Monday, April 21, 2014

Abel Danger Services Offered as Expert Witnesses - WOO March-July 2014 - Reversing the Damage Done to Malaysia - Flight Simulator of Choice - Media Welcome to Be Present

21 April, 2014

My trip to Malaysia began Monday, 14 April and ended Easter Sunday. Travel was Delta-MAS-Delta from MSP-AMS-KUL-AMS-MSP. Notice my trip was in the WOO [ window of opportunity ] stated to be 11Apr-11July.

To the party who requested the OFFER, here it is below:

Abel Danger Offer Of Expert Witness Service “WOO March-July 2014”

Abel Danger Global is offering any Malaysian based entity the opportunity to engage Field McConnell and/or David Hawkins in an exclusive contract wherein Field and or David can appear at any B777 Fixed Base or Full Motion Simulator anywhere in the world with the three most desired locations being as follows:

1) Simulator of MAS/MY preference
2) Simulator used by CNN to attack Malaysia
3) Delta Airlines B777 Simulator

During the pendency of this offer of Expert Witness Service which is in the date range to be known as WOO MARCH-JULY 2014, neither David Hawkins nor Field McConnell will offer our services to any other entity. The date range of WOO MARCH-JULY 2014 is 11Apr14 to 11Jul14. It is anticipated NLT 1900/17Jul14 the damage done to Malaysia, MAS and other entities in Malaysia will be reversed in a manner of Malaysia’s choosing.

At the very least, McConnell-Hawkins intend to prove that the three pronged attack against Malaysia [ Australian video (a), Canadian video (b) and REDACTED (c) ] will be proven by Hawkins-McConnell to be a “sloppily performed media attack” against the nation of Malaysia, Malaysian Airlines and the crew of MH370. If, after McConnell’s FIRST TRIP to Malaysia the offer is accepted, Hawkins-McConnell can appear at the simulator of choice to allow 5 media giants the opportunity to be IN THE COCKPIT as McConnell demonstrates the SOPHOMORIC MIS-STATEMENTS by Australian and Canadian entities paid to make Malaysia and the airlines less capable and professional then Hawkins-McConnell know them to be.

This offer includes a stipulation that all “air transportation” of Hawkins and McConnell be on Malaysian and Delta Airlines to underscore their collective confidence in the SAFETY CONCERNS of airlines that have had exclusive access to aviation safety details in the intellectual domain of Abel Danger Global. Those aviation safety details [ ASDs ] were offered to FAA, FBI and ALPA on 10 December, 2006 but were rejected out of hand. Subsequent HULL LOSSES are now 5 in number: Adam Air, Kenya Airways, Air France, Sukhoi and now MH370 (*).

This offer ‘sunsets’ at 2359 on 11 July, 2014.

s/David Hawkins
British Columbia CA
+001 604 542 0891

s/Field McConnell
Wisconsin USA
+001 715 307 8222




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