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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 5 - Book 14

U. S. Enlisted Forces BETRAYED
Sexual Assault Charges As Serco’s RAPE OF THE WORLD Exposed

Obama Wrongful Death, Molon Labe
G-Spot: Snookered Chinook + Field McConnell

One Of SEALS Betrayed: SOC Aaron C. Vaughn USN
G-Spot: lefty grove + extortion 17 + three rocket-propelled

Betrayer Punahou ’79, Lower Left, Exposer Punahou ’67, Upper Right
G-Spot: Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 + Field McConnell Punahou ‘67

Expert Witness v. Serco’s MH370
G-Spot: Field McConnell + Smoke + pastel

Close Up Of Extortion 17’s Betrayer
G-Spot: Serco + Satan + Soetoro ( three 5 letter names )

Lone Star Dangerettes Pluck AD Assets From Carswell Watertrap
G-Spot: Serco + Operation BLACK SAVAGE + Benghazi Witches Burn 


Agent 80W was reading Chips’ lips longing for him to be reading hers. 12.3, 12.2, 12.1 “Push”. Immediately upon pressing enter, the three engines on the Falcon 7X went to TOGA power and an aggressive climbing right turn was commenced as FP4 became active in the FMS and Chips immediately selected 311# to close the back door. As a little hand took him by the tiller bar he thought of the words to a Ray Price song that was not his most popular, but certainly one that would be a compliment to any lady who heard on Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun. Chips saw two 3 by 5 index cards fall, both with scriptural quotes 80W wished to remind Chips to ‘flesh out’ once safely inside the security perimeter at RESTLAND. Chips admonished the “worshipful companies” to abandon their self worship and terminate their elitist duplicitous rhetoric and realize that what they call intergenerational equity translates into a exchange of United States military blood for British elitist financial gain or as Henry Kissinger would opine: British brains and American brawn. Chips recalled the words of Lord Timothy Garden: “We deserve to keep the spoils of our conquests and swindles! We don't want to share with the filthy peasants – except a little stipend for those who agree to serve our interests and protect our exclusive Club." Spoken at the Notre Dame-Navy Football game played on the Emerald Isle during the reign of Stephanie STEVE Shirley. If you remain stiff necked up til 1200 on Monday, Memorial Day, don’t think you’ll not be mentioned in my remarks in front of some Lone Star Christian Patriot Warriors, capeche?

Gospel: Open My Eyes, Nazareth

Sing Along with Hillsong and Chips:

In the stars I see Your majesty displayed
In the heavens all Your wonders are proclaimed

I see Your fame in all of the earth

And I seek to know the ways of Your heart

Through the seas and open skies I hear Your praise
As the shout of all creation lifts Your Name
I hear Your praise in all of the earth
And I seek to know the ways of Your heart


So open my eyes oh God
Open my heart to see

All the wonders and the power of Your name

By Your grace I'll live
By Your grace I'll see

For my life and my salvation is in You

For You take the sinner's heart and bring new life

Through the cross we are restored within Your Light
I know Your love is all that I need

And I seek to know the ways of Your heart



I know Your love is all that I need
And I seek to know the ways of

Your heart Secular: Open My Eyes, Nazz

Secular after EYES OPENED: Love Is The Answer



Serco Kills Tillman, Vaughn, Woods et. al.

G-Spot: Serco + Satan + Soetoro( 3 five letter names )

Chapter 5 

McConnell v. Obama; May The Man Win

Way back in Chapter Four Agent Chips was hoping that Master Mercer Mr. Simon Wathen’s message would get through to the pedophile lack of leadership in Parliament and the City of London who have officially been hacked by the Global Intelligence powerhouse working out of 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin, population 597. It had ‘stunned’ Agent Hamish that Mr. Simon Wathen, Master Mercer, had included Abel Danger in his remarks of April, 2014. But the phone calls he would get from Freeport Girl and Agent 80W would stun him even more.

The Master's Mansion House Speech

Each year the Master Mercer gives a speech at the annual 'Dinner to the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff of the City of London's Livery Companies' given by the Lord Mayor at Mansion House. The text of this year's speech, given by the current Master, Mr Simon Wathen, is below:-

My Lord Mayor,  Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour to thank you, My Lord Mayor, on behalf of the Livery Companies present, for the generous way in which you have proposed the toast to the Livery Companies. This evening is a fine demonstration of the strong partnerships and associations which exist between the City and the Livery Companies.

We also thank you for your wonderful hospitality this evening. We have wined and dined superbly in this glorious room amid this splendid company of friends, and not surprisingly we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

You have made the theme for your Year, “The Energy to transform lives”, which your personal programme in your 686 Plan underpins. In this context, your speech has laid down some serious challenges for the Livery. In response, I want to talk this evening briefly about PURPOSE in the context of Livery Companies, and how we can use that purpose with energy to help transform lives and to ensure that we are and remain relevant in today’s society.

This sounds rather a dry subject but as my time as a Warden and then Master at the Mercers’ Company has progressed, the issue of purpose has come to the fore. Part of the problem in our case is that we have not had any connection with a trade for nearly 500 years. Some companies have strong connections with their underlying trade which gives purpose and focus to their activities today. Other Companies have rebuilt their trade connections, although in some cases one wonders whether they have gone too far.

Take for instance the Innholders – I should say that the Master Innholder does know this is coming - now you might think that in the old days inn holders ran an innocent activity, providing bed and board for travellers and their horses: but there was also a theory that they were an arm of the government, in practice informers paid by the authorities to pass on tales and gossip picked up in their inns.

The Master Innholder perhaps unwisely asked me to speak at a recent Court lunch, so I set about my research on his Company, pursuing that theory. Looking for inspiration, I typed the phrase “were Innholders spies?” into google, the result was explosive, the web is heaving with conspiracy theories about the Innholders.

I refer you to one Abel Danger, whose website alleges that the Worshipful Company of Innholders is an arm of the British security services, the so-called MI-3, and was deeply involved inter alia in the attack on Pearl Harbour and the assassination of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, that the order to kill Oswald was relayed over Innholder communication systems via madams operating out of a Hotel in the Bahamas and the Lexington Hotel in Chicago, which Abel Danger asserts was a homosexual brothel and command authority base for Al Capone and Jack Ruby etc..

The company you keep, Master Innholder! But of course understandably you hotly deny this connection. But a caution to you all, beware of what you do in an Inn these days. To pick up my thread, some companies may have gone too far in reconnecting with their trade.

But it may be undesirable for some companies to do so.

Take the Mercers. I recall a conversation with the CEO of a company which runs trade fairs around the world: he wanted to know what Mercers did – I explained what the trade was and that it was carried on, on the south side of Cheapside, in what would have looked like a covered market with dozens of little stalls manned by Mercers, all subject to the rules and regulations laid down by the Company. When I painted this picture, his response, quick as a flash, was “Oh, you used to run a souk”, - not quite what I have in mind for re-establishing a connection with our trade.

Without such a connection, we fall back on being a livery company, with fellowship and philanthropy at the core of our activities. But I echo your question, Lord Mayor, Is this enough? The impression still lingers, that it is “all about the dinners”, to wit, the FT article a year or so ago, in which Matthew Engel dwelt on this very issue after attending a Livery Dinner, although he eventually accepted that it was not all about the dinners at the venerable company which had been his host, and indeed in others.

But it might not be so easy to win over the press. Matthew Engel argued that the Livery Companies as an institution are in need of PR. With the City still generally unpopular following the financial service industry disasters, with a General Election coming up next year, followed shortly thereafter by an election for a new Mayor of London, we in the livery might feel challenged if not threatened. I am not suggesting that 1881 and a City Livery Companies Commission may come again but it always as well to be prepared.

We should face up to the challenge: we do that by having, demonstrating and communicating our purpose. So instinctively I feel that now is a good time to get our house in order on the purpose front. We are addressing the issue in the Mercers Company through a strategy review on four fronts:

Governance, Stewardship, Fellowship and Philanthropy.

To face up to the challenges, governance has to be transparent, effective and compliant; stewardship should be underpinned by the knowledge that the Companies do not belong to us and that the principle of inter-generational equity should prevail; fellowship because it is at the heart of being a livery Company, not least because our members contribute to the wealth and governance of our companies; and philanthropy because that purpose has existed since our forebears took care of the widows and orphans of their members.

Fellowship and Philanthropy go hand in hand as we look to how we support each other and society. Key is to make effective use of our talents and to drive much greater involvement of our membership.  In looking at these issues, we must get the best bang for our philanthropic buck and work out how best to use our financial and people resources, for impact: by measuring impact against clear objectives, we will have a story, individually and collectively, to tell. And making proper use of those resources for impact will introduce a strong element of service in what we do, to sit alongside the fellowship and the philanthropy.

I suggest that the principles of philanthropy and service should be central to all that we do.

Which takes me back, Lord Mayor, to your concept of “energy to transform lives” – developing such a sense of service aligned with a purposeful philanthropy will generate energy to help achieve the delivery of that concept.

In doing so, we will need to work on the external messages, although not necessarily push the button just yet on their delivery – there are those who argue that we will do best to keep working away quietly, but perhaps we need to make more of what we do.

So all in all, we continue our good work, we support you Lord Mayor, we will come up with those stories of the lives, with pictures, which our activities have transformed, and alongside you, we will develop and impart the many positive messages about this great City.

Thank you once again for a splendid dinner and your toast to the Livery Companies.

On the evening that N007HT was to arrived at Joint Forces Base Carswell the lame stream media reported that a Falcon 7x had crashed and burned at Carswell with loss of all lives aboard. Of course, the media was fed a script by Serco and the were unaware that the Abel Danger agents had exited the aircraft over the body of water just north of the runway. Of the 9 people aboard the jet, all were safely plucked from the water and aboard the water rescue vehicle operated by Scat Man and Agent 80W. All except Agent Chips.

Chips had been nominated to Annapolis by General Hunter H. Harris IV USAF and in his nomination the General, who had participated with Alex Haig and Westmoreland in hauling drugs out of the Golden Triangle in the body cavities of U S military corpses being returned from Saigon, through Hickam, to Travis whilst Field McConnell was at Punahou School in 1967 setting a trp for Barry Soetoro to be walked into, had mentioned Field McConnell was very accomplished at aquatic sports. After 80W and Scat Man found Chips’ North Face Hold All stuffed with Smoked Oysters and Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters they concluded that Chips must have died mysteriously just like Loretta Fuddy, another person knowing that Obama was a CUKC British Subject in addition to have a horrendously ugly beard. Agent 80W tried to call Global HQ at 401 Main Street in Plum City. However, the Duty Hammer, Rooster Cogburn was on a call with Barry M. Hall of the Atlanta office.

“Rooster, I have to meet with TACO Man, but we both find it odd that Simon Wathen’s comments have been scrubbed from the internet after he rebuked the younger Master PFers for doing sloppy work that if I were Chips I would call SLOPPY SECONDS. Gotta run, Rooster.”

Finally 80W got through and passed the news to Rooster that Chips had not been found but they were reasonably sure he was dead as he never travels without his bag full of smoked oysters, extend-0-peters and Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thongs in Pastel Manly Mocha and having EHPs. Rooster checked the Immediate Action Items and recalled Agent Styx to the duty office where he asked Styx to sign into Agent Chips’ FESTUS FILE to see what he had arranged for Chapter 5 and the speaking event of Memorial Day, 26 May, 2014. What ever it was may be the cause of Chips’ apparent snuff in the water, see also Loretta Fuddy. Agent Styx got on Chips’ PC at 401 Main and the draft of Chapter 5 had exhibits arranged starting with exhibit a).

a) need to tie Obama-Serco DRSN to Serco’s MH370’ “general malaise’

b) Need to use ‘General Confusion’ issue sent by Atomic Betty and claim it came from ‘THE REGION’.

Hello Chips, Confusion confers a warm hello to you too. Up to page 27 and only half way through the documentation, there’s so much data that it seems obvious where BUAP is hiding now.

Conclusion: I would strongly suggest that what is referred to as the Unauthorized Flight Detector (UFD) in the patents lies within the line replaceable units making up the Honeywell AIMS system at the heart of the Boeing 777, and it is programmed with the passive routines that monitor for the circumstances on which to initiate the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot.

How we got there is another 30 pages away, sorry to keep you in suspense.

Honeywell AIMS-1 introduced in 1995.  AIMS-2 was a major upgrade in 2002 affecting the B777-200ER.

Look for a black LRU in the Honeywell AIMS cabinets 1 and/or 2.  That’s as far as you physically get, the rest of BUAP is in the software programming fully integrated into the AIMS which communicates digitally with everything else – no wires to trace.  A detailed factory diagram of the AIMS units may reveal an “extra box” containing the programmed routines if lucky.  The QRS11, RF link and autopilot etc are just slaves to the AIMS and specifically the Unauthorized Flight Detector which is what does the switching work.

The aim of the hijack patents was to get the Autopilot, Unauthorized Flight Detector and Fly-by-Wire interface all under one roof.  With UPS the AIMS cabinet does that.   

Post 1998 upgraded 757, 767 and possibly the A320 (different software company – Reflectone Inc, same Honeywell, same programming language, similar avionics architecture) would have the UFD as a line replaceable unit connected to the Communications Management System, the Flight Control Computer (receives pilot commands), the Air Data Inertial Reference Unit, the Central Maintenance Computer and the Autopilot – like a bridging system between all five.  Early 757’s and 767’s without the Honeywell Pegasus FMS upgrade seem safe.

This is how the BHUAP software can stay hidden when Boeing had 1500 software engineers on the job all checking and integrating each others work – a small set of routines all self-contained in one LRU (can’t prove that but my intuition tells me so)..

Interestingly, against stiff opposition, Boeing backed by Honeywell insisted on using the Ada-95 programming language I told you about months back.  It caused many ripples.  I’d say this was to either ensure that BHUAP could be integrated into successive systems with minimal knowledge and effort.  Many other software companies working on the B777 have grown proficient in Ada-95 and are recycling up to 30% of the Boeing software routines into other systems they are working on.  And what else was programmed in Ada-95?  Boeing-Honeywell-Rockwell Dark Star.  Would seem a waste not to use all that time and programming effort that was rejected by DARPA.  This brings Honeywell’s very early patents into play, along with Marconi Inc.

Documentation continues…

Did Reflectone or CAE sim info I sent raise any flags?

Have a good day.

Atomic Betty
Aguadilla PR

c) Need to destroy Inmarsat and Serco with Hammer MacCheese’s message and claim it is from Freeport Girl who has a relationship with Honeywell:

Hi Chips,

I’ve refined this some more using Inmarsat’s released frequency burst offset data.  New bits are in red.  Got rid of the maths! Happy for you to use it in the book if you want to shake the Inmarsat tree to see what Serco monkeys fall out. Sorry it is long but I’m trying to simplify it as much as possible without it sounding like another opinion.

Take care

MacCheese Bremen

Hammer MacCheese to Agent Chips, ON A MATTER OF TIMING. 

Inmarsat would have us believe that MH370 went South.  This is based on “pings” from the ACARS.  As the aircraft pings, it sends a packet of data containing a unique ACARS identifier and a timestamp.  The receiving satellite records the time that the ping was received.  Using the difference between the send and receive times, the speed of light, air density, actual satellite position and an assumed altitude, we can work out how far the plane was from the satellite.

Signal time in transit = time sent MINUS time received  +/- modifications for air density, satellite position (geostationary satellites aren’t stationary in reality). Distance to satellite = speed of light MULTIPLIED BY Signal time in transit

13th March 2014 - Inmarsat Senior Vice President Chris McLaughlin – “When the plane was still missing on Sunday (the day after it disappeared), our engineers looked at the network data and realised that the plane had been sending signals," he told IBTimes UK.  "We couldn't say what direction it had gone in, but the plane wasn't standing still because the signals were getting longer, i.e. further in distance from our satellite…transmitting automatic signals five or six times during its extended flight…believed to have been nearly five hours after losing contact.”

18th March 2014 - Inmarsat data is passed to Malaysian Authorities. 

Let’s pretend someone from Inmarsat has been wagged by the CNN dog that blocked you from the uFly simulator at 1535 Meyerside Drive, United #6..  From first principles, all that is constant is the speed of light, likely the speed of MH370 AND the time the ACARS pinged.  ACARS pings for something called OOOI – Out of gate, Off ground, Onto ground, Into gate.  If all other systems fail, it is these 4 major changes in flight mode that will trigger the ACARS to communicate.  ACARS will also ping hourly during cruise just to acknowledge the aircraft still has power.  This is because it is the ACARS system that initiates the handshake, then requests data from the rest on the flight systems to send.  If there’s no data, it will handshake, but not send.

Everything else can be dishonestly constructed, such as the time a ping is received by the satellite.  Sure they can change the time the ping is sent but then if the dumped wreckage was ever found they’d have to explain another discrepancy.  Keep it simple stupid.

1st April 2014 – the final ping locations are released to the public:  The radial has gone to be replaced by a Easterly turn counter to the satellite radial and also counter to the curvature of the Earth, which projects as a straight line when flying parallel to latitude.

Notice the routine hourly pings from West of Singapore (T+1:13:59) until the second last ping.  ACARS recognises the plane is in cruise and just maintains hourly contact.  The ping at T+0:0:0 is not the first ping of the trip, however that’s what I’m calling T+0, and it’s the last routine pine before the ACARS system recognised the aircraft in cruise.  Up until then, the aircraft was changing altitude and heading regularly so the ACARS discerns that the aircraft is not in cruise.  If there is no connection to the flight management system telling ACARS what state the aircraft is in, it obtains OOOI triggers from the black box, which is programmed to recognize when the aircraft is either in trouble or entering one of the OOOI phases of flight.

The last ping is delayed because between T+4:14 and T+5:43 the aircraft was descending.  As it is not in cruise, ACARS doesn’t routinely ping.  REMEMBER, all other systems communicating with the ACARS are off, so it is not getting any data to send, it is just using its own software to trigger a handshake at OOOI or 1hr routine, but no more.  So what is the final ping?  It is the last “O” – On ground.  ACARS recognizes the plane has landed and attempts a handshake.

ACARS should also have pinged when the last fuel shut-off occurred combined with 0 speed and park-break enabled.  This signifies In gate.  ACARS did ping, but it’s hard to reach a satellite from inside a hanger as any GPS user will tell you.

So, under the assumption that the speed of light hasn’t changed, the as-sent ping times were not manipulated, and let’s also assume that the average speed of the plane in cruise was 330kts (611 kph as an average used by the investigating team), then an alternate flight path can be suggested that matches the observed ping habits of the ACARS system (which the official version ignores) and makes it to Diego Garcia in time for the final On ground ping.  Incidentally, it ties in with the time that MH370 was seen in the Maldives too, around 6:30am Malaysian time.  And all I did was change the times that the pings were received by Inmarsat, JUST A MATTER OF TIMING.

NOTE:  The ping times below ARE IN KUALA LUMPUR TIME.

Inmarsat’s further calculations using the known speed of MH370 can create enough of a Doppler-shift in the ACARS ping as-received frequency that they could calculate the direction the aircraft was traveling relative to the satellite, and that it was not travelling directly down the 45 degree radial as previously claimed.

They claimed this was the first time anyone had done this calculation in this way, calling it novel.  Firstly, I’d say that it is still a very simple calculation (the satellite movements are very accurately known), called Frequency Burst Analysis – and no it is not new, which is why it has a name in Inmarsat’s 2009 patent on the subject!

The frequency burst is the difference between the expected frequency and the as-arrived frequency.  The burst analysis, according to Inmarsat’s patents, has to be corrected by the satellite system to resolve the digital data encoded within it so it automatically corrects for satellite position and motion.  It’s like listening to The Chipmonks record on 45 instead of 33 – they’re hard enough to understand on 33, impossible with the frequency burst to 45 rpm.  For the younger ones, google record players (they’re from last century like me)

Inmarsat published the Frequency Burst Off-set which I have juxtaposed above the two projected flight tracks:
The first thing to notice is that the Burst Off-set is always positive, and second they do not show which satellite recorded the earliest pings (was it the same one that is over Diego Garcia).  This can mean 3 things.  1 – Inmarsat has polished the data so that we cannot back-calculate it. 2 – The MH370 SATCOM system had a consistent frequency error in the transmitter around 90 Hz greater than the frequency it was meant to transmit on, or the satellite had a frequency error consistently 90 Hz lower than the frequency it is meant to receive on.  3 – MH370 WAS CONSISTENTLY TRAVELING TOWARDS DIEGO GARCIA as the last burst offsets are increasing .

THE INMARSAT DATA, AS PRESENTED BY THEM IN THE GRAPH ABOVE, SUPPORTS A FLIGHT ROUTE TOWARDS DIEGO GARCIA, NOT PARALLEL OR AWAY FROM IT.  THIS IS COMPLETELY BESIDE THE FACT THAT I BELIEVE THEIR TIME DATA HAS BEEN ALTERED TO ‘FLY THE PLANE SOUTH’.  Even if you swapped the polarity of the burst offset between points 8 and 12 to a negative, this would then be at odds with MH370 confirmed flying towards Diego Garcia between points 4 and 5, which again confirm that trajectory according to the data.  Even given the odd error that can occur with assumptions, a Westerly flight track still has a better fit with the burst-offset data than a track to the South.

You’ll note that points 1 to 7 (except between 4 and 5) don’t fit with the official flight track either.  I assume they were calculated by another satellite and are included to get base line data for the MH370 transmitter, or just there to keep the ignorant happy and confuse the inquisitive.

The frequency burst analysis generally still supports Abel Danger’s intel that MH370 flew towards the Diego Garcia satellite that hovers above the British Indian Ocean Territory.


d) confirm with Agent Bremen Munich book deal and details:


the right for publishing and dealing the book is not on your side, it is on the side of the publisher, with who i will sign the contract. the contract will say

1) that i convey all rights and duties (except 3+4), which are normally on the authors side, to you. that means: all money, that is normally being earned by the author (me) through the publisher goes exclusively on your bank account. it's yours, forever. you will be the only contact regarding the book towards the publisher further on.
2) you may sell a certain number/percentage of the circulation via abel danger
3) that no further changes regarding the text may be made by you or the publisher without my approval.
4) that i´ll get the translated text free. exclusive rights on the englishspoken ebook-market will rest with me.

Bremen Munich,

e) correct image of General Malaise submitted by Agent Bean

respond to KVTU regarding fake pilot names in Hoax ASA 214


I’m particularly interested in Flight 214. The plane is almost burnt to nothingless. Stabliser  gone. Wings still attached. Supposed to have landed badly.

Foam everywhere but none in or on the plane. Passenger compartment burnt out and only 3 fatalities. One allegedly knocked down when on the runway by a rescue vehicle. My imagination tells me on coming in, stabliser has been torn off – she does a spin and comes to rest. Passengers get down the shuts and then plane burns out. Many passengers are Chinese. Pilot is blamed because 777 is not “user friendly”. Very suspicious. Too clinical.

Look at Flight 214 as being a dry run and 370 the real thing.

9/11 was one thing but MH370 is another. This is where the people must make a stand. This is where it becomes unacceptable [that is if 9/11 was not that stage] and the people must make a stand. If not, then this will be the beginning of a long line of unimaginable events because those behind these things will become emboldened and there will be no stopping them – until war is declared.

I used to like Joe Vialls work. He called it Home Run [around the year 2001] but assume it has become more sophisticated now. When you get into your later years the natural tendency is to want to make a difference. You and David are making a difference. Keep on making a difference because the truth is more interesting than lies. The people want to be set free.

Best regards

Rocket Man-KVTU

PS…. I googled Asiana 214 + McConnell + fake names…..excellent work Chips


g) respond to Dirty Driveway in Richmond upon Thames:

Fmr Malaysian Prime Minister Says CIA Is Behind Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Listen to David Soucie saying if pilots are incapacitated the plane flies itself back to the airport or on to destination yet MH370 did not go to China, nor back to KLM, but rather to FJDG.

Please discuss this when you see the Freescale people in Canton TX on Sunday/25May


h) respond to Scat Man and Agent 80W regarding the meeting with Glenn Beck’s group

Freescale and Glenn Beck between Ray Price RESTLAND and Mt. Pleasant meeting

i) respond to urgent request from Trey Gowdy supporters and the Singapore pilots I trained at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas in 1976:

Hello Ee, Ong, Chong, Lieu, Gooi and Meta

I think we are all close to being on the same page but perhaps there are a few creases which obscure our view of each other as we proceed to a destiny as yet undetermined

We all need to do what comes naturally, like Chips does every chance he gets  

"The Man Who Never Was" (1956) - Trailer 

Field, a top-gun fighter pilot with major experience flying large passenger aircraft, sees the issue of MH Flight 370 in a simple question "Was Captain Zaharie Shah aware of the existence of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot which would allow the remote capture of his aircraft by outside agents most likely coordinated by Serco, the world's biggest air traffic controller.

Field McConnell's Jet goes on display at the Canton Texas Veterans Memorial:


I believe that Serco insiders led by Maureen Baginski and the Soames brothers have

a) captured control of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
b) assembled a BUAP patent pool
c) used BUAP to divert MH 370 to Diego Garcia
d) established control over the supply chain of passenger aircraft for one or more of the 109 City Livery Companies like Simon Wathen’s suddenly exposed Mercers.

Neither Field nor I are interested in debating with the Inmarsat people; they are totally discredited and the data and analysis they are supposed to be about to release, will, IMO, demonstrate malice, negligence or outright fraud and may link back to Rose Law, Kristine Marcy and the QRS11.

May I suggest we get through Field's speech at the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial in Texas on Monday where organizers have invited him back after his speech last year per youtube below?

Oathkeeper Field McConnell @ VZCM · Veterans Day · May 2013

Soon after that speech, Field will start work on the video where he will show our theory of what profile was flown by Captain Zaharie and his crew and 227 passengers under external control of the BUAP; first by Serco at BITOD cone of confusion, then minutes later by USAF AWACS Yukla 27.

When we have established that profile and offered it up to a proof by contradiction from the likes of Inmarsat, we will have established the logical path to the perpetrators of the March 8 hijack, which exposes perps of 9/11, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet and [ redacted until 17 July ].

I commit to helping Field and Singapore, Vietnam, China and THE REGION as best I can with the condition that I will not be deflected.


Game Changer/DFW

j) ensure I have my medication before going to Canton TX and I have the ‘blocker’ that would have spared Tom Clancy on 1 October, 2013 Remember to link EXTORTION 17 to Trident Deception

k) write ‘good bye’ letter to kids incase I get the Tillman/Vaughn treatment from Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 or if David Tochen of NTSB or Michael Huerta of FAA get their panties in a bunch over their failures to expose BUAP re MH370

When Agent Styx got to item M she tapped Rooster Cogburn on the left shoulder and said “Get Hamish on Clipper IMMEDIATE JASPAR, item M is a murder threat against Agent Chips with a DUE DATE of 26 May, 2014.”

Rooster Cogburn picked up the hotline to dial Agent Hamish Charles Watson, and both he and Agent Styx fell into a deep sleep just as the crew and passengers of MH370 and AA77 had when Serco inserted FLIGHT PLAN 2. As they dosed, Agent Hamish wondered if he’d ever see Agent Chips alive again. He thought back to 1964 and realized, they almost made it. He said a clumsy prayer that Chips might be found alive and they could meet again after exposing Bibi plans to start WW3 with the missing MH370 and the Tel Aviv Hanger Queen registered in US as N105GT, supposedly owned by someone in Broward County, Florida.


Hamish was facing the prospect of having lost his PILOT ASSET and best ally when he got a FLASH FESTUS and brief message.

“Hamish, don’t believe everything you hear on CNN or the lame stream media. As pertains to our collective effort against evil, regardless the plans of Soames, Baginsky and Marcy, the SHOW WILL GO ON. Assure THE REGION I will testify. Chips”.



  1. Hoover D'GrooverMay 23, 2014 at 2:22 AM

    Update for MacCheese from the SUPPLIER - I discovered today the hourly pings were not from ACARS stand-by but more likely the Honeywell HD710 High Speed Data SATCOM Unit purchased by MAS for their 777 fleet. Honeywell says:"The SwiftBroadband connection allows you an always on connection with..." Always-On means that the Satcom receiver pings the Inmarsat Network to maintain the connection. Inmarsat provides MAS with the Aero H Swift Broadband service through the Honeywell receiver. Thus I'd leave OOOI as correct and replace ACARS with Honeywell Satcom.

    Another damn important update for MacCheese: Also there has been further clarification as to the validity of the very last faint ping not depicted above, which occurred at 0019 UTC, or 8 minutes after the On Ground ping. It was a faint partial handshake not originally understood by Inmarsat - the missing In-gate ping, stands for In-hanger on Diago Garcia now.
    Google: MH370: Last incomplete ping from jet ‘not understood’ 23 May

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