Monday, February 17, 2014

Abel Danger Campaign Letter - Sheriff Joe Arpaio Speaking in Mounds View, Minnesota - Sandy Hook Completely Exposed

Campaign Letter:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio is speaking in Mounds View MN Thursday, 6 March. I will be there as a member of the MN Tea Party. I may be able to get additional tickets for non-members. $10 I believe.

I will be driving a Presidential Limo to the meeting and of course will practice my 2nd Amendment right to have my pistol with a full magazine and one chambered.

If Bill Parks or any other people from around Pierce County wish to attend, I suggest they contact Jack or Pat in the CC line in email previously sent.

Our organization [ Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence ] has exposed Sandy Hook so completely that it has caused these three people, Janet Napolitano, Reuben Bradford, Eric Holder, to 'diassociate' themselves with Gov Malloy of CT, Police Chief Michael Kehoe of Newtown, and J. Paul Vance Sr., who probably has license plates like this:

Our two hour radio show exposing Malloy, Kehoe and Vance is on the front page of: 

Notice I have the balls to communicate directly; they do not.

If any remaining gun manufacturers in Connecticut wish to come to a oathkeeping state I can help set them up in Wisconsin or Texas.


I took 4 oaths and have kept all four. It looks to me like FLANNEL DANNEL, Keyhole Mike and Donut 1 know more about OAFs than Oaths. By the way, behind this 'street threater' stands Serco, Gecas, Wells Fargo and the Asset Forfeiture Fund set up by my sister and Eric in 1984. Who's my sister? Who cares, who's my FATHER is the important connection.

Field McConnell
Wisconsin DoJ #65229
U S Marine 0116513
715 307 8222

Google: Malloy + Napolitano + DMORT V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + FIELD MCCONNELL 

Strong suggestion to Gov. Malloy, cancel this fraud or expect intense illumination. God will not stand idly as you boneheads in the ( lack of ) Constitution State engage in your Masonic, demonic taffy pulls.

Send DONUT 1 out for some Krispy Kremes while I center a 40 page chapter around:

Flannel Dannel
Keyhole Mike "Pud pounders 3"
Donut 1


PS see Psalms 91-13 and if any dorks like the ones that showed up at Wolfgang's front door try mine, they will not survive (professionally).

On Wednesday I will demonstrate how to carry an AR15 in a Tenor Sax case.

Our Wednesday Livestream show invites any of the co-conspirators in Sandy Hoax to appear live. On air, not at my front door.


  1. Field McConnell, Sir! I greatly respect, admire and salute you. You are a beacon of light in a world of darkness.

  2. Urah.....7564. ......Semper fi


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