Sunday, September 28, 2014

How To Fake An ISIS Beheading In 5 Easy Steps! - SITE Intelligence Group: Procuring Terrorists - Terrorism Is A Very Profitable Business: Terrorism™ ISIS™ Osama bin Laden™ Al Qaeda™ - Psychological Assault - Privatization of War

Further reading:

Why Are Americans Tolerating This Assault? - Mossad Agents Buried Deep In American Institutions - Beheading Hoaxes - Ramping Up Fear - The RAND Corp. - John "Can't Lie" Has a Message

Arrest John McCain For ISIS - "Aiding and Abetting Terrorists" - Media Masking McCain's Collusion with ISIS - Finding a Way To Wage War In Syria - Gen. Dempsey Flips - Obama Is Isolated - Terrorists Are Fighting for Democracy - The Kagan Clan - Qatar Pays For 5,000 Terrorists

For investigators and journalists:

"Our corporation is in the business of procuring, manufacturing and bringing state-of-the-art Terrorists™ online."

SITE Intelligence Group


Is Former Head of Homeland Security Peddling Fear for Profit?



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