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#1756: Marine Links MI-3 Security Professionals to Madam ‘Peg House’ Marcy, Gore Hammer JonBenet

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MI-3 Security Professionals Livery Company to his sister Kristine Marcy, the alleged madam of a U.S. Marshals / Bureau of Prisons peg-house extortion racket, and the Gore Hammer Award weapon apparently used to assault JonBenét Ramsey and fracture her skull on Christmas Day 1996.

See #1: Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks (Revised)


MI-3B = Livery Company patent-pool supply-chain users of Privy Purse and Forfeiture Fund Marcy (Forfeiture Fund – KPMG Small Business Loan Auction – Con Air Medical JABS)
+ Inkster (Privy Purse – KPMG tax shelter – RCMP Wandering Persons – Loss Adjuster fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin ‘41-‘45 – Operation Paperclip Foreign Fugitive – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN, Mariners patent pools – Wild Bill Pearl Harbor 9/11) +Baginski (Serco Information Technologists Skynet sodomite mesh, KPMG Consulting Tillman)

MI-3 = Marine Interruption Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above

McConnell’s Book 12 shows agents in his Marine Interruption, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group mingling in various OODA exit modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) Livery protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

Prequel 1: #1755: Marine Links MI-3 Educators to Obama Great Lakes Peg Boys, Toronto Pedo-File

Prequel 2: McConnell Links Kristine Marcy Nortel JABS To Gore Hammer JonBenet [Wells Fargo]

Abel Danger · C2CSI May 8, 2013 (Final 25 minutes) JonBenet Ramsey Snuff & Pickton Pig Farm

“In the afternoon of the same day, Boulder Police Detective Linda Arndt asked Fleet White, a friend of the Ramseys, to take John Ramsey and search the house for "anything unusual".[6] John Ramsey and two of his friends started their search in the basement. After first searching the bathroom and "train room", the three of them went to a "wine cellar" room where Ramsey found his daughter's body covered in her special white blanket. She was also found with a nylon cord around her neck, her wrists tied above her head, and duct tape covering her mouth.[6]

The police were later claimed by observers to have made several critical mistakes in the investigation, such as not sealing off the crime scene and allowing friends and family in and out of the house once a kidnapping was reported.[6]

Critics of the investigation have since claimed that officers also did not sufficiently attempt to gather forensic evidence before or after JonBenét's body was found, possibly because they immediately suspected the Ramseys in the killing.[6] Some officers holding these suspicions reported them to local media, who began reporting on January 1 that the assistant district attorney thought "it's not adding up"; the fact that the body of the girl was found in her own home was considered highly suspicious by the investigating officers.[6] The results of the autopsy revealed that JonBenét was killed by strangulation and a skull fracture. A garrote made from a length of tweed cord and the broken handle of a paintbrush had been used to strangle her; her skull had suffered severe blunt trauma; there was no evidence of conventional rape, although sexual assault could not be ruled out. The official cause of death was asphyxiation due to strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma.” 

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          AG
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1996                          (202) 616-2777
                                               TDD (202) 514-1888
                         AT DOJ "LAB DAY"
     WASHINGTON, DC -- Attorney General Janet Reno presented
Hammer Awards to three employee working groups from Justice
Department components as part of the Department's "Justice
Performance Review Lab Day," an event showcasing the achievements
of the Department's 16 reinvention labs.
     The Hammer Award is Vice President Gore's special
recognition to teams of employees which made significant
contributions in support of the President's National Performance
Review (NPR) principles of improving customer service, cutting
red tape, empowering employees, and getting back to basics. 
     "By accepting the challenge to re-invent government, these
employees are making government more efficient and improving the
way we perform our public responsibilities," Reno said during the
Lab Day event in the Justice Department's Great Hall.  Deputy
Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who also attended, noted that
the employees "have taken the concept of creating a government
that works better and costs less and have made it a reality." 
     The three Justice Department teams receiving the award are:
     *  The SENTRI Reinvention Lab, for developing a secure,
     high-tech, automated border inspection system at Otay Mesa,
     *  The Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) Lab, a multi-
     component effort which has significantly improved the
     prisoner booking process;
     *  The Justice Prisoner Alien Transportation System (JPATS),
     which combines the resources of several DOJ components to
     schedule and transport prisoners more quickly, safely, and
     economically. [Gore Hammer weapon was given to Kristine Marcy!]

Any more details on the male brothels- how common, how often frequented, pricing, etc?
Reply Comment by ctishman on October 19, 2010 5:14 am

Yes, from the book I found in the digital library online, Departing from Deviance: A History of Homosexual Rights and Emancipatory Science in America, I found a lot about about “peg houses”. Peg houses catered to homosexual men who preferred virile, straight looking hustlers. The term came by way of British India and referred to brothels furnishing young boys to predictors. Between sex acts, the boys were kept sitting on benches studded with up right pegs for the purpose of keeping their anuses distended to a size large enough to accommodate penetration.

People used this term unaware of it’s origins.

Male brothels were ran by a “madam” who owned and ran the establishment and was gay (homosexual). The typical male brothel was usually a three to five bedrooms. In one of the rooms you would find about ten male prostitutes entertaining themselves by playing cards, or reading. They dressed in street clothing and the age ranged from eighteen to twenty-eight. Most lacking in education and refinement. In the 1930′s the price was $10.00, $5.00 to the male prostitute and $5.00 to the house (madam). It was customary for a 50/50 split.

The men who frequent these male brothels were very wealthy men, actors, poets, politicians and writers. By 1941 the FBI closed them all down because of the war hysteria.

I think the male prostitute was treated so much better than woman prostitute from the early 1700 to present.”

“ALINSKY: Crime? That wasn’t crime — it was survival — But my Robin Hood days were short-lived; logically enough, I was awarded the graduate Social Science Fellowship in criminology, the top one in that field, which took care of my tuition and room and board — I still don’t know why they gave it to me — maybe because I hadn’t taken a criminology course in my life and didn’t know one goddamn thing about the subject — But this was the Depression and I felt like someone had tossed me a life preserver — Hell, if it had been in shirt cleaning, I would have taken it. Anyway, I found out that criminology was just as removed from actual crime and criminals as sociology was from society, so I decided to make my doctoral dissertation a study of the Al Capone mob — an inside study.

PLAYBOY: What did Capone have to say about that?

ALINSKY: Well, my reception was pretty chilly at first — I went over to the old Lexington Hotel, which was the gang’s headquarters, and I hung around the lobby and the restaurant. I’d spot one of the mobsters whose picture I’d seen in the papers and go up to him and say, “I’m Saul Alinsky, I’m studying criminology, do you mind if I hang around with you?” And he’d look me over and say, “Get lost, punk.” This happened again and again, and I began to feel I’d never get anywhere. Then one night I was sitting in the restaurant and at the next table was Big Ed Stash, a professional assassin who was the Capone mob’s top executioner. He was drinking with a bunch of his pals and he was saying, “Hey, you guys, did I ever tell you about the time I picked up that redhead in Detroit?” and he was cut off by a chorus of moans. “My God,” one guy said, “do we have to hear that one again?” I saw Big Ed’s face fall; mobsters are very sensitive, you know, very thin-skinned. And I reached over and plucked his sleeve. “Mr. Stash,” I said, “I’d love to hear that story.” His face lit up. “You would, kid?” He slapped me on the shoulder. “Here, pull up a chair. Now, this broad, see . . .” And that’s how it started. 

Big Ed had an attentive audience and we became buddies. He introduced me to Frank Nitti, known as the Enforcer, Capone’s number-two man, and actually in de facto control of the mob because of Al’s income-tax rap. Nitti took me under his wing. I called him the Professor and I became his student. Nitti’s boys took me everywhere, showed me all the mob’s operations, from gin mills and whorehouses and bookie joints to the legitimate businesses they were beginning to take over. Within a few months, I got to know the workings of the Capone mob inside out.

PLAYBOY: Why would professional criminals confide their secrets to an outsider?

ALINSKY: Why not? What harm could I do them? Even if I told what I’d learned, nobody would listen. They had Chicago tied up tight as a drum; they owned the city, from the cop on the beat right up to the mayor. Forget all that Eliot Ness shit; the only real opposition to the mob came from other gangsters, like Bugs Moran or Roger Touhy. The Federal Government could try to nail ‘em on an occasional income tax rap, but inside Chicago they couldn’t touch their power. Capone was the establishment. When one of his boys got knocked off, there wasn’t any city court in session, because most of the judges were at the funeral and some of them were pallbearers. So they sure as hell weren’t afraid of some college kid they’d adopted as a mascot causing them any trouble. They never bothered to hide anything from me; I was their one-man student body and they were anxious to teach me. It probably appealed to their egos.

Once, when I was looking over their records, I noticed an item listing a $7500 payment for an out-of-town killer. I called Nitti over and I said, “Look, Mr. Nitti, I don’t understand this. You’ve got at least 20 killers on your payroll. Why waste that much money to bring somebody in from St. Louis?” Frank was really shocked at my ignorance. “Look, kid,” he said patiently, “sometimes our guys might know the guy they’re hitting, they may have been to his house for dinner, taken his kids to the ball game, been the best man at his wedding, gotten drunk together. But you call in a guy from out of town, all you’ve got to do is tell him, ‘Look, there’s this guy in a dark coat on State and Randolph; our boy in the car will point him out; just go up and give him three in the belly and fade into the crowd.’ So that’s a job and he’s a professional, he does it. But one of our boys goes up, the guy turns to face him and it’s a friend, right away he knows that when he pulls that trigger there’s gonna be a widow, kids without a father, funerals, weeping — Christ, it’d be murder.” I think Frank was a little disappointed by my even questioning the practice; he must have thought I was a bit callous.”

“Lexington Hotel Closer To Landmark January 22, 1985 LANDMARK STATUS for the former Lexington Hotel, once a brothel and the headquarters of the Capone mob, was unanimously approved Monday by a committee of the Chicago City Council. The 10-story hotel at Michigan Avenue and Cermak which was also known as the New Michigan Hotel, is to be rehabilitated as an International Women`s Museum and Research Center. Patricia Porter, executive director of Sunbow Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization promoting the training and placement of minority women in the building trades, said part of the renovation of the shuttered hotel, originally built for the Columbian Exposition, will include a re-creation of Al Capone`s personal suite.” 

“The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)[1] is a United States federal law enforcement agency. A subdivision of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Bureau is responsible for the administration of the federal prison system. The system also handles prisoners who committed acts considered felonies under the District of Columbia's law. The Bureau was established in 1930 to provide more progressive and humane care for federal inmates, to professionalize the prison service, and to ensure consistent and centralized administration of the 11 federal prisons in operation at the time.  

According to its official web site, the Bureau consists of more than 116 institutions, six regional offices, its headquarters office in Washington, D.C.,[2] two staff training centers, and 22 community corrections offices, and is responsible for the custody and care of approximately 210,000 federal offenders. Approximately 82 percent of these inmates are confined in Bureau-operated correctional facilities or detention centers. The remainder are confined through agreements with state and local governments or through contracts with privately operated community corrections centers, detention centers, prisons, and juvenile facilities.[3]

The Bureau is also responsible for carrying out all judicially ordered federal executions (other than those carried out under military law) in the United States, and maintains the federal lethal injection chamber at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The Bureau has its own jurisdiction over inmates once remanded to its custody and can choose whether to follow a court's recommendations or credits for time served, and manages their release dates based on its guidelines, not the court's.[4]”

“Remember folks in my opinion, Serco were part involved in the 9/11 operation with the Royal Canadian Airforce via their Federal Aviation Administration tower control that day along with of course another deviant in my opinion called Amec PLC. Study both of these wicked corporations serving the New World Order. Make sure you then study The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. We need G4S, GEO Group, Serco and Amec Plc all gone from this planet.-=The Unhived Mind”


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