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#1736: Marine Links MI-3 Innholders to Diller Killer Expedia JABS for 9/11 Camera Crews

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linkedthe MI-3 Innholders Livery Company to Barry Diller and his Diller Killers’ alleged use of the Expedia Joint Automated Booking System to reserve New York hotel rooms for the camera crews and bombing teams which staged the “first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history” on 9/11.

Staged Naudet

CNN WTC 7 Foreknowledge logged

9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying


MI-3 = Livery Companies’ patent-pool supply-chain protection racket using Privy Purse Forfeiture Fund Marcy (Forfeiture Fund – KPMG Small Business Auction – Liquidation – Prisoner Medical Services – JABS)
+ Inkster (Queen’s Privy Purse – KPMG tax shelter – RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – Escrow fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip into Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt - Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)

MI-3 = Marine Interruption Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above 

McConnell notes that in Book 12 at, agents deployed by his Marine Interruption, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) Livery protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill. 

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#1734: Marine Links MI-3 Mormon Innholders to Diller Killer Wi-Fi Patent Pool in 9/11 Hotel

The incredible vanishing Naudet brothers 
I have long been suspicious of this film, and when I borrowed it from my local DVD store in 2002, I found myself watching numerous scenes over and over in slow motion that struck me as somehow odd - particularly one in which a strange object resembling a bird, but much too large to be a real bird, flutters across the foreground. Now this excellent website-in-progress analyses numerous details in what seems to be a kind of propaganda film posing as real life documentary. This website establishes that at least some of the footage which is presented as having been filmed before 9-11 has to have been filmed afterwards. What's more, this website invites us to ponder the fact that one of the firefighters shown in the film - James Hanlon - is actually a professional actor. You can't work your way through the content on this website without wondering whether the entire film is a hoax, whether perhaps it was created after 9-11 as a vehicle for fabricated footage of the first 'plane' crashing into the North Tower.

What this website does not address, and what I think no one has commented on so far, is that the Naudet brothers are rather mysterious. They would seem to be Jewish - certainly, Gédéon would seem to be a Jewish name. I wonder whether they are really French, as we have been told, or whether they are perhaps Israelis posing as Frenchmen. Although we are told that they are French, we are never told anything about their background in France. Biographical information is virtually non-existent, even on a French 9-11 website ( The only reported facts are that they 1) moved from Paris to New York in 1989 (when Jules and Gédéon would have been aged 16 and 19 respectively) and 2) graduated from the (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts film school in 1995. (SOURCE 1 and SOURCE 2) I am curious about their move from Paris to New York (did they go with or without their parents?) and when and how they came to study at the Tisch school, which is one of the most competitive such institutions in the world. Entry is, reportedly, more competitive than to any of the Ivy League universities. (SOURCE) So who arranged it?

The brothers' parallel lives and identical biographies seem a little unlikely considering that there is apparently a three-year age gap between them. (Twins might go everywhere together and do exactly the same things, but brothers born several years apart?) Given their role in making films about American subjects - their first and only other film, Hope, Gloves, and Redemption: The Story of Mickey and Negra Rosario (1999), is concerned with events in Spanish Harlem - it is intriguing that I can find no profiles for these brothers prior to 9-11, and very little by way of publicity for Hope, Gloves, and Redemption. In fact, on the latter subject all I can find is a listing for the not particularly illustrious Northampton Film Festival, which apparently showed the film in 2000. According to the Northampton Film Festival website, 'Both [Jules and Gedeon] have worked for the Sundance Channel and for the French Television station Canal+.' (SOURCE) How could filmmakers at one of the world's most elite film schools fail to make any impact on the media, even the New York media (e.g., the Village Voice), prior to their breakthrough with 9-11? The Tisch School of the Arts website offers not a single reference to the Naudet brothers, even though its graduates are, by at least one account, responsible for the 'greatest documentary ever filmed.' (SOURCE) You'd think the School would like to crow about its association with the Naudets. Also odd, perhaps, is that these allegedly French brothers have no profile in France whatsoever. I can find no Naudet interviews with French media, at least so far as Google shows. Perhaps avoiding the French media is a must if you are not really French?  

I also find myself wondering why the brothers, given that they are now world famous, haven't sought to capitalize on their amazing celebrity. Despite extensive googling, I have failed to dredge up a single interview or mention of anything the brothers have said or done since they did a round of media interviews on the occasion of the first 9-11 anniversary on September 11, 2002, with the exception of two firefighter-related functions they attended in the first half of 2003. (Jules Naudet attended the New York Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian awards dinner at the New York Hilton Grand Ballroom on January 28, 2003, while both brothers appeared, together with James Hanlon, at the New York City Uniformed Firefighters Association Celebrity Golf Benefit at Lake Success on June 23, 2003.) They have not been trotted out on any succeeding 9-11 anniversary, nor have they made any more films. Why would legitimate filmmakers vanish into thin air for more than three years? Could it be that their entire purpose in pursuing film studies in the U.S. (if indeed they really ever attended the Tisch school) and in making Hope, Gloves, and Redemption was to establish their credentials as film makers in time for 9-11? And that having made and publicized 9-11, they have now discarded their phony identities? In short, could the Naudet brothers and their celebrated documentary have been just another Ziohoax? This webpage here casts doubt on whether they are even brothers - a question I now consider perfectly reasonable to ask.” White Knight or Thorn in Barry's Side?

September 09, 2001

It didn't take long for Vivendi Chairman Jean-Marie Messier and Barry Diller to get chummy. Within three weeks of Vivendi (V) announcing last June that it was buying Seagram Co. for $34 billion, Messier jetted off for an introductory sit-down with Diller at Los Angeles' Four Seasons Hotel. Vivendi would be taking over Seagram's 43% stake of Diller's USA Networks Inc., and the intriguing subplot was that Diller's white knight had finally arrived. Under Messier, Paris-based Vivendi would help Diller realize his long-held goal to buy TV network NBC or some other large media property. "We're all learning French as quickly as we can," joked Mark Bozek, CEO of USA's Home Shopping Network, at the time.

A year later, it seems Messier needs Diller at least as much as Diller needs the 44-year-old former investment banker. Already, they talk at least weekly. And Messier is moving to New York, where Diller spends half his time. That raises the question of how cozy might be too cozy for Diller, who has fallen out with nearly every media exec he has worked with--from Rupert Murdoch to Paramount Communications Inc.'s Martin S. Davis. "At this point in his life, Barry doesn't want to work for somebody else," says SG Cowen Securities Co. analyst Ed Hatch.LEG UP. Messier's challenge is to ratchet up the newly named Vivendi Universal to offer a wide array of e-commerce and interactive entertainment over Canal+, its European pay-TV network, and Vizzavi Ltd., its European wireless Net portal. Suddenly, USA Networks' shopping, ticket, and travel businesses look like a leg up--especially for Vizzavi, which faces tough rivals. What's more, USA Networks (USAI) has a proven track record in e-commerce; Vivendi does not. And Diller might just help Vivendi get a foothold in the U.S. cable or satellite markets. "Having USA in the family makes it that much easier for them," says Merrill Lynch & Co. analyst Neil Blackley.

As for Messier, he believes he can help Diller speed USA's global growth by offering him rich new outlets for those businesses. About 10% of USA's estimated revenues of $5.5 billion this year is expected to come from overseas. Messier says one way to boost the numbers might be Canal+, whose 15.3 million subscribers make it Europe's No. 1 pay-TV operator and a possible new outlet for USA's Home Shopping Network.

Beyond those plans, just how far will the synergy stretch? Canal+ still doesn't have the upgraded set-top boxes to provide the range of interactive services Messier envisions. Vizzavi, a joint venture between Vivendi and cell-phone operator Vodafone Group PLC (VOD), has repeatedly delayed its rollout in Europe because Web-enabled, next-generation cellular handsets aren't yet widely available. Even when it's up and running, Vizzavi will face stiff competition from portals such as Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) and European Net giants such as Deutsche Telekom's T-Online International. 

Stateside, of course, Messier is well aware of Diller's importance, particularly as Vivendi's eyes and ears for deals to strengthen its U.S. distribution. That might be why he is looking to hug USA Networks even tighter. He is in talks with dealmaker John Malone about a stock swap that would boost Vivendi's ownership of USA from 43% to 63%. Messier says taking a greater stake in USA is a good investment and not meant to breathe down Diller's neck. "He's the guy who makes the decisions," he adds. But to Barry, he could seem like just another meddlesome boss. By Tom Lowry in New York, with Carol Matlack in Paris and Ronald Grover in Los Angeles”

“Credit where it's due: Barry Diller knows how to vacation. The IAC boss is tightfisted at headquarters, but his holidays are plenty decadent. There's the corporate jet; the giant boat; tropical beaches; and a set of young blonde twins.

Diller's sumptuous tastes are legendary, and the legend has only been bolstered by the spending totals that have emanated from the CEO's internet holding company, like the $4,600 per day IAC spent on his personal travel in 2009. That hedonism annoys Diller's employees, especially now that they haven't seen any raises for three years running—or so we've been told. 

But numbers don't paint the picture of Diller's lifestyle — or aggravate the CEO's detractors — nearly as well as pictures do. And for pictures you could do a lot worse than Bryan Fox's Facebook album of Diller's 2009 Thanksgiving getaway to Papua New Guinea, which was recently forwarded to us by an IAC mole. The photos provide an inside look at an enviably posh vacation spent in the company of enticing companions.

The aerial leg of the vacation, apparently conducted via IAC's $45 million Bombardier BD-700, brought together a group of Diller consorts including the media mogul's old friend Sandy Gallin, a former talent manager who once repped Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand and who, along with Diller and David Geffen, has long been considered a member of Hollywood's gay mafia; Gallin's sometime travel companion Aaron Fox, a young blonde tennis instructor from Los Angeles (favorite TV show: HBO's Hung); Fox's twin brother Bryan, an actor, on whose Facebook these photos were posted; and a couple of other unidentified young men who appear more than happy to travel in style to the other end of the earth. After disembarking from the IAC jet on the island, the boys then transferred to Diller's 300-foot boat, the world's largest sailing vessel, which the media mogul bought for $200 million several years ago.”

2000s … Diller is currently the Chairman of Expedia and the Chairman of IAC/InterActiveCorp, an interactive commerce conglomerate and the parent of companies including ServiceMagicMatch.comCitysearch, and Connected Ventures, home of Vimeo and CollegeHumor. In 2005, IAC/InterActiveCorp acquired, marking a strategic move into the Internet search category.

Diller is responsible for what the media dubs "The Killer Dillers" – people whom Diller mentored and who later became big-time media executives in their own right. Examples include Michael Eisner (who was President & COO of Paramount Pictures while Diller was Chairman & CEO of Paramount Pictures, who went on to become Chairman & CEO of The Walt Disney Company), Dawn Steel (future head of Columbia Pictures and the first woman to run a movie studio, who worked under Diller at Paramount), Jeffrey Katzenberg (head of PDI/DreamWorks Animation, principal of DreamWorks SKG, former head ofWalt Disney Studios, and a head of production of Paramount under Diller), Garth Ancier, President of BBC America, and Don Simpson, who was President of Production at Paramount under Diller and Eisner and later went on to run a production company based on the Disney lot with Jerry Bruckheimer.[11]

Diller worked with Stephen Chao at Fox Television, whom he later hired as President of Programming and Marketing at USA Network. Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, served as Diller's General Counsel during their tenure at USA Broadcasting, and again as Chief of Business Operations and a member of Barry Diller's Office of the Chairman at IAC/InterActiveCorp.”

“Ancier's network television career began in 1979[4] when NBC Entertainment President Brandon Tartikoff hired him as a program associate. He rose through the ranks and supervised production of the network's top comedies including The Cosby ShowCheersFamily Ties and Golden Girls.

In 1986, Barry DillerJamie Kellner and Rupert Murdoch tapped the then 28-year-old Ancier to be the founding Entertainment President for the new Fox Broadcasting Company, where he put 21 Jump StreetMarried with ChildrenThe Simpsons and In Living Color on the air.

Ancier went from Fox to Disney as President, Disney Television, where he developed Home Improvement.

From October 1991 through July 1992, Ancier served as the Television Consultant to the Democratic National Committee, specifically to advise on the television presentation of the Democratic Convention in New York and reporting to DNC Chairman Ron Brown. In that role, Ancier introduced political convention format innovations, such as a 56-screen "videowall" integrated into the convention podium and program, to such forums for the first time. Also in late 1992, Ancier co-created and executive produced The Ricki Lake Show (with former Donahue producer Gail Steinberg), which aired from 1993-2004.

In 1994, Ancier re-teamed with Fox colleague Jamie Kellner and Warners Bros. CEO Barry Meyer to launch The WB as its chief programmer from 1994–99, where he put 7th HeavenDawson's CreekCharmedBuffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Jamie Foxx Show on the air.

Beginning in 1999, Ancier served as President of NBC Entertainment, where he put The West Wing on the air. Ancier returned to Time Warner in 2001 as EVP, Programming for Turner Broadcasting (including the WB) and programmed CNNTBSTNT, etc., where he launched CNN's American Morning and its signature 10PM newscast with Anderson Cooper, as well as expanded Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

Ancier returned to The WB as Co-Chairman in September 2003, then became the Chairman of the WB Television Network from May 2004 until its merger with UPN to form The CW in September 2006, during which Supernatural and One Tree Hill were launched.”

“Expedia Inc. is the American-based parent company to several global online travel brands including Expedia.comHotels.comHotwire.comEgencia (formerly Expedia Corporate Travel), Venere, Expedia Local Expert, Classic Vacations and eLong. Expedia, Inc.’s companies operate more than 100 branded points of sale in more than 60 countries. Expedia also powers travel bookings for over 10,000 partners such as airlines and hotels, consumer brands, and high traffic websites through Expedia Affiliate Network, 80% of which is powered by their API.[3] Expedia Inc. is listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol EXPE.[4] .

Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996, Expedia was spun off in 1999, and was later purchased by TicketMaster in 2001[5] (TicketMaster changed its name to USA Networks in 2001 and then InterActiveCorp in 2003[6]). IAC spun off its travel group of businesses under the Expedia, Inc. name in August 2005, including Expedia, Expedia Corporate Travel (now Egencia), TripAdvisor, Classic Vacations, eLong,, and[7] In late 2011, Expedia, Inc. spun out TripAdvisor Media Group, retaining its portfolio of travel transaction brands.[8] On December 21, 2012, Expedia bought a majority stake in travel metasearch engine Trivago in a combined cash and stock deal worth €477 million (approximately $630 million).[9] ..

Corporate management[edit]
Barry Diller: Chairman of the Board, Senior Executive
Victor A. Kaufman: Vice Chairman
Dara Khosrowshahi: President and CEO
Mark Okerstrom: Chief Financial Officer
Edmond Mesrobian: Chief Technology Officer”


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