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#1892: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft ZigBees to Serco Old Switcheroo Near MH/SQ Subang

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked ZigBee kidnap teams deployed by Nicholas ‘Mycroft’ Soames for the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to “old switcheroo” maneuvers allegedly arranged by Serco director Maureen Baginski with Malaysian Airlines MH 370 and Singapore Airlines SQ 68 near Subang ATC.

McConnell recognizes Mycroft Warrants as writs issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, who permits otherwise illegal acts (spoliation of evidence; spread betting on body-bag counts at crime-scene investigations; bypassing autopsies to conceal murder-for-hire and the placement of blackmailed pedophiles in decoy triage teams) and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy (sister) + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies extorted then Prince of Wales (Bullingdon alumnus, later Edward VII) to issue Mycroft warrants to a telegraph-betting center in London’s Langham Hotel – an alleged pedophile honeypot used to entrap and blackmail MI-3 Innholders’ guests and now a Serco virtual war room to guide and synchronize global deployments of Zigbee kidnap, confiscation and contract-hit teams. (cf. Ian Fleming’s Target Force unit – a.k.a. T-Force – a lightly armed and highly mobile unit, tasked with capturing Nazi scientific and technical military material).

McConnell notes that while Serco’s pedophile blackmailers may have controlled hotel crime scenes and bookmaking frauds since 1888, MI-3 founder William “Intrepid” Stephenson made the first use of BBC synchronized wireless photo transmissions to blackmail Langham habitués who may have included a Bullingdon alumnus, the late and treasonous Duke of Windsor, and the late Winston Churchill – the compulsive, losing gambler who grandfathered the new Serco Chief Executive Officer Rupert Soames and his BBC Mycroft ZigBee brother Nicholas Soames.

McConnell claims that after the 1979-1995 Unabomb campaign and the attack on the Murrah Building, Baginski and Soames, a former personal assistant to the late chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Mark Hatfield, arranged contracts for Serco to train air traffic controllers and pilots in Malaysia and the United States and prepare an estimated 10,000 ZigBees for the switcheroo maneuvers as witnessed on 9/11 and March 8, 2014.

McConnell believes Privy Councillor Soames – former Defence Minister under Langham Hotel habitué John Major and skilled practitioner of MI-3 Mycroft Qui tam frauds (cf. Serco tags, FAA Contract Towers, Skynet Wi-Fi Clock, USPTO) – ordered Baginski to have the MH370 flown into China while ZigBees allegedly wagged BBC dogs, abducted Freescale passengers, killed the rest and pointed the Dishonourable Pilots, Mariners and Artillery Companies at the old-switcheroo search fields.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at http://www.abeldanger.net/

Prequel 1:
#1891: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft Freescale Kidnap to Serco Dishonourable Pilots, ZigBee License to Kill­

Prequel 2:
Voice of Russia Interview with Lt. Col (Ret.) Field McConnell - Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 - Stealth Technology

Real Time Location System based on Zigbee

A switcheroo is a sudden unexpected variation or reversal[1] that is often associated with a joke (sometimes "the old switcheroo").[2] It is colloquially used in reference to an act of intentionally or unintentionally swapping two objects.[3]
As a comedic device, this was a favorite of Woody Allen; for a time, he used so many switcheroos that friends referred to him as 

"Allen Woody."[2] Some of Allen's switcheroo gags were:
Carrying a sword on the street, in case of an attack it turned into a cane, so people would feel sorry for him

Carrying a bullet in his breast pocket; he claimed someone once threw a Bible at him and the bullet saved his life.

Another example comes from the film The Aristocrats, wherein Wendy Liebman pulls "the old switcheroo". Whereas the joke normally is narrated as a vulgar series of actions followed by the clean punch line, Liebman narrates a very aristocratic series of actions followed by a very vulgar punch line.[4][5]

In his book, Gödel, Escher, BachDouglas Hofstadter names one of the rules in his version of Propositional calculus the Switcheroo Rule, apparently in honour of an Albanian railroad engineer, name Q.q.Switcheroo, who "worked in logic on the siding".[6] This is in reality the disjunctive syllogism.

One of the most famous examples of a switcheroo is the feud between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Daffy often tries to find ways of getting Elmer Fudd to shoot Bugs, but Bugs will somehow change the situation that ends with Daffy getting shot.

Bugs: It's true, Doc. I'm a rabbit, alright. Would you like to shoot me now or wait 'til you get home?

Daffy: Shoot him now!!!! Shoot him now!!!!

Bugs: You keep outta this! He doesn't have to shoot you now!

Daffy: He does have to shoot me now! (to Elmer) I demand that you shoot me now!”

NOTE!!! - Many mistakenly believed I have meant specifically that MH370 flew BEHIND SQ68. When I say shadow, I mean that it may have flown above or below SQ68 slightly. Listening to ATC instructions would have allowed MH370 to stay current on SQ68’s next move.

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 12:01 AM EST

UPDATED: Monday, March 17, 2014 - 9:00 AM EST
Typo was made during the conversion of UTC times. Meeting of SIA68 and MH320 occurred at 18:00UTC - 18:15UTC. MH320 dropped off of civilian radar at 17:22UTC.

UPDATE - Monday, March 17, 2014 - 12:15 PM EST
Some have raised the statement that TCAS doesn’t work if the transponder is disabled… this is only partially correct. Other planes’ TCAS would NOT see MH370 at all. MH370 would not actively query other planes as its transponder is off, HOWEVER it could still listen to any transponder output from other planes that are actively transmitting. SQ68 would have been actively transmitting while in-range of Subang ATC center.

Even if TCAS on MH370 wasn’t working for some reason, an inexpensive portable ADS-B receiver paired with an iPad and Foreflight app would allow a pilot to receive the ADS-B output being transmitted by SQ68 at that time.


By: Keith Ledgerwood

As the search for missing flight Malaysian Airlines flight 370 drags on into the 10th day, so many questions continue to remain unanswered about how and why the airliner could have disappeared while seemingly under the control of a skilled pilot intent on making it invisible. With satellite pings showing where the plane could be after more than seven hours of flight, speculation has arisen that the plane could be on the ground anywhere along a path from northern Thailand to the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

The major roadblock to this theory has been the insistence from India and Pakistan that their radar network showed no such unidentified aircraft entering or traversing their airspace. It would seem highly unlikely given such information that a Boeing 777 could indeed slip through undetected.

As a hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast, a theory began to form in my own mind on this 10th day as all of the latest information began to trickle in slowly through media outlets globally. After being unable to escape the idea that it may have happened, I began to do some analysis and research and what I discovered was very troubling to me!

Starting with a set of facts that have been made available publicly and verified over the past few days, I first plotted MH370’s course onto an aviation IFR map which shows the airways and waypoints used to navigate the skies. I plotted the point where it stopped transmitting ADS-B information at 1721UTC. I then plotted the Malaysian military radar track from that point towards “VAMPI”, “GIVAL”, and then onward toward “IGREX” on P628, ending with where the plane should be at 1815UTC when military radar lost contact.

That chart looks like this:

Source: SkyVector.com

Nothing profound there… but then I looked to see what other planes were in the air at 1815UTC and I looked to see exactly where they were positioned in the sky and where they were flying. The picture started to develop when I discovered that another Boeing 777 was en-route from Singapore over the Andaman Sea.

Source: FlightRadar24.com

I investigated further and plotted the exact coordinates of Singapore Airlines flight number 68’s location at 1815UTC onto the aviation map. I quickly realized that SIA68 was in the immediate vicinity as the missing MH370 flight at precisely the same time. Moreover, SIA68 was en-route on a heading towards the same IGREX waypoint on airway P628 that the Malaysian military radar had shown MH370 headed towards at precisely the same time.
Source: SkyVector.com

It became apparent as I inspected SIA68’s flight path history that MH370 had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68. All the pieces of my theory had been fitting together with the facts that have been publicly released and I began to feel a little uneasy.

Singapore Airlines Flight 68 proceeded across the Andaman Sea into the Bay of Bengal and finally into India’s airspace. From there it appears to have proceeded across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and finally Turkmenistan before proceeding onward across Europe to its final destination of Barcelona, Spain.

This map depicts the approximate flight path of SIA flight 68 on that particular day. Additional detail will be required from each country’s aviation authorities to establish exact particulars of the route.
Source: SkyVector.com

So by now, you may have caught on or you may be scratching your head and wondering if I’ve gone insane! How does SIA68 have anything to do with MH370 disappearing? Remember the one challenge that is currently making everyone doubt that MH370 actually flew to Turkmenistan, Iran, China, or Kyrgyzstan? That challenge is the thought that MH370 couldn’t make it through several key airspaces such as India or Afghanistan without being detected by the military.

It is my belief that MH370 likely flew in the shadow of SIA68 through India and Afghanistan airspace. As MH370 was flying “dark” without transponder / ADS-B output, SIA68 would have had no knowledge that MH370 was anywhere around and as it entered Indian airspace, it would have shown up as one single blip on the radar with only the transponder information of SIA68 lighting up ATC and military radar screens.

Wouldn’t the SIA68 flight have detected MH370? NO! The Boeing 777 utilizes a TCAS system for traffic avoidance; the system would ordinarily provide alerts and visualization to pilots if another airplane was too close. However, that system only operates by receiving the transponder information from other planes and displaying it for the pilot. If MH370 was flying without the transponder, it would have been invisible to SIA68.

In addition, the TCAS system onboard MH370 would have enabled the pilot(s) to easily locate and approach SIA68 over the Strait of Malacca as they appeared to have done. The system would have shown them the flight’s direction of travel and the altitude it was traveling, which would have enabled them to perfectly time an intercept right behind the other Boeing 777. Here is a picture of a TCAS system onboard a 777.

How does this solve the mystery??? We know MH370 didn’t fly to Spain! Once MH370 had cleared the volatile airspaces and was safe from being detected by military radar sites in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, it would have been free to break off from the shadow of SIA68 and could have then flown a path to its final landing site. There are several locations along the flight path of SIA68 where it could have easily broken contact and flown and landed in Xingjian province, Kyrgyzstan, or Turkmenistan. Each of these final locations would match up almost perfectly with the 7.5 hours of total flight time and trailing SIA68. In addition, these locations are all possibilities that are on the “ARC” and fit with the data provided by Inmarsat from the SATCOM’s last known ping at 01:11UTC.

There are too many oddities in this whole story that don’t make sense if this theory isn’t the answer, in my opinion. Why did MH370 fly a seemingly haphazard route and suddenly start heading northwest towards the Andaman Islands on P628? If not for this reason, it seems like a rather odd maneuver. The timing and evasive actions seem deliberate. Someone went through great lengths to attempt to become stealthy and disable ACARS, transponder/ADS-B (even though SATCOM to Inmarsat was left powered).

After looking at all the details, it is my opinion that MH370 snuck out of the Bay of Bengal using SIA68 as the perfect cover. It entered radar coverage already in the radar shadow of the other 777, stayed there throughout coverage, and then exited SIA68’s shadow and then most likely landed in one of several land locations north of India and Afghanistan.

Sources: SkyVector.com, FlightRadar24.com, FlightAware.com, CNN.com, Reuters.com.

-Keith L.



Malaysia Airlines MH370: Investigators Reportedly Examine “9/11-Style Plot”
Authorities are reportedly investigating a possible link between the disappearances of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and reports from an al-Qaida informant that a group of Malaysian Islamists were preparing for a 9/11-style attack, reports theTelegraph. British-born Saajid Badat allegedly told a New York court on Tuesday that he had been instructed to hand over a shoe bomb to a group of four or five Malaysian men—one of whom was a pilot—who were planning to hijack an airplane.

Badat, who is in hiding, told the court that the Malaysian plot was the brainchild of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and that the group was “ready to perform an act.” Although the timing of the revelation could raise some eyebrows, Badat had actually made mention of a Malaysian plot as early as 2012 and security experts apparently see his testimony as credible.

Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount that MH370 was the victim of foul play as Malaysian authorities confirmed that a pilot aboard the flight spoke to air traffic control for the last time after a communications system on the plane had already been disabled and did not hint of any trouble, reports the New York Times. The detail suggests that the person who said “all right, good night” to air traffic controllers in Kuala Lampur was well aware that the signaling system had been shut down. Investigators aren’t certain who spoke to air traffic control and it remains unclear whether the communications with air traffic control are recorded, which would allow experts to carry out a voice analysis, notes the Guardian.

Malaysian authorities also said they’re examining a flight simulator that was confiscated from the pilot's home and USA Today hears word authorities are also picking apart his laptop for clues. Authorities are also asking more countries to release radar data that could help them locate the plane. "The search area has been significantly expanded," said acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, according to Reuters. "From focusing mainly on shallow seas, we are now looking at large tracts of land, crossing 11 countries, as well as deep and remote oceans." The new search area is nothing short of daunting and many are describing the search efforts as unprecedented. “In a typical aviation disaster the search narrows with time, but this one has expanded to cover immense areas of the world’s third-largest ocean and its largest continent,” notes the Washington Post.”

Jamil Khir Bin Mohamed
Director Of Malaysia Aviation Academy

Tel : 603 - 8777 9001
Fax : 603 – 8777 1552
Email : jamilkhir@dca.gov.my
Formal instruction of air traffic controllers only started circa 1950s to 1960s, in the form of ad-hoc temporary classes conducted by senior controllers.  Previously, training was carried out on-the-job and appointment was based on competency. After 1960s a few controllers were sent abroad. In response to the growing need to train controllers locally, a Civil Aviation Training Centre was established at the Paya Lebar Airport in Singapore. 

The cession of Singapore from Malaysia resulted in the reorganizing of the administration of civil aviation.  Mr. A. Parker, a Colombo Plan expert from Australia with two other consultants; S. Hill  (ATC) and Mathisen (Fire Services) assisted in the setting up of a training centre under the Australian Aid Programme.  On 21st September 1969, the Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC) was established with two branches, namely ‘the School of Air Traffic Services’ and ‘the School of Aerodrome Fire and Rescue Services’. The CATC was temporarily located adjacent to the main terminal building at Subang in buildings that were originally constructed as a quarantine station.

The first batch of ATC trainees passed out of the CATC on 25th April 1970. The first RADAR simulator was installed in 1974. By the late 70’s, the CATC was getting congested and plans were afoot to expand the terminal building, thus affecting the CATC, especially the AFRS training. The government approved a 2-phase development plan for the CATC. Phase 1 consisted of 4 wooden blocks, built on a hillock across the road from the terminal building at Subang. Phase two would involve the construction of permanent structures and the wooden blocks were then to be converted into hostels for trainees. The first phase of the plan was implemented and the new college was officially opened on 1st January 1981 and renamed ‘Civil Aviation College’ (CAC).  The college was down-sized in October 1992, when airport operations were privatized. The AFRS School moved to Penang to join the Security Training Centre, and became a part of the airport operator, Malaysia Airports Berhad’s training centre.

In 1996, in preparation for the opening of the new KLIA airport at Sepang, and the concurrent reorganization of the Kuala Lumpur FIR airspace structure, a massive training schedule was required to train many new controllers as well as retrain all existing controllers. As the college was not in a position to handle such numbers, the training was contracted out to IAL-Serco and Airspace Management Services (a joint venture between a local company and Ambidji of Australia).

The second phase of a permanent training complex only materialised in 2009.  The new buildings in Sepang is now in operations. The previous training needs concurrent to KLIA’s opening had resulted in the procurement of two new radar simulators of more than 25 Nodes, a number of Non Radar simulators and 3 units of 2-D Aerodrome Simulators and one unit 360 Degrees Aerodrome simulator. These equipments were housed at the branch campus of the CAC in Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya.

With the re-location to Sepang, more simulator and other training resources will be added.  MAVA is well equipped with a comprehensive range of facilities to conduct all required courses inclusive of training world class Controllers to provide ATM services in Malaysia and internationally.


The MAVA provides aviation related training to meet national and international needs; for operational and management personnel.


The primary activities of MAVA are associated with Air Traffic Controllers training, which shall observe international standards and up-to-date techniques. Controllers’ training includes a range of courses from ab-initio training for new recruits to other advanced courses required to provide Air Traffic Services within Malaysia.  ATC courses scheduling is coordinated with the ATM Sector on need basis. 

Other aviation related management courses will be conducted towards building MAVA as a centre of excellence for training.  MAVA also takes part in Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP) and provides training for international participants under ICAO’s umbrella.

The following training programs are conducted at MAVA:
Primary ATC
Aerodrome Control Course
Approach Procedure Control Course
Approach Radar Control Course
Approach Radar Control Course (Conversion)
Area Procedure Control Course
Area Radar Control Course
Air Traffic Flow Management Course
Search and rescue Mission Coordinator (SAR MC)
Aeronautical Fixed Service
HF / Aeronautical Mobile Service
Automatic Message Switching System
Basic Instructional Techniques
RVSM / RNAV Routes training
ATC Automation
Aviation Technical English
Obstacle Clearance Limitation”

KUL at Sepang = KLIA and LCCT terminals, it is only 1 airport and has been the main international airport since 1998 and is the home of Malaysia airlines and Air Asia.  The majority of tourists and travellers will use the 2 terminals at this airport. SZB at = Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport aka Subang [International] Airport aka Skypark Terminal.  Was the international airport from 1965 to 1998 when it had 3 terminals in use, only T3 is now in use and renamed as the Subang Skyway terminal.  It is the home of FireFlyz and Berjaya Air, flying mainly intra-peninsular Malaysian routes and short routes into neighbouring Thailand / Indonesia.” 

Serco Inc. is the outfit chosen by the City of Chicago's Department of Revenue to wander the streets dishing outtickets for parking/permit infractions.  Over the past few years I feel that I have personally done my part to significantly raise the value of Serco's stock.  The trouble with these [ZigBee Licensed to Kill] ticket-wielding vigilantes is that they are unreasonable.  If you are ever parked on a metered street in lakeview, be sure to keep your eye on the clock.  These cats stroll the avenues and are attracted to the blinking red lights of expired parking meters, like flies to, well, you know! I am not a fan of this Serco, Inc.  I shouldn't hate the people who are giving me the tickets, but I do.  I feel like these people would be doing our fine city a better duty by cleaning it, promoting non-violence, I dunno just about anything other than making my life more difficult.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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