Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Abel Danger Announces Threat Window TW1325 - Threat Window: 2311/23 Dec 13 to 1111/9 Jan 14


Abel Danger TW1325

At 2311/23Dec13 Abel Danger communicated the threat of a FALSE FLAG Event to obfuscate the 8 January, 2014 trial in Egypt and its relationship to Benghazi. Abel Danger senses conditions favorable to a FALSE FLAG to cover up the Truth of Benghazi, Aurora, Cudahy (**), Boston Marathon, Navy Yard, Kenya Mall and 9/11.

(**) was in Milwaukee twice in forthnight re: [ carlson + cudahy + sikh + abel danger ] MKE FBI [ Astor Hotel, County Clare Pub, 22Dec ]

TW1325 is in effect from 2311/23Dec13 to 1111/9Jan14 for an attack that may be related to [ cameron + zuma + pelindaba + field mcconnell + bluebird ] We have consistently suggested location of targeted cities. Anyone wishing those locations feel free to email or tweet.

12-23-13 Deadline Missed by Obama

On 8 Nov 10 I had issued TW1049, linked here:

Attention fbi: Action please - Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) - false flag - Senior Executive Service (SES) - crown agents

China, Russia, US military not interested in mutual destruction.

Field McConnell
Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)
WI DoJ #65229
715 307 8222


  1. My God I hate to digress. This 'window''s aura is palpable among the collective consciousness.
    However, a great example of corporate sabotage right under our feet using the methods outlined by our ever vigilant Agent Chips:

    There Can Only Be One: Who is Behind the Targeting of Target?
    -''Target is the nation’s #2 discount retailer. Wal-Mart is #1 of course since they jumped in bed with the Clintons all those years ago and road the NAFTA train to full spectrum domination of the market."
    -"So how did they get that info? Who was behind it? All this talk about how bad Target is and very little info about who actually took the data and how. I wonder why that is."
    -"The RFID debate will be raised again as influence peddlers for that Orwellian device are already trying to claim this breach would never have happened were it not for those pesky magnetic strips on the backs of our cards."

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