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#1697: Marine Links Cameron’s MI-3 Gunmakers to Bullingdon Hunting Trip, White Widow Westgate Mall

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked David Cameron’s associates in the MI-3 Gunmakers Livery Company to the GAPAN-piloted plane allegedly used by the 2013 Bullingdon Club for a hunting trip to South Africa to carry guns, passports and money for Samantha Lewthwaite’s White Widow-in-the-middle attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi. 

McConnell claims that in the 1990-1993 period Cameron and MI-3 Gunmakers instructed KPMG to set up a bogus escrow position for the Queen’s Privy Purse and in 2013 used an ultra vires Crown authority to instruct a virtual White Widow identity in the U.S. Foreign Fugitive File to organize the Westgate attack.

McConnell notes Cameron’s ancestors organized a somewhat similar Bullingdon hunting trip in 1916 when Privy Purse accountant and KPMG founder William Barclay Peat and The Gunmakers procured the British-made .455 Webley revolver used by Bullingdon Club alumnus Oswald Rayners to kill Rasputin.


MI-3 = Supply-chain protection racket operated through Privy Purse and Livery Company patent pools Marcy (Livery Company 8(a) hit teams – VA Prisoner Medical Services – JABS – Asset Forfeiture Funds)
+ Inkster (RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – KPMG Consulting – Abusive tax shelter – Escrow frauds)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip into Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt - Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)
MI-3 = Marine Insertion Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above

McConnell notes that in Book 12 published at, agents deployed by his Marine Insertion, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

Prequel 1:
#1696: Marine Links MI-3 International Bankers to Cameron White Widow Escrow and Bowman Westgate Mall

Prince Andrew Grand Master of GAPAN

How did "White Widow" Samantha Lewthwaite get an SA passport [through MI-3 Privy Purse]?

'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite's involvement in terror attacks
The Buller who shot Rasputin

plus ça change ..

MailOnLine … Private jet, morning suits and champagne for desert grouse shoot - move over Boris, it's... Bullingdon Club 2013
Not tweed and Scottish Moors but a jaunt into South Africa for grouse shooting Alumni include David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson

Each seat on aircraft came with a bottle of Champagne
Bullingdon Club founded in 1780 and famous for its 'destructive binges'
PUBLISHED: 21:01 GMT, 30 August 2013 | UPDATED: 14:22 GMT, 2 September 2013”

Read more:

Nairobi terror attack: David Cameron heads back to No 10
Four Britons confirmed among scores killed at Kenyan mall as prime minister returns for Cobra emergency meeting, Monday 23 September 2013 08.51 BST

Four Britons have been confirmed dead among the scores killed when terrorists stormed a shopping centre in Nairobi.

The Foreign Office gave an update on casualties after the defence secretary, Philip Hammond, chaired a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee in Whitehall on Monday.

David Cameron is returning to Downing Street to oversee the British response to the crisis, as Kenyan security forces attempt to clear the Westgate mall and free any surviving hostages. The British prime minister, who has warned the country to be braced for "more bad news", is cutting short his visit to Balmoral. 

Gunfire has been heard from inside the Westgate shopping mall on Monday morning, and a cloud of black smoke was hanging over the scene, where Kenyan defence forces were involved in a hostage rescue operation.

The UK has offered Kenya assistance, including [MI-3 phony] intelligence co-operation, in response to the attack by Islamist extremists in the upmarket shopping centre, which has left 68 dead and more than 170 injured, including many children.

One of the Britons killed in the attack has been named in reports as Ross Langdon, an architect who had dual nationality with Australia. He is believed to have died alongside his girlfriend, who was heavily pregnant.

Somali-based militant group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the atrocity, which Cameron described as an "absolutely sickening and despicable act of appalling brutality". 

The Foreign Office is investigating suggestions that a female British terrorist suspect, nicknamed the "white widow", could have been linked to the plot. Witness accounts have suggested that a woman was among the attackers, fuelling speculation that Samantha Lewthwaite, who was married to 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay, was involved.

She is wanted by Kenyan police over links to a suspected terrorist cell planning bomb attacks. In March 2012, it was reported that Lewthwaite, 29, originally from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, had fled across the border from Kenya to Somalia.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are aware of the reports and we are looking into them."

He added: "It is really difficult to substantiate. We are looking at the names and seeing what we can find out." 

A Twitter account purporting to be an al-Shabaab spokesman named a 24-year-old man from London as one of the gunmen. The @hsm_press2 account listed a string of names it claimed were involved in the attack before being closed down, as previous user names linked to the terrorist group had been.

Speaking on Sunday, Cameron said he had offered the Kenyan authorities "every assistance" in a call to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who lost members of his own family in the attack. 

The prime minister stressed that the perpetrators did not represent the majority of Muslims but had carried out the atrocity "in the name of terror, violence and extremism".

He added: "These appalling terrorist attacks that take place, where the perpetrators claim they do it in the name of a religion – they don't. They do it in the name of terror, violence and extremism and their warped view of the world."

On Twitter on Monday morning, Cameron added: "I'm cutting short a visit to Balmoral to return to Downing St to chair Cobra late this afternoon, dealing with the Kenya terror attacks."

UK staff from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia travelled to assist local officials with the efforts in Nairobi and a rapid deployment team was sent from London, the Foreign Office said.

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, offered his support to the government and said: "Those who carried out this attack will be condemned across the globe. The cold-blooded killing of innocent women, children and men is as despicable as it is shocking."” 

The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers is one of the 109 Livery Companies of the City of London. The Gunmakers' Company received a Royal Charter of incorporation in 1637.[1] The Company was, and still is, responsible for proof-testing gun barrels/actions for safety. Thus, unlike many Livery Companies, the Gunmakers have retained a link to their trade. The barrel testing technique involves test-firing a gun barrel/action whilst loaded with an extra-powerful charge of ammunition (the test cartridge develops two-and-a-half times the service pressure of the cartridge intended for the gun in question), held in a special carriage. The barrel and action are then inspected and, if they have maintained structural integrity, they will be stamped with proof marks indicating the test pressure, bore diameter in millimetres at 9" from the breech face, chamber length, suitability for use with steel shot in the case of a smoothbore shotgun, a date stamp or code and the mark of the house (London or Birmingham).

Since 1675, the Company has been located at Proof House on Commercial Road, just east of Aldgate and outside the old City walls. 

The Gunmakers' Company ranks seventy-third in the order of precedence of the Livery Companies.”

Eye Witness News .. 'White widow' recently active in SA
PRETORIA – Consumer trace records have shown that the so-called White Widow, who is reported to have led the Westgate mall massacre in Nairobi, was active in South Africa as recently as last year.

Briton Samantha Lewthwaite is believed to have entered Kenya on a fraudulent South African passport under the name Natalie Faye Webb.

Eyewitness News has established that she left the country on 4 February 2011, just days after the 31 January date of issue on her fraudulent South African passport. 

But consumer records show that she was active in the country as recently as May last year. 

Lewthwaite was listed under two residential addresses, one in Mayfair and another in Randburg.

The terror suspect and widow of one of the London bombers had three different cellphone numbers, which were changed over the period of a year.

During her time in South Africa, she accrued significant debt with as much as R60,000 owed to FNB and Standard Bank for credit cards and loans, as well as several clothing accounts.

There has been no official confirmation that she was involved in the Kenya attack, which left over 70 people dead.

Al-Shabaab militants attacked the mall at lunchtime on Saturday in a siege that lasted four days. Kenyans are observing three days of mourning for those killed in the upmarket shopping complex. (Edited by Craig Wynn)”

The most prominent former Bullers of the Victorian Age is Cecil Rhodes, whose bloodsoaked career in Africa bears mentioning. Founder of De Beers Diamond company and Freemason. Rhodes sexuality and celibacy has been the cause of some discussion whilst his rampant imperialism caused the second Boer War, conflicts with the Portuguese as well as repression of the native population. Rhodes unusually for a Buller and in spite of his radical imperialism was a Liberal and supporter of Irish Home Rule donating vast sums to Parnells Nationalist cause. Along with Rhodes is Lord Randolph Churchill, father to Winston and the first Bullingdon Chancellor. Churchill was the scourge of his own partys front bench and leader of a splinter group in the 1870s. Churchill was a founder of the conservative Primrose league and darling of progressive Toryism. However his resignation as chancellor after less than 4 months was political suicide and his career was finished. The film Young Winston shows a scene where Winston was taunted by the resignation at school.

By the mid nineteenth century the Bullingdon Clubs early focus on Cricket had gradually been discarded in favour of the more raucous behavior that the club has become renowned for. As Wisden the cricket guide describes, “ostensibly one of the two original Oxford University cricket teams but it actually used cricket merely as a respectable front for the mischievous, destructive or self-indulgent tendencies of its members”. By 1875 the London Society a magazine aimed at the “quality” said of the Bullingdon Club that "cricket there was secondary to the dinners, and the men were chiefly of an expensive class". It is a reputation that has persisted and grown as its members have risen to hold the great offices of State, Become crowned heads, Spies and Television interviewers.

Things were to go from bad to worse, in May 1894 Bullingdon members smashed the glass of the lights and windows in Peckwater Quad of Christ Church. As a result, the Club was banned from meeting within 15 miles of Oxford. Hardly Chariots of Fire but a feat that would be repeated again in 1927. Such was the reputation of the Bullingdon Club by 1913 that Queen Mary initially refused the Prince of Wales permission to join. Perhaps given his grandfather Edward VII reputation as a drunk and a womaniser as well as Bullingdon Club member it would have been better for the Queen not to have relented. However the future Edward VIII did become a member of the club in spite of the Royal Families reservations, on the promise that he would refrain from the clubs more outrageous activities. 

Unsurprisingly given his later career the Prince of Wales demonstrated the same lack of caution he would display during his relationship with Wallis Simpson. When word of his attendance at one of the infamous dinners reached the Queen he received a snippy telegram ordering him to remove his name from the Clubs membership list. He was however consoled with a brand new car as a gift from his father. The New York Times covered the story extensively given the American fascination with the Young Prince of Wales and described the club as, 

“For the Bullingdon club represents the acme of exclusiveness at Oxford. It is the club of the sons of Nobility, the sons of great wealth; Its membership represents the “young bloods” of the University.”

The behaviour of the club was already legendary, after the Duke of Marlborough’s wedding the Dean of Christ Church broke up a Bullingdon soiree, the next morning Oxford awoke to the words “God Bless the Duke of Marlborough; Fuck the Dean of Christ Church,” Daubed on the College Buildings. This and antics like kidnapping a deer and driving it up Oxford High Street led to a strained relationship with University authorities. John Betjman would later claim that the club was suspended for a couple of years after every meeting in 1938 which is an exaggeration but there have certainly been many occasions when the clubs official activities have been suspended.

In 1916 former Bullers found themselves embroiled in the events of the Great War but it was not in the trenches that the Bullingdon Club would make its greatest contribution to the History of World War one and perhaps changed the course of World history. Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov, a former Bullingdon member conspired with Oxford friend and British Agent Oswald Rayner in the murder of the Mad Monk Rasputin. It is alleged that Yusupoff openly bisexual and lover of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich conceived the idea of the murder to further Dmitris Imperial ambitions. The tragic irony of the assassination was its role in sparking the abdication crisis and March revolution in 1917 rather than reinvigorating a royal family paralysed by Nicholas II incompetence.

Oswald Rayners role in the assassination was initially kept secret and he burned his papers before his death. He did however confess to his cousin that he was present at the murder and modern research both into the autopsy and Rayners role confirm that his Webley revolver fired the final fatal shot. Since Ed Milibands implied taunt that David Cameron couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery at prime ministers questions a few details of the assassination are worth recounting. They are perhaps indicative of a weakness in organisation that is still very apparent in our Bullingdon leaders today. First Rasputin was served cyanide (probably procured by the British Secret Service) in wine and cakes that had no effect. Yusupoff then shot him failing to kill him, he was shot again by one of the other conspirators again failing to kill him. He was then beaten and a final shot to the head before being dumped in the icy river. Not only did the body not float out to sea as hoped by Yusupoff, Rayner and friends, but a modern review of the autopsy concluded that he was still alive when they threw him in the icy waters. Rasputin’s messy death was not due to supernatural powers but to more earthly Bullingdon Bungling. 

What the world would have been like without the assassination begs questioning. Kerensky, Lenin, Trotsky the history of 1917, the USSR and twentieth century could have been very different. Yusupoff was quickly defended in the western press, although an article in the New York Times by another “Oxford Friend” describing his flamboyant ways, “hasheesh” habit and secret weekends away to Brighton might seem a curious defence to modern ears. When the revolution struck in 1917 Yusupoff was able to escape with much of his moveable wealth including a number of Rembrandts on a British Warship.

The interwar years of the bright young people continued the hedonism of the Bullingodon club even as they became the victims of Evelyn Waughs vicious parody. The smashing of windows at Bullingdon meets was by now inevitable as Betjeman wrote in his Varsity Rag.

It was almost like the Bullingdon as we bayed for broken glass,
For the rioting student nowadays is a better sort of class”

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