Saturday, November 30, 2013

MI2 F3 @ 6&7 4 CSI Skinners Hall - Chapter 17

Serco’s Black Friday Becomes Drumstick Up Peg Boy’s Bum
Lori Douglas Spreads Justice To Distract Project Hatfield’s Fantino/Foulkes

Abel Danger Cracks Canada’s Perversion Of Justice (*) Operation Wet Beaver
(*) Her Photo Spread Is At [ lori douglas nude + images ], Mary Elizabeth Harriman???
G-Spot: wet beaver + abel danger + canada + pastel + ion

He Who Was Sent To Break America Suffers Unobserved Stern Shot From WMPFP
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL, Punahou ’67 + Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79

FM 67 Exposes BS 79 Peg Boy Butt Plug In Fox 2
G-Spot: Images + Field McConnell + Punahou Ring

Abel Danger Blocks Handjob Terror 23 January, 2011
G-Spot: Obama + Fazlur Rahman Khan +Sear’s Tower + Skidmore + Hancock +Hajj Jeddah

Obama Soon Learns His Usefulness Is Gone
G-Spot: Hillary + Vaginagate + Field McConnell + TAINT

Abel Danger Exposes Tryall Compound In Jamaica Plans For JFK
G-Spot: SERCO + CLINTON rubin + mcconnell international + Field McConnell

Soetoro-Hitler Linked In Operation BROWNSHIRT BUTTPLUG
G-Spot: Serco + Intrepid + Peg House Madams + Kristine Marcy + MI-3

The Benghazi Trio Exposed By Hillary’s TAINT?
G-Spot: Obama + Reggie Love + Kristine Marcy + Hillary's Taint

Black Friday Exposure Of Chicago Peg Boy Browns The Turkey
G-Spot: Lexington + Okrent + Spencer + Young + Bland + Obama

13 Man Squad Wisconsin’s 547th Trackers Company Exposes Malloy/DHS
G-Spot: malloy + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + McConnell

One U S Marine, Dead, Is One Too Many As Serco’s Futures Plummet
G-Spot: Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr + reclaim america + brutal murder

Two Homosexuals, One Of Them U S, One Brit Crown Agent
G-Spot: obama + white house gay pride + laieski + 43 year-old + homosexual phoenix police

Partners At Wanker, Tosser, Shirtlifter And Buttplug PLLC, Magic Circle Pivotmen
G-Spot: heath + savile + mountbatten + blair

Tyrone Woods’ Blood On Hillary’s Hands; Soetoro’s Milk On Harveys’ Sticky Thing
G-Spot: Obama + Alex Okrent + Donald Young + Nate Spencer + Larry Bland + Butt

SERCO Is The Key Word In Titanic, Pearl Harbor, 9/11
G-Spot: SERCO + marconi + rca + Skynet + abel danger + FIELD MCCONNELL

Sandy Hook Coverup Continues As Malloy/Vance Stumble
G-Spot: Vance + Malloy + Kehoe + Carver + Simmons + McConnell


Way back in Chapter 16 which exposed Serco’s Octopus in the JFK killing, Courtly Stonewall had the 1937 Studebaker President doing 80 mph northbound passing Quantico’s FBI Lab and KNYG airport. Courtly at the wheel was distracted listening, critically, to the lyrics of CHEROKEE FIDDLE and Agent Chips, at the ready, caught a glimpse of Pastel Turquoise. Noting a slight hint of clover he thought about the “bullshit lawyers”, no offense to male bovine excrement intended. Agent 80W lowered her head as if she was trying to avoid taking three head shots from three different azimuths as Chips wondered if Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 and Kristine Marcy, U Hawaii ’67 would ever figure out how Abel Danger had exposed them both while constantly pursuing PASTEL PLEASANTRIES, listening to oldies from a time when U S military folks were heterosexual oath keepers unlike Obama’s Military which are anything butt, I say again, BUTT and helping expose inept perverts like Governor Malloy in the Child Killer state which has Mason taffy pullers running law enforcement and perverts running scared. And not in the heterosexual way that was the theme of Roy Orbison’s monster hit from 1961.


Chapter 17

Scripture of Day: 1 Chronicles 16:8

Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.  

Gospel Song of Day: Blessed Assurance


Secular Song of Day: We Want Our Country Back


G-Spot of Day: Obama + List of Barack Obama’s homosexual lovers + Sohale Siddiqi

OR: Obama + Alex Okrent + Donald Young + Nate Spencer + Larry Bland + Butt

Radio Show Of The Day:

Chicago Peg Boy Takes Splintered Butt Plug...Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:00pm EST

“Chicago Peg Boy Takes SERCO Butt Plug Up His Tailpipe”

On today's show we will discuss Rebecca Wade, Sara Smyth and others in UK MSM afraid to expose Soetoro's Butt Plug. Google [ Lexington + Soetoro + Okrent + Bland + Spencer + Young + Butt Plug ] after 2311/30Nov and consider Bullingdon Club alumni such as the allegedly-treasonous former and late King Edward VIII and the present UK Prime Minister, David 'Ship Jumper' Cameron, have deployed peg-house madams for centuries; for example the Bullers deployed the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, at the Paris Ritz when it served as a base for the Luftwaffe during WWII and Samantha 'Tricky' Cameron to the Waldorf Astoria when it served as a base for the MitM attacks of 9/11. McConnell alleges that Obama’s MI-3 madams used peg boys groomed at Hull House to entrap Boeing directors including John Shalikashvili, Bill Clinton's former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and force them to move the he company headquarters to Chicago in 2001. McConnell opines Chicago allowed MI-3 to (redacted)…

Agent Chips noticed the 1937 Studebaker was slowing down in vicinity of Washington Navy Yard where BATHOUSE BARRY killed a few innocents after his nuclear plans involving 25-300 million American citizens and his failed agenda to be the LAST MASTER of the Colony which had been given the mushroom treatment by Faux Royals from UK since as early as 11 September, 1776. If you are not a Common Core/Common Purpose MUSH BRAIN you know that on that date Admiral Howe was told to “kiss my ass” by George Washington. Now, some 237 years later the last limp wad sent to destroy America will be exposed in a radio show at 5 pm EST, 30 November, 2013 in what was called BLACK FRIDAY before being named HALF BLACK FRIDAY to denote Abel Danger’s Victory over Punahou ’79 Butt Plug Barry and his herd of recalcitrant belligerent bovine Lesbians who love some very ugly things such as THE CREAMY BEHEMOTH OF WINDSOR; listen for motherlode, creamy behemoth and cavernous bowels not to be confused with Canadian Judge Lori Douglas and her cavernous, and artificially wet, dark cavern which can be seen clearly at or by searching [ Lori Douglas + Dark Cavern ], capeche?


Courtly Stonewall slowed sufficiently so that the silver Crown Vic with Wisconsin plates could fall in behind and drive to Arlington National Cemetery where Agent Chips would lay a red, white and blue wreath at the shared graves of his father and mother, both Christian Patriots whose final resting place was constantly wet as a belligerent bovine bearded to a limp attorney and missing her deceased co-lesbo Lea Guarria urinated on the grave of her parents every day by serving Satan and helping some unhappy lesbos [ google: deb brown + courtney banks + lyn sherlock + jay m cohen + abel danger ] at 1950 Old Gallows Road try and inert the United States Department of Defense which has, since August, 1945, forgotten it is Department of Defense, not offense or FALSE FLAG continual war of terror against the enemies of HSBC, Wells Fargo and UK’s Ministry of Defense. Pat Tillman, Taylor Morris, Tyrone Woods and Ira Hayes are being LIFTED UP by the 13th hand not to be confused with, nor defeated by, the 5th column or the Judge in Canada who enjoys having images of her dark cavern sent to the internet by her short peckered husband and please notice, for the record, I did not mention Judge Lori Douglas, her penilly challenged roommate Jack King, Judge Jennifer McKinnon nor Mary Elizabeth Harriman, all serious cracks in the Canadian Crown protecting the Canadian Stallion, Colonel Russell Williams, whose links to Jon Benet’s rape and the attack of 9/11 seem to leave QE2 in a dour mood not to be confused with the Sour Suite by GUESS WHO whose author, Burton Cummings, appreciated the resident of 46201 which is south east of the corner of North Lasalle Street and East North Street in Indianapolis, just west of Little Flower, capeche?


Don't want to listen to my telephone ring

Or sing ding-a-ling or talk about a thing

Not this mornin'

I don't want to think about the night before

Or maybe it's a bore behind that open door

Got no time for that this mornin'

If I had the mind or I had the time

Maybe I could throw together a new kind of rhyme

And tell about my warnin'

But it's too late now

It's too late now

It's too late now

I don't want to think about a runaway Dad

That took away the only thing that I've ever had

Don't even miss him this mornin'

I don't want to think about a cold goodbye

Or a high school buddy got a little too high

I can't help him out this mornin'

Reviewers laugh at me so I go out to see

And perhaps it's just as well, 'cause I'd rather be in hell

Than be a wealthy man this morning'

But it's too late now

It's too late now

It's too late now

Whatever happened to images, 'cause now they're gone

And worn out phrases just keep a-hangin' on

Whatever happened to homes as opposed to houses?

A conversation, sayings as the evening drowses

It's just like four six two zero one

It's just like four six two zero one

Whatever happened to early morning urban skies?

And broken faces, half with melting eyes

Enough of riddles that just play with time

Cause I'm still here and I can't beg a dime

I'm back here in four six two zero one

I'm back here in four six two zero one

Some bed is waitin' for me 'round the corner now

I gotta find it and try and hang on for a little while

Back here in four six two zero one, yeah

Mmm, there's gotta be a few small changes made

Don't want to listen to my telephone ring

Or sing ding-a-ling or talk about a thing

Leave me alone this mornin'

The 1937 Studebaker President slithered to a stop at the parking lot by the Information and Gifts building at Arlington. Agent 80W swallowed hard knowing that an FBI Agent and former U S Marine from the LCWB class of Annapolis would be joining them for the short drive to the graves of Glenn Alexander and Eileen Odum, surnamed McConnell both, and Francis Chic Burlingame. Those two grave sites were both east of JFK eternal frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Oh excuse me, I was handed a bad script from BBC just like Jane Staley on 9/11, that should be just east of JFK’s eternal flame. Chips felt a soft squeeze on his twig and berries indicating 80W’s old flame was being rekindled but would have to wait for the wreath laying prior to shacking up at a Starwood property.

Courtly placed the temporary pass on the lower left corner of the windshield and drove slowly east, north, then east, then south parking east of the mausoleum adjacent the grave holding the remains of Field McConnell’s parents, both World War II vets who had their only daughter go bad; politically, behaviorally and spiritually, capeche?

The Studebaker stopped at a position across the north south street from the Mausoleum and Chips was about to step out with the FBI Marine when an incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Hammer Rooster Cogburn caused Chips to stay put with a little hand on his twig n’ berries as 80W handed him her Clipper Cattle Dehorner wishing that she could dehorn Chips, in a manner of speaking.

Operation BROWNSHIRT BUTTPLUG Hammer Rooster Cogburn IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers Otto Pilot and MacCheese, Agents Tillman, Barry M. Hall, Hamish and Chips and Dangerettes deployed in BSBP and Canadian spinoff, Operation Wet Beaver: Umbrellaman will be updating us at 2311/29Nov13 regarding developments in Woolrich FF, Carlyle 9/11, Fukushima and Cebu City HAARP strikes. However, we are now able to confirm that September’s CRISP FOURPLAY caused Obama to blink and for the exposure of Southern Fairy and Wetstart Syrian mission. As Obama’s linkage to Clinton SS network ( Serco and Starwood ) dating back to Hitler’s peg boy service at Vienna’s Imperial Hotel and Bill Clinton’s frustration evidenced on 9/12 at the Sheraton Starwood in Port Douglas, Queensland AU when he learned that Abel Danger had imputed a 41 minute delay (*) in the flight of United 93 which would be HAWKed by North Dakota’s Dean Eckman in a single F16ADF as well as two F15As from Cape Cod’s OTIS ANGB before the Strangler’s Suite 3rd feature vaporized Captain Jason Dahl’s B757 flying upside down at tree top level. We expect Umbrellaman to speak at 1401, time now 1347, remain flexible. His topics include the HARVEST from Lexington Hotel Room 201, HAARP strikes in Cebu and Fuku, and the status of AMEC’s devices at Yellowstone-Goodyear-Assumption Parish. Agent Bean of AD Medical reminds all players not to get the Obama Flu shot. Rooster Cogburn, Global Hammer, The Plum

Doctors Prohibited From Speaking Out On Death of Teen Caused By Flu Shot

While Chips had concentrated on Rooster’s Clipper he had simultaneously given Agent 80W a BDE resulting in a finding of ‘splendid’ or 94% MI for those who prefer numbers over words. As the FBI Marine from Annapolis LCWB opened the right rear door of the 37 Studebaker, his mind went back to the song WORDS by the Bee Gees which was code for Brothers Gibb, 4 Brits from Oz who would die in reverse order of birth, capeche?


Agent Chips held up two fingers on his left hand to signal 80W that he’d be back in 2 minutes and was regaled by a free shot of Pastel Turquoise with visible evidence of impending saturation, google the combo below if you dare and are over 18 years of age.

[ chips + hamish + suds + maytag + pastel + ioc + FLASH DICKR + suds + maytag ]

Chips turned to ambulate in erect fashion towards the shared graves of his parents while his mind was mentally undressing the Dangerette left sudsing in the Studebaker missing her Plum City Stud and rapidly turning her brownie into a HONEYRIDER, of sorts.

Agent 80W set out a tin of Smoked Oysters to enhance the volume of any DNA rich fluid transfer that might occur at Washington’s prestigious Starwood property south of K Street and east of Farragut Square and adjusted her IOC for rapid removal just as she noticed two dwarfs walk out from behind a grave monument and fall in behind Chips and the FBI Marine from the LCWB. She thought they bore eerie similarities to the two fellows her great aunt Brownie Munchkin, not be be confused with brownie munching, had been working with in 1939 in the same year that a movie was made depicting Sherman’s burning of Atlanta on 9/11/1964. Her thoughts were torn between her deceased great aunt Brownie, and the two little people trailing Chips and LCWB who she had not seen since her training session at the St Regis Hotel where she trained 5 Dangerettes for Operation ATLANTA BLUE when Abel Danger prevented Janet Napolitano from deploying a FALSE FLAG attack at the Peachtree Road Race on 4 July, 2013 prior to her leaving DHS to put distance between her FOUL TAINT and the google search that cooked Obama’s Goose, see also Governor Malloy of Connecticut, a sheriff free state awash in Masonic Police Officers enabling kid kill zones such as Sandy Hook.

Agent 80W noticed the two munchkins had drawn weapons and were facing southeast as if they had noticed something out of order between the McConnell gravesite and the 9/11 monument 1362 feet southeast. Turning her attention to the monument south of the Pentagon, she mentally googled [ malloy + abel danger + dmort V + dhs + hseep + crisis actors + vision box ] and wondered how long it would be before John Simmons’ confession would convict Malloy, Kehoe and J Paul Vance, party of two. Her thoughts raced back to Atlanta and the song that was playing on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun that night in Atlanta when he granted her her most base desire and exploculated in a manner consistent with his legendary status as the WMPFP but her pleasant memory was interrupted by an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Tactics Tillman who was positioned under the 9/11 Monument just as the two munchkins dropped to prone shooting postures facing southeast.

Operation BROWNSHIRT BUTTPLUG Agent Tactics Tillman FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips and any Dangerette Embedded with the 37 Stud: Just cuffed a mal hombre who was facing your direction from the chain link fence between Pentagon ‘flight of three’ and your parents’ grave. This patsy was in possession of a 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano Model 91/38 which appears to have been mail ordered just as J Edgar Hoover had mailed ordered a similar rifle and also a pistol in the name of A. Hidell, not to be confused with A. Hitler. After I subdued ‘mal hombre’ I checked his weapon and found it had three rounds but they were all blanks. When I informed him of the fact his weapon was noisy but inert, he said “don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us”. Hold your position and lay low until I signal ‘fadeout’. Tactics Tillman

Agent 80W tapped Courtly Stonewall on his right shoulder and handed him a 3 by 5 index card in salmon color with three words written in red: Cudahy, Arora, Newtown. Courtly acknowledged the message just as 80W pulled an Arkansas toothpick from her voluminous purse not to be confused with Canadian Judge Lori Douglas’s DARK CAVERN that apparently has see more dark drumsticks than white breasts, speaking of turkey on this Thanksgiving Day weekend where Americans can give thanks that Operation BROWNSHIRT BUTTPLUG has exposed the centuries old method where in Livery Companies involving Innkeepers and Master Mariners have entrapped generations of American leadership in Mitm ( man in the middle ) traps set in place since 2 October, 1979 by a bunch of radical lesbians including those who hamstrung George W. Bush on the evening of 10 September, 2001 demanding the nuclear codes to be surrendered or 4 iconic buildings would be RAYTHEONed by the October 22, 1996 traitors who used Lab Day to expose their plans to utilize Kristine Marcy’s JABS to overthrow the government of the United States leaving only a Cedar tree at ground zero and Plum City’s Abel Danger to expose their evil which is consistent with Isaiah 9:10.

10 “The bricks have fallen down,
 but we will rebuild with dressed stone;
the fig trees have been felled,
 but we will replace them with cedars.

For those folks that do not care to recognize the Truth of God’s word you can find the same information by googling:

[ kristine marcy + janet reno + jamie gorelick + jabs + lab day ]

Marcy, Reno, Gorelick Trophies Awarded By Gore Oct ‘96 

Agent 80W had assumed a position of advantage over the two munchkins and had her Arkansas toothpick ready for action when she saw a green smoke grenade streaking through the air near the Pentagon Memorial which she knew from the briefing guide of Operation Brownshirt Buttplug was the signal for ‘fadeout’. She heard Chip’s Clipper Squirt Gun signal ‘all clear’ in the three short blasts on 2828 mHz not to be confused with the single long blast which would occur if she could maneuver Agent Chips into the corner room 201 of the St. Regis Hotel, or even the back seat of the 37 Stud for that matter as her favorite Thanksgiving tradition was enjoying stuffing, of sorts. Her mind was considering Agent Chips’ PTRC and she found herself wondering if Janet Reno or Chris Hook had ever become CEMAW persons in their shared mission to pervert justice, see also Judge Lori Douglas who prefers dark drumsticks in her dark cavern, according to her beard Jack King, aka Mr. Limp.

Chips and LCWB had laid the wreath and Agent 80W thought that meant she was next in line for a similar ceremony but when she, Chips and LCWB arrived at the 1937 Studebaker they saw that Courtly Stonewall had put the purple funeral lights on the front fenders, not the 50’s band from Minneapolis The Front Fenders, but rather the long, art deco front fenders of Abel Danger’s supertrick, piss wicked 1937 Studebaker President with the straight eight which always tickled the Dangerettes’ fancies and associated clover scent generating units (csgu).

“Chips, say goodbye to LCWB, his buddies from the Quantico Lab are 2 minutes away but we just got a FLASH from Fletch and both Fletch and the Prince of Piel Island had gotten the information that Umbrellaman was seeking. Fletch and the Prince of Piel Island are at the Ransome’s Dock at Bittersea awaiting the Umbrellaman briefing. More on the way, hang on tight, we gotta roll but in a truthful way, not like in the GE fairy tale Let’s Roll bullshit that Todd Beamer is credited with doing which is impossible in a B757 flying upside down at tree top level with all humans dead from the gas distributed through the Air Cycle Machines of Captain Jason Dahl’s Flight 93 which is linked to Serco and GE just as Adam Lanza’s father is linked to Serco and GE just as 9/11 is linked to Marconi-RCA-Serco-Skynet which now has the Buttplug Peg Boy from Chicago set up as a thread that if not ‘clipped’ will expose the centuries old British Pedophile routine that is no long fooling anyone as Canada’s Operation Spade has followed Abel Danger’s Operation Spade Flush and emboldened police at Scotland Yard are leaking another 11 of Savile NHS Hospital from which he could choose the vulnerable sex pardners for goons like Heath, Mountbatten and a goose stepping geriatric who shall remain nameless until Chapter 18.”

Knowing that any LEOs tracking Chips would use the normal bridge, Courtly Stonewall drove north along the Potomac to the Key Bridge and then crossed into Georgetown before going in a circuitous route to the St. Regis near 16th and K which is rather dumpy for $383 per night which was no problem for Chips and 80W because, according to the briefing guide for Brownshirt Buttplug and Operation Wet Beaver they would not actually go into the St. Regis but rather back to the Potomac where a wet Beaver would fly them out to Maryland’s outer shore for the flight to (redacted) Air Field in the UK. 

Courtly Stonewall was approaching the concierge parking stop under the front of the St. Regis when two doppelgangers came from out of the trunk while leaving the rear seat top folded down motioning Chips and 80W to take their place in the trunk. Courtly spoke with the hotel employee that came to the car and mentioned he was just dropping Agent Chips and 80W and would not be in need of valet parking or any special service from the hotel staff. As the doppelgangers went into the lobby, the 37 Stud retraced its circuitous route back to the Key Bridge not far from the cement stairs made famous in the movie THE EXORCIST. Agent Chips was reading the Briefing Guide for Brownshirt Buttplug while Atent 80W was providing him a form of pleasure that he intended to pay for, in kind, during the flight in the wet Beaver to the outer shore of Maryland south of where Tom Clancy he had lived until the day before Field McConnell’s birthday in the year of our Lord 2013, capeche?

Chips felt his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate in the silent mode and almost exploculated early which would have cheated 80W out of a form of pass time that she dearly loved delivering to Chips’ PTRC which was at a rather sturdy 113% TI which is something that Attorney Jack King could not do for his beard Judge Lori Douglas of the Masonic Manitoba Crown Court so to achieve pleasure she and Alex Chapman had share a dark drumstick in a Thankgiving manner of speaking. As Agent 80W was thinking of gravy, Chips read an Immediate JASPAR text from Hammer MacCheese who was holding the wet Beaver in the shallow water below the key bridge.

“Hammer MacCheese Immediate to players in Brownshirt Buttplug and Wet Beaver” Umbrellaman has slid the briefing another 30 minutes, time now 1558 plane on Omniglobe at 1628 Bremen, Alabama time. Due to some Crown Vics hanging around both ends of the Key Bridge recommend ‘splash down procedures’. Notso is standing by in the shallow water to pull you towards the wet Beaver on the rope stretch from the north shore to the third arch. Godspeed, MacCheese.”

The Studebaker, with purple funeral lights still flashing, drove by the north shore Crown Vic and noticed the two cops were eating Tim Horton’s donuts, not to be confused with the donuts and kickstands that the CEMAW Abel Danger Agents enjoyed merging. A green light flashed three time in yellow as the trunk deck lid was electronically unlocked by Courtly Stonewall. Agent 80W swallowed hard just as the light went to steady green and the trunk lid lifted by two hydraulic structs more like pencils than cigars. Chips grabbed the two North Face Hold Alls and helped 80W get out of the trunk, getting a clear shot of Pastel Turquoise in her rather unladylike dismount technique which Chips though tooked might fine. As the pair went to the east side of the bridge Chips tossed the bags to Notso and then walked south to the deep spot, helped 80W up on the rail, did the same with himself, took her hand, and they both executed fireman jumps into the calm Potomac which would have swallowed a lady judge if Civil Case 1:08-1600 had not been dismissed in a Fraud Upon the Court by ALPA Attornies James Johnson and Rob Plunkett and notice, for the record, I did not mention Suzanne Kalfus.

Chips surfaced first and gave a thumb’s up to Notso who used a electric winch to pull Chips and 80W to the starboard float of the wet Beaver which was already idling with the takeoff checks completed. As Chips helped 80W into the plane, MacCheese added enough power to head to the center of the channel just as Notso handed Chips a ticket for the upcoming Packers game against Jacksonville which would be much less painful to watch if #12 is back in the lineup. Chips noticed the time1603 and whispered to 80W that they should get out of their wet clothes.

“I recommend you get out of yours Chips and then immediately get into mine, in a manner of speaking, capeche?” As a wet IOC in Pastel Turqouise was draped across the North Face Hold Alls Chips was looking forward to sticking his nose in her business when a FLASH FESTUS came in from Hammer Rooster Cogburn at 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin 54761 not to be confused with 46201 which was the zip code Burton Cummings was lamenting in Sour Suite back at the beginning of this chapter.


Brownshirt Buttplug Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to Canadian, UK and US players in Buttplug and Wet Beaver: Umbrellaman will be briefing the history of British Patsies dating to the Native Americans at the Boston Tea Party in 23 minutes. Please review the Section 44.10 of the Wet Beaver codicil as both Fletch and Chips will be engaging Sam Cam Wam Bam Thank You Mam’s Beard in the Balliol Boogie operation where they will dress as Saudi investigators intent on finding who drove the remote control that killed Princess Di in August, 1997, which also killed to unborn embarrassment to the Windsors who were offended that Di had dumped ‘wiggly ears’ for the son of Dodi. Umbrellaman also suggests that we all come up to speed with today’s radio show material briefed in the next run on paragraph: “ November 29, 2013: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MI-3 Innholders’ Livery Company to a database built by Charlie Brooks which allegedly names  peg-house madams operating out of the Champmesle lesbian bar in Paris who ordered Henri Paul to drive Princess Diana from Hôtel Ritz Paris to the Pont de l'Alma tunnel on August 31, 1997. McConnell invites the Royal Family's security expert Cressida Dick to publish Brooks’ database of names and help the public reason backwards – in the manner described by Sherlock Holmes – through the Pont de L’Alma crime scene to Rebekah Brooks’ peg-house apprenticeship in an MI-3 Paris Hotel.” Stand by for updates from Barry M. Hall and Atomic Betty prior to Umbrellaman’s OMNIGLOBE. Rooster Cogburn, the Plum.

Agent Chips noticed that while he had been engrossed in the Rooster Cogburn text message his wet clothing including his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong in Pastel Manly Mocha had been hung out to dry just as the Buttplug Peg Boy will be hung out to dry as he can neither get a 3rd term nor gun control so he has, since CRISP FOURPLAY, become a burden to the HSBC, Wells Fargo and Vatican Bankers who have with the sour suite including HSBC, Wells Fargo, GE, AMEC, redacted, and the Marconi-RCA-Serco-Skynet slimeballs who tried and failed to get Hillary Care and the IRS on the same software crammed down the governments’ throat to please the Princeton alumni with who Sasquatch shared the Christmas of 2010 with when they were lighting methane in the Lincoln Bedroom according to the 22 year old domestic fired by the Beards for seeing what goes on in the Half White House, capeche?


Agent 80W pointed out to Chips that the FMGC repeater indicate that had 29 minutes of flight time remaining as well as 17 minutes before the Omniglobe briefing and as she placed her ankles behind her ears Agent Chips understood that she was thinking like any Lonestar Dangerette might, she would like the Derrick Pumper operation made famous by Abel Danger in 2008. Google it, I dare you.

[ derrick pumper + chips + hamish + pastel + ion ]

As the music began on the lady’s Clipper Cattle Dehorner, Agent Chips knew he was about to go down a road he traveled before, and he liked that as was evident from the PTRC which was surging to 117% TI.


Chips was headin’ on down that road as the Immediate JASPAR from Atomic Betty arrived for her post, I say again, POST, over at a certain Pub somewhere between the River Tyne and River Thames. 

Operation Wet Beaver MR FSD Atomic Betty Immediate JASPAR to Agents Hamish, Tactics Tillman, MacCheese, Stone and Chips, copy Dangerettes deployed in Brownshirt Buttplug and/or Wet Beaver: Agents embarking for RAF Hamsworthy, be advised that when Chips published his piece, I say again PIECE, yesterday Maureen Baginsky, Charlene Barshefsky, Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy and the Princeton grad who would never set foot in the BLACK COCK PUB hired 5 patsies, 5 lone gunmen, and 5 Peg House Madams in response to, and I quote: “ United States Marine Field McConnell has linked public key infrastructure of the MI-3 Innholders’ Livery Company to Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky – the  alleged peg-house mentor for Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide – and Jamie Gorelick’s apparent use of Nortel's Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) to deploy Clinton and Boeing agents in the attempted overthrow of the government of the United States by force on 9/11 planned in 1993, announced on 22 October, 1996, resulting in failure on 9/11 when Abel Danger Imputed a 41 minute delay in Jason Dahl’s United 93. McConnell claims that Barshefsky ordered Clinton peg boys to steal the public key protocols needed for a 9/11 attack with modified Boeing aircraft, from the offices of late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown while Jamie ‘Mistress of Disaster’ Gorelick used MI-3 JABS devices to move alibied peg-boy johns through the Starwood Sheraton hotels in Port Douglas, Queensland, and Chicago, Illinois. McConnell notes that Barshevsky, an Innholders director of Starwood since September 2001,  arranged with Boeing director the late John Shalikashvili – the son of a peg-boy major in the Waffen SS – and the Clintonistas to transfer all Boeing’s military secrets, including MI-3 patent-pool devices associated with PKI, passenger JABS and the QRS11 guided un-interruptible autopilot, to the PLA in 1997. McConnell is using this post to invite behavioral analysts of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group to let him teach them how to recognize the spin of his MI-3 founder sister Kristine Marcy and bring the Starwood Obama Barshevsky ('SOB') peg-house madams to justice for the crimes of 9/11. To authenticate his offer he suggest FBI and MI-6 Google these 6 call signs airborne on morning of 9/11, 5 of them Boeings: Vivi 36 + Venus 77 + Word 31 + Trout 99 + Sword 31 + Nodak 02.” Field McConnell, USMC 0116513 would ask of the Peg House madams which other intel agency has ever linked those 6, discreet callsigns, and if the answer is not “none” all will know they are lying through the teeth, crusty bicuspids that they are. Atomic Betty, BLACK COCK PUB.

Chips had been immersed in ready the Clipper from Atomic Betty that he almost missed the switch call from 80W as she selected F4 and C+07 on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner, indicating she was desired uptempo and side oiler, jack hammer. As Chips repositioned for what would be an ‘unobserved stern shot” such as the one pictured above where Barry Soetoro was sticking it to the United States as a Crusader pilot was poised to send a skinny wingman up his oft buttplugged bum, he knew she’d be looking for 8 when he pulled the gate, in so many words. Cowboys look for 8 seconds, Cowgirls look for a different 8, capeche? Chips heard 80W whisper ‘cucumber’ so he knew she was grooving’.


Chips was into the second minute of the 7 minute ride when an Immediate JASPAR came in from the Tugboat Twins, put on call from the Abel Danger Portsmouth Office where in July, 1970 the USS Guadalcanal had made a ‘port call’ whereupon a future fighter pilot took a train into London drinking Bulmer’s Woodpecker Cider not to be confused with a woodpecker of another color, think purple tipped or red, go ahead, I dare you. Or if you don’t dare envision how Hillary, Jeb, Barry, Kristine, Maureen and Barshefsky might react to this brief radio show, wrapped about 6 hours ago.


Operation Brownshirt Buttplug Tugboat Twins Immediate JASPAR to all Hammers, Agents Hamish, Tillman, Stone and Dangerettes in Wet Beaver and Brownshirt Buttplug, copy to Chips and his attending PWA: Be advised that Abel Danger UK is communicating to Umbrellaman our opinion that UK stretching from Tyne to Thames is a little bit too hot. Yesterday’s statement, and I quote “United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Barack Obama’s entourage of peg-house madams – apparently groomed by the MI-3 Innholders’ Livery Company – to Serco’s alleged development of dial-a-yield nuclear patent-pool devices (nukes) for Innholders’ agents in Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide; a group which includes Hitler’s Imperial Hotel in Vienna and Bill Clinton’s Sheraton hideaway in Port Douglas, Queensland, on 9/11. McConnell alleges that Obama’s MI-3 madams used peg boys groomed at Hull House to entrap Boeing directors including John Shalikashvili, Bill Clinton's former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and force them to move the company headquarters to Chicago in 2001. McConnell notes that the Chicago move would have allowed MI-3 Starwood to threaten the Bush administration with dial-a-yield nuke attacks – to be triggered by Serco through Boeing E-4B Nightwatch aircraft – and force POTUS 43 to suspend crime scene investigations and help Obama’s worldwide peg-boy friends to spin MI-3's al-Qaeda ‘Wag the Dog’ story.” Quantico has suggested ‘scrubbing’ these 6 callsigns: Vivi 36, Venus 77, Word 31, Trout 99, Nodak 02 and Sword from the post however somehow MI6 and Cressida Dick got the message in full and now Bagingsky and Barshefsky are getting muffed, excuse me, miffed. And that is before they read you final words, and I quote again “Bullingdon Club alumni such as the allegedly-treasonous former and late King Edward VIII and the present UK Prime Minister, David 'Ship Jumper' Cameron, have deployed peg-house madams for centuries; for example the Bullers deployed the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, at the Paris Ritz when it served as a base for the Luftwaffe during WWII and Samantha 'Tricky' Cameron to the Waldorf Astoria when it served as a base for the MitM attacks of 9/11. As for the Serco crime syndicate; it came after RCA which came after a 16 year-old Intrepid and a 21 year-old David Sarnoff had hacked the Marconi telegraph system to signal a course change to the Titanic, which was really the White Star Olympic, 30 minutes before the ship hit the iceberg (cf. SS Mount Temple).” Standy by for message from Umbrellaman by1628, time now 1626 Bremen, 1726 Accomac, 2226 GMT. Tugboat Twins, cautiously ready, Portsmouth.

Chips had just returned volley to 80W’s signature multiple when something hit the wet Beaver that felt like a 1955 Newcastle locomotive hitting a 1955 DaHavilland Beaver.

Prince of Piel, Fletch, Ransome Battersea

Chips handed 12 NAPAWASHES to 80W, stuffed his junk and looked up and forward to where he saw that MacCheese had had a SWAN strike in his descent to into the migratory waterfowl flyway south of where Tom Clancy had been given a certain item that cleared his system before his autopsy 5 days after he succumbed to “revenge of the Chicago BUTTPLUG Peg Boy” as Breitbart, Hastings and other have recently suffered as Serco’s OCTOPUS launched Peg Boy has been an utter failure including the Putin Assad McConnell CRISP FOURPLAY which put Lindsey’s and Wetstart’s plans for Syria on hold blocking the attacks in Mobile and New York City also.

Chips spoke loudly asking MacCheese the status of the Beaver as he noticed that the propeller was standing rigid, as was he. MacCheese shouted back “I shut it down due to imbalance but will start it in the descent into Spa Creek near the Crew building at Annapolis. The Umbrellaman briefing was just slide another 15 minutes and it appears the trip to THE BLACK COCK or Ransome’s Dock at Battersea may be cancelled as the loyal oath keepers are telling Umbrellaman that the nuke codes have been withdrawn and the ‘fix is in’. We will be on Spa Creek in three minutes, hope you and 80W are ready for a swim in the event this Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior doesn’t fire up. Gonna be busy for next 3 minutes, be ready for all options. Pray for us Chips.

Chips relayed the salient points to Agent 80W who was now clothed in Pastel Turquoise reminiscent of her Great Aunt Brownie, who had played with the Grand Rapids, Minnesota actress who died in London in 1969. Chips was performing a BDE on Agent 80W resulting in MI 97% which was a pleasant finding from his kickstand perspective knowing that the keeper of the donut was on the same page. As he finished a brief prayer he herd a welcome sound.


MacCheese yelled back his opinion that they would be at the Crew Shell dock within 90 seconds just as an Immediate JASPAR came in on Agent Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun from Tactics Tillman. 

Brownshirt Buttplug Agent Tillman Immediate JASPAR to MacCheese, 80W and Chips, copy Umbrellaman and all deployed in Brownshirt Buttplug and Wet Beaver: Abort, abort, hostiles on Spa Creek, DHS Crisis Actors at Crewhouse. Abort. MacCheese, stand it on it’s tail and turned due south to rendezvous with a Marten Semi on the John Hanson Highway. Detail in 60 seconds. Abort Spa Creek, divert to Highway 50, Tillman, Crewhouse roof.

MacCheese pushed all three handles full forward, pulled up as steep as he dared before feeding in left rudder to fall of to the south descending to tree top level just as the Hillary-Marcy-Serco team had done with Jason Dahl’s United 93 while Dean Eckman and two Otis Eagles watched Serco’s FBCA friends ‘waste’ the Captain, Crew, passengers and hijacker patsies which would become, like Lee Harvey Oswald, eternally framed by Serco’s Enemies of God who are lightweights compared to Abel Danger, capeche.

As Agent 80W provided pleasure to Chips, and herself, Chips knew that based on the fuel indicated during departure from the Potomac the Wasp 985 Junior had to be ‘runnin’ on empty’ as were the Serco-Skynet-Clinton Rubin-Marconi-McConnell International traitors who were learning, too late, that Obama’s goose was cooked in July when Abel Danger Operation ATLANTA BLUE smoked Napolitano’s DHS. If you find that unlikely, google this while listening to a musical offering from Jackson Browne, not to be confused with 80W’s Great Aunt Brownie.

atlanta blue + dhs + dmort V + peachtree battle + chips + mona blue deflowered + obama's goose being cooked


Chips understood that if the message of Serco’s relationship to Savile Paedos was explained to the good people of the world, they would unite behind Field McConnell’s leadership and cause the Serco Buttplug Peg Boy to be Flushed in Brownshirt Buttplug just as Abel Danger had caused Operation Spade to save 2300+ children from the Queen’s Pussies and the Enemies of God.

Well aware that Nicolas Winton had saved ‘Nicky’s Family’ in WWII, Agent Chips resolved that he and Abel Danger would shutdown the Savile Serco Paedo ring and that if any thankful legions tries to give credit to Abel Danger, that Chips would give credit to wear that credit would truly be due. First meet Nicky’s Family:

Now, as well look forward with Great Hope, we know that the Fairy of the South, Wetstart and Barry Soetoro can be stopped as they were in CRISP FOURPLAY, a human operation planned by agents of Abel Danger. But when a thankful world asked who is is that is capable of pulling out Serco’s Buttplug, if Chips were given an opportunity to respond, Chips would said “He” did it. Let’s play a night night song for Light Loafered Lindsey as she readies herself for a long sleep.



  1. Darkness has never extinquished the light... .Amen Amen and Amen.

    1. Anonymous, I am glad you see the light through the metaphoric chaff we spread to keep the Enemies of God on a short leash. Field

  2. Operation wet beaver eh? LOL You guy's are hilarious.


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