Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Everything the citizen must know to reform money and finance for the good of all

Source: Dick Eastman

Can you walk someone through this?

Will you?

The problem and the solution -- so we can all understand.

Depressions are caused when the economy's money is all bank loans created with an obligation to return principal plus interest. The result is a net drain of purchasing power.

The net drain of purchasing power is called deflation. Deflation makes lenders better off at the expense of borrowers.

Creditors do well in deflation. They end up with a bigger percentage of money in existence, and they can use it to buy up the assets of bankrupt households, businesses and governments.

The gains are very large from engineering a deflationary depression by not returning interest collected to the national economy, and from calling in loans to contract total checking account deposits. The system of robbing nations through deflation is the largest organized crime racket in history.

In short, we have this:

The solution is simple:

A review of the two-loop economy. The bailouts and the money the Fed is providing today are not going to the lower loop. Bailouts and "Quantitative Easing" are simply another fraud that works in conjunction with theft through deflation.

American Populist Social Credit – led by neither a central bank nor Congress as first spender. Direct money to consumers to immediately boost household purchasing power, aggregate demand, business revenues, tax base. Accompanies repudiation of national debt, and the end of all government borrowing. Ends central banks and national banks. Competitive banking, state-regulated. No federal regulation of banking.

Dick Eastman with Mike Harris - When a Nation's Purchasing Power Is Borrowed Money - May 18, 2013


  1. Where is the love for others in this design by those enslave their fellow man. The Jews were set free by Moses from their masters in Egypt only to do to others what was done to them. Jesus sets all men free if you trust in the Lord. The rulers of this world are dead men walking now and for all eternity for this world is passing and those that clutch that which is passing are fools. We all die and are going into the real Passover.The passover into eternity. Its so simple even a money changer can figure it out. Thank you Jesus lord of all. Amen

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