Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Call For National Reconciliation - Aroostook Watchmen Recorded Interview With Wolfgang Halbig re: Sandy Hook


Interview with Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook

Please go to this TalkShoe link and listen to this important discussion with Wolfgang Halbig on the circumstances involving the alleged shootings at Sandy Hook.

EP1398-Former Florida State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig on the Sandy Hoax.

Wolfgang Hilbig brings up some very significant issues in this interview such as:

Why did the responding officers have to park a quarter mile from the scene? why were there no Life Assist helicopters called in to help the wounded and take them to the hospitals?

Why were the paramedics forced to remain outside the building, some 500 yards away at a crucial time when victims were lying bleeding on the floor?

Who pronounced the victims as deceased, something only medical personnel can do on a scene?

Why were several officers recorded sending children back into rooms 8 and 10 during the initial sweep of the school when according to the final report, all the dead children were found in those two rooms?

Why did police at the scene report finding certain weapons inside the school and then change their story about what was found and where?

When asking about contractor’s names for such services as installing the new security system and cleaning up biological material after the event, he was told disclosing that information would “put the children at risk”. What the heck is that?

Signs that read “everyone must sign in” on scene the morning of the shooting and porta-potties there within 3 hours?

No law suits filed by the parents against the school district for either negligence or how the first response on the scene was handled.

Eric Holder gave officers checks after the shooting?

EP1398-Former Florida State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig on the Sandy Hoax.


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