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MI2 F3 @ 6&7 4 CSI Skinners Hall - Chapter 16

Abel Danger SPLINTER In Jarrett’s Peg Boy’s Failed Insurrection

G-Spot: peg boy exit + mi-3 master + 3rd coast sniper + kennedy

28 April, 1945 Solution May Be Effective MIL REM In TT FOLS
G-Spot: morse code peg boys + intrepid + third coast + peshtigo + field mcconnell

Abel Danger Answers The Question After 50 Years
G-Spot: JFK + SSY Coldstream + Field McConnell + Wallis Simpson + MI-3 + Aharon

Pastel Fresnel Lens ID’s Fake Jew Brit Who Killed JFK
G-Spot: Coldstream Guards + Ernest Alrich Simpson + MI-3 Master + Field McConnell

Out Of Balance Nose Tire In Kazan Exposes Serco’s Grip
G-Spot: kazan + chips + hamish + sukhoi + remote

Glamourboy’s Rising Star Of The Canadian Pastel Warriors
G-Spot: foulkes + pellerin + fantino + Johnston + Russell Williams + Canadian Stallion

Canada’s Queer Russell Williams And Canada’s 9/11 Attack On America
G-Spot: Vern Crowley + foulkes + pellerin + Jessica Lloyd + hang + Porky Pig + tree

Diesel Dykes Looking For Something In Red?
G-Spot: shocking sex + salacious nature + Obama + Maria Guadalupe Gutierrez

Putin’s CRISP FOURPLAY Alarms Azov-Films, Clintons, 5 FAGS Syria Blinkers
G-Spot: Putin + Crisp Fourplay + Field McConnell + Syria

Splinter In Peg Boy’s Wooden Ass Exposes Serco-Kazan 737 Hit?
G-Spot: Kazan + chips + hamish + sukhoi + ioc + pastel

Savile, Murdoch, Heath, Clinton, Mountbatten Queers Get MSM Ink
G-Spot: BBC + crisis + jimmy savile + Peter Rippon + Field McConnell


Way back in Chapter 15 before Martin Dempsey was offered a cigarette and a blindfold if he didn’t straighten out and flyright, Tactics Tillman threw Chips’ rucksack in behind Agent Chips then pulled himself aboard and removed a printed copy of the Immediate JASPAR from a waterproof tube strapped to his right lower leg John Deere Implements have similar water proof tubes. Agent Chips took the scrolled paper, unfurled it and read the Immediate JASPAR from Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn, a pissed off Air Force patriot veteran oath keeping kick ass ex pat serving at Global HQ [ 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin, 54761 ] Rooster understood that Chips was aware of the FOUR HORSEMEN in DoD and their relationships to Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Syrian and (redacted) participants in CRISP FOURPLAY and TW1313 who averted the Nuke/EMP September event, caused Obama to blink and saved Congress in SNAKESHOT 2. The loyal oath keepers had sent a message to Flag Officers enabling PEG BOY’S TREASON. It was steganographic in reference to three yellow references: Custer’s hair, a National Park rigged by AMEC, and Peg Boy’s Depends. Chips was given a signal that ST6 and SOCS were ‘on board’. SOUTHERN FAIRY and WETSTART were told to STFU. McCain and Graham were given a coded threat regarding history: Chancellorsville

Chapter 16

Scripture of the Day: Genesis 9:6

6 “Whoever sheds man’s blood,
By man his blood shall be shed;
For in the image of God
He made man.  

Gospel Song of the Day: God Is Still Able


Secular Song of the Day: Conquistador


Conquistador your stallion stands 
In need of company 
And like some angel's haloed brow 
You reek of purity 
I see your armour-plated breast 
Has long since lost it's sheen 
And in your death mask face 
There are no signs which can be seen 

And though I hoped for something to find 
I could see no maze to unwind 

Conquistador a vulture sits 
Upon your silver shield 
And in your rusty scabbard now 
The sand has taken seed 
And though your jewel-encrusted blade 
Has not been plundered still 
The sea has washed across your face 
And taken of it's fill 

And though I hoped for something to find 
I could see no maze to unwind 

Conquistador there is no time 
I must pay my respect 
And though I came to jeer at you 
I leave now with regret 
And as the gloom begins to fall 
I see there is no, only all 
And though you came with sword held high 
You did not conquer, only die 

And though I hoped for something to find 
I could see no maze to unwind.

Google G-Spot of the Day: morse code peg boys + intrepid + third coast + peshtigo + field mcconnell

Supporting Radio Shows:

News Event: Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:00pm EST

Tillman and Chips compared notes in the back of the chopper sent to extract Abel Danger’s Global Ops Director from the flight deck of the ship where in July, 1967 134 sailors died and 161 more were needlessly injured when Wetstart added 3 Vigilantes, 8 Phantoms and 11 Sky Hawks to his impressive list of aircraft destroyed by the Bucket Man of ’58 prior to his daddy getting his sick ass transferred to the Oriskany to save him from a blanket party followed by the first live sea burial since the Pelindaba nukes relationship to Blatchford, Obama, Cameron and Zuma was exposed by Abel Danger’s Agent Chips who also exposed Pestigo, Chicago Fires of 8 October, 1871 arranged by Cameron’s Geddes DNA provider an an LSD Blatchford, capeche?

[McCain crashed 5 jets, plus was responsible for the Forrestal fire. Something made the plane behind McCain fire a rocket, which hit McCain's external center fuel tank, and caused a fire. McCain panicked, and dropped two bombs into the fire. 
Surviving crewmen of the USS Forestal and those who investigated the Forrestal fire case reported that McCain deliberately 'wet-started' his A-4E Skyhawk to shake up the guy in the F-4 Phantom behind his plane.  Wet-starts', done either deliberately (the starter motor switch allowed kerosene to pool in the engine and give a wet start) or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.'Wet starting' was a common practice among young 'hot-dog' pilots. In McCain's case, the 'wet-start''cooked off' and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that punctured the Skyhawk's fueltank, knocked the M-65 1000 lb bomb off it's 500 lb rated mount, and touched off the explosions and massive fire.  When the carrier Oriskany came along side, and McCain was put in a chopper and whisked away. McCain was the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred. I have a hunch McCain left for his own safety, because the crew wanted blood. Now that’s the straight talk express, capeche?]

For more details on his illustrious service to those trying to destroy America on both 9-11-01 and 10-24-13 google [ pawlenty + treason + mccain + mcconnell ]. Tillman passed an index card to Chips with only three items on it: Wells Fargo, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, and USAA. Chips indicated he was aware.

Shortly thereafter Agent Hoss had seen a surface launched decoy flare fly directly towards the chopper until a drag and main chute were sequentially deployed as Hoss went to idle power to ‘cool down’ the tailpipes and any Dangerette worth her LPR knows how fond Agent Chips is of tailpipes.

As Hoss descended all 4 aboard heard the SPLASH TWO call from Giantkiller Control working for NEADS to control entry/exit to W386A airspace. Agent Tillman passed Chips a second index card with [ W386A + Marr + giantkiller + treason ] which Chips mentally googled and came up with Hillary and Treason, perhaps relating to the BEI QRS 11 that was arranged for the Strangler’s Suite of illegal modifications that Kristine Marcy, Baginski, Hillary and Norman Inkster are forever linked to as arranged by INTREPID who was inappropriately code named. Perhaps SLOPPY would have been more accurate just as the WHITE X’s removed the week of 18-22 November, 2013 indicate that the cabal that DID KENNEDY and DID 9/11 realizes their gooses are cooked and their asses are in a sling, not to be confused with Agent Chips’ Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong in Pastel Manly Mocha with EHP which has exposed the failed experiment known as the Jarrett Regime relating to Smolich and Marcy just as JFK’s killers relate to LBJ and Spellman, capeche? Perhaps LBJ’s friends making M16s, LTV A-7s and Bell UH1Es appreciate the escalation of the war that JFK has de-escalated prior to putting the Federal Reserve on notice as now Agent Chips is doing with his TW1323 which began 0911/17Nov13 and is set to expire at 2311/20Dec13, or earlier, if Jarrett’s Splinter Ass tries any more nuke/EMP type events which is unlikely as he is currently on TIME OUT, capeche?

Agent Hoss re-engaged AP1 and set cruise power enroute to alternate airport KNYG where as all serious researchers will recall is where in 1918 aviation first arrived at Quantico in July, when two kite balloons were flown to spot smoke from any distant artillery fire. These forerunners of today's spotter aircraft were soon augmented with the assignment of four seaplanes, which operated from the muddy junction of Chopawamsic Creek and the Potomac River not to be confused with the creek where Colby was murdered while out for a relaxing canoe ride. To disambiguate for benefit of new arrivals at the ALPHABET AGENCIES, the time enhanced image of William Colby is not included below as it is still an OPEN CASE at Abel Danger’s COLD CASE MURDER DESK. Also for newbies in intel work recall that Colby, Swiss, Cheddar and Gouda were all linked to Oliver North and the Marine Corps Colonel who was justifiably despondent, capeche?

Chips felt the power reduce and felt a shallow descent beginning. He saw that Tillman had written a pair of G-Spots on a salmon colored index card and was torn between reading that and accepting the Thales printed message offered him by Agent Stone Kohl who was the PNF to Hoss’s PF duties. His mind wandered back to 1964 and Officer’s Beach at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico where he and Agent Bean had learned about arrows and quivers during August, 1964 not to be confused with the alleged appetite of the elder Bush for pre-pubescent girls which does not square with the 1989 headline after the Franklin cover-up refused to remain covered, just like Bean’s ample bounty and scant OTSBH in August, 1964. He wondered if many people in North America had ever googled [ images + kazan + chips + hamish + sukhoi + remote ] and noticed a second Sherlock who once haunted 1950 Old Gallows Road before Abel Danger exposed Kristine Marcy, Maureen Baginski, Norman Inkster, Intrepid, Thunder Thighs, Gorelick and [ redacted ] from Princeton but lacking a BEAUTIFUL MIND, no relation to John Forbes Nash, capeche?

Conquistador there is no time 
I must pay my respect 
And though I came to jeer at you 
I leave now with regret 
And as the gloom begins to fall 
I see there is no, only all 
And though you came with sword held high 
You did not conquer, only die 

Chips looked at Tillman’s index card first and considered the two sets of four surnames: [ Colby, Swiss, Cheddar, Gouda ] and [ Fistin, Rimmin, Wanker, Shirtlifter ] and recalled that Abel Danger had deployed the first HHRR at about the same time that they were deployed SNIPHer technology to find the rats in the Livery Companies that had been involved in the Civil War, Chicago and Peshtigo Fires of 1871, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook (**), Boston Marathon, Navy Yard and the upcoming Operation ( redacted ) set in time frame 17Nov-20Dec. His BEAUTIFUL MIND that USDOJ and ALPA considered ‘troubled’ solved the puzzle, the four Hand Held Rodent Ratfinders had followed the cheese in identifying the four livery companies, the four legal firms, and the four banks that were involved in 9/11 and SNAKESHOT 2 of 24 October, 2013. He pictured Agent Gouda held by Agent Sphinx in SNAKESHOT 2 as he turned to the message from Agent Stone Kohl while considering the lyrics from Conquistador which was a subliminal hint to CHOOM PEG BOY that when Mexico tried to eradicate God in 1917 the Cristeros had the asses of evil government assholes, well in 2013 the Conquistadors and ‘greased up and ready to kick ass” just like Sha Na Na was back in the mid-seventies when a man in black backed by faggy singers chased a herd of red eyed cows just as in 2013 Agent Chips has rounded up Jarrett, Marcy, Baginski, Hillary, Gorelick, Laureen, Elena, Janet and a bunch of belligerent bovines doing the dirty work for a choom gang mulatto who failed in September, 2012 to do the right thing in Benghazi and failed to cover it up with the Fairy of the South nuke/EMP in Charleston, SC which was blocked by Agent Chips, WMPFP, capeche?


Operation TRIDENT THRUST FOLS Agent Hamish IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agents Tillman, MacCheese, Otto Pilot and Rooster Cogburn, copy all Dangerettes assigned PWA duty in TT FOLS: Having lost contact with Agent Chips, unless we are told by FBI Quantico to ‘stand down’, at 2311/21Nov13 we will release this message and Chapter 16 of Book 12: #1761: Marine links MI-3 Mariners’ Peg Boy Wallis to SSY Coldstream snipers’ JFK; Plum City – ( – 2311 EST, November 21, 2013: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the late Wallis Simpson – apparent peg-boy mentor for the late Duke of Windsor and the MI-3 Master Mariners Livery Company – to a Simpson, Spence & Young (SSY) sniper team allegedly deployed by the former Coldstream Guards Intelligence officer Ernest Aldrich Simpson (now Aharon Solomons) for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. McConnell suggests a Google G-Spot [ barry seal + getaway plane + Lacombe + john odom + david ferrie ]. More to follow but McConnell expects to make a definitive statement on November 22, 2013. If any Hammer, Dangerette or Umbrellaman has communication with Hoss or Chips, urge them to consider ramifications of CHANCELLORVILLE and seek any edits from Chips prior to 2311. Hamish, Chantilly

Agent Chips understood the code word Chancellorsville and understood it was time to split the force and capitalize on the TIMID NATURE of the ‘Ghosts of November’ inspired impostor at 1600. The audacity of Agent Chips and the timidity of Barry Soetoro created the opportunity for a ‘perfect battle’ just as Robert E. Lee had in May, 1863 some 150 years before Punahou ’67 would pluck the skinny splinter from Jarrett’s ass, Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79. Chips was to Lee what Obama is to Hooker, in a historical sense, mind you. While most low brows will twig on Obama and Hooker, the real meat of the Ghosts of November is who doublecrossed JFK and killed Diem who in 1963 was the President of South Viet Nam whose country would be escalated against by LBJ and the FALSE FLAG Gulf of Tonkin Ruse that cost the Captain of the Bon Homme Richard his song Jim Morrison and cost 58,000 American GIs, a disproportionate number of them Indians, or for the sissies out there, native Americans, capeche?

The Ghosts of November

Native American Vietnam Veterans

Chips walked forward and tapped Agent Hoss on the left shoulder and whispered ‘divert, Charlottesville-Rutherford’ whereupon Hoss selected AP2 and TOGA while directing Stone Kohl to monitor the chopper as it was heading for a rendezvous with an Army veteran, originally from Arkansas, who served in the U S Army while Agent Chips was upholding his first two oaths at Annapolis during the summer of 1969. Chips was thinking how JFK had been correct in suggesting that “we are the heirs of the FIRST REVOLUTION. As Hoss sat down next to Tactics Tillman and Chips, far away Agent Sphinx and Pharoah were listening to a ‘cover song’ while they briefed the upcoming Plum Plunge 2014 where Victory would be celebrated at 1900, Thursday, 17 July, 2014. While Pharoah and Sphinx considered Vino in the Valley with the Gang of 20, Hoss sat next to Agent Chips and gave Tillman and Chips ‘the rest of the story’.

“Guys, good news and bad news. We have avoided the traps at Little Creek and Quantico but we do not have sufficient fuel to make the Rutherford Institute’s parking lot. The good news is that Agents MacCheese and Barry M. Hall are positioned 35 miles south of the Metroplex and will be mobile in the Beast. If you think of Kent Pietsch’s carrier landing you know the drill. We will rendezvous in 17 minutes, remember the 7th line of the SEALs credo: 7) Earn your Trident every day. If TRIDENT THRUST F.O.L.S. is to succeed, we will have to earn our Trident in about 20 minutes, Godspeed”.


Chips and Tillman were aware that MacCheese generally had an RV of 40 feet or more and Hoss in a chopper has more ‘wiggle room’ than Kent Pietsch in a 1942 Interstate clown plane. The saw a FLASH FESTUS come in on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as they felt a slight change of course perhaps to compensate for surface winds south of Vienna where the Bilderbergs were eavesdropped on in early June of 2012.

Trident Thrust Global Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to Umbrellaman, Hammers, Agents Hoss, Chips and Tillman, copy all MR FSDs assigned Trident Thrust: Our contacts at HMX-1 and JFB Andrews Special Air Missions confirm FADEC remedy in play and point out that F.O.L.S. General Staff officers are making a list of 30,000 people who are New World Order thugs including the President. All to be arrested for treason and insurrection attempting to overthrow the Constitutional government. It has been rumored the Provost Marshal was going to arrest Obama for attempting to detonate a nuclear device in Washington DC on the 12th Anniversary of Sept 11th but was blocked by Operation CRISP FOURPLAY which caused Obama to blink and Fairy of the South and Wetstart to choke. The shooting in the Navy yard could have been a smoke screen of the attempted arrest of Obama for treason. The FOUR HORSEMAN believe the Pentaon is getting ready to act to defend this nation. When Secretary of State John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty he committed and act of treason in trying to repeal the Second Amendment by underhanded means using treaty law. Perhaps “Benito” Kerry has forgotten the penalty for Treason 18 USC 2382 pictured below my sign off. The last major Coup de Etat took place when JFK was assassinated by the Brit sent to Israel to make it look like LBJ was put in the game by the Israelis. That was the beginning of a 50 year policy of raising up, grooming and electing criminals and unknowns to be POTUS and appointing doofuses to mismanage the ALPHABETS. Kristine Marcy took over when INTREPID faded not knowing her sibling had taken an oath on 14 February, 1967 to track her handlers from Barry’s granny to Thomas J. Smolich to Jamie Gorelick. Good thing Kerry is a stiff necked Khazar. Rooster Cogburn, the Plum

Chips and Tillman had just finished the message from Rooster Cogburn when an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Atomic Betty arrived regarding Project Hatfield, Vern Crowley and David Johnston’s relationship to Barry Soetoro/Harvard. They read quickly as they felt the chopper throttle back for the rendezvous with THE BEAST.

Trident Thrust Agent Atomic Betty IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agents Tillman, Barry M. Hall, Pharoah, Sphinx and 80W, copy Trooper Campbell and NOTSO: In a snatch from 24 Sussex we see that Harper is concerned with a Cross Examination set for 2 December, 2013 that has the potential to reveal CANADIAN STALLION’S links to Jon Benet Ramsey and 9/11. Be aware CSIS, OPP and RCMP are in northern Virginia dressed in Russian military uniforms and driving German military trucks. It goes by to Spelly’s war and the "United States presidential election, 1964" 1964 presidential election in which Spellman supported Lyndon B. Johnson, whose Higher Education Facilities Act and "Economic Opportunity Act of 1964" Economic Opportunity Act had greatly benefited the Church of Satan. The Cardinal later agreed to Johnson's requests to send priests to the Dominican Republic to defuse "Anti-Americanism" anti-American sentiments following the "United States invasion of the Dominican Republic" invasion of 1965 when an armed F51 from DR landed at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico and Agent Chips and Bob Paxton had to cook donuts all night as the 82nd Airborne arrived. Spellman was an outspoken supporter of the Vietnam War, to the extent that the conflict became known as "Spelly's War" and the Cardinal as the Bob Hope of the clergy" although it is not very Bob Hope-ish to sign off on JFK’s killing, LBJ’s escalation for benefit of LTV, Bell and the manufacturer of M-16s, not to mention the other November assassination of President Diem who had favorably impressed Spelly by his strongly Catholic and anti-Communist views. Cardinal Spellman hung Diem out to dry in a naked hope to establish the Catholic Church in the Golden Triange from where they would attempt to trick the Chinese into worshipping Satan as those in the Vatican do, see also Jimmy Savile, Fat Boy Heath and ( redacted ) who happened to be in NYC the night of 10 September, 2001. According to my RADARSAT bug I believe you will be on the BEAST in three minutes. Godspeed, Atomic Betty.

At home in Gatineau, Atomic Betty poured milk on her Froot Loops and noticed one of Russell Williams’ PROJECT HATFIELD Protectors had gone missing. She thought about Canada’s PM, Minister of Transportation and Laureen, then pictured Hillary, Sasquatch, CHOOMER, Elena, Janet, Sotolongo, Paula Reid and Lindsay Graham and she realized that a bunch of PASTEL PERVERTS were about to be creamed by a Spooner from Wisconsin who had marched in the 20 January, 1969 Inaugural Parade of RMN after LBJ was exposed for his penchant for releasing flatulent content in elevators the doors of which were closed according to the DEA Agent who captured Ramzi Yousef in Lahore, Pakistan around the beginning of Desert Storm. That DEA Agent had history in Wisconsin, but not Spooner or Plum City. To get her mind off the Pastel Perverts of French speaking Canada she pictured the ‘rising star’ of the Canadian Forces as he may have looked right before violating Marie France Comeau, Jessica Lloyd and Deborah Rashotte and noted that had he had more manly pectorals he could have gotten by with a strapless brassiere in the same 32B cup. She followed the rendezvous of the BEAST and Hoss’s Chopper and for the final 60 seconds she turned her volume up to level 7 so as to determine success or failure like the success of Chips in TW1313 Snakeshot 2 or the failure of the Jarrett’s Regime in delivering on the HELL TO PAY prognostication uttered prior to the Soros Selection of the Turdi raised mulatto CHOOMER Peg Boy.

Her eyes began to tear up as she thought of the wistful look in Deborah’s innocent gaze as Russell Williams was planning to remove her Plum colored coverup before the Plum City Stud exposed the Johnston-Fantino-Harper-Williams coverup of 9/11 and the numerous rape victims of the Trenton pervert who had been trusted to haul the Goose Stepping Geriatric German who had fielded the Queens’ Pussies in a vain attempt to displace God as the source of power in the United States in 2013. It didn’t work in Mexico with the Cristeros in 1917 and it will fail in the US prior to 2311, 20 December, 2013. She was brought into the here and now as she heard Agent Hoss calmly announce “Hoss mated to Beast”.

Agent Hoss kept the chopper firmly atop Beast while Agent Chips and Tillman exited the helo and entered the Beast via the trap door after of the driver. As they made eye contact with MacCheese and Barry M. Hall, they were told by Barry M. that Plan B was invoked by Umbrellaman just as their doppelgangers came out of the bedroom in the rear of the Beast. Barry M. Hall handed them a briefing Guide Update for Trident Thrust F.O.L.S, tapped on his left clavicle twice and pointed at the flashing of the anti collision light on the bottom of the chopper indicating lift off in 30 seconds.

Tactics Tillman led Chips back into the chopper, Barry M. Hall secured the trapdoor and takeoff was accomplished just as the Beast approached a road block staffed with Canadians dressed in Russian uniforms deployed from a convoy of German military trucks. Agent Hoss came back to brief Tillman and Chips regarding Plan B.

“Sorry for the chaotic flight however Trooper Campbell had been embedded with the Einsatzgruppen who, as you know, are special paramilitary task forces, the most notorious of which were the death squards deployed by John Shakiskavili’s Waffen SS father some 60 years prior to Bill Clinton’s selected his CJCS to deliver military secrets to the PLA military in China. The Waffen SS goons deployed by Germany’s National Socialist regime equate to the contemporary American soyuz which is lousy with einsatzgruppen, some of which — such as the Pima County, Arizona SWAT team, which murdered Jose Guerena in his Tucson home-behave in a fashion almost indistinguishable from their German antecedents; see also GHWB and Prescott. We will be landing on the grassy median of I95 in 3 minutes, Agent Courtly Stonewall and Trooper Campbell will met you there for transfer to Sphinx and Pharoah. If they ask you to name the two Indians from North Dakota killed in this contrived GLOBAL WAR OF, I say again OF TERROR, be ready with the name, rank, death date and branch or you may end up being handed over to Valerie Jarrett’s flunkies in DHS, capeche?’

“No problem Hoss, those answers are SPC Sheldon Hawk Eagle, 15 November, 2003, US Army and CPL Nathan Goodiron, 23 November, 2006, NDNG. The Great Spirit is upon me and keep in mind that my Cherokee blood is still flowing I will read the Plan B to Operation TRIDENT THRUST F. O. L. S. when I am enroute to Arlington to meet Sphinx and 80W.”

“Isn’t Sphinx paired to Pharoah Chips?” asked a perplexed Agent Hoss, himself a believer in the Dakotas.

“It is my understanding that they are a pair in Plan A, but after tomorrow’s radio show when Plan B is invoked, Agent 80W will have accomplished the purpose for which she has been sent. Just like in Isaiah 55:11.”

11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
 It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
 and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. 

“Understood Chips, Tillman stays with us but a doppelganger of him awaits with Courtly Stonewall, Trooper C and Agent 80W. If you and 80W get a moment to relax, rest and encourage, suggest you watch this demonstration of Truth in the spirit of 2013. God speed.”


Chips thought of what might await him at Arlington National Cemetery and had three distinct ideas, all of which failed to reach fruition as the chopper settled on the grassy median, not the grassy knoll where GHWB, Alex Haig and (redacted ) would think they had gotten away with the perfect crime not knowing that Abel Danger would expose the cabal’s use of Ellen Rometesch to entrap both JFK and Gerald Ford using the same devotee of fellatio, not to be confused with Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79.

As Courtly Stonewall had the 1937 Studebaker President doing 80 mph northbound passing Quantico’s FBI Lab and KNYG airport, he attention was captured by the sounds of CHEROKEE FIDDLE and a glimpse of Pastel Turquoise, Noting a slight hint of clover he thought about the “bullshit lawyers”, no office to male bovine excrement intended.


Agent 80W lowered her head as if she was trying to avoid taking three head shots from three different azimuths as Chips wondered if Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 and Kristine Marcy, U Hawaii ’67 would ever figure out how Abel Danger had exposed them both while constantly pursuing PASTEL PLEASANT while listening to oldies from a time when U S military folks were heterosexual oath keepers unlike Obama’s Military which are anything butt, I say again, BUTT.

...favorably impressed by his strongly Catholic and anti-Communist views, promoted his career; however, he disassociated from Diem [alleged that the co-author of the Patriot Act, Viet D. Dinh, is a relative of the assassinated President of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem] before the latter's Fearful of Communist gains in Vietnam, Spellman had urged American intervention since late 1954, but by the 1960s his views were strongly criticized by antiwar activists and even his fellow religious leaders... ...since the JCS, LBJ, JE Hoover, A. Dulles, GHWB, Op40 of the CIA assassinated JFK to prevent the destruction of the private central banking system, the ending of the Vietnam conflict, and the permanent take-down of the Mispucka and its subordinate La Cosa Nostra, these matters JFK was seriously committed to were abandoned by LBJ and the USG. JFK wanted to route out the basic systemic corruption he discovered was related to the international Money trust Monopoly of Central Banksters and their associate enforcer henchmen, the CIA, the upper leadership of the FBI, and the crime families which corrupted the unions and much of the shipping through the ports and trucking.

It is interesting to note that LBJ (like JE Hoover) was a hard core murderer and had his own hitman who was a member of the Skull and Bones.  LBJ used Malcolm Wallace to murder his out of control sister, Department of Agriculture investigator Henry Marshall and at least several others.  Wallace’s fingerprint was eventually identified from a box in the School Book Depository years later which now strongly suggest that he was involved in setting up the phony “shooters nest” on the sixth floor, so that Oswald could be set up as a patsy for the work of an OP40 hit team.

We now know that Hoover had his own teams of murderers.  One was called the squad and was staffed by Cosa Nostra “button men”. This is explained nicely by a first hand witness, Michael Milan in his book the Squad. Names were never used. They were contacted for jobs for Hoover but identified by number only.

Some have hypothesized that JFK was secretly rebelling against his father’s known organized crime connections which helped get JFK into the White House and expected numerous favors in return, like no major Law Enforcement heat. The Mishpucka and its subordinate La Cosa Nostra had become part of the CIA (two sides of the same coin).

These gangsters believed that JFK would honor that partnership since the “Outfit” helped fix the votes in his favor in Chicago and felt that he could not have beaten Nixon without their help. They should have known from Bobby Kennedy’s work on the Kefauver Commission that this would not be possible.
Soon after JFK was elected, he and Bobby spent a great deal of time planning how to take down the Cosa Nostra and then their superiors the Mishpucka (aka Kosher Nostra which was fully financed by the Central Banksters and served as their business partners and enforcers as long as they agreed to fully support world zionism and the Rothschild’s personal nation-state, intel operation and army, Israel) 

Atlanta’s fire and police unions, along with other city employees, are suing Mayor Kasim Reedand the City Council to throw out a portion of recent pension reform, arguing a key part of the overhaul is unconstitutional, reports WABE.

They are bothered by a 5 percent increase in employee pension contributions and the potential for another increase - not to exceed 5 percent - should the city’s required contribution to the plan top 35 percent of its total payroll, the station reports.

Stephen Borders, president of the Atlanta Professional Firefighters Union and one of the complainants, said, “It’s really bigger than the 5 percent they’ve already added. They’ve shown they can change the terms midstream, and that’s really the scariest part for us.”

WABE adds that Reed pushed for the overhaul to close a $1.5 billion unfunded pension liability, and that it is seen as one of his key accomplishments. Many city employees were allowed to keep a retirement plan more costly to the city if they paid that extra 5 percent, the station said.

Click here to read more and for a link to hear the station’s broadcast.

The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) is a seemingly elaborate fraudulent organization which claims to be associated with the United Nations and...

The OITC and Ecuador...

Sherman Field San Clemente NALF…….


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