause Agent Chips to ‘double pump’ in time with the snare drum, Atomic Betty selected C6 and C+09 as a nine minute loop of Janie Grant’s killer hit from 1961 caused Agent Chips to reset his timing, capeche?


“Chips, I never believed HST killed himself. I think he was hit with a high powered military rifle and the alleged suicide was fake. I read some stuff he had written about 9/11 and it was well known he didn't buy it. Author of a 2005 article in the Globe and Mail said HST was also writing about the Franklin coverup, the Bush whitehouse gay visits and the abuse of underaged boys at Bohemian grove. I think he pissed off some powerful pricks. Hunter S. Thompson WAS Writing eXpose Articles on 911 WTC Demolitions and Washington DC's Pedophile-Sex-Rings. Recently Nazi shill Alex Jones interviewed Toronto Globe and Mail journalist, Paul William Roberts, confirmed that his recent article, Alexander Pope in a prose convertible (Saturday, February 26, 2005, Page F9), WAS NOT SATIRE. Hunter Thompson was working on WTC collapse story before mysterious sudden death - Tuesday, March 01, 2005. Toronto Globe and Mail February 26, 2005: He'd been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations by upstate New York native Americans on the Rockefeller payroll. I have three sources that assure me Hunter S. Thompson was indeed working on such a story. Oh Chips, I am getting so aroused I think I might exploculate early, please back out and we can watch the OmniGlobe from the Jacuzzi and then engage in an enduro ending with a rimshot at the buzzer.”

As the affable but never flappable cougar-please did as requested an Immediate JASPAR came into his Clipper Squirt gun just as the Globes was beginning it’s 60 second built in test prior to briefing time. Chips sped read the communiqué while observing Atomic Betty’s lady like entry into the Jacuzzi which would be followed later by Chips’ manly like entry into the lady during consensual, CEMAW, heterosexual Knight Action.

Tight Beaver Agent Vani of Paramus/Mahwah Immediate JASPAR to Hammers MacCheese, Rooster Cogburn, Tactical Tillman, Agents Chips and Hamish, copy Dangerettes assigned TIGHT BEAVER/THIGH GAP: The Queen’s Pussies continue to panic. New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson got into an angry exchange with a British TV crew outside his Upper West Side apartment. The confrontation erupted when reporters asked British-born Thompson, former BBC director general, about the late BBC radio and TV personality Jimmy Savile, who allegedly sexually abused hundreds of children from 1955 to 2009. Recall that Thompson was CEO at BBC for the last five years of Savile’s life and coverup. Thompson is one of only 3 BBC Execs that had been to the ‘scoreboard’, the hidden space above Savile’s Office where the 650 victims names were recorded along with scoring by the blond pervert protected by Thatcher, Heath, Thompson, Greg Dyke and David Cameron. Agent Vani. PS A banking friend from HSBC Atlanta will be asking for a ‘slow one’ at Johnny’s Hideway, she could use a merkin, get it?

Chips noticed the face of MacCheese indicating the voice of Umbrellaman would soon follow. In a wry and laconic fashion he whispered in Atomic Betty’s ear “The stories of Benghazi, 9/11 and Sandy Hook don’t fly and Hillary, Obama, the Octopus Remnants and Governor Malloy and his co-defendants are going to burn just like the Marshall Mars did in the Pacific near Hawaii 6 months after I was born, capeche?”

Not wishing to smear Umbrellaman’s briefing Atomic Betty gave two firm squeezes on the Purple Tipped Red Champion to indicate she indeed understood.

Ginger Cookie in CDC Library 

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Abel Danger and associates at HSBC (ATL), CDC, Coca Cola and the caucus opposing Sexxy Shameless, good evening. Four words to leave this briefing with: Atlanta Burns September 11th. I will have Rooster Cogburn discuss the Blatchford nukes linked to Chicago, Frome, Gibraltar and now the Falkland Islands, However there exists a link between Atlanta, Africa, Washington DC and the City of London. Don’t be fooled by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the first woman chair person of the Africa Union. She may be a single voice for the AU but she doesn’t not choose her words just as the teleprompted turd doesn’t choose his words. The media will suggest that her visit to Atlanta is related to the SR9 Resolution which designates Atlanta as the international gateway for the exchange of knowledge and commerce between the Queen’s American Colony, the Queen’s Africa Colony and Diaspora. The Goosestepping Geriatric consorting with the malodorous Prince Phartingham of Greece is livid that her Crown Agents have not yet finished the job assigned them in 1992, that is, to destroy Canada and the United States and amalgamate her two colonies in North America. Abel Danger obstructed Bruce McConnell’s Y2K gig, Al Haig’s 9/11 gig, and the July 4th strike set for the Peachtree Race on the block between Lindberg and Peachtree Battle. The Queen see Putin and China bitch slapping her mulatto bitch and she is getting her royal boxer shorts in a bunch. Recall that when Putin stopped Lugar and Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 in Perm, Siberia only Obama was jailed overnight and sent back to the USA, as Lugar was sent home the day they were caught and when released Putin said loud enough that the BBC reporters overheard him say that Obama was a British agent just as his father had been. As was his grandfather who taught the Americans the Mau Mau swearing of allegiance by eating human flesh which was replayed by Al Haig’s chipper shredder Operation at the Pickton Pig Farm as Bob Paulson and Norman the Pink Sphincter know all too well. So now we know why Putin has little to say when the two leaders meet. I would like to have been a fly on the wall when they met in the past. My message in short it to persevere and Trust that God will make the promise of Philippians 1;6 true in our case in our effort to again keep the Queen from BURNING ATLANTA. Regarding the first woman chair from Africa, think back to the world’s most dangerous GOOGLEBAIT G-Spot:

[ thatcher-obama-cameron-ZUMA-blatchford-kelly-shale-cook-FIELD MCCONNELL] 

I will not turn the OmniGlobe over to Hammer Rooster Cogburn but before I do it is very important that everyone understand that Agent Ginger Cookie has spent the afternoon in the library at CDC and she was in the company a several Atlanta homeowners who lost their homes to HSBC due to MERS. Two of them had been employed at the College where both Hermain Cain and his ‘twisted sister’ had defrauded the school prior to becoming poster-pimps for the Federal Reserve in Missouri where this past weekend a rodeo clown had a broom stick stuck up his ass. Barry Soetoro, read my lips. Umbrellaman”

The face and voice of Rooster Cogburn replaced the fadeouts of MacCheese’s face over Umbrellaman’s voice. “Ladies and gentleman, I am on the phone with a squealer at RCMP Division E regarding Paulson, Inkster and Linda Pickton, give me five minutes, grab a sociable and listen to how lovely America was when Field McConnell’s 1937 Studebaker President was brand new, Rooster Cogburn, Fort McPherson O Club.”


Atomic Betty had gone to the well stocked bar without her well stacked bra and retrieved a Barrelita Cube Libre for herself and a 32 ounce CSM for the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot who was keep a sharp eye on he caboose until she reversed couse and approached him on this night of 12 August, 2013 during the OmniGlobe TIGHT BEAVER briefing. He took the drinks from her hands and marveled at her 44D funbags as she shyly slipped into the Jacuzzi and warmed her left hand by placing it on Captain Stud’s tiller.

Chips compared the pimentos on his two stuffed queens to Atomic Betty’s ‘pimentos’ and determined that they were about the same size. He resigned himself to doing further study after the briefing but did perform a BDE resulting in a finding of ‘hot to trot’.

“Thank you Umbrellaman and standby MacCheese, I will be brief as I must get on the horn with Jason McLean’s former employer in 5 minutes. After the briefings are complete it may be useful for many of you to reread this Skolnick report:

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/6/05 

On a more local note the 2013 Research Data Center Annaul Conference is set for September 17th at the Atlanta Federal Reserve. Our Agent VD has assured us she has penetrated them and has concluded that the nationwide network of RDCs will showcase demographic, business and linked employee-employer data from the U.S. Census Bureau and health data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. All of their research is based on nonpublic versions of date from these government agencies according to Michele Bachman’s supporter and Saxby Chambliss’s antagonist. The conference schedule includes concurrent papers and a keynote presentation. Because seating is limited and registration is free, Abel Danger’s Moxie G of CDC has registered 40 ‘jane doe’ friends of hers using their true addresses in Atlanta, Newnam, Decatur and even Canton. However, we intend to ‘turn in or cancel’ those 40 reservations and then watch on SABRE, JABS and FESTUS to see who the ‘late arrivals’ will be just as on the morning of 9/11 Samantha Cameron and that Fat Redhead divorced from Prince Andrew were in New York as Prince Andrew was to be in Atlanta and Neil Bush was to be in Denver to help solidify the NWO had Abel Danger not blocked United 93 by imputing a 41 minute catering and maintenance delay. When our reservations were made we used the FEDERAL RESERVE ATLANTA room rate but for out Abel Danger Operation, THIGH GAP, we will be using our active and military ID rates as a way to obfuscate putangas, as it were. We anticipate that Atomic Betty and Chips will partner with Pastor Clydesdale to expose evil in the actions of Al Haig’s Octopus clearly visible in the paintings at Skinner’s Hall in London and Rockefeller offices in New York. Word for the wise members of Serco: get while the getting’s good. Serco, which was RCA, which was Marconi, which did the Olympic disguised as the Titanic is going down just like the Georgia sky will be BLOOD RED AND GOING DOWN when America patriots, military and Christians are briefed on Operation MF Payback, 2013, set to be brief by Umbrellaman on 21 October, 2013. Sociable”.

Battle good v. evil 

Chips and Atomic Betty took power gulps of the cocktails which prompted Atomic Betty to opine laconically:

Chips, You and Hunter S.Thompson have a lot in common---both lived in Puerto Rico, write biting satire in a uncensored stream-of-consciousness; share a sartorial sensibility-- Hawaiian shirts and mod sunglasses, are fueled by exposing the scum and filth who hold the highest political office and those that support them ;and enjoy hanging out with willowy blondes named Corazon who have major league knockers. As HST would say keep writing! Recall his quip in Gonzo: “As things stand now, I am going to be a writer. I'm not sure that I'm going to be a good one or even a self-supporting one, but until the dark thumb of fate presses me to the dust and says 'you are nothing', I will be a writer.”

RCMP Pastel Police Informed By Chips re: Inkster

Chips pressed her whisker biscuit three times, Abel Danger protocol for check OmniGlobe.

“Just a few more notes prior to passing the wand to MacCheese, Chips has been keeping RCMP, FOB Analysts at DHS and Governor Malloy weak dicks up to date on the KPMG, Boeing and HSBC transgressions that will becoming a FALSE CLAIM CASE as soon as the ‘three easy pieces’ fall into place. Today comes news that the U S Judge who suppressed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) after a FRAUD UPON THE COURT perpetrated by ALPA has had her SEALED DOCUMENTS unsealed. Judge Rosemary M. Collyer had slapped Warren Buffett’s hands by settling for a measly $95 million to have the Trillion Dollar MERS Fraud buried. Unfortunately, Field McConnell, U S Marine had Wells Fargo by the short and curlies as they had been on the FBCA on the morning of 9/11 while draft dodging Warren Buffett hosted a party for 300 Goldman Sachs blood suckers at the SAC underground command post at Offutt Air Force Base.

…..OK, may need to hurry up I see Umbrellaman has pushed the red button indicating he will take over an emergency brief in 30 seconds. Wells Fargo, Buffett and Judge Collyer may be seeing Field McConnell in Court if this GOOGLEBAIT G-Spot gains traction:

ryan cook + mers + wells fargo + mike heid + FIELD MCCONNELL + macdonald dettwiler associates + mind box 

“and I suggest that the HSBC branch in Atlanta should be aware………….”

Rooster Cogburn’s voice and image were replaced by Tillman’s face and Umbrellaman’s voice.

“My apologies to Rooster from the interruption, Tactics Tillman has just declared DefCon 2 and Lockdown 1 due to unusual activity on the Marriott roof, Atlanta’s Underground, the parking lot at Creflo Dollar’s Mega Church and the sound of shredders in both HSBC and Federal Reserve offices in three U S business centers, one of them Atlanta. Further, from Hamish we learn that United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a protection racket apparently operated out of Skinners’ Hall by Norman Inkster and Gordon Campbell in a carbon-footprint spot fixing conspiracy with KPMG, to arson attacks by the bcIMC pension-fund members who allegedly set crime scenes on the Pacific Rim property in Tofino at sixes and sevens consistent with their false flag street theaters at Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and as they had planned for the Peachtree Road Race on 4 July until obstructed by Field McConnell, U S Marine, one man wrecking crew. McConnell notes Inkster’s erstwhile associates in KPMG’s forensic practice have built a sixes and sevens Guild Socialist community with the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (at Skinners Hall since 1987) and Gordon Campbell has used bcIMC ‘s CAI private equity group to sponsor the Worshipful Company of Firefighters as co-habitor at The Insurers Hall in Aldermanbury near London Wall. The fire in Buckhead hotel in Atlanta may well be Obama’s goose being cooked according to LaRouche and others. Urgent update from Tillman, his shooters on the Marriott report that and MQ-9 Reaper has been reported inbound by……………”

The Hotel Lights went out, the OmniGlobe reverted to battery power, but fault code KU8 was blinking in red indicating the signal was being subject to BR9 interference.

As Tillman checked his defenders and MacCheese re-entered Johnny’s Hideaway looking for a Cougar, Agent Hamish’s full text went to queue, as Atomic Betty barked “ pile driver, jackhammer” as she selected F4 on her battery operated Pastel Palette with further selection of C240 indicating she was desiring and enduro. Chips, ever the doting gentleman, saddled up and got in tempo with Canada rock maestros of the 70s, which includes sex and a 7.


#1641: Marine links Skinners’ Inkster Campbell KPMG protection racket to bcIMC Pacific Rim 6/7 arson

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linkeda protection racket apparently operated out of Skinners’ Hall by Norman Inkster and Gordon Campbell in a carbon-footprint spot fixing conspiracy with KPMG, to arson attacks by the bcIMC pension-fund members who allegedly set crime scenes on the Pacific Rim property in Tofino at sixes and sevens.

McConnell notes Inkster’s erstwhile associates in KPMG’s forensic practice have built a sixes and sevens Guild Socialist community with the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (at Skinners Hall since 1987) and Gordon Campbell has used bcIMC ‘s CAI private equity group to sponsor the Worshipful Company of Firefighters as co-habitor at The Insurers Hall in Aldermanbury near London Wall. 

#1631: Marine Links Cisco Starnet Pig-Farm Key to Pension Fund bcIMC, Arsons at Pacific Rim Resort

worked with Obama

Clive of India - an 18th century exponent of Skinners/Merchant Taylors 6 and 7 protection rackets which have been operating since the 15th century!

Suspicious fires at Pacific Rim resort
Stefania Seccia / The Westerly News
May 27, 2010

The Tofino Fire Department, Tofino RCMP and BC Ambulance Service appeared on the scene that was littered with handfuls of cars and curious onlookers who were snapping pictures of the site.

The firefighters asked the onlookers to leave because the cars parked along the highway were causing a potential traffic jam. David helped a few firefighters transport between Maltby Road and the adjacent site, accessible from the highway through a gravel road, which is normally fenced off.

Onlookers had opened up the chain link fence before emergency services appeared on the scene. The fires continued to blaze until it was quenched later that night, according to David.

She said at Maltby Road another fire truck was there and firefighters worked to get the hydrant attached to the hose and slung around the building to access the blaze.

The building just past the Pacific Rim resort sign was once a store, David added. "It looked pretty bad this morning," she said after driving past the area at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. "The site was abandoned about 12 years ago."

Check out for more updates on the incident.

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“The first Skinners met in local taverns or churches to discuss problems but as they became wealthier they began to pay for more permanent rooms. By the end of the 13th century they were using the building that became Skinners’ Hall, then known as the Copped Hall. The frontage of this original property faced Dowgate Hill and was divided into five shops with rooms above. Behind the shops was the main hall, reached via a courtyard that gave ample space for the preparation of processions and pageants.

The ceremonial entrance leads to a cloister style courtyard from which guests can enter the Grade 1 listed hall and enjoy the splendour of this historic venue. Featuring a banqueting hall, court rooms, roof garden and gallery, the hall is visited by historians, artists and architects as well as being available to the general public to hire for private or corporate events.

A scheduled ancient monument, Skinners’ Hall is steeped in history and antiquities redolent of the privileged life style afforded by successful commerce throughout the centuries. The enormous banqueting hall has a minstrels’ gallery and is panelled with paintings by Sir Frank Brangwyn. The outer hall is open to the ceiling of the gallery above it creating a wonderful setting for the glass chandelier made for Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, and the large bell in the hall, cast in 1190, is one of the oldest in the country.

The court room of 1670 is panelled in pencil cedar from Virginia, well known for perfuming the room and on hot days you can still smell the wood.”

Frank Brangwyn
During the ten years I worked in Midtown Manhattan, I passed through the old RCA Building [RCA became Serco and Serco cesium fountain clock is used by Skinners to synchronize attacks where crime scene investigations are set  at sixes and sevens] at Rockefeller Center several times a week without paying much attention to its huge, sepia-toned Art Deco murals. I look at the decorations in the lobby with an admiring eye, now, especially the fourth mural to the left side of the elevator banks, the last in a series on the rise of civilization, painted by British Artist Frank Brangwyn in the early 1930s.

Near the top of the panel, a hooded figure, straight out of the Bible, can be seen from behind, standing on a hill, his arms in the air (much like The Preacher in a Brangwyn etching). The crowd massed to the Teacher's back in the foreground of the picture is a rag tag assortment of humanity. Gentlemen in top hats, hobos, buxom matrons, squirming children, and, at least, one sleeping dog.

Depicting the Sermon on the Mount from behind may hardly be a traditional take on the story, but such eccentric touches are a hallmark of Brangwyn's art. This self-taught painter and onetime apprentice to William Morris (leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement) is yet another notable early 20th century artist, all but forgotten in the era of dogmatic Modernism. Brangwyn not only excelled as a muralist, book illustrator, and print maker but also won fame as a designer of stained glass windows, ceramics, furniture, and even wall-paper. Fortunately, changing times and changing tastes have brought Brangwyn out of the shadows.

The Belgian-born artist was Roman Catholic, the son of an British architectural designer who often took on ecclesiastical commissions. As the artist liked to recall, he came into the world in the shadow of Bruges Cathedral, within the sound of its bells. Religious themes appear frequently in his work. Brangwyn was especially drawn to images of saints, monks,  nuns, and the downtrodden and dispossessed, who often take center stage in starkly realistic biblical scenes like his etching of The Nativity (seen here in two variations), set in a rustic French inn.

Brangwyn was the prolific illustrator of over 80 books. Seven prints from three of these titles can be found in the Sacred Art Pilgrim Collection. There are two woodcuts from Belgian Poet Emile Verhaeren's Les Villes Tentaculaires, capturing the dark, seething atmosphere of this apocalyptic vision of life in over-industrialized, octopus-like urban centers.Three etchings come from L'Ombre de la Croix by French Writers Jerome and Jean Tharaud, offering glimpses into the life of early 20th century Central European Jews, who must live in the shadow of the Cross, as a minority people in a predominantly Christian culture. Two more etchings formed part of a suite of 32 small format prints, illustrating The Book of Job.

The Stations of the Cross was a sacred theme of special importance to Brangwyn.  As he told his artist-biographer, William de Belleroche, the subject was “at the back of my mind all of my life, " and he hoped to make it his "most important work.” Brangwyn was commissioned in 1920 to create a cycle of Stations of the Cross paintings for the war-damaged cathedral in Arras, France. The project was never completed, but Brangwyn made hundreds of studies and sketches.

With the help of Belleroche, Brangwyn eventually produced a set of woodcuts on the theme between 1930 and 1934 and a lithographic series in 1935. (My collection has one woodcut ofStation III, and two sketches for the lithographic plates of Station II and Station X ; the first sketch includes two self-portraits of Brangwyn and a drawing of his dog, Roger!)

In the preface to an edition of Brangwyn reproductions, titled The Way of the Cross, Roman Catholic Writer G. K. Chesterton noted a certain “Christian exuberance, which piled itself up to overflowing,” in the artist’s work, reminiscent of the Baroque painter, Peter Paul Rubens. But Chesterton also detected an "ugly energy” in the crowd scenes, more like Flemish medieval art, which he considered “more attractive than vulgar beauty.” The dramatic, sometimes brutal urgency of Brangwyn’s figurative compositions makes his imagery of Christ’s Passion outstanding sacred art.”

The Worshipful Company of Firefighters is one of the 108 livery companies of the City of London. The Company's aim is to promote the development and advancement of the science, art and the practice of firefighting, fire prevention and life safety. It operates essentially as a charitable organisation, and also encourages professionalism and the exchange of information between members and others who work in allied fields.

One of the new City livery companies, its origins date from 1988 with the founding of the Guild of Firefighters. The Company of Firefighters was recognised by the City of London Corporation from 13 June 1995 as a company without livery; it was granted livery by the Court of Aldermen on 23 October 2001, thereby becoming the Worshipful Company of Firefighters.

The Firefighters' Company ranks 103rd in the livery companies' order of precedence and is based at The Insurance Hall on Aldermanbury, near London Wall, a building it co-habits with the Worshipful Company of InsurersThe clerk to the Firefighters' Company is Sir Martin Bonham, Bt.

The Firefighters' coat of arms is blazoned: Quarterly: 1 and 3, Argent on three Bars wavy Azure a Firehelmet Or; 2 and 4, Argent over all a Cross Gules and in pale a Sword downwards Argent; and, its motto is Flammas Oppugnantes Fidimus Deo.”

Happy Googling

PresidentialField Mandate

Abel Danger Blog

As Chips was hammering away on the target area, to prevent himself from an early exploculation, he considered how FRAGILE the condition of the world was with the Pirates of Pelindaba and the Trillion Dollar MERS Fraudsters now caught in Abel Danger’s global web, just a he found himself in Atomic Betty’s web, as it were. He knew that the Bunglers of Benghazi would not enjoy either the 17th of September, 22nd of October or the Falkland Revelation. His thoughts were interrupted by Atomic Betty again: “Switch, Derrick Pumper Keyhole” and as he dutifully responded to the blonde bombshell's instruction, he wondered if RCMP E Division understood that Mike Nissley was involved in a RICO action in the bcIMC-CAI arson attacks on Pacific Rim or how it is that Lorne Stapletons CHEF'S NATURAL SAUSAGES have no wheat, no MSG and no nitrates just as Harper, Cameron and Soetoro have no nuts.


The Battling Boys of Benghazi 

We're the Battling Boys of Benghazi,
no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
defending the country we loved so well. 

It wasn't our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the consulate, and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
led them to safety, and stood at the gate. 

Just the two of us, and foes by the score,
but we stood fast to bar the door. 
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,
so we fought and we fought, and we fought till we died. 

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
but Barack 0bama didn't give a damn. 
Just two dead SEALS, who carried the load,
no thanks to us - we were just “bumps in the road”.

G-Spot: cornhole + reggie love + obama + chorizo + FIELD MCCONNELL


  1. How interesting! In light of the recent deep freeze blanketing parts of the globe I became furious at the thought of British Columbians having to pay the fucking CARBON TAX introduced by GLOBALIST SHILL and piece of shit GORDON CAMPBELL during his stint as BC Premier. Out of anger I typed FUCK GORDON CAMPBELL DOUCHE BAG and presto, this web site pops up. My what a tangled web, interesting how the shit always floats to the top. I long for the day I can see these cock suckers hanging from lamp posts.

  2. Omigosh I need to make a big poster out of that last collage!!!! lol :D

    THAT is the best looking 007 I have ever seen!!!!! ♥♥♥
    (I couldn't resist!!!) hehe


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