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#1690: Marine Links MI-3 Kristine Marcy to BAE Bribes for Access Card for Livery Killers in Naval Yard

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked linked his sister and MI-3 1987 founder Kristine Marcy, to a bribe of $400 million paid by BAE into her DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund for the Livery Company hit teams which put the Washington Navy Yard crime scene at 6s + 7s with a spot-fixed 13 body count on 9/16.

McConnell claims his sister’s MI-3 agents used the BAE bribe to procure Common Access Cards for a matrix of killers affiliated to one or more of the 108 Livery Companies which can then deploy Information Technologists, Gunmakers, Security Professionals, Newspaper Makers and Environmental Cleaners, for example,to synchronize access, hit, stand down, story and clean-up while We, the People Wag our Dog.


MI-3 = Global supply-chain protection racket operated with patent pools of 108 City Livery Companies Marcy (Livery Company Liquidator Chip – Prisoner Medical Services – JABS – Asset Forfeiture Funds)
+ Inkster (RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – KPMG Consulting – Abusive tax shelter – Escrow frauds)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip – Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt - Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)

MI-3 = Marine Insertion Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above McConnell notes that in Book 12, published at www.abeldanger.net, agents deployed by the Marine Insertion, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks (Revised)

Prequel 1:
#1689: Marine Links MI-3 Founder Marcy to Serco CAC Patent Pools and Naval Yard Mentor-Protégé Hits

Prequel 2:

MI2 F3 @ 6&7 4 CSI Skinners Hall - Chapter 5

BAE Systems Fraud Bribery Money Laundering Corruption Files Exposé Carroll Trust Case

Shooting at Navy Yard Shooting Witness False Flag Actors Staged ? Fatalities Terrifying

Fox News Reports Shot Fired at Whitehouse LOL - Navy Yards Shooting More Bizarre Testimony

Washington Post .. Navy Yard rampage likely to renew debate over security at U.S. military installations
By Ernesto Londoño, Published: September 16 E-mail the writer 
Every day, hundreds of employees who work at the Navy Yard stream onto the base in their cars or on foot after flashing a badge and swiping it through a scanner. There are no metal detectors, pat-downs or bag searches for staffers.

That’s the case at military facilities nationwide, with commanders struggling in recent years to strike the proper balance between shielding installations from attackers while keeping them accessible to employees and their families.

8:37 AMVideo: Shootings that shocked the D.C. region
8:36 AMNationals prepare for doubleheader
8:21 AMIdentities of the remaining victims
8:05 AMSuspect's employer speaks out
7:59 AMA blue-and-gold day at Nats Park
7:44 AMVideo: Revamping military base security
Remembering the victims
Read the stories of those killed in the Navy Yard shooting.
Navy Yard reopens as victims remembered, investigation continues

Theresa Vargas, Steve Hendrix and Marc Fisher 7:45 AM ET
Aaron Alexis had previous run-ins with the law over firearms incidents in Seattle and Fort Worth.
Video: Shootings that shocked D.C.
WATCH | Here are 20 years of shootings that have shocked the area and made headlines nationwide.
Gray says death toll rises to 13
Witnesses: Navy Yard shooter aimed at us 
Obama on Navy Yard shooting
Suspect ID’d as Aaron Alexis
First confusion, then ‘we just started running’
Aaron C. Davis, Susan Svrluga and Paul Duggan SEP 16
Workers at the Washington Navy Yard recall the chaos and terror of Monday’s mass shooting. 
Debate about security at military posts likely to be renewed
Ernesto Londoño SEP 16
Commanders struggle to balance security and accessibility for employees and their families.
A family braces for awful news about a missing loved one
About 16,000 military and civilian employees work in the complex’s 2.2 million square feet of offices.
Essay from Navy civilian contractor
Navy Yard is home to major Navy commands
Navy Yard: A neighborhood transformed
Foreigners no longer surprised at U.S. violence

The rampage Monday at the Navy Yard, which authorities say was carried out by a former Navy reservist who worked as a defense contractor, is certain to renew a decades-old debate over whether the Defense Department is doing enough to protect its personnel from attacks at home, particularly those carried out by lone-wolf assailants.

Suspected gunman Aaron Alexis appears to have entered the base heavily armed but drawing little scrutiny. He was in possession of a valid military identification card, known as a common access card, which allows unfettered access into most facilities, according to his employer, the Experts, a Florida-­based IT consulting firm.

Alexis was working as an hourly technical employee on a large subcontract with Hewlett-Packard to refresh computer systems worldwide at Navy and Marine Corps installations, said Thomas Hoshko, chief executive of the Experts [Funded through Kristine Marcy’s bribes and phony Mentor-Protégé program].

Discharge from the military does not automatically disqualify a person from getting a job as a defense contractor or a security clearance. “It depends on what the circumstances are,” Hoshko said, adding that he and his co-workers are reeling from the news of the rampage. “Obviously he was well-qualified.”

But Alexis received a general discharge, in part for misconduct after he was arrested on a firearms charge in Texas.

That a gunman could have entered the base so heavily armed without drawing suspicion appeared to bewilder employees at the compound and other witnesses. But if he presented credible identification at a security control point, the suspect could probably have walked in with the weapons hidden on his person or in a bag without raising alarm.

The building where the shooting occurred is among the most secure in the compound, according to people who work at the Navy Yard.

A Navy official said that establishing whether the suspect was eligible for a military card will be a key question for investigators.

“The Navy Yard is very tight. You can’t get anywhere” without a common access card, said J.S. Fordham, 43, a Navy historian who works at the compound [How dumb can they be?].

The Defense Department’s inspector general this year conducted an assessment of the Navy’s procedures for granting access to bases, according to a summary of the audit, which is slated for release in coming days. The summary, posted in the agency’s August newsletter, did not provide details about the findings, but inspector general probes are typically launched in response to a credible report of lapses or wrongdoing. Draft copies of the audit were shared with some congressional offices on Monday just hours after the shooting. A congressional aide who has seen a copy said the audit mentions that at least 52 convicted felons had access to military installations in recent years.

Address at the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals by the Director General of the Security Service, Jonathan Evans. 16 September 2010

1. Thank you very much for the invitation to speak at the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals.

2. I would like to take this opportunity to provide some comments on the national security threats as we currently see them, not least so that those with responsibility for managing risks to their businesses – or even in their private lives – can do so on an informed basis. So I intend to cover the threat in three parts, first, Irish Republican dissident terrorism, then Al Qaida and its associates, and finally espionage. …. 

13. At any one time we have a handful of investigations that we believe involve the real possibility of a terrorist attack being planned against the UK. That number will fluctuate and some cases may not develop as far as we had expected, but most turn out to be the real thing. The fact that there are real plots uncovered on a fairly regular basis demonstrates that there is a persistent intent on the part of Al Qaida and its associates to attack the UK. But as well as intent there has to be capability and their capabilities can be patchy. Some of those we see being encouraged or tasked by Al Qaida associates to mount attacks here are not people with the skills or character to make credible terrorists. Others are. But determination can take you a long way and even determined amateurs can cause devastation. The case of the neo-Nazi David Copeland, who attacked the gay and ethnic minority communities with such appalling results in 1999, is a good example of the threat posed by the determined lone bomber. Against that analysis, the recent encouragement by a senior Yemen-based Al Qaida associate to his followers in the West, to mount any sort of attack against Western interests and not to feel the need to aspire to spectacular terrorism such as 9/11, is a real concern.

 21.I would like to conclude with a brief reference to the espionage threat. Events over the summer in the United States underlined the continuing level of covert intelligence activity that takes place internationally. Espionage did not start with the Cold War and it did not end with it either. Both traditional and cyber espionage continue to pose a threat to British interests, with the commercial sector very much in the front line along with more traditional diplomatic and defence interests. Using cyberspace, especially the Internet, as a vector for espionage has lowered the barriers to entry and has also made attribution of attacks more difficult, reducing the political risks of spying. And cyber espionage can be facilitated by, and facilitate, traditional human spying. So the overall likelihood of any particular entity being the subject of state espionage has probably never been higher, though paradoxically many of the vulnerabilities exploited both in cyber espionage and traditional espionage are relatively straightforward to plug if you are aware of them. Cyber security is a priority for the government both in respect of national security and economic harm. Ensuring that well informed advice is available to those who need it, including through the use of private sector partners is, and will remain, vital.

22. It is fitting that I should make these comments to the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. National security is obviously a responsibility of government but the assets that underpin both our security and our economic wellbeing are to a large extent owned or managed by the private sector [and obviously affected by the $400 million bribe paid by Prince Andrew’s friends at BAE to Kristine Marcy and Eric Holder’s DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund]. The objectives of the Company, including the promotion of excellence and integrity, and the advancement of knowledge in the security profession, in whatever sector, are therefore highly relevant to the national security challenges we face. I hope that the comments that I have made will contribute to the successful planning and implementation of the good security practice that underpins so much of our national life today.”

DON-SNOTE-030624-001]Notice Type:
Special Notice
Added: June 24, 2003

The Physical Access Control - Common Access Card Technical Forum will be held at BAE Systems, Inc., 80 M Street SE, Washington, DC on 9 July 2003. The hours will be 9:00am to 4:30pm EDT. The BAE Systems facility is located directly across from the Navy Yard stop on the Washington metro's green line. Attendance must be confirmed by e-mail at frank.mazzone@navy.mil by 2 July 2003. ORIGINAL SPECIAL NOTICE: Physical Access Control - Common Access Card Technical Forum The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Charleston (SPAWARSYSCEN) is conducting a Physical Access Control ? Common Access Card Technical Forum on 23 JUL 2003 in Washington, DC (location to be determined) from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. (NOW CHANGED TO 9 JUL 2003 FROM 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.) For years, manufacturers of Access Control Systems and readers have been asking the Federal Government for a set of policies and standards to govern the procurement of such systems for myriad Federal Agencies. Several of these agencies have reached a consensus on Government Smart Cards/Common Access Cards and their role in the physical access community. Further, a consensus has emerged on a Federal Credential Numbering scheme among these same agencies. The vision embraced by these agencies is the recognition of a single credential or token for physical access across the entire federal government enterprise. The Department of Defense?s most recent policy guidance on the use of the Common Access Card as the principal token for access to DOD bases, facilities and buildings reflects that vision. While the opportunities for success are immense, the challenges to realizing this vision are daunting. One such challenge is changing the commonly held definition of an ?enterprise?. The federal government enterprise can no longer be measured in terms of hundreds or even thousands. The new definition must be at least an order of magnitude above and deal with an enterprise of millions. You are most cordially invited to a technical discussion of the opportunities and challenges this vision entails. This technical discussion will be to provide clarity and foster cooperation between system manufacturers, reader manufacturers, and the federal government. Any company that wishes to participate in this forum must convey its interest to Mr. Frank Mazzone, by e-mail at frank.mazzone@navy.mil, or by Office Phone: (843) 218-5411 or Mobile Phone: (843) 729-2601 by 23 JUN 2003 (NOW 2 JUL 2003). Participation in this forum is limited to three (3) representatives per Corporation. The proposed agenda for the forum is stated below: PROPOSED AGENDA Federal Government Perspective Department of Defense Perspective Standards Perspective Communications Credentialling Access Control Systems Enterprise Definition Reciprocity Definition Established Rules and Models Encoding Model Access Control Portal Model

Contracting Office Address: 
P.O. Box 190022, North Charleston SC 29419-9022”

“The U.S. plea deal, under which BAE will pay $400 million to settle one charge of conspiring to make false statements to the government, demonstrates the Justice Department's ability to impose tight U.S. ethical standards for its defense contractors, even ones based overseas. BAE is pledging new commitments to ensure its compliance with U.S. laws. The settlement could send a message to other foreign military contractors who are trying to expand in the U.S., which has the world's biggest defense market.”

Prince Andrew under fire over BAE, bribery remarks
The Guardian, London … Prince Andrew [GAPAN Grand Master] used his royal position to demand a special briefing from the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) weeks before launching a tirade against the agency’s “idiotic” investigators at a lunch with businessmen in Kyrgyzstan.

The prince, who is also a UK trade ambassador, was briefed on the investigation into allegations of bribery by arms firm BAE at Buckingham Palace in May 2008. 

 Soon after, believing he was speaking in private to a group of sympathetic British businesspeople, he appeared to condone bribery and scorned the work of the SFO’s anti-corruption investigators in investigating the Saudi royal family.”

FEMA 'Spring Ahead' -- Entrust's PKI is Muscle Behind State of Illinois FRAC Application PRNewswire
May 21, 2009  FRAC solutions provide emergency response officials with critical information in times of crisis

DALLAS, May 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Facilitated by digital identities and public key infrastructure from Entrust, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTU), the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) and their First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC) application successfully participated in the nationwide Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Office of National Capital Region Coordination (NCRC), "Spring Ahead" event this week. 

The Illinois Terrorism Task Force joined local, public, private, state and federal agencies and organizations in this multi-jurisdictional electronic validation demonstration leveraging Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201-compliant and FIPS 201-interoperable credentials. 

 "The interoperability of seamlessly authenticating credentials from different local, state and federal agencies is a tremendous asset during times of unfortunate emergency or tragedy," said Entrust President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Conner. "Standards-based credentialing projects are critical to the safety and security of this country, and we're eager to see how Entrust PKI and digital certificates can help better prepare our states and country for unforeseen disasters or tragedy. Other states should look to the State of Illinois as an example of technology leadership and innovation."

Although Spring Ahead featured eight separate scenarios throughout the week, the interoperability of the State of Illinois FRAC solution was on display during a three-hour session Thursday. The credentials of up to 25 emergency response officials and other individuals were authenticated as part of Illinois' participation in FEMA NCRC's nationwide demonstration.

Fifteen were specific emergency response official credentials, but others included U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC) and basic state-issued driver's licenses -- all of which helped prove the program's interoperability to authenticate credentials from various agencies.

More than 30 organizations, in 20 locations across the United States, simultaneously authenticated and uploaded digital certificates to a repository. Participants and observers viewed a Web-enabled mapping application that provided local, regional and national emergency operation centers with near-real-time situational awareness of on-scene personnel during simulated emergencies.

This repository provides the capability to electronically validate emergency response officials' digital identities and attributes -- including qualifications, authorizations, certifications, or privileges -- to strengthen the decision-making process for granting access to the incident scene, and provide secure electronic manifests of those who respond.

Including digital identities provided by PKI technology, the FRAC solution enables local, state and federal agencies to confidently make access decisions at any incident by quickly authenticating and validating -- via a smart credential and certified handheld credential reader -- the identities and roles of individuals wishing to enter or exit a secure or restricted area. Verified knowledge of roles, identities and privileges enables agencies to manage emergency response officials and allows incident command to adjust quickly to emergencies by distributing personnel where they're needed most.

Entrust's First Responder Authentication Credential solution is FIPS 201-compatible and interoperable with numerous smart credentials issued by various government entities. Further interoperability comes through cross-certification with the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) so credentials can be verified across federal, state and local agencies, and among jurisdictions. Entrust's hosted Non-Federal Shared Service Provider PKI solution is also cross-certified to the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) and is appropriate for various non-Federal entities, organizations and agencies. This solution enables specific organizations to use digital certificates for authentications, encryption, digital signatures and physical and/or logical access, but without expensive upfront investments, in-house experts or secure facilities.

The Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) is charged with the task of assuring that Illinois is ready to respond to an act of terrorism. Due to the commitment of the members of the Task Force and the ability of the associated agencies to come together in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, Illinois has plans in place to deal with a terrorist attack in our state.

About Entrust

Entrust provides trusted solutions that secure digital identities and information for enterprises and governments in 2,000 organizations spanning 60 countries. Offering trusted security for less, Entrust solutions represent the right balance between affordability, expertise and service. These include SSL, strong authentication, fraud detection, digital certificates and PKI. For information, call 888-690-2424, e-mail entrust@entrust.com or visit www.entrust.com. Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. In Canada, Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Limited. All Entrust product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Entrust, Inc. or Entrust Limited. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20060720/NYTH074LOGOhttp://photoarchive.ap.org PRN Photo Desk, photodesk@prnewswire.com
SOURCE: Entrust, Inc.
Web site: http://www.entrust.com/

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