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#1906: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft MoD Entrust Key to Serco Red Switch Jam of MH 370

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MoD’s Entrust root-kit key, apparently in the custody of Nicholas ‘Mycroft’ Soames and his agents in the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to Serco director Maureen Baginski’s alleged use of Defense Red Switch Network timing signals to jam communications with the MH 370 Boeing 777-200 as it flew with the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) to the British Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia on March 8, 2014.

McConnell recognizes Mycroft Warrants as writs issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, who permits otherwise illegal acts (spoliation of evidence; ultra vires authorisation of kidnaps; spread bet body-bag counts; bypassing autopsies to conceal murder-for-hire and placing blackmailed pedophiles in decoy triage teams) and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy (sister) + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies extorted then Prince of Wales (Bullingdon alumnus, later Edward VII) to issue Mycroft warrants to a telegraph-betting center in London’s Langham Hotel – an alleged pedophile honeypot used to entrap and blackmail MI-3 Innholders’ guests and now a Serco virtual war room to guide and synchronize global deployments of Zigbee kidnap and contract-hit teams. (cf. Ian Fleming’s Target Force unit – a.k.a. T-Force – a lightly armed and highly mobile unit, tasked with capturing Nazi scientific and technical military material).

McConnell claims that after the 1979-1995 Unabomb campaign, Baginski and Soames had the Defense Red Switch Network reconfigured with stolen MoD root kit keys so that Nortel and Airbus (ex EADS) ZigBees (?) could jam communications with AA Flight 77 as it flew over the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11 and jam communications with MH 370 as it flew a 20 members of a Freescale stealth technology team into the custody of the British operator of the United States Patent and Trademark Office – Serco!

Having alerted the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) in Quantico VA, to Red Switch jamming by Baginski and Soames – a former Defence Minister under Langham habitué John Major – McConnell expects his erstwhile colleagues to honor their oaths when MH 370 is finally ditched – presumably just before its black box expires with a disconsolate ping on the 30th day.

[Sherlock Holmes in A Study In Scarlet] I hardly expected that you would. Let me see if I can make it clearer. Most people, if you describe a train of events to them will tell you what the result would be. They can put those events together in their minds, and argue from them that something will come to pass. There are few people, however, who, if you told them a result, would be able to evolve from their own inner consciousness what the steps were which led up to that result. This power is what I mean when I talk of reasoning backward, or analytically. ” 

Semper Fidelis

Prequel 1:
#1905: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft T-Force BIOT to Serco Tag and Ditch, MH 370 General Jones

Red Switch Grifters and Jammers: Obama, Clinton, Gates, Jones and Mullen in Marine One

Strange meeting - Sherlock – BBC

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: passengers' relatives demand 'truth' about missing jet
Australia ship transporting flight data recorder ping locator CBC News Posted: Mar 30, 2014 6:31 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 30, 2014 6:31 AM ET Dozens of Chinese relatives of passengers on Flight MH370 arrived in Malaysia early today, telling reporters they wanted proof from Malaysian authorities that the aircraft — missing for more than three weeks — crashed in the Indian Ocean.

The challenges of a remote ocean search
Why airlines don't live-stream black box data
Planes that have vanished without a trace LIVE BLOG | Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370disappearance and search

A spokesman for the 35-person group also demanded the Malaysian government apologize for "giving out confusing information," which he said caused a delay in the search and rescue effort.

Members of the group, gathered at The Holiday Villa in the city of Subang Jaya, 20 kilometres from the capital Kuala Lumpur, held banners that read, "We want evidence, truth, dignity" in Chinese, and "Hand us the murderer. Tell us the truth." A slogan in English read, " You must return relatives." 

Two-thirds of the 227 passengers aboard the plane, which disappeared en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, were Chinese, and China has urged Malaysia to be more open about the investigation. One of the relatives, who gave only his surname, Xu, said they want to meet officials "at the very highest levels."

But a representative of the group said they have no desire to head to Australia just yet, although the search operation is centred there.

"I have not heard of any families wanting to head to Australia — because we, the families, based on our feelings and the actual evidence, without any direct evidence we will not want to head there," said Jiang Hui. 

"I think everyone is more rational now, more rational," he added when reporters asked what is the emotion state with the families now.

The search continued on Sunday, with 10 ships and as many aircraft combing the new search area, 1,850 kilometres west of Perth.

Mystery of Malaysia Flight 370

Tune in Sunday, March 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT to The Passionate Eye on CBC News Network for a documentary that unravels the theories and probes the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370. Numerous objects have been spotted in the two days since Australian authorities moved the search 1,100 kilometres northeast after new analysis of radar and satellite data concluded the Boeing 777 travelled faster and for a shorter distance after vanishing from civilian radar screens.

However, none has been confirmed as coming from Flight MH370.

An Australian warship with an aircraft black box detector was set to depart Sunday to join the search. The equipment can detect transmissions from the plane's black box, even at a depth of 6,000 metres, but it could take three to four days for the ship, the Ocean Shield, to reach the search zone, an area roughly the size of Poland. 

The batteries on the recorders allow transmission for about 30 days.

Much of the sea floor in the search area is about 2,000 metres below the surface, but depths may reach a maximum of up to 6,000 metros.

With files from Reuters and The Associated Press”

[Serco] Building a State-of-the-Practice Data Communications Network

To create a state-of-the-practice data communications network required Serco to engineer different solutions for each of the AFSCN’s unique locations.

Each ground station around the world had to be surveyed in order to develop detailed installation plans, project support agreements and testing plans.

Furthermore, to assure communications reliability between the ground station and the operational control nodes, Serco also had to conduct a complete circuit testing exercise.

After completing the survey, Serco’s team continued with their due diligence, for developing and implementing a state-of-the-practice solution, by conducting circuit, system verification and integration, installation and checkout testing for each of the ground stations, including those located at Diego Garcia, in British Indian Ocean Territory, the Royal Air Force Base in Oakhanger, England and the Anderson AFB, in Guam

In developing this enhanced voice and data communications network, Serco’s team engineered and implemented an ATM backbone and secure voice system for each of the AFSCN ground stations. The installed network was based on a Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture utilizing IP based network capabilities and proprietary secure communication technologies such as KG-75s, KG-84S and KIV-7s. In addition, Serco ensured Defense Red Switch Network connectivity and operations throughout the AFSCN.”

The Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) is a dedicated telephone network which provides global secure communication services for the command and control structure of the United States Armed Forces. The network is maintained by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and is secured for communications up to the level of Top Secret SCI.

The DRSN provides multilevel secure voice and voice-conferencing capabilities to the National Command Authority (NCA, being the President and the Secretary of Defense of the United States), the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Military Command Center (NMCC), Combatant Commanders and their command centers, warfighters, other DoD agencies, government departments, and NATO allies. 

Department of Defense and federal government agencies can get access to the network with approval of the Joint Staff.[2] Upon approval by the Joint Staff, DISA will work with the customer and the appropriate military department to arrange the service.[3]

The Defense Red Switch Network consists of four major subsystems: the Switching Subsystem, the Transmission Subsystem, the Timing and Synchronization Subsystem, and the Network Management Subsystem. The Switching Subsystem uses both RED and BLACK switches to provide an integrated RED/BLACK service. End users are provided with a single telephone instrument with which they can access both secure and nonsecure networks. The DRSN carried around 15,000 calls per day prior to September 11, 2001. DRSN usage subsequently peaked at 45,000 calls per day and by mid-2003 was running at around 25,000 calls per day. In that period the Defense Red Switch Network was expanded to support 18 additional US Federal Homeland Defense initiatives.[4] Nowadays, this network is also called the Multilevel Secure Voice service. It's the core of the Global Secure Voice System (GSVS) during peacetime, crisis and time of conventional war, by hosting national-level conferencing and connectivity requirements and providing interoperability with both tactical and strategic communication networks.[5]”

Entrust’s technology selected to be the foundation for the MoD’s PKI ecosystem DALLAS – In an effort to enforce their strategy of centrally controlling policy to maintain a trusted network environment, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) sought a public key infrastructure (PKI) solution to manage authentication, digital signatures and encryption capabilities. Entrust, Inc. [NASDAQ: ENTU] proudly announces that the company has licensed its Entrust Authority™ Security Manager to the UK’s MoD where it is to be used as the MoD root certification authority (Root CA).

“The functionality and comprehensive nature of Entrust’s PKI solution definitely meets our need to seamlessly manage the different capabilities we need for our secure network environment,” said Lieutenant Colonel Keith Bell, Head of Defence Interoperable Network Services Authority. “We now have fully deployed the root certificate authority (CA) technology and look forward to extending this chain of trust to all departments and business partners.”

Entrust Authority™ Security Manager, a world-leading PKI, is designed to manage the digital keys and certificates that make up the digital identities used to transparently automate security-related processes in an organization. As an organization’s Certification Authority (CA) system, Entrust Authority Security Manager software can help enable the use of digital signature, digital receipt, encryption and permissions management services across a wide variety of applications and solutions.

“Having a secure PKI infrastructure is at the heart of building a trusted network environment,” said Entrust Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Conner. “Because the MoD has to service a variety of different internal agencies, it is important that their PKI offers security and functionality to support this vast network. We are pleased to help them in their quest to securely communicate with both internal constituencies, as well as extend this security network to Defence contractors and other outside parties.”

The MoD will use the Entrust Authority Security Manager to support authentication, digital signatures and encryption. The PKI system also will allow the issuance of digital credentials to internal devices, as well as provide security for collaboration with industry partners. In addition, the PKI system will provide a root CA to the Defence Information Infrastructure DII(F) that will help create a single, efficient information infrastructure within the MoD.”

The Independent Sunday March 30, 2014 MoD civil servant pocketed '£100k from The Sun': Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson charged with plotting to bribe public officials

A senior civil servant at the Ministry of Defence was on the payroll of the Sun for almost a decade, prosecutors claimed as they charged the former editor of Britain’s best-selling newspaper, Rebekah Brooks, and its chief reporter with plotting to bribe public officials.

Bettina Jordan Barber, a strategy officer at the MoD in London with responsibility for Afghanistan, allegedly passed information for stories to Rupert Murdoch’s redtop tabloid between 2004 and 2012 in return for £100,000.

The Crown Prosecution Service today revealed that charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct were being laid against Ms Brooks, the Sun’s long-standing chief reporter John Kay and Ms Barber, following a police inquiry into newspaper payments to public officials. They are said to have committed the offence during an eight-year period between January 1 2004 and January 31 2012.

The News of the World’s former editor, Andy Coulson and the News of the World’s royal editor Clive Goodman were charged separately with two counts of conspiracy to commit misconduct over an alleged plot to obtain contact details for the Royal Family.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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