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Abel Danger Drive's a 36 Stud Named: Pat Tillman's Ghost - EXTORTION 17 - Snookered Chinook - Has Anyone Seen Osama bin Laden?

Freeport Girl,

I appreciate your kind letter to Pat Tillman's mother and I have a major update.

The parents of Aaron C. Vaughn were speaking in River Falls, WI last night and I have emailed and telephoned them. As you know my 1940 Studebaker known globally as Pat Tillman's Ghost is a rolling tribute to serviceman injured, killed or murdered by some random names known to Admiral McRaven, SES Garry Reid and the 23 Star Fraggers.

I anticipate that Chief Vaughn's parents will agree that I can use the 36 Studebaker as a rolling tribute to SOC Vaughn who was targeted in Extortion 17. If Admiral McRaven and Garry Reid's position on Extortion 17 doesn't become more favorable, we will have the two Studebakers appear at a position where the book BETRAYED is available for sale at the American Legion Park in Plum City during week of 14-21 July, 2014.

To see the book BETRAYED go to

 To see the 36 Stud EXTORTION 17 car see:


To see Tillman's Ghost, see:


The Extortion 17 murder of 6 August, 2011 was written about by Abel Danger immediately after it happened as in same day, 6 August 2011. To find it google [ Abel Danger + Snookered Chinook + Field McConnell ]

You will find many returns the most 'rich' one being:

Aug 5, 2011 ... Abel Danger believes Crown Agents' Sister Rebekah Wade ... into the high- walled compound by sliding down ropes from Chinook helicopters. ..... Bruce McConnell, an experienced IT pro, advises on cybersecurity ... POTUS Field McConnell 2012 .... Snookered Chinook - 'Tidying Up' of Seal Team 6

You can expect to see some more ABEL DANGER focus on Extortion 17 once I have been able to extend a personal invitation to Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of Chief Aaron Vaughn, to visit my home and Plum City at their first opportunity to determine if the 36 Stud can be used to honor their son and his ST6 mates who were, in my humble opinion, murdered to achieve 3 objectives:

1) keep them from telling the world they DID NOT find Osama.
2) take the upcoming Royal Wedding off center stages of all global news
3) redacted.

The redaction will be fleshed out if McCraven, Reid, Obama, Hillary and Marcy haven't told the truth by 4 July, 2014. As most experienced journalists have come to learn, the timing of the EXTORTION 17 murder was set to occur immediately after OFFICIAL WASHINGTON and the journalists LEFT TOWN after 1230 local, District of Columbia time, 6 August, 2011, to begin their 'summer vacation' while the SNOOKERED CHINOOK Seal Team 6 would beginning their AFTER LIFE experience.

Sidebar to 'raven & reid' the perverters of EXTORTION 17, notice the date of our suggestion that Baby Reid, Kris Marcy, and Admiral McRaven might be willing to lie to cover the Barry Soetoro murder of EXTORTION 17. We hope the tune changes regarding EXTORTION 17 by 2111/04Jul14 or let the FIREWORKS BEGIN and the CHIPS fall where they may.

Abel Danger: Lesbian Cults, Pedophile Oaths and Guild of Patented ...
Apr 26, 2011....Candidate Hamish clippered Chips on how Brucey Baby and Sis used 8(a) ...threat levels, he saw that April Cunning had draped her Pastel Nile Blue Item of....the Raven long before Agent Chips of Annapolis gaffed the OCTOPUS. 3....enabled the corporatization of Washington DC in 1982 and would be.

Watch for an interesting post at Abel Danger yet this day.

On a positive note, it may come to pass that Canton, Texas becomes home to a 'wounded warrior retreat' and a Cessna Citation private jet. Hope to have more news by Memorial Day if the Van Zandt County Veteran's Memorial BoD still wishes for the TRUTH TO BE TOLD IN TEXAS.

Field McConnell
715 307 8222



  1. You have a brilliant mind and your posts are excellent and you are a very brave person. But I would like to suggest you make assumptions about your reader's level of understanding which leaves a lot to be desired. Those of us that haven't yet followed your blog for long enough find it difficult to pick our way through your jargon such as, "The Extortion 17 murder of 6 August," It is very worth while putting in the effort to understand, such as I would interpret that statement to mean from other interviews (Camelot with Kerry Cassidy) that SERCO is using its extensive network info to blackmail officers into murdering their own troops? Correct?

  2. Laurence, we write for these three audiences: intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and the perpetrators themselves. We let the perps know that WE KNOW. We have attracted a wide audience from the 'normal people' category and when I write something such as you quoted above just google the key words; in this case [ extortion 17 + 6 august ] and you will be led to all articles and post relating to that event. Thank you for the comments, Field


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