Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8-26-2014 Affidavit of Field McConnell on Judge Blackwood

Affidavit of Fact

Field McConnell

Anyone other than NLA that wants a notarized copy, email request to me or call 715-307-8222

I, Field McConnell, Affiant, being of lawful age, qualified and competent to testify to and having first-hand knowledge of and on my word of honor do hereby state the following facts  to be true, correct and not misleading:

On the nineteenth (19) of August, 2014, I did attend the sentencing of LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick that was held at the McMinn County Court House located at 6 East Madison AvenueAthensTennessee 37303 The Judge in the sentencing case was Jon Kerry Blackwood.  As I understand, a previous report from a Board of Probation and Parole investigator states that the "crimes" of which Fitzpatrick was convicted had no victim but at the sentencing on the aforementioned date the investigator stated that a mistake had been made and that foreman Jeffery Cunningham was the injured party.  When addressing the legality of the jury foreman, Judge Blackwood stated, "So what – what does it matter."  I found this to be one of three unprofessional comments made by the man intending to send Fitzpatrick to prison. 

In what I regard as Blackwood's "preamble to sentencing" Judge Blackwood stated, "I am tired of people bringing up constitutional rights."

Later, in the sentencing procedure Judge Blackwood became very irritated and called LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick "a moral coward."

While addressing the court in his official capacity, the prosecutor referred to him self as "we the people" which I believe is incorrect on two levels.  As a member of the bar he is distanced from "we the people" and functioning within the framework of the Corporation of The United States which was established on 21 February, 1871.. I regard this unprofessional prosecutor as an enemy of "we the people".  The Prosecutor abandoned any hint of civility when he erringly suggested that LCDR Fitzpatrick was somehow a "loser" because as a graduate of the Naval Academy he did not become an Admiral or General as many of his "fast track" classmates had.

I object to this false statement made by the Prosecutor.  As a Naval Academy graduate four years senior to Fitzpatrick I have witnessed, first hand, the marginalizing of academy educations beginning with the CNO tour of Admiral Elmo Zumwalt and extending into the Pat Schroeder-Kristine Marcy attack on the service academies beginning in the 1978-79 time frame.  I would correct the statement of the Prosecutor to suggest that professional graduates of the service academies are now routinely 'side tracked' if they demonstrate integrity and leadership in the "post 1979" military of the United States.  The suspicious deaths of Pat Tillman and the Extortion 17 SEALs demonstrate to my satisfaction that treason is rife in graduates of  USMA, USNA and USAFA as numerous graduates of the service academies have participated in the cover up of those two fatal events.

Judge Blackwood said he was sending LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick to prison "because he was a danger to other citizens." I and many others have been in the presence of LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick on at least two other occasions and have never felt LCDR Fitzpatrick to be a danger or a threat to any private citizen but rather he seems to be a great threat to "actors" in the unlawful 'legal system' that serves the Corporation of the United States of America which has increasingly worked AGAINST "we the people" since no later than 1871.  That represents 143 years of abuse of "we the people" in my professional opinion.  I consider myself a professional expert as I elected, in 1992, to sidetrack myself intentionally after being on the "fast track" and having been considered to command the finest flying unit in the Air National Guard.  I retired early because as a "professional" I could not serve under William J. Clinton who, in November, 1992, was 'selected' to be the 42nd party to mislead the United States of America as a servant to the Corporation of the United States of America and its foreign controllers.

In an article dated 1632, 19 August, 2014, I read  "Witnesses outlined how Fitzpatrick had spent the past 4 years connected to the theft of court documents, threatening jury members and stalking court officials." To the best of my knowledge, those charges were found to be false. However, the story failed to include that finding of falsehood.

As a graduate (1971) of The United States Naval Academy, I was appalled at the uncivil behavior of the Judge and the Prosecutor who seemed to delight in abusing their power against a man who has served his nation faithfully for 24 years and has upheld his Oath to protect his nation and the Constitution against all enemies; foreign and domestic.  I, Field McConnell, suggest that both the Judge and the Prosecutor are domestic enemies of the Constitution and the Republic of The United States of America.  As a Wisconsin Jurist registered with the National Liberty Alliance, I nominate Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood to be indicted in a Common Law Grand Jury for his STATED DISRESPECT for the Constitution of the United States of America which I defended in 26 years of service in the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Field McConnell

Wisconsin, Pierce County,  on this _________ day of ______________ 2014; before me _______________________________, the subscriber, personally appeared Field McConnell, to me known to be the living man described in and who executed the forgoing instrument and sworn before me that he executed the same as his free will act and deed.
My commission expires: _______
               (Notary Seal)


  1. holy cow. what's a constitution anyway? I hear some judge in the fine state of Tennessee thinks it is toilet paper, or some such. Happy Hunting Mr. McConnell

  2. Please check out Ohio when you're through with this bunch.

  3. Why is NLA not allowed to request a copy of the affidavit?


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