Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Petition to Halt Georgetown’s Drift From the Church - 120-page institutional audit of Georgetown - Pope Francis implemented Ex Corde Ecclesiae - Georgetown Defends Its Catholicity - Narcissistic Jesuits

Source: National Catholic Register

William Peter Blatty Submits Petition to Halt Georgetown’s Drift From the Church

2,000 signees join The Exorcist author in requesting that the Vatican require the university to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae

 by JOAN FRAWLEY DESMOND 10/04/2013 Comments (25)

WASHINGTON — When William Peter Blatty won a four-year scholarship to Georgetown University in the 1940s, he arrived at the Jesuit campus with a sense of relief.

During his childhood, Blatty and his mother suffered through more than 20 evictions for non-payment of rent. For the first time, he knew he could stay put without unwelcome interruptions.

More than a half century later, after winning an Academy Award for the screenplay adaptation of his bestselling novel The Exorcist, Blatty still calls Georgetown “home.”

But his love for the pontifical institution has inspired him to support and sign a canon-law petition that asks the “Catholic Church to require that Georgetown implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae, a papal constitution governing Catholic colleges.”

If that effort fails, the petition signed by Blatty and 2,000 other Catholics calls for “the removal or suspension of top-ranked Georgetown’s right to call itself Catholic and Jesuit in any of its representations.”

Asked to explain why he has backed a petition that could damage the reputation of his alma mater, Blatty told the Register, “Today’s Georgetown isn’t Georgetown, but more like a living Picture of Dorian Gray.”


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