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#1958: Marine Links Cope Tiger 370 Hijack to Serco Chicago Parking Fines, Boeing HQ Red-Switch Hack

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MH Flight 370 hijack of March 8, apparently enabled with assets assembled for the Cope Tiger exercise in Thailand (March 10-21), to Serco director Maureen Baginski’s alleged deployment of dual-use agents to collect City of Chicago parking fines since 1998 and ongoing hacks of the Defense Red Switch Network installed in Boeing headquarters offices at 100 North Riverside Plaza prior to Britain's wag of the American dog on 9/11.

McConnell believes that the image above shows the exact moment on 9/11 when Serco U.K. executed a Crossed Keys attack on America and transferred Red Switch Network authority from the Pentagon's CJCS and U.S. Navy Command Center to Boeing's terrified directors and the current mayor’s dual-use parking officers in the City of Chicago.

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#1957: Marine Links Serco Red Switch-In-the-Middle to Boeing Autopilot Patent Pool and a 370 Cat III C

MH370 Make It The Last False Flag - Matthias Chang (Full interview)

       The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of

Malaysia Airlines Plane MH370: 'Pings' Were Not From Black Box Recorder 
 May 13, 2014 15:19 GMT

The 'pings' thought to have emanated from MH370's black box recorders have been ruled out as having any connection to the missing plane.

Two of the four 'pings' picked up by the US Navy's Bluefin-21 submarine on 8 April were too weak to have been from a man-made device, said Australian naval Commander James Lybrand. 

Lybrand said each of the transmissions were at a frequency of around 27kHz lower than the 37.5 kHz frequency that locator beacons are designed to emit and lower than the 33.3 kHz frequency picked up on 5 April.

Cmdr Lybrand told the Wall Street Journal: "As far as frequency goes, between 33 kHz and 27 kHz is a pretty large jump."

Authorities continue to believe the two signals on 5 April - including one held for two hours and 20 minutes – were detected from black-box locator beacons. Lybrand gave no explanation as to what the 8 April pings were. But archaeologists have previously surmised that the signals may have come from satellite tracking devices tagged to marine animals like sharks and turtles.

Authorities had clung to the hope the pings would have helped to provide the necessary breakthrough in tracing the plane, which disappeared on 8 March. Lybrand's admission will be another setback to the two-month search operation, which has not uncovered any clues about the plane's whereabouts - only items of rubbish. It will also further the cause of Voice370, the families of missing loved-ones who are demanding that the Malaysian Government release British Firm, Inmarsat's data, so that "it can be subject to broader analysis by relevant experts". Inmarsat satellite data initially prompted the mass search for the plane in the Indian Ocean. The group told the Star newspaper of Malaysia: "The Inmarsat satellite data is the only lead we have and is key in identifying MH370's flight path after the plane vanished from civilian radar screens on 8 March.

"In view of the lack of emergency locator transmitter activation and zero debris, we feel it is necessary that the data be subject to independent third-party review."

Meanwhile international aviation officials are due to meet in Montreal to endorse the universal tracking of airlines, which involves firms like Inmarsat, to prevent other flights from suffering a similar fate in the future.

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Cope Tiger begins in Thailand
Posted 3/11/2014 Updated 3/11/2014
Release Number: 010314

3/11/2014 - KORAT ROYAL THAI AIR FORCE BASE, Thailand -- Aviation and ground units from the U.S. Air Force, the Royal Thai Air Force, Navy and Army, and the Republic of Singapore Air Force is participating in the Cope Tiger 2014 Field Training Exercise (FTX) in Thailand March 10-21. 

CT14 is an annual, multilateral, aerial large force exercise conducted in the Asia-Pacific region. It takes place at Korat Royal Thai Air Force base in Thailand. 

More than 760 personnel will participate in the exercise, including approximately 160 U.S. service members and 600 service members from Thailand and Singapore.

The FTX will involve a combined total of 76 aircraft and 42 air defense units, including 10 U.S. F-15C/D aircraft, and 15 F-16s, six JAS-39s, six F-5s, five ALPHA JETs, six L-39s, one C-130, one BELL 412, and one UH-1H from the Royal Thai Air Force. The Republic of Singapore Air Force will deploy eight F-16s, six F-15SGs, six F-5s, one G550, one KC-135, and two AS332 to the exercise.

The exercise enhances combined readiness and interoperability, reinforces the U.S. commitment to the Asia-Pacific region, and demonstrates U.S. capability to project combined and joint forces strategically in a multilateral environment.”

Prisoner Scandal Multinationals Could Face UK's Biggest Fraud Case
Penal charity hand dossier on G4S and Serco to police 
By: Ben Gelblum
on 13th May 2014 @ 1.56pm

Two multinationals involved in criminal justice privatisation and tarnished by allegations of physical abuse may soon be at the centre of the UK’s biggest ever fraud prosecution. 

G4S and Serco agreed to repay a total of more than £180million after it emerged that they had overcharged the taxpayer for electronic tagging prisoners who didn’t exist or where still in jail.

However this amount is a drop in the ocean for the outsourcing giants who are still able to bid for lucrative public contracts, despite being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office.”

The Boeing International Headquarters (colloquially known as the Boeing Building and formerly known as the Morton International Building) is a 36-floor skyscraper located in the Near West Side of Chicago. The building has been made the corporate headquarters for Boeing, which decided in 2001 to move to Chicago from Seattle.[2] 100 North Riverside Plaza is poised on the west side of the Chicago River directly across from the downtown Loop. The building responds to the clearance requirements of the site's commuter rail lines with a structural system that uses steel trusses to support its suspended southwest corner. It won the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois' "Most Innovative" Design Award.[citation needed] The building was originally constructed for the Morton Salt Company,[3] and has also housed offices of Ameritech. [citation needed] Navteq moved their headquarters to The Boeing Building in 2007. [citation needed]”

NAVTEQ [edit]

Philips on several occasions tried to take the company public but backed off each time until finally going public in February 2004. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "NVT". The official company name is NAVTEQ, rendered in all caps.

NAVTEQ is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with more than 5,500 employees worldwide working in 202 offices in 53 countries, including regional headquarters in Veldhoven,Netherlands and Singapore. It also owns and operates major production centers in Fargo, North Dakota; Leon, Mexico; Veldhoven, Netherlands; and Mumbai, India.[2]

In early 2007, NAVTEQ acquired The Map Network, the largest supplier of mapping to U.S. tourism and convention agencies. Later that year, NAVTEQ moved their headquarters from Chicago's Merchandise Mart complex to the Boeing Building in Chicago. In September 2009, NAVTEQ acquired Acuity Mobile, a mobile marketing technology company. Nokia subsidiary[edit]

On 1 October, 2007, it was announced that Nokia would acquire NAVTEQ in a deal valued at an estimated US$8.1 billion (€5.7 billion). NAVTEQ shareholders approved the deal in December 2007. The European Commission in July 2008 ruled the deal did not violate antitrust rules clearing the way for closing the deal.[9][10

NAVTEQ's principal rival Tele Atlas was acquired by TomTom in 2008. Trapster Acquisition [edit]

In December 2010, NAVTEQ purchased Trapster, a small company based in California that provided free information on speed traps, red-light cameras, and road hazard alerts using community-generated content. Trapster had been a finalist in NAVTEQ’s 2008 Global LBS Challenge. A NAVTEQ spokesperson said that "NAVTEQ believes that community-generated data has a critical part to play in location content".[11]”

FEBRUARY 28, 2006 Boeing Director Shalikashvili announces retirement from board Gen. John M. Shalikashvili, a Boeing director since 2000, has informed the Boeing board of directors that he will not stand for re-election when his term expires later this year. Boeing has elected William M. Daley, chairman of the Midwest region for JPMorgan Chase & Co., as a new board member effective immediately. Daley will serve on the board’s finance committee.”

Serco: Parking & Enforcement
• On and Off Street Asset Solutions
• Revenue Collection
• Operations and Maintenance
• Citations & Enforcement
• Traffic Camera Infringement Services

Vendor interfaces are customizable and can be tailored to a specific customer need. Serco will integrate the vendor management systems into a centralized Parking Management System (PMS) for reporting and reconciliation purposes. 

[San Francisco] Enforcement Officers – Equipment  Vehicles  Handhelds  ALPR Scofflaw Enforcement – Towing & Vehicle Abatement – Permit Management & Enforcement – Citation Processing Services – Customer Service Center

In 2006, we began utilizing AutoVu for overtime parking enforcement and hot-list (scofflaw) vehicle identification. Within the first 6 months of scofflaw monitoring, the City of West Hollywood experienced an increase of $181,401 in revenue due to the successful implementation of the technology.

Serco has worked with the City of Chicago Department of Revenue (DOR) for over 12 years enforcing parking meters. When Chicago’s parking meters were sold to Chicago Parking Meters, LLC. (CPM), in 2009, Serco was sole sourced to provide parking enforcement services on the meters for CPM. City of Chicago: 8 square miles 2010 Annual Citations Issued: 400,000 2010 Annual Citation Revenue: $24 Million+ Years of Service: 12 years Shifts: DOR = Nights & weekend CPM = 24/7 Availability”

McConnell has been directed by Abel Danger Global to offer expert witness services to plaintiffs who sue for damages in re Serco’s alleged role in the MH Flight 370 hijack on March 8 and its deployment of dual-use agents at Boeing headquarters in Chicago to Wag the Red Switch Dog.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation 

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  1. Surely the fact that Inmarsat will gain a lucrative contract out of this fiasco demands closer examination. Will this mean that Inmarsat will know the whereabouts of every aircraft at all times? If so, what a 'bonus'!


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